Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hayden Here

So, you're "Jake" ..a lady shows up and says your name is JACOB Barnes. Ok, so you happened to 'have a feeling about your name"...but exactly? And NOTHING ELSE? Ric going to produce a house? A drivers' license? A library card? What about old doctors records? I mean you can't just have photos and keepsakes and think the guy is going to leave town with someone!? 
What is she supposed to DO with him?????? take him where? DO WHAT? Is Ric going to pay her forever????? Even if he says "ok, when I'm back with can do whatever with him"

She said she saw the Metro Court Bombing and figured out it was Jake...HOW? how? how? HE HAS A NEW FACE????/// How did she know it was HIM!?????? Someone on twitter said she looked at his hands? On TV or real life? If it was real life HOW did she know it was him on the TV?
And..she put "2 and 2 together" after the bombing. Would she think that her husband would BOMB something? Was he a bomber in his former life? 

HOLY Sheeze but this is just HORRIBLE. and COME ON. Liz and Carly just GOOGLE Beecher's Corners and look for "Barnes, Hayden and Jacob"!!!!!!!
SOMEONE think!! 

I feel like I'm watching the Disney Channel for Kids. No, Even kids would see beyond this.

WHY can't they write decent intricate stories without making them SO stupid? You MAY have pulled off something like this in say 1976 but now? In 2015?

If Jake doesn't ask her TODAY to go home and see their place, well, DUH.

Other crap happened today but frankly, this made me have a headache so... And NO, I can't just "watch" and not think these things. A good story is a GOOD STORY. This is just bad. Bad, bad bad. If you wanted to go with a "fake wife story" Set it up. Get all the holes plugged--make us go: wait, how can this happen? We know he's not married but she's got all the bases covered! A house! Google search..yada yada.

OY. TO the VEY.


  1. Why don't they just reveal that he is Jason and be done with it. Yes, something like this may have happened way back when in the soaps but come on.... even then I don't think they would have tried to pull this off. The writers are just getting lazy I think and don't know what else to do.Stupid GH I think I ff'd more that I watch :(

  2. Karen, I totally agree with you. Yesterday Jake and Liz were trying to figure out why someone would lie about being his wife. Liz did kinda hint at the Mary/Connor/Nik "maybe she's lonely and crazy" scenario. But NEITHER of them thought, "HMMM maybe this is one of Helena's plots." She was just mind-controlling him! Wouldn't that be a default answer? That is poor writing. And, "we had a fight and you walked away and I just left and did nothing?" She knew he'd taken Sam hostage, tried to blow up the boat, yaddayadda. Why didn't she say he was a spy or PI or some sort of undercover agent that couldn't tell her about his he often disappeared for months with little contact? There were way more plausible things the writers could have come up with.

    Still--as a long time AMC fan--it's nice to see Greenlee! :P

  3. If I was Jake I would say great now give me my insurance card. I had brain surgery twice and have huge hospital bills, Now Dr. O can get off my back!

    The holes in this story are huge. Please, between Carly and Liz they should have least have a thought that Ric might be involved.

    If Carly or Liz can't handle Google, then please one of them call Spinelli. He should have no problem digging it out.

  4. I agree. This 'I'm your wife story" is bad. At least Hayden/Greenlee mentioned to Ric yesterday that 'Jake Barnes' needs to have an Internet presence. Not much on GH is interesting to me lately. Why do I even bother?

  5. Paul, I was so crabby on Twitter today one of the mags called me out. LOL

  6. Paul, I was so crabby on Twitter today one of the mags called me out. LOL

  7. Liz's home: Carly comes flittering
    around Liz's home.

    Carly: Sooooo. I would like a thank you! Where is Jake? He has to thank me too!

    She flitters some more.

    Liz: He is with his wife!


    Carly falls on the ground. She does not buy this whole thing and wants to meet GreenleeHayden. Go Carly!!!! Listen to her Liz!!!!

    GreenleeHaden's metrocourt hotel: Wait wait wait!!!! So Ric takes pictures of a fake wedding to Fake Wife and Fake Jake from state farm, at metrocourt?!!?! At the room at the metrocourt?! OH COME ON!!!! ROFL! That is so stupid! Ric aren't you afraid someone like oh I don't know, CARLY will see you and the wedding stuff an be suspicious?!!?!


    Ric, TJ, and Molly: Love their scenes! Molly so wants her daddy to meet someone awwww! :)

    Spinny and Maxie: Maxie looks like a 60's housewife with that hair. Did she have it colored again?! It looks like a different shade of blonde. Oh Maxie is so right Spinny! And wow I am glad she has a strong self asteem! She doesn't want to be treated this way! Awww Spinny apologizes. Maxie finally realized how she used to be and doesn't like it!

    Ric and Pete: OH OH! KABOOOOOM! That's the sound of Ric's plan blowing up in his face!! Especially if Pete aka Fake Jake from state farm blackmails him!!

    Sam's home: Patrick wins the line of the day!

    Sam: No you didn't hurt my feelings, because I have entirely too much testosterone coursing through this body to have feelings.


    Courthouse: I love when Nina gets so excited seeing her brother!! :) Oh oh Alexis spills the beans about Nina faking her insanity!!!

  8. Karen, LOL! At least they're talking about you ;-)

  9. This story is terrible. NO ONE is asking for any sort of real proof. Jake has a different face. Why should he believe this woman? So the ring fits. Big deal. Ric told Hayden she could do whatever she wanted w/Jake once he left Liz, kick him to the curb, fake divorce. Then what? Doesn't Ric think that Jake would just come running back to Liz? There would be no fake wife to prevent that! The plot holes are ridiculous. Jake already has a real wife. Why throw in another woman to complicate matters. I do have to say I like Rebecca Budig as an actress so far. I've never seen her act before but at least she's not chewing the scenery like some other big name soap stars currently on GH, and not standing around with a dumb expression on her face like some other "actors." I don't blame you for being crabby, this story is just detouring the Jake/Jason reveal that has other beats to play without a fake wife (like why hasn't Jake been in the Quartermaine orbit besides Michael - where is Monica?!).


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