Monday, February 1, 2010

Sonny: "I don't know where the towels are" --General Hospital today

So...Grammy talk! Thanks to all that tweeted with me last was a blast. LOVED the GaGa--and Pink? Helloooo, stole the show.  The whole 3D-thing? eek, especially when you didn't have glasses. How about those censors that bleeped out 70% of the song the rappers did? Uh...if you are going to have RAPPERS then what do you think? Don't book 'em if you can't take it!! The show was very MTV I thought.

#OLTL today--nice outside shot. REAL snow! woot! Mitch is so mean. I hope Sky turns out to be ok because he's not looking too great at the moment. I have seen a few spoilers about a car accident but I refuse to know anymore! LOL Blair is the sex-vixen on the show!! Poor Jessica--goodbye memories.

#GH: HERE we go-go! OMG, commercials are bugging me today. They usually don't that much but geesh, I'm so OVER the damn drug ones. I was reading a magazine and they had TWO pages of side-effect stuff listed! :eyeroll: Then we have all of our local car dealers on. eek
:NO NEW OPENING: I was thinking it was coming. I did have Feb 10th in the soap web poll
HERE GOES! I guess we got to see the whole shooting again... not sure how I feel about that. The whole Godfather chanting is a good touch. Isn't Josslyn the CUTEST BABY? OMG she is a camera lover and just a dumpling!! I want to SQUEEZZZZE her.
Sonny: "I don't know where the towels are" when livvy tells him to go get one. Brahahaha. THEN he of course,  blames her for the whole shooting. Which, is totally Sonny's m.o. Maurice seemed to be playing it a bit soft right now
JAX and Alexis yeah!
Molly trying to Marry JASAM and it's so cute!! "He's a man, not a character" says Morgan . Uh, not so much!!  Loved Jason and Molly--ahhhh He was great all around. Tears in his eyes when Joss was getting Christened.
Bobbie and Monica both at the party! :thud: Although Bobbie was gone by the time Carly was opening the gifts
I LIKE Ethan and JJ together

"By not telling me-- you made it happen," says Sonny to Olivia. Setting the stage for everyone to blame HER for the shooting :( Kate needed to be part of this story, she really has been in it since the beginning, imo. Big HOLE..BIG OL' HOLE. She should have been at the Christening She is a friend of Jax's !!
I totally laughed out loud when Epiphany dropped that tray when Sonny said he was Dante's father OMG my dog looked at me.

Sonny has his name on a pew at the hospital chapel HEH Nice ending today-- good job writers but Lisa LoCicero took my heart today! nice job...LOVE that they don't have Sonny freaking out that Dante is a cop...and he actually said he 'respected' him er...yeah, he shot him but it was just nice not to have him hate the job thing.

FRANCO TAPE! Jason's face: D'OH!

Rick Springfield tweeted this around 2:30pm: For those who haven't heard yet, Gomer, my sweet boy has gone home. Thank you everyone who sent healing to wishes for him. Gomer was his doggie. Very cute website for him.

OH, go to the site and find out if Liz will be PG on the show or not...wubsnet @@!


  1. Why am I not shocked that everyone will be mad at Olivia, and not Sonny.

  2. That is such a cute picture of handsome Rick and his good looking dog Gomer. I feel so sad for Rick - dogs become our friends and clearly he adored that friend. I've even seen Gomer on tv shows with Rick. Really sad. Condolences RLS!

  3. My dog, Phoebe, has been by my side, and has refused to leave my side, through some of the worst things a person can possibly go through. I know how important a pet can be in one's life. Condolences to RS- I am sad for him.

    Karen, I also laughed out loud at Epiphany- the kids looked at me like I'd lost my mind! I have to say though that I was not thrilled with today's show. I think it was a big let down after Friday's show and I am hoping tomorrow will be an improvement.

  4. molly was obnoxious not cute. and jason is just boring. his character is too stone cold. MB was good. loved lucky, ethan and luke.

  5. Please don't tell me Sonny actually said, "I don't know where the towels are"? DUH! Ah, does his house have a bathroom?

  6. Yeah... the whole thing with Epiphany dropping the plate and then listening in on their convo was hilarious. Especially when Sonny looked over at her like "What?" *lol*

  7. Jason was beautiful the most good looking guy there.
    and they way he looked at that Baby, was so moving he loves her ..
    who don't ??
    And I loved the JaSam scenes with Molly and Morgan trying to push them Loved Jason smiling all the time ..
    and I think JaSam wedding will happen this year and that will be just amazing amazing scenes

    MB was also great today I really felt his pain ..
    GH was amazing today I enjoyed it more than friday episode

  8. AMEN - We had Bobbie and she actually had a line! Any guesses when we will see her again? Michael’s mental breakdown? Morgan’s first murder? Josslyn’s first bullet? Sonny and Carly’s 6th wedding?

    I loved Monica complimenting Maxie at the church. When is the last time we saw those two characters together?

    Party at Jax and Carly’s. I love when they have so many characters interacting on the same set.

    Lucky drinking at the party? To bad Aunt Bobbie did not come over to talk to him. Maybe she could help him through this…

    I wish Maxie would give Ethan a makeover.

    I never noticed before how much Morgan looks like Dante.

    Stephen Lars is orange.

    Why do Maxie and Lulu both have squishy hair.

    Stephen Lars tell Sonny and Olivia the police are on the way but asks “before they get here can you tell me what happened” wtf? Why would they tell him? What right does he have to even ask?

    Robin getting mad at Patrick for not telling her was a bit much.

    Franco leaves a dvd. Did no one think it echo’ed Jerry leaving dvd’s? Could they not of changed it up a little and have Franco leave a sd card or memory stick or something?

    Olivia needs her friend Lois to visit town.

    I hate that they always present Sonny as being spiritual. We have all been wondering what it is he imports. Perhaps it is bibles!

    Why is Sonny not arrested yet?!?! Where is Mac? Lucky? Ronnie?

    Lulu can just walk right into Sonny’s? Where are his guards? Where are the police? Isn’t this a crime scene?

  9. Bobbie sighting! She is in background talking to the priest when Jax is talking with his mother. Maybe we missed her because her hair is darker (not reddish)...good to see her again.

  10. I also think it was stupid to have Monica and Edward together and Jason there but they didn't say a word to each other ..
    Monica is talking with Maxi but not Jason?? Asking her son how he is LAME

  11. Frisco, ITA with much of what you said, as usual. I always felt Morgan and Dante looked alike, and that one of the reasons they have Dante's hair in the style they do is that it looks kinda like Morgan's.

    I also loved Monica and Maxie interacting, and btw, thought that Monica looked especially fabu!

    I thought that Carly's top teeth looked extra white, like maybe she got veneers? She also looked fab.

    I love Molly, a little, brainy genius, like her mom, and SO adorable! Molly and Morgan are great together, Molly and anyone are great together. I LOVE the kids interacting, Sam and her sisters, etc., it's so warm, and so real.

    As I always say, we fans watch this for the families, NOT THE MOB VIOLENCE!! Sonny looked so beautiful in his purple tie, what was he thinking trying to kill Dante? How was he planning to cover it up?

    Olivia did a GREAT job today, they all did.

  12. Rick Springfield has a very nice, but very long montage of pictures of Gomer on his official site. Gomer was 20 years old and was 'rescued' by Rick when he was a very young dog. Gomer Records, Rick's record company, is named after him. The dog went everywhere with him, and I'm sure he is devastated. (Yes, I am a very big fan of RLS)


  13. So sorry for your loss Rick I too have a best friend and its my dog Prissy.Todays OLTL was kicking.So sorry for Jessica hope he doesn't wipe out Brody in her mind or her daughter Brea.AMC is horrible sorry taking too long and seeing Erika with her boy toy Ryan makes me throw up.Now on to GH cannot believe they broke the news to Dante about his father by having Sonny shoot him and then TADA Im your daddy oopssss didn't mean to shoot ya.Where did Olivias backbone go?She use to be hard as nails would have thought she would at least throw something at Sonny not let him ride to the hospital with him.Can't wait till Jax gets his come uppings...

  14. Ugh. I hated when Sonny said that he never would have shot his son , but of course, any other father's son who happens to be a police officer is fair game, right? I truly wish that the mob would just go away in Port Charles. There are so many bad guy possibilities for soaps. Clearly, after what happened to Michael it proves that Sonny can't protect his kids whether he knows they exist or not.
    I liked JJ and Ethan today,too, and Bobbie! Maybe she'll be back at the hospital now? Nah, too much to hope for. It was great to see so much of the cast together. I loved it. Let's hope we see this kind of interaction more.

  15. I have four dogs of my own, 3 who are getting old and having health problems. My heart goes out to Rick Springfield.

  16. Umm....when Olivia called 911 and reported a gunshot, an ambulance was sent out, but not the police? How is Sonny walking around the hospital after shooting a cop?

  17. Did you guys see Sonny sitting in the chair next to the cops also sitting there, lol. Like they weren't even going to question him becuase they knew he had "nothing to say without his attorny" hehe thought that was funny, although they COULD HAVE arrested him AGAIN for Claudia's murder...

  18. Cyndi - Ugh! I was thinking the same thing. The Police always respond to 911 calls. These writers think we are stupid...I think they write in these flaws because they are stupid.

    Good thing Olivia walked in on Sonny and Dante when she did...Mr Mob Boss was raising the gun to put another slug in Dante.

    Loved Dante's look when he opened his eyes and Sonny was there...Sonny said, "I'm not going to hurt you, this was all a mistake." Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

    One thing though....Olivia comes clean months ago and Dante doesn't end up shot.

  19. I think the Jason/Sam scenes in a church mirrored the Jason/Liz scenes in a church...

    I DIDN'T think that Sonny looked pained at all. Maybe more in shock about the entire thing, but no pain in his eyes.

    I think a Dr. has a right to ask what happened because it helps assess the wound. How far away was Sonny when he shot a cop. What gun did Sonny use when he shot a cop. What did Sonny and Olivia do to try to stop the bleeding when Sonny shot a cop. I would think a Dr. needs to know those kind of things. I wonder what Sonny was thinking. Now his second son is in the hospital with a gunshot wound...because of him. Wow.

    Loved that Luke told Carly that she didn't have any right to blame Liz for anything because of her track record. Lulu was right that Carly doesn't hide her flaws, but Liz really hasn't had any flaws until the Jason thing, so hers are just now coming out in the open. I guess Robin is our only saint now. Wonder if that will get ruined!

    I was disappointed with this show. I expected a lot more from Friday.

    Loved OLTL though. Can't wait to see the fallouts from everything going on there!!

  20. Sonny saying he doesn't know where the towels are is just ridiculous. Seriously! I know you are rich and don't take care of yourself but you don't know where to find a towel? Unbelievable!

    The christening was nice. I'm glad no action happened there. Something always goes wrong in public.

    Sonny is just a bastard. Blaming Olivia. While I agree that she handled this thing poorly, that doesn't excuse what Sonny did. He's always, always trying to pass blame on someone else.

    I hate that Jax knew the secret and didn't tell because he and Carly just got over a rough patch. This is gonna be bad. Michael was starting to warm up to Jax. They were like an actual family!

    I think Stephen did exactly what a Dr. would do. They need to know all the info so they can properly assess the situation.

    And also, I think they present Sonny as spiritual because it coincides with actual history of mobsters. Historically, mobsters went to church and were spiritual (or pretended to be). Back then, it was really more about social status than anything.

    I think Sonny does it so people forget what he actually does sometimes. Anyone who has killed as many people as he has cannot honestly expect that all will be forgiven.


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