Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Wubs Goat: Feta! Today's Snoop Show!

OMG, I totally LOVED Snoop singin' to the credits...OLTL is so fun. "Rappin' to One Life To Live"... heh. And Dani calling Jack "Mini Todd"!! Jack mentions Dani should be younger than him. OLTL is so good at tongue in cheek. Jack is such a great snotty kid.   I liked it that Starr and Cole couldn't find a babysitter for Snoop. Now, that's real. Snoop hugs Bo, Bo calls him Calvin!! Awww. And Asa knew Snoop  too! Classic. We also found out he knows Shawn. Nice show today. Yes, watching all the Llanview peeps "Dance" was a riot, but least Snoop sang a decent song...and he's trying to help ratings!
Kindafunny said on Twitter that: Snoop Dogs few times in Llandview trumps James Franco's month long appearance on GH.

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: New Prosector Claire is on with Jax. Why would they meet at the Metro!? How stupid is that?
 Diane tells Sonny to "take his clothes off" before court because he's wearing all black and looks like a mobster. LOL Tells him to take the ring off too. Love that Alexis and Diane are together.
Epiphany is on a tirade today.  Lisa thinks she can bribe Pif with Beyonce tickets.
See Mike's out of the REMEMBER MIKE don't YOU??? Loved that he called Krissy "Princess"...but why wasn't he in the hospital when Sonny/Dante were there? Why didn't they show Krissy/Michael visit him when he was in there????? They made him a CD and gave it to him OFF CAMERA. When will the writers get it that we like that kinda stuff on our soaps?

Why the HELL won't Sonny let Michael say he Killed Claudia? Michael was a minor, his Mom was being held...he didn't mean to kill her, he just meant to stop her. No brainer. :eyeroll:
This show is like two different ones: Hospital (minor point)...Mobular (Major point), they rarely meet. Just sayin'
Sam and Johnny: Uh, what's the point?

SO, do you like Claire so far? yeah? Nay? My take: They needed more of a pit bull-- this one is too young, looks too young and like Robin/Krissy/Sam. I think they should have hired Camryn Manheim ala The Practice. IT would have been EPIC!

Dr. Cala and Feta in Kenya! Remember when we all contibuted to buying a goat last year for Joining Hearts and I finally found this great photo to share. I just made another $50 donation for us all. With all the Haiti stuff going on, we tend to forget others are in need as well. This is my fave charity because I know Joanne and Bill personally. They actually GO there and help the children. So wonderful. Wouldn't the Cassadines love that goat?

Great Review on Jacob Young's Soap Opera "Mystery Theater"...Connie Towers was involved! Read all about it: Detroit Examiner.

Santa Barbara fan won Nancy Lee Grahn's twitter contest and is getting a ticket to LA for her efforts in getting NLG the most followers!
Lastly, THANK YOU for all the Holiday orders you placed through the Wubs Net with Amazon. I got a nice gift cert from them which helps out with costs so much!! If you order from Amazon, all you have to do is click on the icon on the upper left hand corner on the site and go into Amazon that way. Thanks again..


  1. I thought the show was boring.No Dante! I like Clair. I think she looks good with Jax and it would be great to see Carly have some competition for Jax for a change.
    Also i read a RUMOR that Clair is Dante's ex so this should be interesting!

  2. Diane and Alexis, they can take a dull show and make it shine! The new federal prosecutor better watch out...she may have met her match! I'm looking forward to the trial now. More of Diane and Alexis is a good thing any time we can get them!

  3. The reason the DA is hot is so she can fall for Sonny later on down the road. Isn't it a rule that all women eventually hook up with Sonny? LOL


  4. i thought that OLTL was really good today. I absolutely loved Snoop Dog with Bo, Nora, and Matthew--priceless.

    Did anyone notice that when Steven and Lisa made plans to see Tim McGraw that neither Patrick nor Robin were happy about it?

    AMC was really good too. I like that Brooke was interacting with everyone. If it was GH she would have spent the entire episode at the Chandler mansion with Annie.

  5. Liked Diane and Natasha arguing over Sonny.Lost me with Sam and Johnny.Lost me with Keifer crap I was just lost.Did love OLTL and Snoop and loved him singing the credits too.

  6. Wed show was a snooze fest. Diane and Alexis were entertaing.
    I really hate when I have to go back to work on thursday nights and there fore I miss GH,due to sleeping and I miss Dante and Lulu.
    Thank god for youtube,There is a really awesome girl who puts together all the Dante/Lulu scenes from the day and posts them so I can catch them at work.

    Please don't let that rumor about Claire be true!

  7. I already like the character of Clair. I do hope that she doesn't become another one of Sonny's ladies.
    I also didn't understand why Sam thought she could get through to Johhny??? I'm glad he called her out when she said she wasn't on a side. Of course you are, Sam.
    You can always tell when an episode of GH wasn't very good becasue there are so many less comments on this blog...

  8. WTH do the writers keep shoving sam down our throats? She tries to reach out to michael, now Johnny too? This is outta left field idiots! Hello, she's jasons girlfirend how is she not ona side? Wonder who wrote that stupid line.

  9. sam is now negoitiating for the mob. just because she is jason's sidekick she thinks she has power. this character has been totally destroyed. no chance of redeeming her. why must she be shoved down our throats .


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