Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BYE STACEY! Best Soap Bimbo in A LONG time!

A pic from  the spoilers. Looks like Steven is going to ask out Lisa. I still don't know why they bother having Poor Jason Cook on. geesh. I makes no sense. And why not have a browstone with all the newbies living together? Steven, Lisa...Louise could live there, Maya and Zoe-- Matt,  Lulu and Maxie...just sayin'

AMC was painfully slow today, imo. Their sets are funny. Chandler house's doors are like closets! I thought Jon Hamm was on, but it was LA councilman Gil Garcetti --very weird segway, imo. What's up with Angie?? Oh, she used David's "Secret Files"! And you don't say janitor..it's custodian! Best scene? Colby actually downing some ice cream.

#OLTL: Fish, cover up that baby's head! Dorian tell Vicky Mitch put poison in your punch! Vicky needs to notice her flannel coat on Dorian. LOL! The whole FBI thing is hysterical, like Dorian could do whatever she wants.
DAVID VICKERS! "I don't have enough time, and I'm not a miracle worker"...
I so hate that apartment the four kids live in. gross.
 I am so upset that Stacey PeePee is dying. SUCKS! I grew to love that bimbo. Plus, she and Kimmy are great together. I WILL MISS YOU AND YOUR BAG O' BLOOD!

I can only HOPE David Hayward finds her and nurses her back to health!!! That's it, I'll perk up now. Rex didn't try to dang hard-- that's all I know. He could have gotten her!!  I HATE it when my fave characters die. I still think Stacey would have been great alive. Sorting out the baby thing--hangin' out with Kimmy. Telling Gigi that her parents are alive. That photo of Crystal  Hunt looks like a Real Housewife of OC! She owns her own High End Petstore, btw...called called My Pets Dream Boutique, in her hometown of Clearwater.

GH: I didn't realize that Jason had Molly/Krissy decorate.
Liz: YOU ARE PG...what the....whoops. Good thing RH is PG in real life, huh? I say it has to be Lucky's right? I mean, could they NOT give him a kid after all this? We need a SPENCER HEIR!! There's not one yet...Cassadines, you have your's! Her name is Tallulah!! That's all I'm saying! Kind of a combo of Lulu/Laura-- Liz out on the roof.  They need better fake snowflakes. heh --Lucky is so into her, still. He even called her sweetheart. aww
Jax you give it to Carly. Now, I love my Carly a Go-Go-- but she's not one to talk. They both need to STFU and go into their own private houses. WOW, Carly's growing, she left Joss with Jax!
DANTE is so cute. I think Luda is one of the first couples I have totally loved since L&L2. Well, I am a Jolivia fan too...but they are just too fun. Could have lived without the Olivia stuff with him.

MAXIS: Mac Daddy is visiting Alexis. It's so interesting to know they are friends/neighbors in real life. Has to be a bit awkward!! Those cookies look awesome. TOO Fun with Mac/Alexis on the couch. Molly says "snogging"...so British! woot!
Dr. Steven Lars...get Richard Dean Anderson on, would ya? Even for a cameo? They look alike, and it would help the whole intergration thing.
JaSam saying how much they love each other--and he is reading her the GUN CATALOG! So, Mr/Mrs. Smith!

FUN DAY TODAY on GH except for CarJax the bickersons. Bicker, bicker. ugh. Not even FUN banter/bicker.  Just same ol' bickers. Morgan was so good with Carly..he's been through so many divorces/recons with Jax!

GOTTA FLY !! WUB ya. Give me a good Stacey moment in the comments, I am sad.
and I WILL DELETE anything that is nasty down there. Come on, play nice will ya?


  1. Oh Karen - Please put Dante and LuLu pic back up and get rid of Jersey Shore if something must go.......

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Dante and LuLu!!!!

  2. I loved loved loved JaSam today they were so amazing
    Cute sexy funny
    and Jason reading her gun magazine was so Jason and So Hottttttt
    The best GH couple

    I also love Mac and Alexis they were so cute and JaSam and the kids walking on them LOL ..

    I feel bad for Morgan...

    Any way good episode And that because of JaSam

  3. Love Morgan! What a great little find! Alexis/Mac and JJ/RH stole the show today for totally different reasons. Alexis and Mac are great together- and I agree those cookies looked so yum!

    JJ/RH- what more is there to say about the 2 of them that hasnt been said. The acting between the 2 of them is perfect- they bounce so well off of each other. Nik, on the other hand, seriously looked like he was having a staring contest with a wall- esp that scene at the end when they talk about having Liz committed- Seriously- has he been taking lessons from Jason? Its like,"::blink:: I dont like it ::blink:: either but it has to be ::blink:: done" LOL

    And here's a Stacy quote just for you Karen- Check and mate b*tches! ;) She really did have the best one liners LOL

  4. If Dana liked the show, I know I won't.. lol. Go Jax!!!! I'm on your side buddy.

  5. I loved Liz's reaction to finding out that she's THREE MONTHS pregnant. It was like she'd never been pregnant before. *lol* Like "Wha?! Me pregnant?! That's impossable!"

    Well hon.. not only are you pregnant but you are now gonna reside in Laura's old room! Yay!

  6. OMG, Kristina and Molly with Jason, priceless!! Also great, Alexis and Mac! And Morgan, what a great little crier, the kid has real talent. The eppies are so much better when they lighten up, all the mob/angst stuff needs to go!

  7. I knew that Stacey was going to drown but I found it kind of a let down- it could have been done so much better. I kept expecting her to pop up out of the water one more time like in some horror movie! She did have some of the greatest one liners ever and although I hated her in the beginning, I think I am going to miss her. Still don't like the new (old) Kelly! Karen, I'm with you. Dorian leading the FBI around like that is too funny! But very Dorian! As for GH, I loved the looks between Dante and Lulu as Steve was given them the "no sex" lecture. Loved Alexis with Mac (what is in those cookies?). I even enjoyed some Jasam scenes, mostly because of Molly. LOVE Morgan!!!I could tolerate the JJ/RH/TC scenes, but am just rolling my eyes over yet another WTD storyline for Liz...I can't believe Lucky had to tell Steve that Liz is pg- in that hospital you would think it would have been announced over the PA by now!

  8. Hated to see Stacy go after she made amends with Gigi and hate that Skyler is being so dishonest with Gigi.Now that Stacy is gone is Kimmy getting custody of the baby?
    Loved Mac and Alexis and loved Dante and Lulu getting tired of Sonny oh whoa as me I didn't mean to shoot ya.....

  9. JJ and RH were fantastic. the scene on the roof should win them a daytime emmy.very emotional. morgan also fantastic. jasam very sick couple.they remind me of the movie 'Natural Born Killers'.

  10. Liz is the new Laura. caught between 2 brothers like laura (stavros and stefan). and all the men in their lives wanting to save them. laura had scott,luke and stefan. liz has lucky,jason and nik. both girls came to PC a little bad as teens.alot of similarities.

  11. I think Stacy looks just like Sammy from Days & Biggest loser. Beautiful girl but what a little nasty.

    Loved the JJ & Becky scenes, wonderful as always. Jasam was light hearted until the gun mag. Sorry, that was distasteful and even more shoves down our throats that we're supposed to root for criminals. Excited that jax will have his daughter. We'll see though, Carly hasn't grown all that much.

  12. Mrs B..you nailed it. I thought I was seeing nice and cute and then the gun mag, wow if it wasn't bad enough that Sam was ok with Jason being a killer yesterday. Today's forplay are Glocks and Berettas..yeah not for me.

    Best couple on GH is Diane & Alexis

  13. GH and OLTL were so good today!!! Is it a bad thing that I kinda wish Liz had jumped? lmao ok sorry Liz fans, but that did cross my mind ;)

  14. I wish they would have just put Liz in Shadybrook for the duration of Becky's pregnancy and forgotten the wtd crud. Not looking forward to seeing another one of those stories, especially the way GH does them. And wouldn't you think a nurse who all ready got pregnant twice on one night stands with different baby daddys would finally get some kind of birth control? Yeesh!
    Poor Stacey. You're right, Karen. Rex didn't exactly extend himself much to save her. I think she would have been a fierce mother to that baby.
    David Vickers had a fitting for a full length mirror! Bwahahaaaa! Love him!
    Hated the gun mag instead of poetry. Very twisted. Ugh. Loved Dante and Lulu and Mac and Alexis are so cute.
    When did Tyler Christopher become so uninteresting? He was so good when he first came on the show.

  15. Sorry, but Sam's "I love what you do" wasn't bad enough yesterday; they had to have Jason reading the gun catalogue. I didn't think it was funny either.

    Morgan was amazing today. So were Lulu and Dante. I laughed so much at the way his eyes kept getting drawn to her breasts yesterday, but today when he actually reached for them, I cracked up. I LOVE those two! They have such chemistry. And yes,I confess, I was a Lulu hater when they tried to pair her with Jonny. That seemed so forced.

    As for the "What? pregnant?!" line, I'm one who's getting tired of all the unprotected sex they seem to advocate on the show. At least Maxie, for all her faults, had a handful of condoms on hand. I'd personally love to see a serious STD scare on the show just to see how far it would reach.

    JJ/RH were amazing. Nik seemed out of place on the roof. Anyone with any class( and he's supposed to be dripping in it) would have left. Obviously if the triangle is causing her to lose her mind, why is he constantly sticking his face in and reminding her of it. he should have left when he saw her holding hands with Lucky in the room; not stuck around to ask about paternity tests.

  16. JJ is amazing. the best. he soooo still loves her and nik..ugh get him to greece already. he can live on his own private island there. we dont need him! ;)

  17. Bye Stacy, I'll miss you. Rex went right up to the hole in the ice and pulled Gigi out and Fish went right up to the edge and pulled Rex out, but no one could do that for Stacey. Come on, really? At least her body has not been recovered and she could pop up again sometime. fave moment: When she drugged Rex and got him in bed with her.
    Mrs Goose

  18. Cyndi I so agree about the WTD story, but I know her and Jason used protextion and it failed (bad condom story which failed btw). Just when I thought they couldn't redemm Liz I saw her & JJ together and I melted like flipping butter. These two are it for me! Liason who? I never thought I would feel that way but wow, JJ has lit L&L back on fire. He is so gently and kind. I read on soapzones sight that Nik & Becky's portrayers said at an event that they just act what is given, they don't choose the storylines. It sounded like they were both unhappy. Hey they're probably just happy to be working and not pushed to the side for more mobular crap. So to sum it up that's how Nik got so boring, the WRITING. The actor is a decent actor and I loved him when he was always Noble and saving the day. It wouldn't be fair for him to leave town. There are too many ties in PC. I have to also mention Morgan was fantasic and I love what he said to Carly.

  19. Yesterday was sooo good. Morgan is a real gem. Dante and Lulu just keep getting better and better, and I think both actors are doing a lovely job. Lucky and Liz - back in the groove again. Alexis and Mac need to be on more often. Jasam seem much better this time around. Jax and Josslyn were so cute.

  20. Remember Heather is in Shadybrook ;)

  21. I don't like guns, but Jason I thought made it clear he was recommending guns for her PI business, where guns are legitimate and used for self defense (we hope).

  22. Would so love to see the Brownstone back!!!

  23. Hey everyone - Karen is really sick with a cold. She may not post a blog about today's show (Wednesday), she wasn't tweeting this afternoon.

  24. Robin Christopher (Skye Quartermaine) is coming back to General Hospital!!!!!!!!!!

    The potential here is great. More Q's. Mix it up with Luke and Tracy. Pairing with Jax / cat fight with Carly if CarJax seperate. And, of course Lila Rae will have to return as well...GH is busting with kids!

    I just hope they have Skye return as business woman not mob mistress.

    I wonder what kind of chemistry she would have with Stephen Lars Webber? Or what about Nicholas? God knows he needs a storyline... and then we could see Skye go toe to toe with Helena!

    Oh the possibilities!!!!

  25. Guza wants younger, hipper new Q's!



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