Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Cliffhangers: OLTL: KickBOOTS! GH: er...RANDOM!

OLTL: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! did you see the end of OLTL? First of all,  Jessica thinks she's a senior in HS! (ahahahaa) Will she notice she has another face? Will she recognize Todd? Me thinks not. The end? Sky spills he's Sierra's "Dad" (Fish just sits there)--AND Kim leaves her BOOTS..and the next shot is of NO boots and footprints in the snow! Is my STACEYPEEPEE wish True? Will she live again!? OMG. I so hope so! OLTL is soooooo soapy. I can't tell you how old-school this all is. Is she hanging out with Franco and Zombie Claudia!!?? Mitch's henchman took her?*SWAK* for the writers of OLTL

GH: GUN on Hells! Helena just taunts Lucky. heh. Boy. RH looked PG today to me. I love Connie. Have I said that a million times?? "Elizabeth will whore herself out to the next Mr. Wonderful, then she'll come back to you"...OUCH! SMACK! Connie's wardrobe is fabu! Love the royal purple look on her.
Lucky is saying it's his fault? This is just all about the fault day! Lulu is the total voice of reason here.
Luke all in Nik's face. He did sound a bit PeeWee Herman though: You're fault...what am I?
Connie has an interview in the new SID.. check it out!
LOVE HellaLuke!! Kinda swept all that crap under the rug about Valentin. Did you see that? Love how she wants to Claim the Child as a Cassadine. "You and I are on the same SIDE"!! nice.

Maxie's hair. UGH.
Carly: blah blah..bicker blah but today she's blabbin' to Dante, the guy with the bullet hole. There goes the Olivia/Carly friendship ;/ Carly is now blaming OLIVIA? And Carly-- come ON, Dante has guilt for doing his job as a cop?? That was some stupid writing, imo. They are REALLY reaching to glorify Sonny. He doesn't need it. Let the story just  unfold. makes me so mad. Sonny will sacrifice all for his sons. Awww. 
Do the writers even LOOK at what the characters have said just days earlier? I mean,'s all over the place. Most of it makes little sense. Lucky's just doing a 180...backtrack...forward, Olivia/Carly-- geesh. I so wish they had Carly remember what she felt like when Michael was shot. I wish SOMEONE would bring up AJ!! You know, Sonny...the guy you thought couldn't raise his own son because he was a 'liar'? Or whatever??

There it is: It's all Olivia's fault because Sonny and Carly say so. :throws up hands: MB did a great job acting today and so did LLoCicero because she could do it with a straight face.

BIZARRE: What the hell was that Johnny/Max/Milo scene????? Ethan in there????? OMG. RANDOM!!! TERRIBLE consistancy today!!!
Maxie--Lucky in an accident there we go.. Don't text and drive! RANDOM yet again. What a bad show today. I think the editor from the Black Lagoon spliced it up.

Frank says:  If I had a meat hook I'd hoist Guza up on it and take away his show. He doesn't deserve it


  1. This episode must of been edited on "take your kid to work day".

    I am so excited about Skye's return all I could wonder all episode was if Skye had ever shared a scene with Hells? Any idea Karen?

    Imagine a scene with Tracy, Luke, Skye and Hells!!

  2. Ah so now we understand whether lying is good or bad, according to Carly.

    Lying for Sonny=the right thing

    Lying to Sonny (unless it is Carly)= a horrible sin

    I was also screaming at the TV when Sonny was all teary over missing Dante's childhood. He sure did not care when he took that away from AJ and Michael did he? Does Olivia know? She should have told him that! If Carly brings it up, I hope a Q is there to say it!

  3. I knew they were going to try to make Dante and all of us feel sorry for Sonny the Good Father who sacrifices so much and they're going to throw in his claustrophobia for good measure and how he'll not be able to survive prison. The gun shot of a policeman will be swept under the rug and not even mentioned by next sweeps when Sonny takes Dante to the Island and buys him a new suit. LOL!
    I loved OLTL today! What an ending. But I really don't like the way Fish is acting. I'm kind of surprised at his attitude and wonder why he wouldn't at least want to be tested. Sierra Rose may need blood and who's going to be her donor? Forgot about all the changed faces on the show for poor Jessica. Can't wait till she passes a mirror. "Do I know you?"

  4. RH and JJ are proving to be the heart of GH. they have history and family ties. they should be the lead actors along with DZ. loved olivia giving it to carly. carly and helena, its the same thing over and over with these two.

  5. I wish Olivia would Smack the crap outta Carly! And to think Carly chose Sonny as Michael's father over AJ is even funnier all these years later. How can she even discuss this near her children teaching them to lie. She is the biggest loser as a parent on this entire show. Jax made her a better person and now we back track a mile. She didn't want Sonny near her boys after Michael was shot and now we sit watching her defend him with all this emotion.

    Loved L&L again. Great actors.

  6. Lord it was a snoozefest of a show today...after the last few weeks, we have again done a 180...Sorry Karen, I still cannot stand Helena and just wanted her to shut the heck up! I do agree about Maxie's hair though- why would they do that to anybody? I also thought the scene with Max, Milo and Johnny was completed absurd and weirdly random. This is how Johnny is "taking back the Z territory"? Give me a break. Well, the writers got a big fat "F" for today. One good thing, no Jasam since I was watching live and could not FF...

    As for OLTL, Todd kills me. He goes to the hospital demanding info on Jessica and then never even sees her because he is too busy writing a sleazy article about John! I'm not sure what Fish is thinking, but wouldn't a just recently out the closet gay man be a bit apprehensive about what type of a father he might be to an infant that he conceived the night before he decided to come out of that closet? I had two thoughts when Kim took off the boots- first that it was completely absurd because she was up alone on a snow covered mountain walking around in stockinged feet and second that those boots were going to disappear! And wait until they have to explain Bess/Tess to Jessica! I really wish the OLTL writers could write GH too!

  7. Wow... I wanted to b*tch slap Carly today!! I hate how the writers wrote today's episode. I was looking forward to Skye's return but I'm frustralted b/c GH already brought in so many actors and aren't even using them (ex. Matt Hunter). I was such a big fan of this show but after reading your blogs everyday Karen, I realize that there really isn't anything to it right now so thanks! I am now finished with GH and gonna stick to Y&R from now on. There is a reason it's always #1 and that's b/c it does the exact opposite of GH. JMO

  8. I love Todd. Him and David can start their own show and I would watch it religiously.
    Anything that comes out of their mouths is solid gold.

    Love that there is more Helena time, but Shadybrook is supposed to be a comfort place, and this is the second time Helena is allowed in Liz' room and a shouting match has started.

    The character of Carly has always been a touch and go subject for me. At some times, she says the greatest things and I like that she is scrappy. But her dedication for Sonny is over everything, including her kids. That makes her selfish and makes Sonny a dog.

  9. I LOVED DANTE! D.Z's acting is the only good part of the show. I just wish SOMEONE would say to Sonny "NOW you know how A.J felt when you STOLE HIS SON....Karma is a BITCH isn't it Sonny"!!!

  10. Loved OLTL today no so much GH when they panned the shot from Luke to Helena man did it show his wrinkles.I am so sick of Nik saying I loveeeee you Liz poor Lucky I would have kicked my brothers a**.Sonny needs to go to prison sorry but I am sick of him and take Carly with him.

  11. That was me yall commenting my finger hit the wrong key and oooops it was off

  12. Helena can be a little much for me at times too but I guess that's why we love to hate her. love the actress and I have to say she is gorgeous. As for Carly, I just can't even listen to her crap. And where the heck is Kate? Geesh it could have really been good to bring her into this. Someone else Sonny can be angry at. I think carly should be mad at her precious Lulu too after all she knew as well about Dante just like Jax.

    Kirsten Storms is so cute but the hair is B A D.

  13. OMG. Sonny is so ridiculous.

    "You lied to our son from the very start. You really need to own that."

    Perhaps but you need to own that if Dante wasn't his son, he'd be dead right now. You need to own that you are a criminal and deserve to be behind bars.

    You need to own that it was your LIFE CHOICES that caused Olivia to keep your son from you. And he stayed safe that way.

    I really really really am tired of Sonny. He needs to die. Soon.

  14. I just read on soap opera's source that Robin even pleads to Dante to help Sonny. Seriously? It also said Sam, jason, & Spin start planning to break Sonny out of jail. yeah ok. If Sonny is so claustrophobic perhaps he should have chosen a different profession.

  15. A man's perspective: I liked Maxie's hair. Looked 'bad girl'...made me womder if they are thinking of playing up Maxie as a rebel and pairing her up with Johnny.

  16. Oh, Please bring Stacy back. That was sooo soapy. The best soapy ending in awhile for OLTL. GH with the Dante reveal was really good. However since then..not so much (good).
    Mrs. Goose

  17. I HATE the Helena character, as she is so evil, but she is a great actress.

    Did anyone else see that thing dangling from Johnny's ear in his scene w/Maxie? Was I seeing things? Can someone else please tell me they saw it, and tell me what it was?

    Kate is Dante's cousin, and, as such, should be spending time with him in the hospital. Where oh where have they stashed the actress?

  18. im still so annoyed they wrote that scene of sonny yelling at olivia about how he missed out on dante's life. he didnt mind so much when AJ missed out on Michaels whole life and they lived in the same town. ugh. and carly???? all i have to say on that one is WTH?

  19. Please, Sonny is a controlling SOB. He will do anything for his kids-even put their lives in jeopardy. He really needs to go down. As far as Carly-Olivia needs to buy duct tape and put it over Carly's mouth. I am so sick of Elizabeth-everyone always feels sorry for her-especially if they have a penis. Go Lulu-you are the only one being straight up-plus you will hopefully do the very very good looking Dante! Nice for us woman who have to live vicariously through Lulu!

  20. Please, Sonny is a controlling SOB. He will do anything for his kids-even put their lives in jeopardy. He really needs to go down. As far as Carly-Olivia needs to buy duct tape and put it over Carly's mouth. I am so sick of Elizabeth-everyone always feels sorry for her-especially if they have a penis. Go Lulu-you are the only one being straight up-plus you will hopefully do the very very good looking Dante! Nice for us woman who have to live vicariously through Lulu!

  21. I was thinking about GH last night and realized one reason I don't like the Jasam pairing....their theme song drives me nuts! lol!

  22. I too get tired of them only bringing up Sonny being afraid of small places when its convenient (gee stop shooting people & being a criminal then dumb ass!) I am a huge Liz fan and think maybe Lulu should take it down a notch. After all her role model is none other than Carly who she also kept Dante's real career from. Lulu hasn't been perfect either(think seducing Dillan away from georgie and getting pg) She can be self ritous (sp) just like poepple say Liz can. But hey, there's a soap sweetheart on every show, and liz is it on GH. They sure put her to the test and no one realloy understood the whole Niz relationship which made us start to dislike Nik & Liz both. But watching Becky in these scenes has made it worth it to me. And don't get me wrong I love Lulu with Dante I just hate when she gets on ehr high horse. There were times she wasn't even seen being there for Lucky during his drug days so why care now?

  23. Does anyone remember when the character of Sonny and the mob stories were actually written well? It was not the only thing going on, they actually focused on the HOSPITAL, and Sonny's life was in the background. Yes, there was violence, but it was actually part of a story (Brenda being shot in the shower comes to mind). I'm thinking this was during the Claire Lebine era, and it was great story telling. Guza just needs to go.

  24. Aubrey, I liked those days, too. Sonny was a key character but not the main character, they had the brownstone and the gang at Kelly's and there were consequences for most of the actions of the characters. Once Guza took over and his man-love for Steve Burton and Maurice Benard was allowed to bloom it took over the entire show. Some days the show is really good still, due to one or two other writers, but too many days are just crap. I've watched for so long (42 years!) that I don't think I can completely kick the habit but I sure don't listen as closely or watch as attentively as I did when there was cast integration and great writing.

  25. I totally remember when crime was written well on this show! First of all, it wasn't THE WHOLE SHOW!! If they don't bring AJ up soon, we need to start flooding them with AJ postcards!!

  26. hey I want Georgie and Alan back Alan is going to Days I heard.Personally I watch OLTL and read about GH on here if its good by yall I'll watch it on soapnet

  27. I think the whole Sonny is thing is ridiculous. I love to look at MB, but man, is it me or has his acting taken a dive over the years? I have thought for a few years now that his acting kinda stinks. It was better yesterday, but for the most part, no so much. Everyone always seems to say (esp. co-stars) how deep and how great he is. As for sucky acting, ditto for Nik/TC. He has a blank look like Jason and doesn't seem vested at all. Weird.

    I liked Olivia yesterday as she gave Sonny a verbal smackdown. Sonny was a little punk, sowing his wild oats when he got her pg. He wouldn't have given Olivia or the kid the time of day. I might also add that Olivia must have been one helluva teen to have all that grownup insight! Bwahahaha--so believeable, heh!

  28. Boy, Carly has done such a turnaround. I mean, standing up for Sonny like that, why, she must have amnesia! Think of all of the things that have happened to his kids (Morgan and Kristina)and wives, and girlfriends, and friends. He is the worst! He can't even keep his nanny's safe. I wonder how many gardeners have been offed on account of Sonny. I can't believe the way she is standing up for him. I also wish they would remember AJ is Michael's dad.

  29. Helena and Luke almost had the same hairdo yesterday! Luke's hair had really been distracting lately.

    Guess who Luke/AG hairdresser did after Luke? Why, she did Maxie's hair right after Luke. Fire that hairdresser! STAT!

  30. I am hoping that TPTB will use Steven soon. He has the acting chops from when I remember when watching him on Y&R. Please keep him far away from Lisa. I hope Lisa will get lost in the hall closet with Lainey, Bobbie, Mike, Lucas, Kate, Dr.Lee, etc.

    I think RH/Liz is doing a good job of playing remorseful. I think she only liked Nik for the hot sex. I can't imagine him being hot though...he is borgish/seems emotionless. I double Liz would really go for someone like him. She is more about family(before this triangle mess)

  31. I don't like Ethan anywhere except in Kristina's circle. C'mon, he is not Luke's son. They have brought on so many men and hardly any women.

    I am looking forward to Skye coming back. one place I read says she is short term? I hope not. Has anyone heard any different?

  32. There are going to be Spixie scenes next week. Maxie is going to tell Spinelli she was wrong for sleeping with Franco, and Spinelli will tell Maximista he forgave the last 127 times she has said this.

    I like Johnny and Maxi together. I just can't get into her and Spinelli. Anyone else?

  33. Carly is the biggest hyocrite. OMG, I am finding this character more annoying than Sam!

    Oh you are all so right about the AJ comments. Sonny needs to OWN the fact that he was going to kill a cop. That he is a criminal and that he is on the wrong side of the law. How many times has he said that he doesn't want Michael following in his footsteps. Argh!!!

    The random scene with Ethan stopping a shootout...what the hell was that? Does a person intentionally walk into a gun fight? Stupid scene.

    DZ is great! No complaints.

    Liking Luke a lot more that he is involved in his kids lives. I like the interaction with Lucky, Ethan and LuLu. Finally liking TG again.

    SB is so much better in the light hearted scenes with the kids, with Sam and others...when he gets away from the criminal stuff I like Jason.

    Nikolas is boring. I'm liking JJ's Lucky....but can we get him in a scene or two where he gets to laugh...he must be so wiped out with all the water works.


  34. Sonny: "Sam & Carly can sell their lies to the jury" Listen to this man. he doesn't care who he puts at risk of purjury. And Carly wanting Dante to quit the force? Give up his career? Why not show Michael & morgan a real role model. Carly & Sonny are just stupid.

  35. I thought it was pretty funny when Sonny told Diane that he wasn't worried about Carly having to lie...since she is so good at it.
    Don't want to comment on the rest of the show...just boring.


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