Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New General Hospital Opening Here!

If you can't wait...take a gander at the New Opening! I'm trying to find out the city scape in there..maybe it's Rochester! :) (We know that's the REAL PC!) What do you think? It's about damn time, that's what I think. Love Wyndemere!! The End's a decent nod too.


  1. Hmmm...no big surprise that it opens with Maurice. Guza does love him. Poor Matt gets more airtime in the opening than he does in an average week. (I can't even remember his first name in real life..is it Jason Cook?) lol! I wonder how they decide the order the cast appears?

  2. I laughed when I saw Jason Cook in it- what he is on about 5 minutes a week, if that?

  3. I waited 12,000 episodes for THIS?

    this could have been put together in about a week and done by a "fan". I am in the graphics business, and I could have threw this garbage together in several days.

    how many of these actors will be gone weeks from now and this will be outdated? And they wont update it for another decade?

    SNL, modern family and the simpsons all change their openings on a weekly basis. it is possible.

    there is no creativity at all in this new opening. none whatsoever.

    i predict this is going to be panned and panned hard by the critics. and by critics I mean fans.

    ps. the skyline looks like the computerized skyline they used in Night Shift opening.

    pss. No Jacklyn Zeman. Just saying.

  4. I didnt think it was so bad. Its nice to see updated photos of the actors. I like they have their real names and GH names.

  5. I love it!!!! Ok so I have a few nitpicks lol (Like Maxie's hair, oye! And where is Steven Lars, he is on contract now, they had time to take his picture)

    Olivia looks stunning as always, Alexis and Monica also look fabulous but God bless Jan Elliott she looks like a Queen!! and I love the nod to the old opening with Luke turning away. (yes I know, I complained non stop that they needed a new opening lol)

    Congrats on 12,000 episodes GH, I'm a happy girl right now lol :D

  6. YIPPEE...no LISA!!!!!

    But no Morgan or Molly?!?!?! They get more screen time then Epiphany, Matt, Monica, Edward, etc.

    Also, no Diane or Kate.

    I would of also liked to have seen a nod to some of the back-up characters like Max, Milo, Dr. Lee and Coleman...maybe even just a group shot.

    I to was wondering when Stephen Lars Webber is. I had heard he signed a 4 year contract.

    I wonder if they will add Robin Christopher / Skye and the Ward girls?

  7. Personally I loved it! The faces are grouped according to importance to the show with respect for the veterans at the end. Notice the backgrounds too! Whether or not we like it, this show is about the mob, and the mobulars are first: Sonny, Carley, Jason and Sam in front of a sleek, shiney city in the dark! Then we move to the "good guys" with Jax, Alexis, Christina and Michael in the sunshine looking upward. Following that is our "goth group" in front of Windemere: Nik, Liz, Lucky, dark, confused and foreboding. Next we get Lulu, Dante and a gorgeous pic of Ethan; all looking down from above on everything. Olivia, Johnny, Maxie and Spin are in front of a darker, more dramatic view...lotsa drama with this bunch. Monica and Mac get a street view of action (that's about the only time we see them these days) and Robin, Patrick, Piffy, and Matt (Matt?) get the hospital fly by. Edward and Tracy get the luxury and limo bacground and dear Luke, of course our gambler in life, gets...a roulette wheel...and then he walks away from it all...gotta love it!

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  9. hmmm.Soapnet has blocked content in my country. Thank you Soapnet.

  10. Wow and Holy Cow!! Some people have come down HARD on the new opening and it hasn't even "officially" aired yet. Opinions are one thing; but some have just been downright nasty....just saying.
    It's got some glitches,true; but you know what they say about making all the people happy all the time.

    As for me, I give it 7 stars. I like that they put Epiphany in the opening; but wish they would have put Max and Milo as well. I like the background shots they use especially that of the hospital. Old school fans should be reminded of the one used in the opening way back before even Dave Koz' "Faces of the Heart" opening.I like how they coordinated the shots to the characters.
    Some of the names flash by really quickly. I wish they would have changed the theme music.

  11. I love it.....love it, love it. Thank you for the sneak peak!!!!!

  12. It looks much better then the previous!
    But OMG! It has to open with Maurice,Steve,Laura,and Sam! WTF!!!! I am so sick of those 4!

    Loved seeing everyone else more! Mmmm.. Dominic Z!!!

  13. Carolyn Hennesy tweeted last night that she isn't in the new opening because she isn't on contract. I am guessing that's why neither Molly nor Morgan are in there either (or Kate)

  14. I like it. It's definitely been made to be adaptable unlike the last opening. I think they'll be able to slip actors in and out of the opening with more ease now.

    Favorite part: the overhead pan above the hospital roof showing a doctor (Patrick?) sitting there staring at the skyline, thinking. One could almost miss it.

    Overall, nice. Happy 12,000th.

  15. where are the nods to 12000?

  16. i like it. i think the rooftop hospital scene was from nightshift. and the ambulance and doctor running out of its way. also i think the different backgrounds allow more room to add people in and out depending on character. still mesmorized with jason cook in it, i want his job to get paid for doing nothing lol

  17. I love the new opening but hey yeah
    someone at GH loves them some Sonny!! At this point anything new from GH is a breathe of fresh air.

  18. It is a definite improvement that is for sure. So much better than what we had.

    Don't know why they put Ethan between Dante and Olivia....that makes no sense.

    Actors on contract are in the opening. Bobbie (Jackie Z. is not on contract.) They probably had this in the can before Scott Reeves signed...but hopefully they can add him into it in the not so distant future. Surprised to see Epiphany in there too...Jason Cook...they should find him something to do stat!!!

  19. I like it. Nothing so elaborate that they couldn't have done it three years ago though.

  20. Thanks for the sneek preview of it...being an old time viewer of the show...well I will say its better than seeing all the characters that 'aren't' on it anymore BUT it can be a little disappointing. I also think even the non-contract players are just as important as the contract players...EX like Morgan/Molly/Diane/Max/Milo etc. Yes, I do recall the old 'hospital' opening back in those 70'-80's mid 90's days. I guess even though it was boring I guess it'll take me back to the simpler times too. I guess its 'classic' GH really too me. Than you didn't have to worry about what characters are there or not there or whom shouldn't be there anymore....Now another part of me....thinks it reminds me of the 'Dynasty' opening of the show....they just didn't have the characters names though....it is kinda similar esp with Jax & the big building behind him.....does anyone else kinda see the resemblance?? Just wondering. So its an ok opening.....thanks for sharing it with us , Karen.......
    Sue : )

  21. It's almost the same opening as Night Shift.The picture of the building wih GH on it was used in the Night Shift opening.

  22. the opening was def. from night shift (WHICH I MISS SOOOO MUCH BTW. a ton better than GH. probably why they didnt keep it arond another season. cant have that much compitition).

    it was ok..but i thought that it was really soapish. and yeah having matt on? that made no sense what so ever at all.

    but at least lucky is there and luke. and its new.

  23. Well done. It gave the essence of GH. Unfortunately only 6 of the 27 characters actually work at the hospital. Too bad Stephen Webber wasn't included.

  24. Not bad. It took them long enough. I give it 2 months before at least one character in it is dead and then it will be dated again.

  25. I liked it, loved that they included the background with the old hospital with blue sky! That's the opening I'll always remember!
    Thanks for sharing!



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