Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Newbies To GH-- New Opening, What Next? Sam's Daddy?

Geesh, since hell HAS frozen over and we are getting a new opening on the 23rd-- could the long awaited rumor of Sam's Daddy be happening? I played a fun twitter game today, asking who her father could be. I went with: David Soul, Bobbie Ewing, Danny DeVito, Harry Hamlin THE DONALD?...for the fun factor. People mentioned: Drake Hogestyn, Ron Raines, Justin Deas-- I'd love it if Trevor from AMC would come back. Not sure the actor's name  (too lazy to google it)! John Burke is a big rumor out there too. One fan would love Peter Gallager!

NEW CAST PHOTOS up on FACEBOOK: Many are missing-JJ, RH and  No Molly or Morgan though. Lisa's in there...hmmmm. These are on the ABC cast page.

Thinking about the Sonny/Dante thing, I am obviously really bothered by him blaming others and not freeking out enough about shooting Dante. I was thinking about poor Claudia and how Sonny dug into her about ordering the hit and then Michael getting shot. She didn't even pull the trigger and she got it with both fists!! Carly was comforting him and yet she was the one that totally took away his parental rights after Michael was shot because of his "lifestyle". Whatever. WHATEVERRRRRRR. (can you hear me!? LOL). See, I would have had Olivia rush in while Sonny was pointing the gun, she screams he's your son--he reacts in shock, drops the gun and shoots HER instead.  Ergo, he can forgive her (since he shot her), he and Dante could bond over her recovery, etc. JUST SAYIN'! Hire me!! 

LINDZE Letherman is coming back to GH (see below) to play "Maxie's Conscience"...guess she traded places with ol' Alan Q in that department. Stupid GH, never should have killed her off! And for what? DIEGO is the killer? OY! 
Bradley Cole will play Keifer's fun would it be if HE were Sam's daddy too? heh. I guess he was on GL with Laura Wright. I never watched that so I can't comment. 
How great that OLTL is having a blizzard and it's for REALZ right now? usually the weather is so screwy wrong! LOL.  Brody finds the Electroshock machine! Destiny finds out that Dani's back in town for good. Then they bond to become BFFs?!  Poor Sky is going to be in trouble for stealing the meds for Sky tells Rex that Rex's baby was miscarried and Stacey goes into labor for REALZ! I keep thinking that sign says "Gynecological Observatory" heh. 
Brody lets MITCH STAND UP? Huh? He's a trained Seal or whatever....come on. YEAH! Charlie's on! Someone needs to just shoot him in both knee caps. There. See? I know how to do it up. Charlie is all weirded out about Jessica trying to save Mitch. Gigi gets on a goofy face thinking she might have to deliver Stacey's baby. And Dorian makes Charlie shoot wild, ergo is it Jessica that gets shot?

Dominic, Lisa and Ronnie 

Look at the new pics up on Lisa good stuff, there are daily galleries and new photos you'll only find on that site! Take a gander!

 SO, Hells is on GH today. Got it one day wrong-o. Oh well, slap me silly. What can I say? Dates and I just don't mix. 
I HATE the Potty Dance commercial. What if FRANCO did it just to HAUNT me more!? hahahha. Someone, save me. And,  I also think that Zombie Claudia should be FROZEN for the big "Franco" Gallery show in May! Can you see it?! I sure can 
LUKE IS AT WYNDEMERE! woo! Love him diggin' into Nikolas. And he's calling him out on being a Cassadine. And he sits in Stefan's chair and I'm getting Bat flashbacks! STAVVY and Stefan mentions!
Spinxie: Spin won't move in with Maxie,  he likes his pink room! 
Jason and Johnny: Interesting. Johnny can LIVE because he protected Michael but is OUT! OUT! of the organization! Turn in your bathroom key and leave. I am so looking forward to Johnny Z getting some revenge. 
Liz has Valentines Day Flashbacks. Tells Ethan she "ruined she and Lucky's past"--that's a good way to put it! And whoa, but JJ looks EXACTLY the same in those flashbacks as now.  Liz is being a weenie to Sam at Kelly's and Sam is just sitting there. Liz "Sam, I am in awe of all the terrible things you've done"!! Liason Fans have to love the calling out of the gunman thing. That was a BRILLIANT scene, and was totally TOTALLY a fan based scene, I swear. 
JASON AND KRISTINA:!! Jason "Sonny doesn't live by your code or your Mom's"...Kristina "it's a lot worse than that"--"he has a bunch of kids...he shoots a cop"!! Kristina you go girl. She's the audience in this talk. I know my writing 101. 
Krissy looks so nice, natural. Love her make up work.

HELENA and ANTHONY Z in the same day! :thud:  GOOD DAY on GH!

OMG, a wubber just told me that an ad on my WubsNet took them to the JAMES FRANCO site! Oh, the irony!! whahahahhaha! Thanks for clicking on those, they help me stay in "biz" and help the hubby deal with my computer time!! heheheh.

MODERN Family and The Middle look hysterical tonight! They make me smile! :)


  1. JJ is there lol maybe u missed it? Also find it strange it says "Jasper" and not Jax-who the heck calls him Jasper LMAO

    Missed the show today due to the storm but I was able to catch OLTL (minus the 1st ten mins they cut out for winter advisories)- good stuff! :)

  2. I would LOVE for Sam's dad to be Sean Donnelly!

  3. The one day I'm home for the show and its not one because of the storm. I have lived in the Northeast all my life....we have seen snow before people!!!

    But I found it funny that the station had to announce twice that GH would be shown at 2:05 a.m....they were getting a lot of calls...which could be a very good thing. I think peoples are watching!!!

    Argh just have to wait for SoapNet tonite!

  4. I was one of the "Ethan haters" when he first appeared, but I have to say that I am really beginning to like the way the character has developed- he has been very supportive of Lucky and Lulu, and even Liz and he has been there to bail Kristina out a few times (although that is apparently going to come back to bite him in the a$$). Too bad other characters can't be redeemed the way he has been...

  5. Did anyone notice Ethan called Liz, Lulu?

  6. Well, I work at home Wed. (private practice day instead of a clinic day), and was sooo looking forward to GH, as all my clients cancelled due to the storm, and then GH was cancelled due to the storm. I was soooo disappointed! Really, it's snowing, we know that, there are 24/7 news and weather channels, WHY did they have to cancel GH to repeat over and over again that it's snowing?

    I didn't think of it, but do you really think that they mentioned twice that GH is on at 2:05 because so many people called in? That would be awesome!

  7. Is Georgie the conscience going to tell Maxie to stop having a relationship with a man who conspired to kill a police officer? I nearly choked listening to Spin talking to Maxie about forgiving HER when he just aided Jason in planning murder one.

  8. I read a rumor that Sam's dad is someone who is already on the show.
    Also WHY does Johnny get to live because he saved Micheal's life but Dante doesn't when he has saved Morgan & Sonny? I get that he is a cop and a threat but Johnny is AZ's son AND Claudia's brother AND he was apart of Micheal's shooting! He should NOT get treated better then Dante!

  9. I have to agree that Jason and Sonny giving Johnny a pass is odd. Jason wanted to silence Dante but would let Johnny go. Didn't Jason give Dante his "marker" when saving Morgan or was it Sonny? I distinctly remember Dante telling Jason that it means a lot.

  10. AntJoan - Channel 7 in New York said it twice that I heard that GH would be shown at 2:05 a.m. and that they were getting phone calls from disappointed viewers asking where's GH?

    Gotta luv it!!!

  11. I thought I heard Ethan call Liz "love".
    I agree,I really like Ethan.Hope they give him more to do!

    Really hating Jason right now. Takes me right back to when this show was always about Jason,Sonny,Carly,and Sam. They are all a bunch of hypicrits!

  12. Finally, the writers remembered what Sam has done! GO LIZ, Tell her.

    I just love kristina's portrayer. She is the best young find since georgie. I am so over Spinelli.

  13. I apologize in advance, as this is going to be a bit of a rant about Sam/Jason.
    First of all, I did like that Liz kinda gave it to Sam, but she really didn't. Liz just wanted to know how Sam got away with what she did, so Liz could figure out how to get away with what she did.
    And Sam giving Liz that look after their talk was BS. It was a pity look. Well, Sam, Liz doesn't need your pity.
    I felt it was weird that Sam would tell Liz that she now has self respect. Sam, you are telling this to someone that you "tortured" by allowing her kid to be kidnapped/held at gunpoint. No wonder Liz gave her the response she did.
    Next, the interaction between Sam/Jason. "You will be a good dad?" Are we getting into this again?
    Finally Jason/Liz interaction. I have two problems with this.
    1. Jason is trying to kill a cop, but the writers now have him comforting Liz again. They want us to remember what a good guy he is, deep down...Sorry, I have lost that respect now.
    2. Was Jason there to comfort Liz or to see how she is really spiraling down and now he has to see that Jake might be better off with him?
    I was the greatest Liz/Jason fan, but I wasn't the least bit excited to see them together or Liz (kinda) giving it to Sam because I believe there is something else about to happen...
    I know my analysis might be a bit much, but I have been in LOST mode and you kind of have to think outside the box if you want to understand that show!!

  14. I agree with you mosbp2003 - I too was an Ethan hater but I just said today that he is growing on me. Helena and Anthony shoulkd hook up - imagine the havoc the 2 of them together could wreak!! It was great seeing both of them on today. Happy to hear Georgie is coming back.
    I am loving OLTL this week - hating AMC - I still don't get how the soap could be ahead of OLTL in ratings.

  15. I have a question floating in my li'l pea brain. I love Ethan and Kristina...they have great chemistry no doubt. BUT...what are they going to do about the obvious size difference between them (we'll ignore the age because we all loved Luke and Laura and there was 15 years diff between them). Will they have him seated all the time? Or her on a stair? She can't be much more than 5'2" and 90 lbs...and he's 6'2" and closer to 200 I'm sure...gonna be fun to watch this one work itself out, lol. Size doesn't matter when the chemistry is there (look at Lulu and Dante!).

  16. James Kiberd (ex-Trevor, AMC)would be a great dad for Sam. David Soul looks like a shadow of his former self. Waaay too hard living.

    Hey how about Paul Michael Glaser...he'd be a good Sam dad.

    'bout time they got a new opening.

  17. I remember how Liz was so saintly all the time, coming over to Robin and Patrick's to care for their kids (nevermind her own kids, F/T job, household to run, etc.). She never even looked stressed. I don't see Robin and Patrick repaying her by helping her out now, not really. Also, I know she is having a breakdown, but her personality has totally changed, really makes no sense.

  18. Sam had some major eye bags going on again. I wonder if she has a lot of projects she is working on or something that makes her not sleep very much. You would think the makeup artists could hide those things. They are HUGE!

  19. I also love Ethan & Kristina. major chemistry.

    Yes Sam has bags but so do many of us. Hers are pronounced but maybe they are hereditary.

    I personally think they missed the boat on Liz making a comment about Sam's involvement/torture whatever. Why bring it up now? This should hvwe happened 18 months ago. Its not like they're in a love triangle or something. liasons scene was much too short for my taste. Jason will always act heroic to Liz (same with Robin) Once he loves, he always loves. Its not like Jasons character is a love/hate. the writers completely try to make him look like the good guy even with what he does for a living. Take going into Dante's room for instance! Like it was his fault that this went down, he was just doing his job. You know, a real one. A legit one. Not criminal acts.

  20. I have eye circles too--- genetic. So, I have sympathy for her.
    I am ALSO LOVING ETHAN...go figure.


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