Thursday, February 25, 2010

Diane and Alexis: OUR Ladies of the Bar!!

AMC was a bit fun today...loved Greenlee telling Erica she had on a horrible dress, perfect for a bridesmaid! Jamie Lunar is so tall! When she was standing by Colby and Brooke, she looked like an Amazon...

OLTL: Yeah! Rachael Hugging Sky!! Scott Clifton is breaking my heart. I am also looking forward to the Christian/Jessica thing--that will be interesting. There's a new chick Anna on? Hmmm. Langston is also turning into quite the hotsie.  That was quite the old-fashioned Lust Scene today with she and Ford!!
Who's this newbie Anna/Hannah on there? Do they need a mix-up for Cole/Starr? That's Kris Alderson on set!
I like how they are making Jessica's speech all younger too.

Love & Gaga...
Just so you know I'm not JUST about the soaps, I thought I'd share this fabu pic that CL Tweeted last night. It just has 'interesting' written all over it

GENERAL HOSPITAL: New Spoilers up! GO take a gander and give me a hit! I am loving that Diane is on and Alexis is there too!! :twirling:!! How FUN is that? Remember, Carolyn's real life Hubby will be on as a patron in Jake's...look for him in leather. Loved the Sam/Krissy hissyfit! LOVE she mentioned Sam/Sonny!! heh.
The new attorney is way too young, and way NOT viperish enough to go head to head with Our Ladies of the Bar. Just sayin'.
Robin's trying to get sympathy for SONNY by bringing up Stone...uh Robin, honey, he didn't try to SHOOT Stone!! That shouldn't matter DANTE!! Don't let the Guza try to sway you from being the good cop!
LOVE Jax/Alexis. Even when they fight.
Ethan and Johnny will be cute together, thank you.
Milo/Michael fun as well...

HISTORY #FAIL TODAY: Jagger's real name was JOHN and Stone's was MICHAEL. Look it up WRITERS! We have a long long memory, us fans!
Carolyn Hennesy has a fab interview with ABC. She mentions Connie Towers as someone she'd like to work with. I actually told her I wanted Diane to be be Helena's niece. How perfect would that be? Diane would know ALL the dish on Auntie Hells that happened when she was growing up in Spokane Washington.
Kim McCollough's (Robin) Bday is coming up March 5th. Send her a card at the studio..infact, send a card to whomever your fave actor is on GH...they always need the fanmail!
(actor's name)
General Hospital @ABC TV
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027

Speaking of Bdays, Kirsten Storm's fans have a charity page for you to check out. Project St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

HUGE amount of snow's falling pretty steady now. Maybe we'll finally get a whopper.


  1. I think this whole trial business is hilarious. Especially cause the judge is trying to have this crazy Foghorn Leghorn Southern accent ("Corinthus" LOL) and all I can think of is him playing Headmaster Charleston on Gilmore Girls! LOL

  2. Did anyone else notice that when Ethan "dealt" Sam into the poker game Kristina held onto and then used her cards from the previous hand?

    The new prosecutor, Claire, cannot be that young, even though she looks it. She was in her early twenties at the youngest when Another World ended and that was quite a while ago...

  3. Okay, did a little research. She left Another World in 1998 and she was born in 11/71, which makes her 38.

  4. um totally caught the stone and jagger name thing too...and get this i was only a kid when stone was on and i remember that!!!!!! writers writers writersm what are you coming to

  5. SHE'S 38!!!! WOW! I had NO clue, I thought she was MAYBE 27...
    and HEADMASTER CHARLESTON! thank you Julia!! I knew I knew him (I am a GG fanatic) and it was driving me nuts!!

  6. I hope they keep Clair & hook her up with Jax!

  7. It would be great to have Jax with anyone that threatens Carly IMO! I want to see her miserable and realize what an idiot she's been to only protect Sonny. I have never heard her defend Jax.

  8. I had forgotten that Stone and Jagger had other names. KM must know, though, as she was there--couldn't she tell the writers?

    I would like Jax with Claire, also, I've always hated the Carly character, always wondered what all the millionaire men in PC see in this piece of "trailer trash."

    I also wondered why the judge has a Southern accent in upstate NY.

  9. Foghorn Leghorn! LOL!! Perfect comparison.
    I really don't like the way they're having Sonny cause problems with Scrubs. And Lisa standing there taking it all in was disgusting, too. What is her point?
    I caught Ethan dealing Sam into the game with the leftover cards instead of reshuffling the entire deck. I sure would like to play Blackjack on the Haunted Star if that's how they do things.
    Loved Alexis and Diane. Hate how you can see the guilt gambit starting to work on Dante. Sigh.

  10. what was with stone and jaggars names? i didnt watch today (like most days)..haha

  11. Funny how Sonny's trial started in what 3 days vs the usual 2 months or so!

  12. It wasn't the trial. It was just the hearing before the trial.

    Robin has always been a bit of a buttinsky and this time I didn't like her telling Dante that Sonny was a good guy or tell Patrick that there were special circumstances for Sonny shooting someone. I know that Sonny has a soft spot for people in his lives, but Robin, and everyone else needs to understand that, that doesn't excuse him for shooting a cop...who was unarmed!! GO Patrick!
    Robin needs to take a hint from Patrick and Lulu and just stay out of business that isn't your own.
    ame with Sam. I am glad that Kristina threw the Sonny thing in her face. I know Sam was looking out for her sister, but it is hard to throw morals around at your sister, if you don't have any yourself.

    What is with Alexis. For so long, she wanted Kristina completely away from her father. Now Alexis thinks it is best for Kristina to know her dad?

  13. I wish TIIC would just let Robin DIE because she is the most annoying character on the show AND Patrick can do ALOT BETTER then HER!!!

  14. Andrea, I think its Guza's way of getting us all to be understanding to Sonny so they make even Alexis onhis side. Anonymous: That was really rough what you said about Robin and I'm hoping you just didn't like yesterdays eppy. Robin has been a beloved character on this show for decades with special ties to everyone. I agree that she was wrong yesterday. And I hate that they had her saying positive things about shooting a cop. Having said that, you don't have to like Scrubs but most of us like having a normal couple on the show and like the simpleness of a normal looking actress..

  15. Can I just say,THANK YOU PATRICK!!! Why is everyone is that town wearing rose colored glasses when it comes to Sonny and Jason!
    They are murderers!
    For Robin to go into Dantes room and sugarcoat Sonny to him is crap!
    I wish Lulu had been there to tell her to get the hell out!

    BTW: I love Dominic Z,but it is time for him to get a haircut.At least a trim! LOL

  16. cause guza loves sonny a d jason and carly and no one else on GH.

  17. I just don't get this warped sense of morality that these writers seem to have. You can be a vicious, cold blooded killer and if you do a charitable act every year or so, all is forgiven and you are really a saint. It's just plain sick!

    I lost all respect for Robin's character after that speech yesterday. Didn't she help put Dante's broken body back together? And yet Sonny is really good because he took care of a homeless boy once. What kind of message is this show putting out?

    No wonder many of America's youth don't seem to understand the concept of consequences. Evil is definitely winning the game.


  18. Dahlia Salem is 38, how is she to young to play a DA?

  19. Didn't Jagger say they got their names because their mother was a big Rolling Stones fan?

    A few monthes ago Diane claimed she was from is it now Washington?

  20. I'd like to be Lady Gaga, but I couldn't keep up with all the waxing that is required.

  21. I don't get the purpose of the picture of the junkie with some stripper.


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