Monday, February 15, 2010

General Hospital: Diane Flashes both Mac AND Jason!

Ahahhahha! Jason calls Diane in to get Sam off the hook and she totally gets mad and flashed the lingere that Max gave her!! Priceless! :) hee hee JaSam is making out in the PCPD "waiting room".  And the decor in their PH was so cute!! Molly..and Krissy made the PH all lovey-dovey.

Carly/Jax/Sonny-- Oy..same old dialog-- same old fights. Sonny is right, Jax is an ass, Carly NEVER LIES :eyeroll: know, you know. Sonny to Carly: "I just want you to spread your wings again"...oh, Kayyyy?

Main Event: See all photos of Luda over on GHH ...Shirley must have an in with ABC Media Net. I am banned forevermore from there! LOL. Lulu and Dante were cutie pies today!

Spixie: Maxie is Zenon? And how much money did she spend on those mylar balloons?

Liz and Lucky--obviously Lucky still loves her. And STFU Nikolas..geesh!! It's his fault because he's not "compassionate" enough? JJ cries so WELL!! sniff Uh, with all those HPA rules,  Kelly shouldn't have told Liz she was PG with people in the room! Come on.
Hey, a few new SPOILERS are up...more to come-- as  usual,  I'll beg you to hit some ads. :). Gross Oprah on today, I don't wanna watch. :/


  1. Thanks for letting me know that there is a lot of Jasam on today. I will pass on all of those scenes!

  2. Karen, I heard a rumour that the baby is gonna be Lucky' you know if this is true? I really hope so...he definitely deserves his own kid. Anyways, really enjoyed today's episode. Dianne was hillarious and I liked JaSam as well. The only thing I didn't like was Sonny and Carly...they both made me sick.

  3. Loved Lulu and Dante with the glow in the dark condoms loved spin and maxie too.I thought I was having dejuvu with Sonny,Carly and Jax sameo sameo.I believe Jax will get custody of the baby too.Lucky was a great actor and has been all along but Nik has me hating his aristocrat butt

  4. Loved everything Diane and they are finding new ways for me to despise Sonny, and I wasn't even sure that was possible. I mean really Sonny, Dante could of had a different life if Olivia would have told you about him. Yeah we know how that life would have been he would have been the one to shoot a cop not you..right??

    I want to commend Dante for making Lulu tolerable for me. I like these days when she isn't opening her mouth to screech something.

    JaSam..blech but they weren't on enough to bother me.

    I have long ago stopped caring for hospital protocol. I mena this is a show that wants me to be ok that a man shot a cop but wouldn't have if he knew it was his son. Sorry doesn't make you any less guilty.

  5. I also think Jax would get custody if that is what it boils down to. Jax is just as connected as Sonny is and any smart Judge knows Carly, Sonny and the Mob mess in PC. Would Alexis defend him though, now that she is somehow on Sonny's side so Kristina can feel good about her pop?
    I would love to see some Diane/Alexis scenes in the courtroom again!

  6. I loved loved JaSam today they were hot and and so amazing.. the best part of today
    I loved how they both on the same page...

    I Couldn't stop laughing from Diane and Jason scenes I love the black comedy scenes with Jason they always fun to watch and Diane is just amazing character..
    I wish they would have given Contract..
    I am happy that we see her more with Sonny trial....
    I love Spixie they are so cute
    Lante OK
    Liz someone really needs to talk with her about protection
    And why did Kelly said that when Nick and Lucky were in the room what about Patient rights??

    Jax and Carly no why should Jx get custody over Jocelyn ..
    Carly is a good mom, she fought for Jocelyn when she was preg putting her own life on the line..
    Jax should know that Carly will not let him take Jocelyn from her no he shouldn't

  7. did they actually mention Zenon today? i loved those movies when i was younger. i have to watch the show on hulu.

  8. No they did Maxi just wear something that looks like it from Zenon

  9. Privacy laws aside, I would have thought Kelly would choose to tell Liz she is pg in private rather than in front of both potential daddies due to their friendship alone. Of course, they have not portrayed Liz as having any real friends through all of this with the possible exception of Ethan (of all people....). Loved it when Dante's monitors went off! Since Olivia and Sonny were in the hospital though, I kept expecting them to walk in on Lulu and Dante. Diane and Jason were funny- FF'd through everything that was Jasam and most of the CarJaxSon crap. Maxie and Spin were fun again for a change too!

  10. I about choked when Sam said "I love what you do" So she seriously is ok being a criminal for him now and being with a killer? She likes that hu? hmmm. That was just dumb right there. We know Sam is smarter than that and this is exactly wwhy I am not jasam fan. I agree Diane was a riot, she made the whole show for me.

    And Lulu, helllllooooo your brother is already a cop so why have a problem with dante being a pc cop?

  11. I think not only that Jax WILL get custody but I think he SHOULD. If Carly is such a good mom she should have gotten Michael some counseling. And she should havng around her new born baby a bbit too instead of letting the nanny do it. Instead she's at Sonny's side. Can't wait to hear Olivia rip her to shreads this week!

  12. Nice perfect make up Liz had!

  13. I hate JaSam on a normal day but today was just ughh lol that convo btw them at the PCPD about how she loves what he does and the danger, etc was just stupid IMO- and pretty much a slap in the face to Liason fans (mind you,I used to be a huge Liason fan and now not so much- Jason can be with anyone he wants BESIDES Sam as far as I'm concerned- which I know isnt happening lol)

    As far as CarJax goes- I normally would NEVER say this but I hope Jax sues for custody and wins. Carly is such a hypocrite in whatever she does (love LW though shes a fab actress!) What he did was bad, yes, but his intentions were good- he really was doing what he did to protect his family (but I'm not excusing all the bad hes done either!)

    Dante and Lulu are my fav characters right now- and of course JJ is knocking his acting so far out of the park he deserves all kinds of awards!

  14. And I forgot to mention- LOVEEEE Diane!!! Every scene she's in is golden!

  15. ok dante and lulu are by far the best thing about this show these them!! although I do gotta give some loving to JJ. hes been doing an amzing job with lucky, but can he stop crying lol. hmmmmmm what else....oh diane hahahahha love herr!!! and seriously, another 5 sec appearence of matt??? the poor guy, he needs to find a girl asap!

  16. I LOVE DANTE & Lulu!! They are the ONLY good thing about G.H because the rest of the show SUCKS! I did also LOVE Diane though.I wish dshe was a regular cast member because she makes even Jason scenes tolerable!

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  18. I can't get enough of Dante and Lulu.They are the best thing on GH right now! What suck is I know somewhere down the line TPTB will screw them up!

    But for Now I am eating them up!~ I LOVED todays episode,just for them. I FF through everything else. Its the same crap over and over again.
    I did watch Lucky and Liz,mostly for JJ.

    But It was all about Lulu and Dante.So cute and hot at the same time! I do kinda hope they drag out they're first time a bit longer. I am loving these games they play!
    I love that dress Lulu was wearing! Very nice!

  19. Spin and Maxie chasing each other around the apartment--so cute! It's a shame he soon will be in a cast.

    I KNOW it's a soap, but I CAN'T STAND how far from reality GH is as a hospital. First, private rooms for everyone? In what universe? And, you can light candles in a room without setting off a smoke alarm, and think about having sex there? In real hospitals, workers are in and out constantly, not to mention your roommate's friends and family. And, Dante is a cop who was almost killed, I'm sure he'd be guarded. And, to echo others here, the doctor CANNOT tell someone she's PG in front of 2 other people, I work in the health care field, and the HIPPA laws have made EVERYTHING private, in fact, some patients aren't even able to get THEIR OWN information!

  20. Millimae, I CARE WHAT YOU THINK! Everyone can voice their opinion here and you are by far not the only person that FF's through Jasam. I will not voice my opinion about "Anonymous" because Karen has asked us to keep it civil...

  21. I am so sick of how Sonny, Carly and Jason are always "right". Jax had every right to take Joss and FINALLY someone stands up to Carly.
    Liz did wrong but come on who on the show hasn't? I hope Liz and Lucky get back together and the babys his. I am A LIASON fan but even if ratings go up when they are on together TPTB seem to be Jasam fans... thanks god for dvr FF. Lulu, Jax, Kris all say what we feel but come on if Jason can't protect his own child why would Carly think he can with her kids?? How many times hve they been shot at, kidnapped, been in WTD stories... etc. I hope Jax and Olivia get together I love her with Johnny but he is being weird now and is getting back in the mob... Jason wants loyalty but does not repect those loyal to anything against him. Dante and Lulu are great and so Positive and fun... Spixe is getting boring... Dont like Lisa somethings strange there... and Dr Webber needs a story... Ethan is great and I still hope he is Roberts but he seems like a good protector of Kris who needs it... I wish TPTB would listen to the fans and the Ratings and all the Votes on GH sites and in Soap Mags ... Liason.. and please can we wake up from this bad dream of Liz and Have Lucky walk out of the shower...

  22. Lulu and Dante are the most wonderful couple! Scrubs was great too when they were front burner, but for some reason they never got that much screen time even though they are very popular. Matt needs some screen time, too. Maxie was just plain adorable and loved Diane. With so much good stuff going it was really a shame to regurgitate the old Sonny/Jax/Carly debate. Jax did have good reasons for what he did and I felt like smacking Sonny for being so self-righteous. And JJ continues to amaze.

  23. Oh My.. Kayla I agree with everything you said. And Milliemae everyone here can have an opinion. It's usually the people that are cowardly that leave comments like that w/o their name. It's ok to disagree ladies but man it is so clear that Liason/Jsam fans are still at each others throats. Most of us Liason fans want Liz & Lucky but the heat is still there. I guess the dialogue doesn't help like someone else mentioned she may as well have said "I love what you do killer" Anyhowza, Carly was slammed yesterday with a taste of her own meds! Loved it. Jax is about 70% in the right here and it's ridiculous that she even tries to argue that Sonny hasn't done any wrongdoing. JAX is the one who put Michael at risk? Sorry just don't see it compared to Sonny & Jason. I do disagree with another poster however, I like Jolivia too much for Jax to hook up with Olivia. Besides I enjoy that friendhsip as I do the one with her & Carly (which may end according to spoilers that she reads her the riot act for contacting dante on sonny's behalf). Can't wait to see JJ rock some more scenes esp when helena gets in to see Liz which is more hospital security crap we would never see.

  24. I agree that its a joke that Carly is more angry at Jax than Sonny. Yet she did take custody of the kids from him...why because of his lifestyle & all the danger that he poses to them. But now they see him all of the time etc. It makes like no sense...Carly talks out of both sides of her mouth. I also want Jax to get custody of Joss as well. Carly is an ok mother but she has made errors in judgement esp where Sonny/Jason are concerned...& yes to her they do NO wrong. But yet Jax , who did try to really protect the family is so wrong. Yeah Sonny's self-righteous is a total joke/he's a joke. I want Carly to eat her words to Jax. It would've been really really nice to see her be with Jax instead of the usual and be against him. I mean this is your husband whom your suppose to 'love' more than Sonny --please.....I also agree about the Hippa violation thing with Kelly telling Liz/Nik/Lucky that she was wrong. I also work in the medical field/medical records....that is just not right but well it 'is' a soap so they will do what they want and bend all of the rules won't they.....I also love Diane too....she is awesome!!! More Diane.....Dante/Lulu are cute....Lisa can just go away as far as I'm concerned. She does nothing for any stories. IMO anyway.....I also hope the baby is Lucky's too.....


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