Monday, February 8, 2010

Hangover in Soap Land? "Situation" on General Hospital?

So, exciting or WHAT yesterday? Congrats to New Orleans...what a fun win.

OLTL is my new "Dark Shadows"-- eeeee! Couldn't WAIT to see it today. It's creepy campy GOOD! The Mitch stuff is so wrong, it's awesome!! ALL SORTS OF AWESOME and really gross. heh At least Jessica will be knocked out for the 'deed'.  YEAH for BRODY! PHEW! I was actually putting my hand over my eyes! LOL  Of course Natalie is saved--I like Dead Jarod walking around.  I really wish I could invent real looking fake snow. Stacey in that drift? Pleaze.

BOTH AMC and OLTL did promos with TOO MUCH INFORMATION for me! I love being spoiler free and they just spilled major stuff. wahhhhhhhh.

GENERAL Hospital: NEW SCOOPS are up! Take a look. PLEASE hit an ad for me-- still collecting for Haiti! Wait until you see what Nikolas is going to tell ol' Lucky about Liz.  AND lookie this:

SPRUMOR: Will "The Situation" be coming to GH for a little cameo? I hear Guza is eyeballing some of the Jersey Shore cast for a little mobular action at Sonny's restaurant. Will they just be guests or will they cause some trouble? JUST came in the ol' WUBemail! woot. I think this could be a riot! LOL I think The Situation should be a pal of Dante's. heh. Bet they'd bring in more ratings than Franco did!
Feb 23rd is the 12,000th episode, and GH promises big stuff. Could this be part of it? Wonder if they'll finally get their sheet out and GIVE US THE NEW OPENING!

OK.. the show. My dog is on my lap and it's very hard to type.  He's warm though.
Sonny is insane: "Let's build on being father and son"....Dante tells him to shove it. Thank you. Like, hello....YOU STILL SHOT A COP point blank. Just doin' your job but DANTE happens to respect da law! "I bought into all your crap about HONOR and then YOU SHOT ME"!! Sonny's whole dialog was sheeze today. "Even in the end, you weren't afraid"....He should have said "Even before I plugged you in the chest, you had courage"...WTF? OMG.
Carly, you OWN a hotel. GO THERE!!? And I still think it's wrong that Jax is so villified by Carly but Sonny is ok for shooting a cop. Uh, it's "his job"!! Jax isn't my fave but I'm so tired of him coming off looking like sheeze while Sonny's all shiny.

YOU TELL 'EM LULU! Sonny, let your SON REST! She's saying everything those of us that want him to pay would say. Maxie was a hoot...she added some fun.

SO, Lucky makes it clear he and Liz slept together ONCE!! there you go:  WTD all tied up in a bow for you!! can't really think that Lucky's going to listen to you? She uses Cam and Jake again. I think Coleman should come out as a country western crooner. ;)

"PCPD Raise a GLASS and KISS my ASS" Johnny says to Lucky! Pffffffft.
Funny things on twitter today: @jessiebrewer was saying that Krissy/Molly need to get t-shrits saying "Sam slep with our daddy and all we got were these lousy t-shirts"! barahahaha
@wannabewhat  said that Sonny should have told GOD that he should have let AJ get to know HIS son too!

REMEMBER Maurice Benard is on Buzzworthy Radio tonight!! See blog below for link!

Gotta run....going to dinner tonight and a Podcast--I have to check out this whole Jersey Shore thing more. Maybe Max/Milo will be in the restaurant too!


  1. Ugh. I have a feeling the next few weeks, at least till the next sweeps period in May, we'll be listening to Sonny whine about his son. If the cop had been anyone else, he would have been someone's son. Someone else's much loved and respected son, doing their job and undeserving of cold blooded murder. When is this show going to get it that the mob glorification needs to stop? The actors are good, oftentimes the dialogue is just stellar, but the situation just plain sucks.
    Mitch is makin' me do a full body shudder with Jessica. EEeek. lol! He is beyond evil. This is how you do soapy evil balanced by soapy good, with all too human characters caught in between. Love it!
    cyndib (still can't seem to sign into google.)

  2. I just put on twitter that I can dig the whole Jessica/Mitch ick factor-- but not Sonny/Donte! LOL

  3. Dante/Dominic is the best character to happen to GH in a long time. The character is good, DZ is great playing him- just awesomeness all around!
    Lulu was great today too giving it to Sonny I was like You go girl! LOL
    I know I say this alot but kudos to the casting director for finding these kids. We get a super cute shot of baby Joss today, I think (?) we saw Jake for like a split second...and there was CAM!!!! I love that kid to pieces I really do lol every time I see him I remember the facial expressions when the thugs harass he, Jake, and Liz and hes making faces in the background LMAO

    As far as OLTL goes, I could barely watch those Mitch/Jessica scenes..creepy!!!! But yay Brody saves the day! I would have felt sick if Mitch even kissed her- ughh
    Love dead Jared walking around too-he's a busy dead guy walking! Wish they killed Natalie instead of him :'(

  4. I agree, Karen! Not diggin' it here, either.
    What do you think of "good guy" Jason, locking the door behind him to finish Dante off while he's helpless in a hospital bed? Nice. What the hell ever happened to love in the afternoon? lol!

  5. Losing more and more respect for jason as I type this. And Carly is just the biggest bigot ever. i so agree what you said Karen about Jax & Sonny. Jax isn't perfect but no matte what Sonny does she barely bats an eye. Why in the hell would she bring her kids to jasons after franco just sent the DVD? Duh. Lrt Jax take the baby and raise her so carly can feel the way AJ did for all those years.

  6. Lulu is the only one making any sense on GH(scary). cameron is the cutest kid on him. I hope jax gets custody of josslyn and brenda comes back with their son.

  7. jason is just so cold.can he hit his head and go back to being a quartermaine.

  8. I wish someone would tell lulu what her father did, he would have done the same, and tell her that her step mother was a mobster herself.....

    And Sorry but Carly is right Jax broke her trust, He knew what she feels for sonny and Jason, he knew that and that boys love Sonny , morgan hate what he does but he loves him and what about Michael?? when Jax put the investigation to high gear he can endanger Michael ,and hurt him and Morgan...
    Jax only did it for his selfish reasons and that he will be the last man standing....
    and Michael chould have just smack Jax again and again.
    Maybe Jason will after he knows that Jax broke his trust...
    Love Jarly scenes , the best friendship ever
    JaSam were so adorable holding Jocelyn , I hope for a JaSam family soon ..

    Jason will never hurt Dante , he came her to maybe scare him but he will not hurt Sonny son and Michael Morgan Kris Brother...

  9. Pretty sure that Jax did what he did to keep his family safe. I think that is always a good enough reason. Carly always turns a blind eye to Sonny and Jason and has seen her kids in danger countless times because of it! Why should Jax sit around to see if Josslyn really does get kidnapped because of Sonny's BS. Carly was right to tell him that he knew what he was getting into from the beginning, but you can't help who you love and God help Jax for falling in love with Carly.
    If Carly can forgive him for what jerry did, she should forgive him for this.
    Any Jason/Sam spawn will be the end of my hope for good GH writing and what I predict to be a GH downfall.

  10. Who else rolled their eyes when Carly stood there and rationally told Jason not to kill Dante because it would crush Morgan and Sonny would not be happy. Yeah- that's the reason not to kill a cop! All Jax did was try to put Sonny behind bars- not excusing him, because he did lie and was partly responsible for how things turned out, but come on- it's okay to have the kids at Jason's while he is at the hospital taking care of "unfinished business"? Only on GH!

  11. I don't think Jason will ever kill or Hurt Dante , yes he is there maybe to scare him BUT WILL HE EVER HURT SONNY SON???
    Sonny didn't let him kill Rick so he will kill Dante???

  12. No matter what Luke did it doesn't make Sonny right. One thing has nothing to do with the other. If Luke was wrong many, many times, it doesn't make it okay for another person that lives in PC to do the same things Luke did. Lulu is a seperate person from her parents and correct in telling Sonny off. I would want to protect anyone I loved in this situation and not be able to look the other way just because my dad was a scum bucket. I don't get that logic.

  13. Dana are you smokin something grassy, AGAIN?

  14. I must be the only chick in america that does not see the appeal of this Jersey Shore show! IMO,Its just a another show about trash! If this trashy kids want to be on a show,go to the Kardashans(however you spell they're name). Keep it off GH!

  15. Loved Maxie asking Dante about his intentions. Lulu's scene in the shower was great, glad they gave her a moment to let it all out.

    Love love loved Johnny giving it to Olivia!! Like Carly, Olivia has blinders on when it comes to Sonny.

  16. Cyndib after your comment is made go to where it says Name/Url check it and put your name in and it will put your name on there.It took me forever to figure that out.OLTL was kicking today the mitch and Jessie stuff creeped me out too.Didn't watch GH today was too boring.Sameo sameo

  17. Love Love Love LuLu today. She kicked Sonny's butt!!! Loved how she is telling it like it is to Sonny. Always love Dante too!

    Sonny, Jason and Carly live in another Dimension called Denial. It's always about them.

    Ah...shouldn't Dante be hooked up to an IV?

    And note to Guza when a cop is injured especially by gunfire or even in an accident they're partner is assigned to them in the hospital until the investigation is over. Which means in no way would Sonny have access to Dante if there was a question of his guilt. This is especially true in the NYPD. But I guess if Guza used facts we wouldn't have Dante telling Daddy Denial where to go.

    And JJ was good today too. I'm finally on board with JJ's Lucky. Just not the NIZ story too much.

  18. Jen This is a soap not real OK ??
    Non of this people are real

  19. TwilightEternity- I don't get the whole Jersey Shore thing either and had no idea who or what "situation" was or who the people were in the pic until I read Karen's blog. I also don't get the Kardashians- whatever, they obviously have some appeal or they wouldn't be on the air...

  20. Lu!Lu! Loved the scenes with her telling Sonny off. Keep it up!!
    I liked that Johnny didn't excuse Olivias behavior either. She obviously didn't think about Johnny, because this is the Sonny show.
    Sam holding a kid still makes me sick. I'm trying you sam fans, but I just cant get past all she has done to kids before.
    Do not like how Carly is right now and am hating everything about Jason.

  21. I'm testing Mamaspat's suggestion to add my name. *fingers crossed*

  22. Can't wait for today's OLTL! Wish I could feel as pumped to see GH as I am to see One Life. The only thing I want to see with Sonny and gang is that they finally get the point after the shooting of Dante and get away from the mob. Since this Guzaland I'm not holding my breath on that front!
    Thanks so much for the help with my name, Mamaspat!

  23. I can see the cast of Jersey Shore all playing Dante's cousins.That would be fun because that would mean that Sonny would have to put up with them "hanging out" at his place.
    Plus i think Kate would be "mortified" to have them show up in Port Charles and tell everyone they are related to her!

  24. I also loved it when Lulu told Sonny 'off' he needs to be told off all of the time instead of coddled like Carly & Jason do to him all of the time. They are a total joke period. Personally , I'd take Jax over Sonny because of what Sonny 'does'...yes Jax lies too but at least his business are legit and not Mob tied like Sonny's are. Jason I can't stand right now either. I don't care what 'reason' they give for why he went to see Dante/Dom.....he should've 'never' went there to scare him or not --it was plain wrong...right now I can't stand Jason....I hope Jax does get Josslyn from Carly. Cause with the way Carly acts towards Jax she doesn't deserve him. She makes it all about Sonny & caring for him/Jason...'if' she really 'loves' Jax like she states she does than A/she'd see Jax's side for once in a lifetime or B/she'd actually stay with Jax and try to work it out or C/go back to Sonny cause thats whom it really appears that she 'loves' since she's always sticking up for him cause to her he doesn't do anything wrong (Jason too)....its like take those blinders off lady cause he is still a crook (as is Jason)....all those wrongs don't make them right....I don't care what Mr Guza says or does either....I keep saying the Mob Hospital is really 'killing' off GH.....maybe it should be called MH....instead of GH since we only go to the hospital when all the Mobsters are shot or others etc all because of the violence....I could go on and on but I'll spare ya....Thanks for ruining a once great show Mr Guza & company....IMO....



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