Tuesday, February 2, 2010

General Hospital Today: Carly: "Not all Gunshot Wounds are Life Threatening"!

Adam Wylie from the TV Show "Picket Fences" Will be on GH tomorrow as a cop! He played a little kid on that show--he's all growed up now.!

Jim Warren, photog to the GH stars has some fun soap star trading cards on sale. PERFECT for your Valentine's Day gift to YOURSELF!!

GH Today:  There's a new character coming on GH on March 3rd named Jennifer. Not sure the details on this yet. Sonny's trial starts on Feb 24th and Dakin Matthews will reprise his role as cranky  Judge Carroll.
Julie Marie Berman did a great job yelling at Jason.
Loved Mac finding out about Sonny/Dante heh. "Biblical"
Sonny blaming Olivia for him shooting Dante. Uh, dude...you still shot him. You shot a cop. I didn't like him blaming her ONE BIT. Not at all. I really hope they don't keep this up in the scripts.
POOR MORGAN! He's so sad :( And Kristina even knows it's bad to shoot a cop. YEP. "murder with special circumstance"---just so we'd know they kept saying that throughout the show.
Morgan and Michael  fighting over who's a good guy: Mobular or Police. Only on #GH!! Carly's trying to tell Morgan not all gunshot wounds are "life threatening"....like when Sonny shot YOU IN THE HEAD?
Nice Robin/Sonny moment. She's like, er....whatever, you'll have plenty of time to catch up once we get that bullet you put in him out. heh
Dr Matt got his 3 second airtime and LOVED Lulu going all banshee on Sonny! HA! take that!
Dear Dr Lisa: UGH...go AWAY. stop staring at Patrick's naked chest. She did it TWICE! grrr.
YOU GO JOHNNY! "Sonny shoots a cop and he finds out it's his son and it ruins his whole night".. He's all concerned about Lulu too.
Nikolas is at GH waiting for Lulu? WHY? She hates you dude! Did you forget?
DID Sonny REALLY.REALLY JUST THREATEN Dr Steven Lars???? He said "He'd better not die...or you'll pay"!!
Lisa LoCicero: I so hope you had a big old drink after those scenes. Phew.
SONNY is arrested for Claudia's murder...and there's the gun that Sam is going to steal.
Nice job Maurice! Liked the last part.  Also liked the dream Dante had.

BTW, Last year at this time we were watching Toxic Ball Storyline. Agent Raynor was there too. Someone on twitter said this year it's all about "Sonny's Balls"! hahaha.

Screen Caps from yesterday GO TO the awesome site: Glamour Girl for more!


  1. Sigh. Sonny threatens Dr. Steve. Seeing Michael shot in the head and in a coma for all that time wasn't enough for him to get it. He shoots his own son the cop and it's not enough. He's still a punk. It's hard for me to look past the character any more to admire Maurice's acting or not. He could be good, bad or indifferent but the character is nothing more to me than the thug that Guza fell in love with and let drain the life out of GH. I'm sure that Guza has 3-way dreams featuring himself with Sonny and Jason. Ugh.
    Great acting by Lulu, Olivia and Johnny and I really liked Johnny today and how supportive he was. Hope he doesn't go all mobular now like some spoilers are saying.
    cyndib (for some reason I still can't sign in unless it's anon.)

  2. wanted to reach thru the screen and slap sonny...poor me just isn't cutting it..

  3. Can't wait to see the show tonight on Soap Net. But, really Sonny needs to take responsibility for the things he does and the person he is......a Mob Boss and a cold blooded killer.

    I hope Dante doesn't forgive or forget.....in the end Sonny held a gun to him and said, "Goodbye Detective." It only matters now that Dante is his son......

    Can't wait for LuLu and Morgan....love them both with Dante.


  4. Is Adam Wylie the guy who guest starred in the Dollhouse finale? He definitely looked like him.

    Anyway, I liked the show today. Lulu was really good, and her reaction when Sonny said Dante was his son was priceless...i was waiting for someone to say "Well, that shut her up."

    Does Nik just hang around the hospital? It made no sense that he was there.

  5. Can't wait to see today's eppie tonight! After the whole Franco debacle, I am really enjoying GH. The storylines are moving faster, which is more exciting. I saw the promos, but just never expected all that happened on Friday or the whole week actually. LOVING it. Makes me come home and run to my DVR. I don't really mind that stuff doesn't exactly happen as it would in real life. It's a SOAP! So actually moving Dante's surgery and recovery faster would be great. I don't want to see him tied to a bed for months (I meand maybe I would but just not on TV) So I really hope they don't drag this out much.

  6. Well, I will call myself Andrea II now that there is another Andrea on here.
    JB must have a major sore throat after screaming at Liz and now Jason and Sonny. Of course all deserve it!
    I really hope this shows Morgan and Kristina what a monster their father really is. I think Michael is too far gone, but this will put him in his place about how Dante isn't apart of the family.

  7. Is it me, or does EVERY month Patrick has to have one of his "I'm doing the surgery/No you're not, I am" fights with a doctor? Can they just replay the same clip?

    Also, I thought it was SO funny that whenever someone hear that Dominic's real last name was "Falconeri" they immediately assumed Olivia was his mother and not his sister or some other relative. What are they, 8 years apart in age? No one would assume otherwise? Had to be mother, not sister or close-in-age cousin?

    Some good acting today by the ladies. Kinda bummed by the fact that it is a given that Sonny will get off scott-free becuase in GH world, mobsters RULE and can get away with...
    wait for it...
    wait for it...


  8. I kind of laughed when Lulu said she will tell everything to the cops about SaSon Biz ..
    She doesn't know nothing about it......

  9. I'm afraid I lost more than a little respect for Robin's character today . All the sympathy because poor Sonny shot his own son. It wasn't an accident. He pointed the gun at him, said, "Good bye Detective," and pulled the trigger. He was somebody's son and he was gunned down in cold blood! It wasn't a case of Sonny, the good mobster taking out a bad guy who really deserved it.( That's the logic they use, isn't it?)

    Now all of a sudden we're supposed to feel sorry for Sonny because it turned out to be his own son? I'd like to know where Guza and company get their moral compass!

    I imagine the next thing to happen will be that Dante finds out that Sonny didn't kill Lt. Poletti and that will let him off the hook for all the evil and death he's inflicted on others.

    Kudos to Jonny's character today. Even the son of a psycopathic mobster knows what Sonny did was wrong.

    I loved Morgan today. I can't wait till he finds out Dante is his brother. At least that child will have a positive role model in his life now.

  10. I kept on wondering how Nick was just all of the sudden there. Where'd he come from?

  11. sonny and jason need to pay somehow for their crimes. they are both cold blooded killers. even spinsilly is creepy helping them find out about dante. make them pay.

  12. Loved loved Lula today wished she had kicked Sonny's a** first thing Jason did was to call Diane.I hope Dante tells him to kiss his a** and hope Morgan has more to do with Dante and not Michael.Hes getting to be a bigger a** than Sonny.I did not know if you were a brain surgeon you can run around and do other surgeries the way Patrick does.And the Lisa girl is creepy.

  13. Only saw a few scenes this afternoon. Will have to catch it on Hulu later.

    This time last year it was "toxic balls" and baby Emma in a tree.

  14. Loved Lulu today!! Giving it to Sonny and Jason, great material for her!
    Maxie and Morgan were awesome too:)
    Liked the pace, everyone finding out about Dante, but it did seem to take a long time to get to surgery...not liking Lisa at all.

  15. Don't tell my TFPTB had Robin, whose uncle is the PRESENT police commissioner, father was the BEST police commissioner, and mother was co-Police Chief, rationalizing away Sonny shooting a cop POINT BLANK?!? Robert and Anna need to come back and kick her butt!

  16. I loved today's eppy. Julie B was amazing first with Jason and then with Sonny. I have fallen in love with Lulu all over again during the slow burn of her relationship with Dante. I actually saw and felt her fall in love with him.

    I don't buy Sonny's insta-love for the son he never knew about. I get that he feels awful for what he did and am somewhat mollified he is willing be arrested rather than leave the hospital, but still . . . asking Olivia to tell Dante he loves him? That was a bit much.

    I can't wait to see how Michael, Morgan and Kristina react to the reveal of a new sibling. I feel Michael and Dante will be the new AJ and Jason - with Michael competing against Dante. Morgan and Kristina will probably be grateful to have an upstanding cop as a sibling. At least Alexis should be!

    I can't wait to see the rest of the week. This is the first time I have actually looked forward to sweeps.

  17. I LOVE GH right now!
    I am just dying to see Luke's reaction when he finds out about all this Dante stuff!
    I really wish Robin would have called Sonny out for being the shooter when she was pulling him back from his attack on poor Olivia.
    Not looking forward to Carly finding out about Jax's role in all this, I've enjoyed their little happy family scenes.

  18. Poor Mike in the hospital for his invisible surgery and no one goes to visit him. Maybe we will eventually get a Mike and Dante scene cause after all they are grandpa and grandson.

    Still...Sonny shot a cop....a good man for all Sonny knew. He cannot be redeemed from this. Now we are suppossed to believe that hate went to love in the matter of a few hours.

    The Police not going to Sonny's house is a bunch of crap....the crime scene cleaned up....junk! This is how Sonny will get off.

    Loved Johnny to Maxie....."Olivia and LuLu shouldn't have to deal with the man who shot Dante. It's always all about Sonny." You rocked today Johnny!

    Morgan and Kristina were great! Can't wait for them to find out who Dante is. Even Molly has a new cousin.

    Dante's dream....I didn't like the fact that they showed gunfire on a child. Get that it was a dream...but bad taste nonetheless. Don't need more mindless violence against children.


  19. I must admit,I have been really kinda impressed so far with fri,mon,tues episodes! Maurice is the same no matter what. But Dominic Z.,Lisa C. and Julie B, have rocked they're scenes! Well Dominic Z did on friday,haven't heard to much from him since. Lol!

    I LOVED,LOVED,LOVED Lulu giving it to Jason and Sonny! You go girl! Fight for your man.

    And yes,Poor Morgan...I have a feeling he maybe more forgiving then others about Dante being a cop and trying to bust Sonny. Its about time that not all of Sonny's kids or others in his life wear those rose colored glasses.
    I just can't stand Micheal,never have never will. He is just a punk kid who really needs to be kicked hard in the balls.

    I hate that Olivia is going to be one to suffer the consequences of her lie. Was she justified in lying to Dante and Sonny,HELL YES! And I hope that Dante sees that once he is over his anger.

  20. a couple of add ons: Johnny was great too! He was so wonderful to Olivia even though she lied to him too. And his concern for Lulu is so sweet.

    Robin standing by Sonny: Ticks me off! Her holding Lulu off poor little Sonny,really pissed me off! Lulu has every right to rake that mans eyeballs out. Robin needs to let go of her fricken Loyalty. When its her daughter in the crossfire of Sonnys bullets then she will finally see.

    Lisa: She is so damn annoying! Please get her off my tv screen.

    and a question: When Dominic/Dante was hurt at the carnival,was Robin brought in on that case as a consulting doctor by Patrick??
    Because if not,Patrick is violating Hippa and confidences.
    Robin has no right to know.

    And Robin definately was violating Hippa but telling everyone that walked in about Dominic/Dantes condition and situation!

    (Sorry,sucks to work in the medical field!)

  21. "Tell Dante I love him"??? Sonny is vile.

  22. Another amazing show -

    I loved Sonny today! Telling Olivia to tell Dante that he loves him and wanted to stay was perfect. I think it shows the shock Sonny is in - how out of touch with reality he is. Like the first thing Dante is going to want to know when he wakes up is that the man who shot him wanted to stay by his bedside!

    I also don't hate Robin going in to protect Sonny. First, she is a doctor and needed to calm him down. She knows how to do it. Second it is a nod to history - how much Robin cared/cares for Sonny.

    Love, love loved Lulu going off on Jason and Sonny - not being afraid to let everyone know she knew he was a cop. Loved Johnny today - spoke my mind! And Olivia - holy smokes!

    I also loved how Morgan and Kristina were so angry, and I hope it stays that way. I'm sure they'll prove Sonny innocent of Claudia's murder and Dante will let Sonny off to protect his new brother. Especially if they show Sonny never killed the old detective.

    But still - you just can't explain away that he shot a police officer in point blank range. Couldn't they have had a struggle and the gun go off - did it have to be so premeditated and direct. I actually like the character of Sonny, but I don't know I can now.

  23. Yesterdays episode was MUCH better than Monday!!
    I am glad that Johnny and Mac said what I was thinking and glad that Lulu gave it to Sonny and Jason. Wish I would have seen her give it to Sonny more. Was she supposed to stop just because Sonny found out that he was the father of the COP that he shot? What if it wasn't his son? Dante would be dead and buried with the fishes. Lulu needs to remember that!!

    I am also glad that Morgan and Kristina didn't side with their father and they saw him for the killer he is. Now they will find out that their own father shot their brother. Can't wait to see if the writers have this played out.

    I am getting sick of Patrick thinking he is the God of the OR. Even he should have known that he is a Brain Surgeon and not an ER Surgeon. Good Doctors know when to tell people that there are better Doctor's to take care of something that isn't their specialty.

    Jason is an ass. The dirty look he gave the cops when they wouldn't allow Sonny to stay at the hospital. Really, Jason. That is the law. I am getting so sick of him and as the biggest Liz/Jason fan, I really hope they never get back together. Jason is a hypocrite and I hope that Jake never finds out who his father is. I would also think that Sam's first job would be to comfort Kristina after finding out about sonny like that. Not shush her up and push her out of the doors.

  24. Yeah, what was with Sonny threatening Dr. Steve? Hasn't he learned his lesson. Steve could be his son too for all that he knows. He has been with enough women that he could have a kid anywhere, so maybe he better watch himself. :)

  25. Why was Robin at Josslyn's Christianing? Carley doesn't even like her and she's not a friend of Jax's.

  26. I get Sonny saying he loves Dante. He had admired and respected him up until the point of finding out he was a cop. He didn't turn off his feelings for him, he just HAD to kill him cause that's what he does to TRAITORS. That being said, I am so OVER Sonny. I love the character of Dante and I think its time Sonny had a son who didn't worship the ground he walks on. I hope Dante doesn't forgive him for shooting him in cold blood.
    I LOVED Lulu today! She is getting good!
    I never really did like Robin, and today she proved why. I am a Patrick fan, but seriously GET OVER YOURSELF.
    Dr. Lisa- why? WHY is she here?
    I wish Carly would choose loyalty to Jax over loyalty to Sonny FOR ONCE. CHOOSE YOUR HUSBAND!! He keeps you SAFE. In my dream, Carly finds out Jax' part, gets angry for being lied to, but forgives him because she knows his motives were only for her safety. And then she cuts Sonny out of her and her kids lives because HE SHOT HIS SON IN COLD BLOOD.

  27. Give Lisa A chance,she is an actress doing a job on there,like everyone else. Maybe she will turn out to be connected to some family history on the show. But hopefully she will not be another kid for that murderous monster sonny. He doesn't deserve anyone at all.

  28. I hope Steve tells the cops that freak sonny threatened him. I would I wouldnt be afraid of that jerk.

  29. I agree with how great Lulu was yesterday. She really showed she has a place on this show. I loved how Johnny was to Olivia and Lulu. I was screaming at the TV when the detectives went to Sonny's house UMM how about go to the hospital to check on the cop that was just shot. Max cleaning the whole thing up was just crazy. Sometimes I wish they had a clock going on the show so we know how much time has lapsed.

  30. anonymous---jax and robin have been friends for years, going back to the days him and brenda.

  31. As a "cop"? I'd use that term kinda loosely.


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