Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital is earning it's Hype!

THANKS to Fan Tia for snappin' this pic of some Franco slippers at her local DOLLAR Store. (and thinking of me when she did).  HAahhahaha!

“The Franco thing has not gone away. We are anticipating having James (Franco) back to do another arc, but even before we get him back, the story is going to continue.”  --Bob Guza Jr.

He's tryin' to kill me. Honestly. LOL. Well, we know Jason gets a reminder of the artist--there will be many more "drops" and "clues" that Franco is alive and well into the next sweeps period. Just hope your Wubqueen can last them out.

Well. WHAT A WEEK, eh??! Good-ness. Some of you LOVED it, some of you HATED it, but everyone was talking about it. From the promos on MTV to CNN (yes, they were on CNN) we saw "Emmy Winner Maurice Benard and New Comer Dominck Zamprogna" clips all over. Lisa LoCiccero screaming "You shot your OWN SON"!! until I was dreamin' about it. LOL. It delivered. From Lucky's HUGE breakdown screaming match with Niz (Written by Karen Harris) we floated into another crisis with da mob (written by Michele VanJean). Good Laws-- it was all intense.
Kudos to all actors involved in this entire story. It's been forever in the making. When Sonny finally confronted Dante, you could feel the emotion. DZ was amazing. Can't wait to see when they finally talk father to son. That, by the way, doesn't let GH off the hook for doing the nasty of shooting a cop in the chest at point blank range. That wasn't lost on me...however, the world of soaps (and especially GH), it did tell a good story. Also, the budding romance of Lulu and Dante is unfolding in a wonderful, natural way. It's a sight to behold.
There's an interesting article/interview in TVGuide you should read about Sonny and the Slammer. Will he go to jail for Claudia's murder?

A lot more to get to. The Soap Cruise is going on right now and did you hear? Bradford Anderson hurt his ankle playing basketball and I think he's in a cast. (thank you Nelson Branco for that tidbit). Fans and Stars alike are tweeting about the whole she-bang. Maybe the Wubqueen will do a Wubs cruise..what do you think? Lobster will be served :)

Want to be part of a birthday greeting for Lisa LoCicero?? Send an email to to get the details.  It's a biggie for her and Chrissy, who runs Lisa's fan page on FaceBook is gathering messages from all of us to her.

Another fun thing? There's a contest being sponsored by Maurice Benard TV is wild good. Maurice will call a fan EVERY DAY in Feb!! Could it be YOU? Dang, I'm even signing up for that!

Spoilers--there's a LOT of them, and they will all be up by noon/est today. We're going to see a revisit of the Lucky/Liz Valentine's Day in the snow eppy...with a twist. Scrubs is going to have some angst over the free-wheelin' Lisa and the fact that Patrick knew about Dante all along.The entire Corinthos extended family will have to deal with Dante. LET'S NOT FORGET: Helena is comin! Yes, there's a Liason scene where Jason will  talk with Liz about Jake.

RATINGS for Jan 18th-24th. It's intersting to note that GH seems stuck at 1.9 and AMC has finally broken the 2.1 spot. It's still the number one ABC daytime soap. Uh...anyone know WHY?! OLTL is hitting it out of the park and GH is as well. Go figure.

Speaking of ratings...Sarah Joy Brown's episode of Castle last Monday gave that show it's highest ratings since it's debut! DO NOT underestimate the power of a daytime fanbase. Also appearing was Senta Moses (Winnie). Here's hoping the are on more guest prime time spots! Sarah reports that she's loving her time on B&B playing "Sandy".  Rick Hearst lent her his cabin in Mammouth and she's spending the weekend snowboarding with her daughter.

REAL ANDREWS (Taggert) is having a Birthday today! Stop by Twitter and wish him a good one: @realandrews !

Monday is The INDEPENDENT Soap Awards! We Love Soaps is hosting this event at 9pm/est. Many online soaps will be included in this show, to be aired on the site itself. Hit the link to find out more.  

Thank you TO ALL Wubbers out there. I am so happy that the WubsNet broke 6,000 followers on Twitter and that so many of you take the time to comment on the blogs. It's not an easy thing to do--this website and such. Knowing there are people out there reading it all makes it worth the while. We've raised over $100 for the Outreach in Haiti. One reason this outreach center is my pick is because I know the director (from my hometown) and know they are established and do work right now for people in need. Whenever you click on an ad, a portion of it goes to this great cause. Thank you so much. See ya at 4pm/est during the week for GH blogs or on Twitter (almost all the time, let's face it, I'm addicted!!) I am @WubsNet on there..look me up!

One last note, Alberta Wubs, the GH lobster is coming home soon. She participated in the NOH8 photoshoot in LA this past Friday. Pictures will be coming this week on the blog!


  1. James Franco slippers? OK, maybe NLG was right.

    Loved the whole week despite having seen the BIG SCENE twice before it even aired. There are spoilers and then there are SPOILERS, ABC! Show us some leg but don't lift the whole dang skirt!

  2. Sonny should go to the slammer for shooting a cop in point blank range -- a cop who hadn't drawn his weapon. But we will know that Sonny will get off. ::sigh::

  3. i am watching Monday's GH, and am wondering whether GH was doing a promotion with Danielle Steele. During the scene at the end with Dante and Olivia you can see on her bookshelf a hardcover copy of a Danielle Steele novel. It was just so odd.

  4. GH ratings are low because viewers are sick of the violence plus lack of romance. sonny shoots his son and will get away with it. sonny and jason are the heroes which is sick. and the couples on this show only seem to hurt each other.jasam, carjax and lnl2 all need to break up.they should of left sam with lucky.

  5. I loved the show this week! It rocked! Especially Dominic Z!!!!!
    I wish they would bring Tagart back so he could work with Dante & Ronnie! That would be cool!!!

  6. Of course the common sense part does bother me. But this 'is' a soap opera and things well be done up aka: Sonny shooting his own son etc...I mean why didn't Dom/Dante wear a bullet proof vest or why didn't he have back up?? I think he was suspicious of Sonny before he even got to his house....that should've been a red flag. He's smart not dumb. But dramatic's is the way to go on these shows so the CS factor I guess doesn't factor into that equation really. Yeah, I'm sure as always Sonny & Jason will come out smelling like a rose 'again' but others will suffer. I see that of course Carly goes after Sonny again after she's punishes Jax for the 100th time but Sonny can't do anything wrong. Like she's not ever lied before...what a joke. Really Jax should kick her to the crub for all the crap she's pulled over the yrs ...he should walk out on her...he better not beg her to come back. That would even be more of a joke really. I did like Luke's comments to Lulu at how judgemental she is with Liz. Everyone makes mistakes and has lapes in judgement. It hurts but hopefully we learn from them. I like it cause to me it showed that he's older now & that he has learned something hopefully from his errors but none of us are perfect....I'll be interested to see how next week goes....esp hearing the spoilers up & coming with Liz & Lucky for Val days again. Very interesting I also will be happy when Micheal finds out that Dom/Dante is Sonny's son....he'll be blown away.....that will be interesting too see....enjoy the week of shows!!

  7. I have watched Friday's show twice and the Sonny/Dante shooting scenes on YouTube a few more times.

    We can all pick apart the show piece by piece and some will be happy and others won't. No one has noted that Dante went into his pocket to take out his badge...Sonny could have shot him right there. Dante could have been pulling a gun.

    Dante should have worn a vest, had a gun...Olivia should have told him or Sonny the truth from the beginning...but no. Instead we have Sonny shooting the son he didn't know he had.

    In the end we know that Sonny is a criminal. As Dante says, "He'll shoot anyone who gets in his way." Sonny stayed true to his criminal side. We have seen the good side of Sonny but in the end we got what he is....a criminal, a killer. I am tired of the voilence in this show and I would like to see mory creative stories...too many flaws in the writing and I would love to see relationships that last...between family and friends. With that said....

    I absolutely love Dominic Z. and the Dante/LuLu pairing...finally a love story that has a beginning of love and getting to know eachother. I am pulling for them. I love LuLu's loyalty. They rocked this week.

    Since Sonny stayed true to himself and was that criminal I can't see how Dante can forgive him any time soon....sure Dante saw that Sonny has a different side and likes his soon to be siblings...but Sonny held a gun to him and bang! Not to mention his mother's betrayal...Olivia lied to him his whole life and put him in danger by not revealing the truth.

    I really want Sonny to pay for this...we know he will beat himself up because he does that a lot after he makes terrible decisions...but legally Sonny needs to pay.

    Also this week JJ's Lucky finally got me and I have to say that Ethan's scenes with Tracy and with JJ were really good...I liked that too.

    So bring it on...I'm ready for what GH has in store for us this week!!


  8. I think it strange that Spinelli stood up to Jason regarding Claudia--who was a horrible person, and yet knowingly sealed the coffin on Dominic.

    I don't like the mob stuff, but gosh lately the violence factor has been turned up.

    And PLEASE, no more Franco! Cut your losses and I do mean LOSSES!

  9. James Franco slippers? If you put them on they'll either make you fell like going after a web slinging super hero or make you paint weird crap?

  10. Interesting how Dominic, Jax and others have some remorse over what was happening to Sonny, but Sonny felt no remorse about shooting Dominic or even suggesting Maxie should be silenced.

    Also ironic Spinelli helped the man who despises him ( Sonny called him a creature a moment before) but won't help someone (Johnny) who saved his life several times. His loyalty is to Jason, true, but Sonny would be the one to take the fall.

  11. I did a web search, and according to Flickr the James Franco slippers "are part of a complete line of men's slippers based on the cast of 'Freaks and Geeks'". They were sold in Conway stores in New York for $4.99 some long time ago. Since that was the first show he did, it is unlikely he had any control over any sales promotion the producers decided to mount. Quite a few actors from this show later became well known - Seth Rogen comes to mind. Dollar Stores have many items that didn't sell out originally somewhere else.

    I'm an unabashed James Franco fan and I'm going to love to see him back on GH - in ANY form. Too many of the actors he worked with on GH were singing his praises for me to believe he is an arrogant douche. (NLG's terminology) Just sayin'...

  12. I'm not sure how I feel about the suicide spoilers, though it would be interesting if Hells was in the backgroung gaslighting Elizabeth.

  13. I'm glad you enjoyed the pic!! I do love me some James Franco. I loved friday's episode, even though I saw the ending a million times. I can't wait to see what they're going to do with the Wards.

  14. Loved the episode on Friday. Maurice and the actor that plays Dante did a really good job. They kept me glued to the tv. I do wish that an event in GH could wind up as just an event, and not have something else counteract it, but the scenes worked together. Especially if you listened to what the priest was saying as things were unfolding between Sonny/Dante.
    Great job and I honestly couldn't wait for the weekend to be over to see what is happening next.

    I'm not sure why Jason/Liz will talk about Jake. I hope he asks how Liz is doing first and if he says anything about Jakes safety, I hope Liz punches him right in his blinking eye.

  15. Loved GH this week. I absolutely LOVE Lulu and Dante and I can't wait to see how they handle all of the fall out together.

    You know, consider me idealistic, but I always kind of assumed Jason/Sonny killed 'bad' guys. They always left Port Charles' cops, etc. alone. They don't deal in drugs, etc. Kind of good - bad guys. But, to hear NO ONE stand up and say it wasn't a good idea to get ride of Dominic. Not Jason, not Spinelli and of course not Sonny. Even though he saved his kid; it really shocked me. I guess I knew Sonny would shoot him, but I thought Jason and Spinelli would try to find another way to silence Dominic without killing a good man.

    That said I am loving this story line.

    And am I the only one that thinks Jason may try and go 'rescue' Liz? They have completely torn her down and Jason is a rescuer. It wasn't that long ago that they had this undying love that just couldn't be acted upon. Yes Jason and Sam are cute together, but Jason and Liz seemed to have this love/lust I don't see unless they are together. Niz doesn't have it and Lucky and Liz could, but they ruined it with Niz.

    Just a couple more hours until it is back on!

  16. I'm glad that Jason and Liz are going to talk and I hope it is mainly about how she is. Jason already denounced Jake as his son. He has no right to say anything, unless it is true that he doesn't want his son to turn out like the mess with Dante.I agree with that, but I also agree that Jake only knows Lucky as his dad.

    Great scenes on Friday. I hope that Lulu rips Sonny a new one and I hope that Olivia slaps Sonny.

    I agree with anonomous about the the issues with Sonny and Jason killing cops. Maybe Maxie should see this as a way to tell the truth and say Michael was there. What if Mac ends up as a cop that needs to be "taken care of" next?
    Cop killing is an alltime low for the MOB boss of PC. I can't root for the character if I don't respect him. Sonny and Jason and anyone involved in this is now on my list of least favorite characters.

  17. Lulu better watch her back...godmothers of Carly's kids wind up dead...Emily (Michael's GM) and Courtney (Morgan's) now Lulu...uh oh

  18. shirley thank you for the slipper search! I will put that up in the blog today!!

    I think they are really trying to make GH the first daytime 'nightime' soap...the stories are pretty intense for daytime, especially the violence. I too was surprised DOM didn't have on a vest That close would have hurt him enough to fall down for a bit

  19. At the end of "the Godfather", Sonny Corleone is alone and a broken man,why not Sonny Corinthos?The shooting of his son,Dante could be the breaking point, and bring Sonny to his knees. Flashbacks to the many he has killed or have been killed because of him...let him revisit the lost children, the lost loves, the shooting of Michael, and now the near death of an unknown son all due to the life he's led.

    MB could handle these scenes as only he can, and it would give us long time viewers a chance to relive those past scenes we loved. Best of all, it would give Guza a chance to get Sonny and Jason out of the mob. With Sonny mentally broken, Jason could tend to his business (the legal one), Carley and or Olivia could nurse him back to health (after a stint in a sanitarium of course...he must pay for what he's done), and he would have his family under one roof again. As for us, we'd be rid of the violence and death as an everyday occurance.

    Port Charles has enough on it's hands with the Cassadines and the hospital (yeah, remember this is a hosptial show, lolol), I think we could do without the mob. And from what I am reading, few would miss it. This incident would be a good time to start some change that might be able to save our show!

  20. Finally GH is getting good again! Wish you had mentioned JB...I thought she was great when she confronted Liz. I guess I'm the only one not liking JJ as Lucky. He just looks to young and seems to be crying in EVERY scene. I think GV would have done a great job with the current story line.



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