Tuesday, January 5, 2010

AMC past and present: YOU MUST watch Today! DVR or TiVo it!

Quick...think about it. What was GH's big anniversary show????? Can't remember? That's because it was a lame 3 minute clip-fest.

AMC is doing it up right!! Having Hailey do a "documentary" of PineValley gave the opportunity for us to look back through each characters' eyes. Nina was on..Brooke...Maria.  A retrospect on the WEDDINGS (squeal!!)

Adam naming off all his wives. LMAO. It's just really a riot.  He can't do it in order. Having Annie come on doing her DRAMA was so fun. Angie and Jesse. *sigh* Ruth and Joe....

I am DVRing this for my Mom. We started watching together way back when. I think of AMC as "my soap" in that it started when I was old enough to remember. All the other ones were "old". LOL

One of the most exciting stories from when I was younger was the Jenny/Greg and then Jenny runs to NYC with Jess. LOVED IT! BTW, The Tara and Phil church wedding before he went to "Nam" was the FIRST "our own vows" on soaps. Tearjerker....and they still use that scene today (ie: Liz/Lucky).

They always remember MONA, MYRTLE AND KATE! AMC has always had a great, wise older lady. LOVES it. Going through all the deaths was so nice as well. Maria crying over Julia. Nick's photo. LOVED Nick.

RUBY slippers at the end..nice touch. THANK YOU AMC! LOVED the show and reminded me why I watch soaps!!

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  1. Not a slam against AMC, but GH did get a prime time 35th anniversay special in 1998.


It's the day!

  BTW, I forgot to note in the Sunday blog that the Daytime Emmys will be shown on CBS Friday night at 8pm! Hey, that's prime time, baby...