Monday, January 11, 2010

3pm: FRANCO and BEANS!

Ah, yes..the Swan song of Mr. Franco. Well, at least until May. I'm waving from my chair while spray painting the den with CO77x. What could have been a riveting  tale was limp, drimp and just plain slooooow.
Bob, you BLEW it. Here was a chance to do something extraordinary with the show. Lots of attention,
"A List" star. We all know the GH actors are up to anything. You even wrote the story yourself. I understand about block taping. I get that big guns can't be on set for a long time. But did it have to be 3 days of taping spread over 2 months? Couldn't it had been a burst of madness?
Here's my problem. You totally copied the Batman movie. Franco was the joker, showing Batman himself in a mirror.  Right down to the "choice" at the end and a woman sitting on a bomb. Your "CO77x" was totally the "Why so Serious" line. *sigh*. I was really amazed that Franco's character didn't actually say that. You did throw in a touch of "Seven" but then it seemed to be dropped.
I expected so much more. The artist touch was a good one-- the first few days promising. Then...just slipped into the world of mediocrity. The out of sequencing was evident when Franco was off canvas for days and characters stumbled around his loft. What happened to Grasiella? Was she just shoved in there to show Franco was a ladies man? Why wasn't Megan Ward more involved? Why wasn't the whole cast more involved? I get the whole Jason LOVE but after awhile it puts me to sleep. 
Don't get me wrong. Franco and Burton had their moments.  But that's your track record. "Moments" instead of "stories".  I'm noticing the same thing with Dr. Steven Lars. Here's a character that has actual ties/history to the show and he's reduced to coming on, working a few shifts and GH and that's it. Where's Monica to show him the ropes? Audrey? I tell you what, if you are a new viewer you'd have NO idea who the hell this guy is.

So, thank you for the Finale today! Thank you for another BLOW UP explosion. We know how you love the pyro department. Please don't F-up the Cassadine story as badly as this. PLEASE. I do remember you spinning the Lasha/Stefan story. Even though you totally messed with history, at LEAST there was a beginning, middle and ending. Not chop-suey.

Watch OLTL. Every character interacts with every other one. There are friendships that have nothing to do with anything other than they have chemistry (Roxy/Kyle... Rachael/Rex). There are two big houses where people live together (ditto on AMC).  The stories all dovetail off each other.
Soooooooooo, that's about it. Thanks for trying. It actually did give a bit of excitement for a bit. But, er...take a gander at the ratings. Didn't hold any attention.

Thank you for using "Mad World" though. Nice...I did get a bit sick of it but if it gets Adam Lambert some airtime I'm all for it. The 3 second montage today was hysterical, I guess because I just saw Franco's giant face on my screen and that song came on AGAIN. Way to interrupt it with Niz. At least Sexis was on.  :)
Fake Bombs...which was in the spoilers...hey, wave to the Bubble Lamp. See it in the Pledge Box? Thank GOODNESS. Living another day to serve in the props department.

Other stuff from today: I Love Liz's outfit. Love the jacket. Audrey Mention...too bad she can't be ON. Nancy Lee Grahn is just gorgeous. Kristina's earrings are fabu. Huge! Maxie looked stupid in her ballerina outfit in the middle of winter. Just sayin' Liked Lucky beating on Jason.  JoLivia!
And they find CLAUDIA.

RUMOR: Franco gets Maxie PG. That's a wild one. A way for Guza to keep the Franco Franchise ALIVE! Just a rumor, folks.


  1. Maxie as your mom
    Franco as your birth dad
    Spinelli as your adoptive dad
    Jason and Sam as "aunt" and "uncle"
    Kate Cruella Deville Howard as a role model
    God help this child. Paging Uncle this kid!

  2. gosh reading the spoilers about Liz & Lucky make me convinced that guza truly wants us to hate Liz the way we hated Sam after the kidnapping of jake & her hiring those goons to threaten Liz & the boys in the park. Is this his way of evening the score? just wondering since Liason vs. Jasam fans are quite arguably the biggest rival of fans regarding a GH couple in decades. What they're doing would be like ruining Laura's image.. its disgusting and I have no sympathy for one of my favorite characters who used to belong to the sweetheart club of GH. Soapzone is rumoring that Liz literally goes crazy once Lucky find out about the affair. Wonder if Jason will step up and take care of their son.

  3. Liz WAS one of my favs as well. Was means past tense. Its hard to pull her back to the top since there was no reason they pulled drew her to nik. They simply meant to destroy this character IMO. Had they have done this right after Jason left her or something maybe we would have believed it. Or after they lost Emily. It is sickening!

  4. This week GH came in last with ratings ... you think Guza will see that we don't like the current stories... and destroy Liz why? I am a Liason Fan that watches if I see something great in spoilers... I have started watching OLTL why cause I know that the most loved couples will find there way back to each other and only the Bad get Destroyed... maybe guza should watch and learn

  5. Anybody see this funny script notes thing for the now dead Spidey 4?

    pg. 41. Very cute. Peter walks by store window full of TV sets with James Franco starring on daytime soap. Hilarious to 20 people who get the joke. But confusing to everybody who’ll wonder how/why dead Harry Osborn is on General Hospital.


  6. Totally agree Karen. Didn't we all see Heath Ledger's Joker in Franco from the get go? Guza copied characters and plot twists freely. He showed Jason (Batman)himself in a mirror, the "choice" at the end, and the woman on a bomb, and we were supposed to think "how clever"...wink wink...Sorry, but this is plagiarism, and students can fail or get tossed out of school for such "cleverness". They say there are no new plots, but this was a bit too close for comfort. And such a waste of a great opportunity, great actors, and the great possibility to draw in new viewers...sigh...ahh what could have been. Buh-bye Franco, don't bother to write.

  7. I actually enjoyed today's show. Maybe I was just giddy with the knowledge that this was Franco's last day lmao. Of course I did FF through Franco's yammerin... and Niz whining... and K&K car nookie... But I did love Alexis/Sonny and Alexis/Molly. Lucky yelling at Jason was great too! Lulu/DOMte coming out of the burning warehouse sporting some left over smudge and dust from make up team's "toxic ball hospital fire" kit was far fetched. Neither one needed even a couple puffs of oxygen! Did anyone else realize that Lulu's been in 2 burning building in less than a year?

    Ok so I enjoyed GH today (and OLTL as always) and I have high hopes for Feb Sweeps now that Helena is returning. I hope Guza lets me keep this little fantasy for a few weeks before he bursts my little soap bubble.

  8. So glad Francos butt is gone.Liz looked so whiny running after Nik and why would Alfred call her?Thats all I can say.

  9. I am a Liz FF and I will never let that hack Guza or Frons make me dislike her. Liz may have had affairs before but she has never knowingly continued the affair especially behind Lucky's back. So why now...hmmm let's see maybe because the worse Liz looks the better he paints saint Jason and princess Spam. Sorry Frons but your butt boy Guza did the unthinkable when he wrote Sam as someone who would watch a baby get kidnapped and send thugs in as an act of jealousy. Now by allowing Jason to bed that women he is ultimately choosing a bed warmer to his son makes Jason dead to me as well.

    Thank God Franco is gone and bring on the Cassadines.

  10. Totally agree with your assessment of the Franco thing. Definitely a batman redux. I did rather like Franco's final monologue, but again there were isolated moments of genius.

  11. I don't know why, but Sam had me laughing hard. She said to Jason and Lucky, "If Franco put me in that box, there's no telling what he's done to Lulu." She said it as if being in the box was soooo terrible!

    I mean, Sam went from being bikini clad in a hot tub, to being fully dressed in a plexi-glass box! How long was she in there? I mean, she never had to go to the bathroom! The whole scenario was funny to me.

  12. I enjoyed the Alexis/Sonny scenes and the Lucky/Jason scences.

    I do agree the whole Franco thing stinks/stank/stunk! I equally hate the Niz stuff which has been painful to watch.

    I like Kristina! She is a good little actress! Cameron and Jake are too cute!

    Maxie's hair and outfits have been killing me lately. She is such a pretty girl. Give her some clothes, hair, and makeup that fit the real Maxie!

    I really hope the writing improves. I have watched gh for 30years and still have hope that it will improve. I am trying to be optimistic! Watching GH is a hard habit to break, but Guza is slowing weaning me!

  13. I've watched GH since 1968 and the last few years with Guza as head writer have been the worst years ever. Casey the Alien was beyond awful but it ended quickly and they seemed to realize their mistake and got back to better writing. It never ends with Guza and his not so secret love affair with Jason. I see the connection to the way Batman was written but the writing for the movie was top drawer and the way Guza writes is so awful it doesn't even belong in the bottom drawer. I wouldn't want him to write my grocery list. I have my fingers crossed that February and Helena will be better than Franco has been.

  14. Your comments on FRANCO and BEANS!Karen are right on the MARK! Everything you said is what we have been saying all along. We really need to let TPTB know you should be writing for GH. We love all your comments - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Your terrific Karen.

  15. Franco and Beans--ROTF--an inspired title!

  16. Liz waking her kids up just to run after Nik? I don't think so! This is getting ridiculous!!
    I LOVED Lucky going after Jason, but was upset that it was left at that once Lulu was safe out of the explosion. Jason still chose Sam over Lulu and Lucky was exactly right when he said that Sam CHOSE that life and Lulu was an innocent. JJ played those scenes well. I just wish I would have gotten more out of least one punch to Jason's face would have been great!
    How did Dante get Lulu out of those shackles so quickly? He got out of his car, and got up the stairs and to Lulu within 2 seconds? A little far fetched Guza.
    If tomorrow is all about finding Franco, I am sure to fastforward through it all! Same with Nik and Liz.

  17. Tired of the way Guza is ruining Sonny & Liz! Better writing for both please! The writting must improve for the entire cast unless Guza wants to do a Jasam spin off show. And even if abc wanted to feature Jasam in a spin off how could Frons, Guza, and Phelps justify promoting Jasam after they copped-out on GH Nightshift. Not that I ever understood the premise behind it. Were Guza and Co trying to convey their own personal desires to write minorites as nocturnal creatures? I wonder if we should ask Maurice B. about that?

  18. DAWN: not sure if you read my post but we are on the same page! We can only hope the redemption for Liz is as easy as it was for Sam. This is not the girl we know.

    Anonymous: I remember giggling through the Casey the alien story. I didn't mind it so much since one of my favs, (Robin) was sweet and funny.

  19. James Franco is NOT an "A" list star

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