Thursday, January 21, 2010

Missed Today's Show, 'cept for Sonny's Suit!

Good LAWD. Was that a purple suit? Ok, Plum.....but hello! All I saw was Michael bitching...Lucky whining, Sonny all yelling. I was working for real.  I did look at some mags today in the grocery store and was UNDERWHELMED at the GH's "sweeps" spoilers. Nothing else that I don't already have up.

People are asking about Maya and Zoe. Edward is calling Maya his "great-granddaughter"...but we aren't sure who's kid she is. Someone said she's some mystery Ward we've never heard of. Whatever. Oh! I did see Lisa today-- like HOW come she's not Sarah Webber? I mean, I know this is supposed to expose Patrick's wild past and all that but she could have been so much more meaningful as Sarah. JUST my opinion.

I just saw Who's Wedding is it Anyway: Surprise the Bride and hoo ha! What a BEEATCH! Her mother too. Good Lord, what a nasty girlie. That groom should have ran while he had the chance. I'm with his mom, it's HIS day too. 

Well, that's about it for today. Hit up the Wubs Net and click on an ad.  I will be donating again to Haiti relief. We also have AIDS NYC coming up and we are sponsoring Nelson Branco (Suds Report, TV Guide Canada) in his Toronto AIDS bike ride!!


  1. Sonny's suit was bad. I kept thinking Flavour Flav was going to come in and tell Sonny he wanted his suit back. You notice the wood on the chair in Sonny's living room is all dinged up? Sonny - cheap suits and cheap furniture? Coffee sales must be down.
    Micheal was back in AHole mode today. I could not believe Carly did not tear him a new one after what he said to Morgan. Morgan visitng the Q's...awesome.
    I was shocked how readily Lucky admitted his drinking to Lulu. Wouldn't this be a good chance to brush Lainey off and insert her into this storyline?
    Speaking of brushing off characters that have been in storage, Bobby better be at Jocelyn's christening. While I love the occasional mention of Lucas Bobbie can not be visiting him everytime something of any significance occurs.
    Some online posters are ragging about Carly asking Jason to be Jocelyn's godfather. Seriously, what other male figure could Carly or Jax ask? Jerry? Sonny? Max or Milo? The only sane man in their lives is Marty the hotel desk clerk. To bad Uncle Lucas was not on the scene.
    When is the last time we had a Carly and Olivia scene? That seemed to be an emerging friendship.
    Who is living in the gatehouse? Why not move the Ward girls in there?
    As much as i hate the Liz/Nicholas thing at least Lucky is getting a storyline that the actor is really sinking his teeth into.

  2. I've been reading up on the Wards and well it's major confusing. Edward says Maya's step-mom died so Maya is taking care of her half sister, Zoie and has nobody else. So Maya's parentage is in question. Is she the daughter of Justus? Maya's in her early 20's (since she's in the interning stage of her medical career) so the only way for her to be Justus' never before heard of daughter is if he got Maya's mom preggers when he was in his teens. Now Justus supposadly has/had 2 siblings (Faith and an unknown one). So, since her surname is Ward, maybe Maya is Justus' niece from Justus' brother?

  3. Flava FLAVE!! LOL...Oh, I'd love for him to do a cameo as a WARD!!!!!

    GH has no 'friends' so there's no one to go to for stuff like Godfathers. Maybe Spinelli.

    I saw the orchids behind Sonny's head..the greenish ones. I was focused on those and his suit ;) heh

  4. When they first introduced the Ward's back in the mid-90's, Justus had a sister who showed up at one of Mary Mae's performances. I believe her name was Faith and sh was also a daughter of Bradley Ward, so a grandchild of Edward's. Made no more than a handful of appearances and as I recall she was very cold towards Edward. Not to be confused with Keesha Ward, who was another of Mary Mae's grandchildren, but not via Bradley, so no Q blood relation (good thing as she dataed both AJ and Jason!)

  5. It is just STUPID the way Carly said "jason is the godfather of my daughter" yeah ok, loser another baby has a mark next to her name as being associated with Jason. Oh and need she be reminded its jax's daughter too? Hell anyone is better than jason or sonny. Make it Morgan if you have to, but enough of putting killers on pedestals.

  6. Carly owes the title to alexis to be godmother since she had to swallow carly as kristina's godmother!

  7. Has Lulu even ever met Josslyn? Typial Carly, demanding to get her way stomp. of. foot.

  8. I think it's hilarious they mention GODPARENTS when no one ever goes to any "church" but the dang hospital chapel.

  9. Flava Flav! Bwahahaaaa! Maybe Sonny can wear a big ole clock-face around his neck the next time he hauls the plum colored suit. Reading this blog is so much more interesting and fun than actually watching the show. I hate Lisa! Why is she even there? I'd much rather see some long-lost relatives on a regular basis, starting with Bobbie.

  10. mykill, morgun even jerry for godfather. but I will always believe jason is the love of carly's life, that is why he always comes first with her. jax needs to leave carly and take custody of his daughter.and go find BRENDA.

  11. i dont understand how all of carly's 3 children will have jason as the godfather, but jax's ONE child that he has waited for forever cannot have alexis as a godmother cause carly doesnt really like her. jax and jason arent exactly BFF's unless i missed something somewhere.

  12. Karen, did you have fun last night?

  13. The show was horrible yesterday, except for Lucky and Lulu and Luke.
    Again, why do the writers keep putting mobster killers on pedestals? This time it is Lucky letting Jason know that he now believes Jason wasn't the problem (because he is a saint) Liz was always the problem. And what was with Jason saying that Liz only cared for Jason and never loved him because she loved Lucky? Well, I do recall Liz telling Jason that she loved him many, many times and a person can love multiple people, so thanks writers, for trying to show us that Liz and Jason are forever gone. Total BS!!!
    I hope Becky rocks the breakdown scenes.


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