Thursday, January 7, 2010

General Hospital: Franco is a Many Splendored Thing

That's an oldie but goodie soap title for you! I think Meredith Berney was in it.

OLTL: Evil Nurse....loves her! This soap is rocking--sex, sex...evil bible toting psychos--they are just going for it. I can ONLY hope if it does get canned Rob Cavaleri  (head writer) will come and kick Guza out of GH! Oh, plezzzzzz. I just love OLTL so naturally, I think he can save GH. PLUS, he's from Rochester, so he can have some say in some local  things. Get a Wegmans bag in there too..

SONNY TO FRANCO (about Jason): "You have a crush on a rockstar hitman you can never have"... brhahahahhahahaaa.

GH: OMG, how stupid are they making Lucky? Good LORD. duuuuuuuuh. I am not diggin' this.
Lulu's still on the toilet.
Franco is funning around with Sonny. If this scene would have happened last week, it may have been suspensful. I so wish Sonny would have just shot him.  Indiana Jones style.  Now, not so much. He's on 30 Rock Tonight. He says "JUICE" which, I am saying will be directly related to the whole acai berry GH connection.
Did like Carly calling Michael a punk. heh. A bitch, a punk...hmmmm.  bad as OLDLisa.

There just are no words.  I'm counting down. I get that Franco's "A big deal" but the start/stop of the story and the absolute "damsel in distress" fahooey is driving me insane. Maybe I need a break.
Oh, and in other news, I told people on Twitter, I think we should hear soon if GF is coming back to play Laura. I heard at first it would just be a guest stint again, so I don't know, I'm just waiting it out with the rest of you.


  1. Franco calling Sonny a coward!!! That made the whole stupid Franco storyline worth it.

    And I thought he was going to strip search Jason.

  2. Sorry I'm such a bitch about this whole story. It just makes me mad...the writing is sloppy, choppy and ugh. Tired of the hype!

  3. Yeah. NuLisa is no good either - although I think she looks a little like Kate - only not as pretty.

  4. Oops - I didn't mean for that to be anonymous!

  5. The only way I would like Franco is if I uped my prozac or eat string cheese thru a straw in other words NOT

  6. forget shooting Franco indiana jones style, how about just shooting him jack bauer/24 style?
    That guy wouldn't have made it 30 seconds!

    I also hate what they are doing with Liz/nik/lucky. However the payoff will be good if JJ gets to play Lucky in pain. wonder who he'll turn to.

  7. I love Dante & Lucky scenes. I hope they keep teaming them up and not EVER team Lucky up with Jason(the moron) EVER AGAIN. Also i'll bet they bring Laura back if/when Lulu gets shot at Josselyn's christening?

  8. You are so right about OLTL, it has been rocking! I wish Tina was coming back, she and David Vickers the dog were too much fun.

    Anyway, I don't really get the point of Lisa if Guza already has said that Scrubs won't be breaking up. If she dated Matt and Patrick was a little jealous and maybe if that caused some friction with Robin, then it would be somewhat interesting.

    I meant to share this idea with you months ago before Helena left again. I figure that now is better than never. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of sending her to Switzerland, Luke invited her to recuperate at the Quatermaine mansion to keep an eye on her and Epithany was the attending nurse?! I don't know, I thought that it would be really entertaining.

  9. As a die hard Liz and Jason fan, I am surprised to say that I am loving Lucky and Liz together again. I didn't know how I would feel about JJ coming back, but I just love it. I love him with just about anyone - Dante, Liz, Sonny, Lulu, Luke... I wish Niz would go away - but then it is a soap.

  10. Just read that agent Rayner/Mark Pinter will be back - Can't wait!!!

  11. I CAN'T STAND the women being held in a box, on a bomb, etc. The Perila of Pauline!! Does anyone in their right mind think that female fans find this sort of thing entertaining?

  12. I love Liz & Lucky too. Unfortunately they have made it hard for newer fans to root for them due to the Niz relationship. Really its not even a relationship, its a sexual affair. They don't have fun, have dinner, nothing. Just sex. How this turned into love is beyond me. I am not happy that spoilers say Liz begs Nik not to leave Port charles. I was finally buying it that Liz was done with Nik and now this? WTF?

  13. Wow congrats writers. You made me fast forward my first JJ scene since he's been back because you are reverting back to making Lucky an idiot like you did when GV was here.

    You have successfully made me hate Liz, a character I used to love.

    You successfully have made Robin and Patrick a snoozefest. I had to fast forward their scenes today even though Jason Thompson looked smoking!

    I love Dominic/Dante still. Loved Carly/Michael scenes. Drew Garrett is spectacular as is Laura Wright.

    I still love how James Franco is playing this character. I like his lines and what not but I am tired of the story.

    Can the writers do a good story on GH? Can they do it without explosions and bombs and other stuff like it (toxic balls)?


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