Wednesday, January 6, 2010

General Hospital: ON the Edge of Franco

I'm going to name all my blogs after old soaps with 'Franco' in the title until he's gone. (F minus 5 and counting)  LOL. Did you see the news down there? Take a gander and see what he's up to in the art world. I wonder if the NYC gallery will import GH stars? Hmmmmmmm. If I could, I'd get Alberta there to be in a photo.

NOTE: Are you a Faith Roscoe lover? Come on, wouldn't she kick butt in the current storyline?
Bob Guza has been quoted in 
Soaps in Depth magazine as saying he would love to have Cyndy Preston back on the show .... so let's let him know that we, too, would love that!! Please take a moment and either drop an email, or a letter, or simply pick up the phone call the comment line at 323-671-4583 to let them know that you would love to see them bring Faith back to the show!
There's talk all over the place that GH is also talking to VM and GF about coming back as well. If you saw my rumor patrol, you'll know what I think. Maybe they'll have a giant event that will cause an influx of money soon and both of them can be hired. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Carolyn Hennesy's new Pandora book came out yesterday!! It's number 4 in her series!! Great Tween books.

More New Spoilers are up.  Don't fall over by their shocking-ness. Heh. Sam's going to spray paint Franco right outta Port Charles. Does a little clean up.  Looks like Joss' christening won't be without DRAMAZ.

Sarah Joy Brown is filming an eppy of Castle today! Nathan Fillion...dreammmmy.

I'm not going to blog GH today, please go ahead and put your comments on the show down below. Let me know if I should watch it on the DVR.


  1. Franco's Eyes have "Dark Shadows"
    One Franco To Live
    The Guiding Franco
    Secret FrancoStorm
    Frano Ryan's Hope
    ah just for fun- Franco American Uh Oh Spaghetti Oh's!

    Ollie and Sophie made me write this


  2. Have you guys ever checked out GH on You Tube. There is a guy called Palu, who records GH from the TV. He then sits down and sings songs he just wrote from the dialog of the show. There are normally 10-13 installments per episode. kinda wierd. makes me laugh. J

  3. Me personally I wouldn't watch it but I did.The only thing I wanted to scream out id Sonny is right for once about Jax talking bad about him in front of his sons.Franco is certifiable crazy.

  4. i wanted to leap through my screen and smack sonny. the end was terrible with him asking franco if he wanted to die (or honestly whatever he truly said iw asnt paying much attention) it was so dumb and so over the top i just wanted to puke.

    i'd love to have faith back! she was soooo good.

    i dont know if theres room enough for both sam and brenda. who would guza have flaunt around naked more?

  5. Okay, who is the actor now playing Lisa and where do I know her from?

  6. IMO Sonny's kids already know he's trash, jax was just stating the obvious. After all you figure Sonny has no problem treating Michael like a real corinthose adult (having no consequences). We have all either been through or watched someone we care about go thru a situation slightly similar. Usually its an ex woman that's a pain in the ass! in this case its sonny!

  7. why are they making Sam the hero of the franco thing?

  8. love faith roscoe. favorite bad girl. much better than sam mccall.can we replace sam with faith?

  9. I absolutely adore Faith Roscoe, she's my favorite villianess, she's fab. Only problem that I have with that is that Guza would be writing the storyline for her, and I am proof positive sure that His royal jerkiness would destroye the character.

    So, yes, would start watching GH again if Faith came back on...with a writer who knows how to write great soap opera drama!!!

  10. Nu-Lisa is played but Julie Mond. Looks like she's done guest stints on Cold Case and CSINY. She has a small listing on IMDB.

    Anyone else feel bad for JMB trying to keep her knees together so she didn't flash the world in that short skirt while tied to the chair? lol At least she had on tights, she still looked really uncomfortable!

    T-4.5 days left of Franco! (FYI, Wubs Queen told me on Twitter today that she wants to go to Franco's art thingy in NYC so she can write C077x on Franco's forehead with a sharpie lmao)

  11. So it's ok for Sonny to take everyone to the "island" whenever there is trouble... but Jax and Carly can't? I agree Jax shouldn't bad mouth the kid's father in front of them, but Sonny was being an idiot.

    Hate the new Lisa even more than the old one, didn't think that was possible.

    CP, VM and GF all back? Not even Guza could screw that up! Maybe that could save our show.

  12. i still say we need to get fasion back. wouldnt he and faith be a wonderful nasty couple together? there is no one who can do bad as well as he can. omg.

  13. why oh why can't Guza have a dream scene and bring back Alan and Georgie and even Faith or maybe Faith had a twin like Alcazar did.Niz makes me want to hurl.And even Maxie is wearing thin.

  14. OMG, I can't stand the nuLisa either. Maybe it's the character? Now she's going to be a beatch and undermine Robin? I was waiting for them to mess up Robin and Patrick, Guza never can leave a couple happy for long.

    Cynthia Preston was a wonderful actress, and I would love to see Faith return (along, of course, with Laura and Brenda).

    How many days 'til Franco leaves?

  15. I would love to see Faith back - she was a really great character. Don't know of anyone who didn't like CP or the character. I have only one comment in regard to yesterday's GH. Franco just got into the CarJax house, spread grafitti, kidnapped Carly and left Baby J. alone - why the hell was the front door unlocked so Sonny could just walk in?

  16. I don't know, I still hate the character, but I thought NuLisa was an improvement over OldLisa...

    What is with the Maxi hairstyles lately? Yesterday it looked like they just pulled it back and threw some bobbie pins in. It looked like it was all coming down by the end of the show.

    JMB did look ridiculous tied to that chair in that outfit.

    On the bright side, Franco is almost gone...

  17. I would love to see Faith too, but just like everyone else coming back, she would probably only get two episodes and then be off canvas for a couple months.
    Yesterdays show was a mess. Sonny sure is hot when he is mad though!!
    I don't like that Carly still lets Sonny manipulate the family. She still has custody of the kids. Take them and run!! Good ol' Carly probably thinks that Jason will save them if anything else happens. I would agree 100% with Jax.
    I hate that they are ruining Liz and Lucky again. I am the biggest Liason fan, but I would be willing to accept the Liz/Lucky pairing again if they do it right!! They are not, in my opinion, and I am sick of Nik.
    Finally, guess Lucky got in Jason's head about his past loves getting in Franco's mind, since he warned Robin.
    Why is Robin letting Jason threaten a man in the hospital? It is called Abetting Robin, and you can go to jail for that!!

  18. Sonny is an absolute idiot. I hate him more every day. He needs to let go of his ego and wanting control and be a freaking parent. And didn't he give up his parental rights anyway so why does he have a say so? Oh that's right, he shouldn't!!

    If Sonny ever thought of anyone but himself, I'd probably die of a heart attack.

  19. Loved Faith! I always thought that they would have her end up being Carly's half sister or something as the both grew up in Florida and Faiths grandmother owned the club under Kelly's and Carly had such a connection to the place. But then they got rid of Faith and you never see that club anyomore...


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