Tuesday, January 12, 2010

General Hospital: Franco Free!

bob guza on guitar.
OLTL was rockin'! Loved it. Loved the talk Matt and Bo had..even eating subs. Normal. Kimmy was so funny to Renee: "you'll be in the nursing home he's (Nigel) going to be working in". David Vickers! He's going after Dorian for "Pa"!!   The whole "Kimberly Andrews"-- Do you know her? David "uh...nooooo". WAH!
He's so fun. Clint and Nora and the house is a riot. The whole Kimmy thing is so soapy. She's a big ol' gold digger which works so well.
Everyone moving in with everyone--they're all youngin's but I don't care! 
Ross telling Dani he's not her daddy. They didn't wait until Ross had been "dead" for 4 years or anything.
 I know I gush about OLTL but I'm sorry, it's GOOD. The writing is GREAT. Tune in so it's not canned, will ya?

GH: Whatever. Although JJ and TC (did I say CT? whoops)  were good. JJ looked way pale--just like TG does. Maybe his skin will be all glittery ala Edward. And PLZ shave that diddly thing in the middle of the chin! it's so ucky!!
Carly to Lulu "oh, I remember when Claudia took me hostage..."..(and she could have mentioned about 23 others). Like it was just an ordinary thing.
RUMORS are rampant!! Guess who might be PG? Kristina...or...Maxie...or Olivia. I think they are just naming every one of the ladies on GH to cover bases. LOL.
Robin, don't leave  Patrick with skankamanka Lisa!!! And of course, don't have Finola come on the show. Is the new Steven Lars short or what? I don't know, it's hard for me to see him as Liz' brother. They just didn't do it up right. He's so Jake Martin!! Only not in Africa. OMG, Steve Hardy Mention!! Well, he said "Granddad"..guess it's as good as it gets.
Ronnie/DOMte, don't care. OMG, "Tribeca MUGGER"!!!! lol. Where's DeNiro?

OMG, Sarah Palin's on FOX. Wow, there's a suprise! And Mark McGuire used 'roids? REALLY? Two giant shockers...NOT!

gotta go...I'll have new Rumors, Spoilers up tomorrow.


  1. Have not watched today yet (live in CA) but wanted to see if anyone else caught Megan Ward on Ghost Whisperer last Friday. It was so nice to see her have more lines on one show than she has had in the last few months on GH. Cannot wait to have a Franco free day!!

  2. Didja notice yesterday how Dante,Lucky, and Steve are all about the same height? HMMMMM Does anyone wonder if they were hired for that reason....nobody looks short that way, hahahah. Or perhaps they match the tiny actresses better? Doesn't matter, they have a TON of talent tied up in those little men. (oh yeah, I'm 5'1" and my hubs is 5'7...small is great!Our feet touch the floor, the world is good, lol)

  3. By the way TO much leather ....
    Dante Jason Sam Luu Carly Steve I still don;t know if Lucky wear leather or if Nick did

    Ps Lucky Sad face is annoying

  4. Poor Luckys eyes looked like he had eyeliner on or hes been boohooing too much.And Michael put Sonny on a pedestal good heavens.Got to watch OLTL I missed it today thanks for sharing info on it Karen.

  5. You know what? Scrubs have been through enough in the past year. They don't need Lisa in the mix. I can't believe I like this Lisa less than the last actress who played her. I started to warm up a little bit to the last one who played her. (A little bit.)

    Steven Lars in very short. It's okay though because I am 5'2". We could be perfect together! :)

  6. i saw Megan Ward on Ghoist Whisperer, and even though i knew that she would be on, I was so excited. She was really good! Miss her on GH. They need more Kate and Coleman action. He is so not her type...lmao.

    I have not really noticed how short Steven is, but with Lucky it is so jarring, especially when he is standing next to Jason. It is too weird. At least GV kind of matched Steve Burton.

  7. LOVE Megan Ward and wish they would bring her back to the forefront. There are endless possibilities with Olivia & Dominic on the scene.

    Love what I read on soapzone recently about how comfortable Scrubs are together. Sometimes a kiss isn't scripted and they just do it. Have to wonder if they're real comfortable!

  8. Tuc Watkins returns and I fall head over heels in love with David Vickers once again! I really enjoyed OLTL from beginning to end and I really love the new stories they are moving onto the front burner.

    Does anyone else think it looks like they are chem testing Robin and Steven Lars? Don't get mad at me Scrubs fans! I like Robin and Patrick together just fine, no complaints. And I don't like Lisa (either Lisa)at all, she's 100%unnecessary. It just struck me today when I was watching the show that we have seen Robin and Steven together a lot in the last week. I love the idea of Emma going to see Anna, I just wish we got to see Anna too!

  9. Yes Lori I agree they are testing Scott Reeves with KM. They look cute together but I would hate it!

  10. I think the problem with JJ today wasn't so much his skin was too pale, it was that his lipstick was too pink. Makeup didn't do such a great job there.

  11. I have seen maurice benard in person he looks about 5'6 also saw steve burton in person he looks about 5'9. I think tony geary and ingo rademacher are the only tall men.

  12. after today's show I can't decide who is more obnoxious carly or sam.these two characters need to disappear. rather have vanessa marcil and genie francis.

  13. although i understand sam trying to make a point, i dont understand how asking lucky who he would choose between liz and lulu, it isnt the same as jasons choice, only because lulu isnt jasons sister. he chose sam over a girl he knows, not his family. and i dont understand why lulu is a walking breakdown, and sam is just having a regular day.

  14. I was just coming here to post the same thing about it not being the same as Lucky having to choose between Liz and Lulu! That was dumb!

    I also find it ridiculous that Jason "realized" he couldn't be with Liz b/c his life was just too dangerous. But being with Sam IS okay? He doesn't mind if something happens to her?

  15. Maurice is that short, huh? Wow! I won't hold it against him! I'll take him as is :)

    Dante does look very short to me as does Steven Lars. Yep, Lucky too.

    "The Bachelor" is also very short this season. I thought he looked taller, but he isn't. I'd still take him tho'!

    I just realized I sound a little desperate, huh? :)

  16. Karen,

    First of all, I LOVED your picture of Guza et. al! I was joinin' them in the dance, but would have danced more if only Franco were gone for good!

    ITA with others' comments, that oldLisa was just getting better when they brought in an annoying Nulisa. Also that they are chem testing Robin and Liz's brother, as, unfortunately characters usually only interact in the same pairs, over and over again.

    As for height, I met Maurice, he is about 5'6", and the MOST GORGEOUS man on the planet, bar none. I also met Nik and Jason, and actually posed between the 2 of them for a picture. I am 5'9", and was wearing heals, and I remember bending my knees so that I wouldn't tower over them.

    I also met Stefan, he was totally gorgeous (they all were), and VERY TALL, much taller and handsomer than he was on screen. (I told him he was gorgeous, he told me that I was gorgeous, and put his arm around my waist, after I left the building I became totally hysterical in the parking lot, he had so much sex appeal that I almost passed out.)

  17. I have to say,i am glad G.H does NOT hire "models" who want to act. They hire ACTORS and don't base it all on looks. That is the main reason i watch G.H and not shows like B&B.
    Right now Dante/Dominic is the ONLY reason i watch the show so all of the scenes he is in are more interesting to me then anything else on the whole show!

  18. Ant joan, you crack me up. I also thought Stephan was gorgeous, hot, all of the above. Loved him on GH too he had great chemistry with nik & helana too. (even luke!)
    Of course it isn't the same Sam comparing Liz to lulu. Duh. Not to mention Liz has way more history with lucky then Jason does with Sam. And on the other hand, Jason has no great friendship with luke or anyone in that family to put Scammer Sam at risk. I like that lulu is upset, she was strapped to a bomb for 3 hours (or 3 days in our time). Hopefully she'll drop the act soon though. Teh actress tends to overact at times and can be annoying.

  19. Don't be Hatin on "Edward Cullen"! LOL! I did think the same thing though,are JJ's lips actually that pretty pinky color or did they make them that way!

    The only thing I am diggin about GH right now is Lulu and Dominic! Everything else sucks! I am so gald the franco story is OVA!

  20. 1st: Who would Jason have rescued if it had been Carly vs. Sam, Liz vs. Sam or Emily vs. Sam. Maybe Sam should think of that!
    2nd: Liz and Lulu wouldn't have been in that kind of danger because of Lucky. Since Lulu was in danger BECAUSE of Jason, he should have thought more about saving her first.
    I like that Steven is there for Liz, but I wish it were for a different reason. And I actually like Robin and Steven when they work together, but I hope they don't have Patrick start acting like a jerk. His helping out Lisa was annoying.

  21. Karen, my mom said the EXACT SAME THING yesterday about Scott Reeves being really short. She was telling me how the first Steven Webber was a lot taller than this one. I wouldn't know though cause I'm pretty sure I wasn't watching GH at the time...whenever that time was. LOL

  22. Do you think if Maxie is the one who ends up pregnant with the Franco spawn, they will remind the viewers she had a heart transplant? I wonder if someone who has had an organ transplant can get pregnant, as I would imagine they are on a lot of anti-rejection medications for the rest of their lives. That and the stress of a pregnancy could damage her heart.
    Of course, this is GH...

  23. AntJoan, What a lucky woman you are! And SN put his arm around you? You didn't try to wrestle him down to the ground or accidentally let your lips fall on his?

  24. Andrea, Great point! Jason would rescue Carly first every time! Your comparisons make so much more sense.

    They make the Sam character say and do such dumb things.

    I liked how Sam's hair was out of her face today. For the last two months it seems like she is hiding her face behind limp hair.


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