Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday's General Hospital: Thank You to the GH dialog writers!

LOL...today's GH was a HOOT!!! Great dialog!!
Carly: "Spencerland"
Lulu: "Mattress Tag

Carly: "nymphomaniac"

Good stuff. Even Ron Hale got to get beat up again so Mike got some screentime!! Goodness.
I wonder if Kate/Connie will show up after DOMte gets shot? (think I can finally call him Dante soon?) Odds say: 40:1. What a waste of a great actress.
Carly is SUCH a great soapy-character. Totally selfish, totally hypocritical. heh.and I LOVES IT!
Kristina and Keifer (why do I keep calling that kid "Zander"?) -- LOL. Classic boy "needs" sex...Classic girl who's like, just wait!

Sam and Jason are the black wardrobers.
Lulu got some good one's in huh? The whole nurses station was a hoot. Epiphany was trying to look busy, Robin was like "holy sheeze"...Sonny was like "OH D'OH"!!

Ok, ok..this whole story is another Guza shake-down of a woman. Now, she's going to go a little crazy...have a "breakdown"..all that same tired old stuff. BUT! I am diggin' the dialog.

Love Raynor, if they had him on MORE, it may be more DRAMATIC. He's a shake and bake character.

LOVE OLIVIA!!!! I'd love her more if Kate was around too...she needs family. Loved her with Raynor!

Michael goes to Jax about DOMte!! brahahahaha. Jax is all: Ohhhhh,realllllllllly? He's a copper? hmmmmmm.
Ah, DOMte tells Lulu he wubs her!

Not sure if I'm going to watch Denise Richards on Oprah. She's not a fave. I still think she shouldn't have gone out with Richie Sambora.


  1. LOVED Lulu today, now she and Carly can bond even more over their mutual hatred of Liz. I wished I WAS Lulu when Dante said he loved her...awww..I love Donte, I hope he doesn't become a Sonny clone

  2. Loved Lulu today fire that heifer up and look out!Loved Dom too.Hated seeing Michael going house to house to rat on Dom his constant whining getting on my last nerve

  3. Can't wait to see today's show. GH seems to be on a high note again.

    Absolutely love Dante and LuLu....can't wait for the "I heart you's!"

    Can't wait for the Dante reveal...but according to some spoilers seems like Dante thinks its a dream.

    Here's my question - Sonny is going to shoot Dante. So how can Dante ever forgive that? As a cop? As the son? How can Dante forgive Olivia for not telling him and putting him in danger? How can Sonny forgive Olivia? Hmmmm....Hope this all plays out well.

    Finally liked JJ yesterday...he rocked that show.

    Now has anyone noticed this...on the Q's mantel they have pics of their dearly departed...Alan, Lila, Emily.....ah what about A.J.?

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  5. Lulu is the new Carly!!!! They are definitely family!!
    She pulled a straight-up Carly move when she blasted Liz @ her job.... in front of her co-workers, That was classic!!!
    I feel soooo bad for Elizabeth now!!! She lost out with the Spencer's (except for Laura & Ethan).

    I hope JJ & JB get emmy's

  6. I like how truly embarrassed and humiliated Liz acted today at the nurse's station. BH has been playing this really well.

    I also liked Michael going to Jax. The Dante/Sonny shootout stuff has been predicted for months, as you said the other day, but this is one clever, interesting side angle.

    Two good episodes in a row. Pinch me.

  7. thank God for abc.com streaming the episodes. i missed both yesterday and today because of school, so i have to watch them soon...that and tonight's NCIS, which i will also miss because of school

  8. I was totally wondering how they ar going to gloss over the whole Sonny shooting DOMte thing. But, they did when he shot Carly in the head !!

  9. JJ has proved he should be lead actor. move over MB SB. these two cannot even compare to JJ.

  10. Funny how Guza writes for everyone to humiliate Liz but this was Never and will never be done to Sam or Carly. Just sayin'

  11. I do understand that this Niz thing is awful, and I know JJ rules as an actor and as Lucky. I also know that there were different actors but the Lucky character is still the same.

    Some more avid GH watchers than myself can comment on their take on this.

    Lucky slept with Sarah, Liz's sister, Maxie when he was married to Liz (in their bed ewww) and Sam when he was married to Liz. SOOO, while I realize this Niz thing is gross I still hesitate a bit to go along with Lucky and such. however, i don't watch GH as often so maybe i missed a lot.

  12. you're right B they have not humiliated Sam or Carly. Maybe its simply cause there's so many Liz haters guza wants to please em, who knows.

  13. Not defending the NIZ thing at all, it's horrible and I hate it... and Liz did sleep with Jason when she was married to Lucky before.. BUT... only because she walked in on Maxie & Lucky. Loved how Carly was all she slept with brothers... um, so did you, and if I remember correctly, wasn't she screwing Sonny when Jason got shot? Just saying.

  14. I missed JJ yesterday but I'm sure he needed some time off after the performances he's given. I have to say that I'm concerned as to what Guza has planned for Lucky's future, though. He's drinking again which will no doubt cause him to leave his job with the PCPD, plus he's channeling his dark Spencer side. I really don't want to see Lucky become the next mob hitman or work for the mob in any way.
    Are there any rumors or spoilers for what's ahead for Lucky?

  15. My two cents on yesterday's episode:

    Jason, Carly & Sam - why is it any of their business what Liz did with Nik and Lucky and how it might or might not affect Jake? Cheating does not constitute an unfit mother. The boys are young enough to not understand the intricacies of how their parents relationship fell apart. I doubt Lucky or Liz will give them specific details. So, how can they sit there and decide if Jason should or shouldn't go for custody of Jake? First of all, Jason is not on his birth certificate. And second, Liz and Lucky would fight tooth and nail to keep him.

    Michael - it is so disturbing to watch a young man have no compassion or humanity about another person. The second he found out about Dante, he went all over town telling every one in his family how Dante's an undercover cop and how he must be killed. Does he not understand killing a cop is a federal offense? Or that the other cops are going to know something happened and go after his father even more? It just really disturbed me how nonchalant he was about killing him.

    Dante & Lulu - I'm not even going to touch Lulu screeching at Liz at the hospital. I will say I loved the 3 minutes of Dante and Lulu saying I Love You. Too bad he asked her to leave again. I get he's tortured by what is about to happen. I could see and understand Lulu confusion and hurt.

    It was a great episode. I haven't wanted to watch GH in a long time, but now I find myself racing home from work to put it on.

  16. I loved the whole show today! Lulu ROCKS. I only wish she had grab LIZZARD by the roots of her hair and DRAGGED her around the hospital with it.Maybe we will get lucky and they will do that scene after R.H gives birth.

  17. maybe bobbie and alexis should have done that to carly and sam after sleeping with their stepfathers.

  18. Okay, this whole thing about maybe Jason should claim Jake because Liz and Lucky are no longer together thing makes no sense at all. Liz and Lucky already broke up once and divorced and Jason did not try to claim Jake then. And when Liz and Jason broke up, Liz and Lucky were not together then and it was never a question that Jason would claim Jake. So, for Carly to say that Jason should change his mind because Liz and Lucky are no longer together makes absolutely no sense at all.

    I don't remember Lucky sleeping with Sarah- I remember them dating, but not sleeping together. I could be wrong. Even if they did though, he and Liz would not have been engaged or married at the time (although it is still yuck...). I have a really hard time connecting the Jacob Young character with Lucky at all- he was so awful in the role and my mind has chosen to just pretend that those story lines never happened- maybe Guza has decided to pretend it never happened too...

  19. Why all the liz hate ladies? My goodness. Drag her around by her hair? Wow. There was never that kind of hate for anyone. I would have to guess these are jasam fans.
    Sam's character was thrown threw the mud but NEVER humiliated. She should have been however. I mean what a disgrace that Alexis's daughter is STEALING evidence to free a mobster (sonny). alexis should write her off for good and forbid her from seeing the girls. Harsh, yes. But think how you would feel if your daughters were around killers. Obviously it poses a problem since Sonny Is Krtissy's dad, but point being the life Sam is choosing gets sketchier by the minute. Yet Liz is the town Shame?

  20. And why in the hell does Carlyu keep saying Liz conned Jason into giving up Jake? Really? Cause I remember that last scene in the courthouse when Jason fed Liz a play by play of what took place int he cabin so she would accept he could not be in their lives. The dialogue is really misplaced here, Liz fan or not. I actually hate the whole NIZ storyline, and I cannot recognize the character of Liz. But for everyone to forget that Jason pushed Jake & Liz away too not to mention the awful things Lucky did too (Sarah affair, Maxie affair) etc is just crap. And yes Sarah and Lucky did sleep together. I think the writers knew that was a mistake so it is rarely revisited.

  21. Finally watching tuesdays show. Listening to Carly is infuriating. Step in and take Jake out of LIZ'S HOUSE? She is only thinking with her pants? Is this the same girl that screwed Sonny in the limo after just marrying jax? wow. Liuz a lying Nympho? Sounds more like Carly to me. If anyone else said it to Jason I could buy it, just not Carly. These other posts are correct when they say it is disgusting what niz did. I agree 100%. Mostly because they never sold the Niz coupling to the audience in the first place. But the other posts that also state adultury does not make an unfit mother are also true. Otherwise Carly would have none of her 3 children. Same with almost any man or woman on any soap. The difference is we never cared about Niz. Had they wrote it differently maybe, maybe some of us would care and feel something other than rage.
    Lulu said Liz is not a dedicated nurse or mother, well that's bs as well. She certainly isn't high on any moral codes that's for sure, but she always worked and mothered better than most of the female characters on this show besides Robin (What does carly and sam do again? And lulu never is at work. Same with Olivia)

    Can Michael get any more hateful?

    Am I the only one that wants Kristina to be paired with Ethan? When is she supposed to get smacked around and blame Ethan?

    Total side note: Loved Sam's hair !!!!!

  22. KAREN: You may want to give Oprah a try. I like Denise Richards. I never used to (based on public opinion I hate to admit). But I accidently started watching her show on E when I couldn't sleep and found she was a very normal person. not to mention a very good mother that refuses to leave for long periods (or even one girls night here and there). Sounds like the real truth is coming out that Charlie is the one that isn't the fav...

  23. To start off on a good note, I loved Sams hair too!!!!

    Now for the bad stuff. First of all, it sickened me for Sam to even be able to help make a decision about Jake. Come on. Really. Lets see, Liz, who's only fault is infidelity, or Sam, who watched Jake get kidnapped and had men pull a gun on two kids?
    Second, like everyone else said, Sam and Carly have NO room to talk at all. Their infidelity list is miles long. We don't even know all of who Sam slept with in the past when she slept with all those men and conned them out of money.
    Carly, Sam and Jason can have each other. I am sick of it all right now.
    I loved Lulu giving it to Liz. Great scenes and both actresses played it perfectly. What I didn't like was that Epiphany didn't stop it for one. This is a hospital! I also didn't like that Lulu said she was bad at her job. At least she goes to her job, Lulu. (Where was Steven in all this anymway).
    I just wish someone would have stopped it before Ethan (of all people) did.
    Guza did his job though. All faults that Liz has are way out in the open. How many people know about Sam and what she did to Jake?
    Lucky needs to realize that he isn't perfect. Maybe if he hadn't been a drug addict, all this would have never happened.
    And on a final note, Lucky did sleep with Sarah. Liz walked in on it and that was the first time that Liz and Jason kissed. Even back then, she turned to Jason when Lucky cheated on her...
    I did love the I love you's between Dante and Lulu!

  24. jacob young was playing lucky he and liz were engaged. liz walked in on sarah and lucky having sex. i think they were in nick's stable.

  25. I guess Liz won't be bringing up Sarah or maxie but I wish she would to at least someone. She was still very very wrong, no matter what. Its just the wrecking her I hate

  26. We all know if it were someone else getting slammed like Carly, she would fight back and say horrible, nasty things to belittle the person attacking her. Liz has at least a little class left. lol

    Lulu seemed a little too high and mighty to me. I get her rage and I would have it also. But some of those words were a bit harsh but as we already said Guza hates the character of Liz...

  27. Lulu isn't a saint either. She slept with Georgie's boyfriend, got pregnant, and had an abortion. I know she wants to vindicate her brother, but in Carlys words...It is what it is.

  28. The Monday/Tuesday shows were great (I have yet to watch todays)...JJ was great but I did feel bad for Liz...not that I'm not saying what she & Nic did wasn't wrong....but WOW...I know he's pissed & rightfully so but wow he's made tons of mistakes as well. I do recall when Lucky/Sarah slept together it was at Kelly's at least from what I recall...I never liked Lucky played by Jacob Young...ugh. Than of course Maxie like other's have mentioned. Lets also not forget that Sam did sleep with Sonny had his child (which was stillborn but saved Christina--I'm surprised Sam/Christina haven't disucssed any of this??)I can't keep count of how many people Sam has slept with & well Carly either. Oh yeah, I'm sure once she finds out about Jax's lie's she'll be pissed and not want to forgive him (again for how many times but you know if the tables were turned he'd probably forgive her)....I could understand Lulu's anger but she went way over the top....that was a childish display...she really should've taken her aside in a room & had it out with her....but this is a soap....dramatics is the way to go....Lulu's no saint either like someone else mentioned. Actually when she slept with Dillon he was married wasn't he to Georgie?? at least thats what I recall....anyway....I can't wait til Friday & all the Dante reveal....and Micheal will be more pissed when he finds out Dante/Dom is really Sonny's son!!


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