Friday, January 29, 2010

General Hospital: DONTE takes a DIVE Day!

Lady Jane !! Wow. Didn't know about that. And I know everything. :) heh. BTW, Carly's dress?'s not a supperclub, it's CHURCH! It's JANUARY! MERCEDES MENTION! BTW, Chrissie Fit is launching her SUBpranos webseries today! Go! Watch the first eppy and rate it.

Sonny to Carly: "Today we dump the garbage on the side of the road"..

I LOVE Olivia..she's strong, sexy and I love how she talks to Jason!

Luke's HAIR! Brahahaha. Ok, it was bad the other day, but's er...Barry Manalow? At least he was nice to Liz. Then Lulu walks in and says: "What are you doing talking to this lying piece of trash?"

We know JJ's faith-- and watching him in church talking to god--doubly interesting. AND JASON is wearing a tie?! :thud:

Sonny/Dante-- he's telling him to go to do a 'top secret assignment' and then Dante calls him on  Nice work. LOVE the Lt. Pauletti story being put in there!! Perfect cop and revenge thing. wowza. plus the cutting to the whole Josslyn service--with the chanting music? Olivia runs in...! liked it! Not as powerful as Claudia's birthday bash, but I'll take it!  I wish they wouldn't have promoed the entire last scene. That was a bit anticlimatic after seeing it so many times, imo.

READ: Michael Fairman Soaps Interview with Dom Zamprogna  Speaking of Interviews, Maurice did one with TVGuide-- and said Sonny may go to jail! Interesting.

TVWatercooler has a blog up on JJ's performance this past week. (with scene clips)

CHECK out the newbie SCOOPS and please hit an ad...thank you.

#OLTL was fabu today too. John getting fake-shot...Jessica with a pretty real looking thing in her mouth! eeee! They are moving studios over the weekend. I hope that's GOOD NEWS because that show ROCKS.

I HAVE A LOT of good stuff to get up this weekend. See ya then!


  1. WHERE WAS BOBBIE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. she was probably buying some winter clothes for everyone...upstate NY in January is so toasty warm....loved dominic today. overall good show

  3. were was Bobbie?
    why I didn't see her holding her granddaughter?
    Oh she is to busy raising Liz's kids ?

    Jason looked so hot , they should wear him more with colors

  4. I am a more faithful follower of this website than I have been GH lately. But now I am dvring it! One thing to ponder.... how are we going to "redeem" sonny? We always "knew" about the mafia thing but never saw.Now we saw him cold blooded and killer. Hard to even like him now... envelope pushed too hard in my own opinion.. I too was looking for Bobbie.... should have been there!

  5. I think she was in the audience, we just never heard from her/saw an up close picture

  6. Today's show was a good one but I fear two things are going to happen that has the potential to turn me, a viewer of 30 years, off the show forever:
    - Bobby is not seen at the christening or christening party.
    - Sonny is redeemed and Dante is corrupted. There was enough evidence against Sonny to get an arrest warrant and now he has shot a cop. The only was I can see this going opposed to him going if Dante covers everything up.
    We finally had two decent cops - Lucky and Dante. Now Guza turns them into a drunk and a mob accomplice.

  7. what did you mean by, "we know JJ's faith"?? I don't know what his beliefs are so I was confused. Thanks!

  8. Bobbie's probably still in Seattle with Lucas. *lol*

    Another good ep today. Didn't expect to see Lady Jane!

  9. Loved today, but I agree that it would have been "blow me away" material like Claud's birthday had I not seen the promos over and over. There is something to be said for being spoiler free but ABC made it impossible for this eppy. MB and DZ did an amazing job! Even though I knew what was going to happen I was still pulled in by the emotion of the inevitable conclusion.

  10. Sorry to nag about the Bobby thing but if they could have Lady Jane, a realatively new and obscure character, then why not someoen witht he history and connections of Bobby.

    Also, didn't Carly invite the Q's and they accepted the invite? Didn't see them there.

    No Mercedes. No Hotel staff. No Sam with Jason. No Lainey.

    Didn't see Mike either. I know he is not this kids grandfather but he has a close relationship with Carly and is grandfather/ grandfather figure to her other kids.

    Meanwhile we get Ethan whom I can't remember him even meeting Carly before and Robin who Carly absolutely hates.

    I guess they just pulled in whatever actors were on set that day.

    Again, sorry for being negative but the guests just seemed odd to me.

  11. Hey Guys I just wanted to let everyone know that Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) was named as the GH representative of Daytime's Sexiest Men in the poll on Soap Opera Digest's website.

    Michael Easton and Ricky Paull Goldin won for OLTL and AMC.

  12. Frisco:

    Mike wasn't there cuz he's in the hospital. He was beat up by some thugs and had to have surgery.

    Ethan was probably there cuz well uh Carly's his cousin.

  13. the quartermaines were there. well tracy was seated in the back with luke (saw them for 4 seconds in background) and edward was sitting either in front of or in back of the spin/maxie/lucky row (which was just weird in itself) other than that i have no explanation on why ethan and robin were there. and as far as bobbie, maybe she was at the hospital holding mikes hand? hmmm....

  14. Where was Bobby? Why she was with Matt, Lainey, Lucas, Spencer and the mop bucket in the hospital closet!

    Wowza! Jason looked SOOO handsome today! I think I drooled a little!

    Carly looked pretty today. (Face, hair and make up.)

    As far as decent cops, I think Lucky has become a better/smarter cop since JJ has reprised the role! I think a lot of you know the writers would have NEVER given GV the material they are giving JJ. I LOVE JJ but I think GV really never had the same opportunity. He played a good drug addict and even lost weight during that storyline. Having said that, I am happy to have JJ back because after he left, I was never able to accept any other actor as Lucky.

    I agree that it seems Jason and Sonny are being shown more as killers. It is a turn off to me. I would still marry either one of them though. ;) ~Di

  15. Miss Wub, close your ears. cover your head, do not breathe. Psst it wasn't sonny who shot dante/dom. it was the mysterious, silently sneaking FRANCO who did it. he was lurking behind sonny, he is the one that got all the ashes from the fireplace, he is the one that told the police, he is the undercover psyco cop. Sorry Miss Wub, i said the F word.

  16. Is this all a dream scene ?If dreaming dream big bring Alan and Georgie back and Dillion too cause hes in some deep doo at OLTL :)Sonny is and always has been no better than Anthony Zacharra.I personally hope he goes to jail.

  17. Is this all a dream scene ?If dreaming dream big bring Alan and Georgie back and Dillion too cause hes in some deep doo at OLTL :)Sonny is and always has been no better than Anthony Zacharra.I personally hope he goes to jail.

  18. spoiling "Lucky finds Elizabeth's lifeless body.

  19. OMG, no Bobbie, and NO MENTION OF Bobbie. I am truly heartbroken!! How could they do this to us, the fans, the longtime viewers? Bobbie was the queen of GH, the star of the show, everything and everyone revolved around her. Then Carly came on, OK, Carly's her daughter, perfect opportunity to show the generations, if they can do it with Luke and Lucky, why not Bobbie and Carly? That's family, that's why we watch, we love to see families, NOT MOB VIOLENCE!

    Between that and Sonny trying to murder someone in cold blood, I felt very sad.

  20. OMG..there's only 19 comments? LOL I was thinking way more.

    JJ's faith. On more than a few times, he's thanked God and Jesus and also talked about his Christianity in interviews. It was just striking to see him conversing with god when I knew it was a very personal area with him.

  21. MB and DZ were fantastic. sonny is truly a cold hearted B. Jason the biggest hypocrite of them all baptizing a baby when he kills for a living. He is like the devil. I was expecting the church to fall down on them. and carly dress was for a night club. Bobbie has had to much plastic surgery, and when she is shown all viewers talk about is her face.

  22. Sonny should get the death penalty & Jason should get life in prison without parole.I also would like to see Spin get a few years in prison for being a accomplice by helping them find the evidence.He heard Jason & Sonny talk about killing Dante and still CHOSE to help them anyway.

  23. Regarding "I also would like to see Spin get a few years in prison for being a accomplice by helping them find the evidence.He heard Jason & Sonny talk about killing Dante and still CHOSE to help them anyway."

    You are right. I hadn't thought about that. Spin did leave with his head down and tail tucked between his legs, but then I remembered Spin has stood his ground with Jason before and lived.

  24. I remember Bobbi from back in the day. She was so pretty. I must say that her "work" is a little distracting to me. I am sure I would get used to it if I saw her more than once a decade. I think she is a fantastic actress. ~Di

  25. When they were going over the guest list, Carly did say that Bobbie would be there. Quite honestly I did not think to look for her in the church because I honestly don't care. She has been off campus for so long now, I am not sure why anyone would care. It would be better though if they just had her "move" to Seattle permanently to be with Lucas, rather than having her pop up at random times. I do agree with the one poster though- when she is on, all anybody talks about is the work she had done on her face, so it's not as if anyone is getting anything out of her being there.

  26. Rebecca Herbst has the most beautiful face on television. she is truly a natural beauty.

  27. GHH is reporting that they are writing RH pregnancy in.

  28. Frisco: Lady Jane is not a newcomer. This is the same actress that has played Jax's mother since mid 90's. Mike was still in hospital and Sam was there, I believe in front row. Jason had to be at the alter b/c he's god daddy. As for Bobbie, who knows why they didn't have her on? That still puzzles me, especially sine carly mentioned she would be there. Can't wait to see how the shooting plays out.

  29. What makes me HATE Spin for this is that he got angry at Jason when he wanted to kill Claudia but just sat quietly like a coward when he heard them talking about murdering a cop who was actually nice to him and never made fun of him,like everyone else does.I know if Dante was in that situation,he would have stepped up and stopped a hit on Spin,Johnny or anyone else.The fact that none of them stepped up for him MAKES me sick!

  30. I just now got to see the show, and I found the last segment utterly revolting. It showcased, to me, everything that's wrong with this show and why I'm at the point where I don't know how much more I can take. I've been watching over ten years, but it just gets worse and worse. Glorifying murderers and thugs (i.e. Jason and Sonny); tying churches to violence; a hitman having the nerve to stand at an altar promising to help protect a baby's soul.

    On any other show, all that would be done to show their hypocrisy and how pathetic they are. But since this is GH, I fully expect Sonny and Jason to worm their way out of this, and Dante to help. And I agree, Spinelli, whom I like usually, is guilty as heck too and should have charges brought up on him.

    Only way this story resolves itself in a logical manner is for Sonny and Jason both to FINALLY get life sentences or the death penalty, and for it to stick. But that'll never happen because it's the Mob Show, not a show about a hospital. Ugh.

  31. When I was on the GH set about 10 years ago, I met a lot of the actors, and they all were wonderful.

    I was in awe, and very nervous, and they all were so nice. Monica and Bobbie were especially warm and friendly, really engaging me in conversation. Bobbie was in her scrubs, and I towered over her--I'm 5'9", and she must have been in flats.

    I never will forget how they were to me, and I feel so bad that JZ has been "put out to pasture." I was thinking the same thing as another poster--that she should move to Seattle. That way, if they want to trot her out once in a blue moon, it would seem logical, whereas now, not having Carly's mother on the canvas makes no sense.

  32. I love JZ too but like so many other aging actresses she has ruined her looks in the quest for eternal youth.( As did her GH sister before her) I can't blame the producers for not having her on. It is distracting.

    I hate the thought of them corrupting Dominic by having him deny the Sonny shooting. If he couldn't remember what happened, which sometimes happens with severe trauma, that's one thing. But to lie to cover up for someone who looked him in the eye and then cold bloodedly shot him, that's crossing the line, even for this show.

    I would hope they at least have Spinelli having nightmares after this and have him distance himself from the mob or I have lost respect for him too. Naivety is one thing; deliberately walking away when you've heard a hit ordered after exposing an undercover cop, is unforgivable.

    And don't forget, Dominic was ordered to kill Joey Limbo too. That alone should get Sonny put away for a long time.

    They need to show some consequences for this, other than the usual Sonny angst hauled out as an excuse to showcase Maurice's talent. .."Oh, I feel so bad..ok..everything is all right now." You get the point.

  33. Bobbie was sitting in one of the pews, as was Sam. There are pics that show them.

    I agree that Jason holding Joss makes him, Carly and Jax huge ass hypocrites.

    I also find it funny (and not in a haha way) that Jason a few days earlier was all OhMGee Franco is going to kill someone if I kill, and now its ok to kill a cop. Shoot how many people will Franco kill for one dead cop.

    Spin, while I had no respect for Jason and SOnny, I just lost the last ounce of what I had for you. Georgie would be proud that the man she loved was such a loser, first you allow Maxie a little ride on Franco's disco stick and now you are helping the Moronic Duo kill a COP. Thats the way to get into Mac's good graces.

    Ugh so much can be right with this show and then they go off and shoot a COP.

  34. Hey guys, my husband IS a cop and I am not upset like some of you. This is a SOAP OPERA- it is television for crying out loud...


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