Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy MLK Day! How's Your Soap Hangin'?

That's Ms. Grahn and Mr. Nichols at yesterday's Rose Bowl Donation!
Don't you LOVE IT?!

Hope you are enjoying today and thinking about DREAMS...GH TRivia: What did Emily do that involved MLK Day and who did she do it with??

There's a tidbit up about the new Ward chicklet on the WubsNet. Find out what she's doing in town. The Ward Girls are early 20's (Maya) and late teens (Zoe). Zoe will be Maya's 1/2 sister so she won't be related to Michael. Can U guess WHY?!

There's an Outreach program in Haiti that a friend of my parents directs. He lives there. The WUBS net will be contributing money at the end of the month to their program. If you'd like to check it out . This way, I know right where it's going and who's going to deliver it!! We will be working with as usual. They are doing a fun "To Haiti With Love" and donating $5 for everytime someone says "love" on different soaps. We are going to count GH today...let's see how many come up!

OLTL was good today. Loved it, that's all just loved it all.

GH today:
We should have made Claudia the buzz word for the Haiti relief! LOL..(as per Rainbowbtrfly)
Poor Lucky...having to look at all of Nik's tatts. I was lookin' at those tatts. Aw, now he's crying. I think he'll realize ol' DAD was right afterall! OMG, I was not expecting him to bat the house up. Scared the HELL out of me...the dog even barked!! And he's not even going to say ANYTHING to Liz? Oh, what a let down! And how RUDE of Liz to just to and see Lucky 2.3 seconds after sleeping with Nik. eesh.

Patrick said Love 3x in the first 6 min. of GH! LOL that's $15! 
Count at 3:31 is NINE

I guess the Italian Restaurant is the NuKelly's? I like Kirsten's hair today. OMG, so Sam/Jason walk into Jason's PH and It's redecorated and I totally didn't really even notice. LOL. Was the bubble lamp there? They did take the pooltable out!!

Newbie doc/coroner guy has been on like 3x now. WHO is he? Name I mean? He's cute! Someone on Twitter Said..Sly Thomas. Named after Sly Eckart?

SPENCER was on today. Hell froze over. Good casting though, he does look like TC.

"LOVE" count today: 11.


  1. He is not a Doctor, he is a cop named Sly Houston. I read at GHH2 that he is joining the show on a recurring role as a cop to "beef-up the PCPD.

  2. Is that hot cop still on the show? He was always on with Lucky. I can't remember his name, but I wouldn't mind looking at him more!

  3. Speaking of the Bubble lamp. There's a game on Facebook called Petville. You can buy stuff for your pet's home and one of the items is...the bubble lamp! *lmao* I of course just had to get one for my pet. Here's a screen shot of what it looks like:

  4. I agree that OLTL was really good today. They had some weak shows last week so it's good to know we are back to normal.

    So much for the makeover on Jason's apartment. I swear it looks darker than ever! The new couch is pretty ugly and looks uncomfortable. At least they didn't take the family pictures off the fireplace mantel when they put up the new big piece of art.

    Lucky with the baseball bat was awesome. I totally have wanted to do that more than once in my life lmao! I dare say I was wishing he'd taken that bat to Liz when she came in... ooops! lol sorry ;)

  5. I was soooo bummed that Lucky didn't confront Liz and Nik when he found them on the couch together. How long are they gonna drag this out now?

  6. MORE Couch sex! Stupid, stupid, stupid. Had they been in niks room Lucky would have never found them.
    Even married people do the deed on couchs on GH. I don't get it.

    I so feel for Lucky. I love JJ and look forward to him laying this on liz's shoulders where it belongs. And I want to see liz redeemed down the road, but I know Becky will do a hell of an acting job when she cracks. Until then, lets hope we don't have to SEE her crack for a while now that Lucky knows the truth.. It is so obvious what Guza is doing to the character of Liz. If Sam can be Mrs. GH than so can Liz some day again.

  7. Oh how I love to see Natasha with Stephan! Loved them as relatives and really enjoyed this pic, thanks karen!

    Just read on soapzone that Jolivia may have a baby on the way soon...
    Maybe May sweeps? Now I'm excited..

  8. I was so shocked they let Spencer out of the basement! I seriously though he was an old man talking to walls at this point.

    So sick of listening Jason and Sam talk about Franco. They should give Sam pom-poms.

    I LOVED Lucky today. I've loved JJ as Lucky forever and today, he was amazing. I just hope they don't drag out that he found out. Oy.

  9. I am excited about the Ward family returning to GH. However, I am confused by something. In an interview I read, it stated that Maya and Zoe would be Edward's great-grandchildren. Well, who's children are they? Bradley is dead but had Justus, did he have any children he wasn't aware of before he died? Or are they re-writing history again?

  10. If Maya and Zoe are Edward's great-grandchildren then how come one of them is gonna be Michael's love interest? They'd be his cousins! Well...2nd cousins (I think)...

  11. Dierna, karen said that Zoe and Maya are half sisters leading the possiblity of a romance for Michael

  12. One of the Ward girls is Edward's great granddaughter. Not sure how they are re-writing history to make that work. The second girl is supposed to be the first girl's half sister, which means she is no relation to Michael...

  13. I am so done with Sam. This is going to make me sick if Jason leaves the Mob due to Franco then ends up claiming Jake cause they ruined Elizabeth with the stupid Niz story. I am no longer a Liason fan but L&L so my hate for Sam is purely separate. However, reading the spoilers that she steals the evidence tp save sonny from going to prison made me want to puke. When will this show ever let the law handle these idiots? Enough already!

  14. The way they played Maxie today was stupid. Mac, who is the only father she has really known, is the police commissioner! When it is time to gather the evidence, who says the coronor won't tell the cops that Macs daughter was there to pick up the evidence? Maxie has let her "dad" down so many times in the past, and now she does it again...Of course Mac won't blame her. All that will go to Jason and Spinelli.
    Also am not getting what they are doing to Liz. This storyline with Nik ran it's course as soon as it began. I am glad to see JJ's awesome acting from this, but to take down the character of Liz in the process really irritates me.

  15. Amen Andrea! But I wanted to comment to the last anonymous that if Jason "claims" Jake due to Carly's urging, how the hell will a court give a killer a child? Not to mention last I checked being an adultress is not a crime. Horrible what she did to Lucky? Yes. bad mother? not really.. many of us have made mistakes in our real life aside from being a parent and have still stayed true to our kids. Its not like they were in on the affair. Stoill very, very wrong and disgusting I may add. But takr Jake form her? I don't think so. And if they even suggest a relationship with jake and Sam that will be enough for me not to tune in.


It's the day!

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