Thursday, January 7, 2010

General Hospital: STUFF I WANT

Ok, I'm going to lay it all out here. I've been thinking about GH all day and just need to vent:

Brandon Barash better not be going anywhere. Instead of bringing on lame Lisa, couldn't they have given him a cousin or something? Let the Z's live a little?

Speaking of Lisa, weren't Scrubs supposed to be getting all "CSI" on us? Solve some guest-star murder mysteries? Instead we get THIS? And btw, they STILL aren't  really using Matt for much other than sitting around drinking beers and killing a patient off now and again. :stomping foot: Why DID they bother to bring him on the show?
Steven Lars. Well, fine way to have someone come back. Remember when Jake came back to AMC? Was he on ONE set with 3-4 lines? NO. Where the hell is Audrey? They just plop people in there, don't really build on anything and we are supposed to care. 
Where the HELL is Billy Dee Williams?
Don't get me started on the Sam  in a Box Lulu on a Bomb thing. I know Franco is a big event but again, block taping for 3 days and stretching it out over 2 months makes the story boring. Put Christmas holidays in there and you have disaster. 
Now, Mac and Alexis. Here we go again. Show them once every 5 days if we are lucky. Good way to build a story or budding romance. Ditto Keifer/Krissy. I feel like they are inserted in when there's nothing else to show. The show has no FLOW.

Thank god Maxie and Spin didn't really get  married or we'd see them EVEN LESS than we do now.
I am happy that Steve Burton has gotten to show some range but that's the extent of my happiness.

I want:
A NEW OPENING. Come on, stop pissing off the fans and pony up for a new opening or at least take that damn shot of all the guys off at the end. There are about 3 still alive or on the show.
NEW HEAD WRITER: Cause I can't stomach anymore mobular crappola. Ok, I can --but it needs to be written for the  ensemble, be constant, keep my interest  and not involve graffitti.
STOP  with the NEWBIES for a minute. I am excited that some  Wards are coming back and living at the Q's but I can't help wonder if this too is going to be a bust. Hell, they killed off Justus with no reason, what are they going to do now?
STOP THE NIZ nonsense. Painful. Just painful. Watching Lucky implode is not going to be pretty. I really want them to have him be a decent cop. We have DOMte on now, get the PCPD up to snuff.  Nikolas needs a princess...not Liz. 
FOCUS ON THE KIDS: Heck, poor Morgan gets less airtime than the family couch. Get the kids front and center. Take a cue from #OLTL if you have to. 
GET YOUR FLOW ON: that means spending more than a burst of energy and scenes on a handful of days. Play a story out beginning, middle to end. 
OPEN UP A BOARDING HOUSE: I'd say brownstone but I'd be laughed off the face of the board. We need somewhere for Steven Lars, Matt, Johnny and the girlies to live.  Spin can get a room too. Maybe that will force some interaction.
QUICK! When were the Q's last on? Christmas right? Cause they come in, tape for a day and leave. 
Love Tony Geary but his vacations disrupt the whole show...or at least the story arcs. 
AT LEAST LET DOMte get a WHIFF that he may be Sonny's kid. I mean...really. Carly should have figured it out MONTHS ago. 
IF YOU DON'T GET THE "Vlad" Cassadine story going soon, the whole thing is just going to be stupid. I don't even remember why Helena was on the last time. Some big "urgent" message for Luke. Gone.

Ok, I'll shut up for a minute. LOL. I miss Georgie, Dillion Q, Mike, seeing baby Emma, Robert and Anna-- the Spa. Watching the 40th anniversary of AMC and OLTL the last few days just got me so sad for GH's non-history. 

Hey, aren't you glad came in here tonight? 



  1. thanks, I just want to say I DO love GH. I wouldn't have done this for 12 years if I didn't. LOVE The actors, I think they are the best. I just WEEP at the potential that has been wasted for so many years.

  2. I agree, but even through the best and worse storylines, I've been an avid watcher and probably will never stop, unless Jason or Sam or Sonny leave!!!

    I love the mob stuff, but I agree that Krissy is in a very bad relationship and no one has figured it out yet except Michael, and now Ethan is gonna take the blame, not fair.

    We need the history back, I agree, and this Liz and Nik story is sick!!! I hate it why would you sleep with your ex's brother, why are they trying to make liz a slut, she's not and she can't play one either. she's not a great lier, I know it's a storyline, but come on, Lucky knows her the best. He sould of figured something out by now.

  3. I agree with everything but a new head writer.

  4. i agree karen! i said yesterday half joking that if brenda came back she could move into jasons and jason can be the maggie horton of port charles. maggie horton is the character on days that apparently everyone lives in her house and she's the voice of reason (sort of but you dont care about that) point being there are a lot of scenes in the kitchen of that place with lots of different people! its not 3 people at jasons, carlys family at carlys, lulu/maxie at work, robin/lisa/patrick confined to a nurses desk, luke and ethan on the haunted star, or niz finding an empty closet somewhere the only cast interaction is at sweeps when something horrible is going to happen! at least on OLTL you get a whole boatload of cast interaction, parties when it isnt even sweeps time, etc. i just dont understand it. and the opening, well there are no words. its a laughingstock. ill get off the soapbox, but man... i just dont understand it.

  5. love u wubs queen! now if they would only listen & do what is right & listen 2 some fans feedback we'd b all good! not saying that ppl dont listen they just arent taking the next step & doin something about it! krisy & keifer they have a great opportunity 2 actually do something meaning full out of that abuse & there killing it! Who the Hell is Vlad Cassidine again? lol I cant stand that nik & Lix crap & 2day pff she needs 2 own up she was taking his pants off with her teeth! i miss the qs & matt & the kids! i think they could get some real good stuff out of molly & morgan! & i cant stand bitchy michael but i loved Jason & even carly 2day telling him off! i hate Lisa! i want this Dominic/dante/cop/oliva & sonnys son 2 comeout already! i could go on & on with u but i have the feeling it will b a long weekend & we can rant then spread it out a lil! lol ur the best karen! Lata Alberta & Wub Queen!

  6. Okay the way it looks no more Dillon cause he has some usage from OLTL he is breaking up Gigi and Rex but I betya shes comes up preggers and he will be kin to Rex someway and then his baby and Shane will be brothers....Stacy is having Fish's kid maybe Fish will raise it

  7. Hey Karen put on a Philadelphia Law Suit on and tell them you be there writer.

  8. I agree on every point. GH used to be my must watch soap. Seriously, I had this standing rule about interrupting me between 3 and 4 p.m. It was federal crime in my house if you did. I even put that song from the 70's, General Hospi-tale, on my iPod; that's how devoted I was.

    Now if I miss a day, it's no big deal because nothing changes. Liz & Nik--still sneaking around. Lucky--so clueless I wonder how he passed the detective's exam. Sonny & Dominic are equally as clueless and still can't count backwards 9 months. Sonny had problems counting when Kristina was born, too, but had Carly to count for him. Now Carly has forgotten how to count as well. The Quartermaines--we only see them when Cook goes on strike on the holidays. Bobbie Spencer and pretty much everyone else from the old days has dropped off the planet. (Yeah, it would have been nice to see Bobbie when Josselyn was born.) Kate--who's Kate? I forgot. We still don't know who Franco is, and by now most of us don't care. They continue to shove Lisa down our throats. I don't care how many times they recast her. If they brought on Y&R's Lauralee Bell or OLTL's Wendee Pratt to play her tomorrow, I'd still hate her because her character is pointless; she's only there to break up Robin & Patrick & to be a HIV-phobe. (Yes, I know Wendee and Lauralee are too old, but they're the only unemployed blond ones I could think of at the moment.) Max, Diane, Molly, Morgan--still under-utilized.

    As for Matt, I think they only brought him on for the same reason they brought the old Mason from SB to play Cameron Lewis & have him momentarily with Alexis or Catherine with Stefan. They were trying to recreate another show's supercouple but failed miserably. We didn't want Shawn & Belle 2.0, no more than we wanted Mason & Julia 2.0 or Patch & Kayla 2.0 so Matt got sent to the backburner. Wasted potential because the guy can act, better than Lisa anyway.

    Despite all that, I still watch, so what does that say about me?

  9. I've said it before, it's really very simple, if you don't like the show, then don't watch it.

  10. Karen,


    I have never seen JC/Matt act anywhere else, so I don't know if he can act....come to think of it, I haven't seen him act on gh!

    I enjoyed Scott Reeves on Y&R and wish they'd do something with him too.

  11. Karen, ITA with everything you said, SO SAD, SO SAD. We all still love the show, of course, as the actors are the best, and sometimes they do a show with heart and soul and veteran characters, and I think that's what keeps us coming back.

    Why, oh why, don't TIIC listen to you and the other fans? Why not use the vets and the other characters we all love and miss? They see the ratings in the toilet, they must read at least some of their mail, I guess it's just Guza, and he's just stubborn, or fixated or something.

  12. Anonymous, I've said it before, it's really very simple, if you don't like this blog, then stop reading it.

  13. Hi all
    I am Mob fan and especially Jason Steve Burton fan
    There I said it. don't hate me
    BUT I know there are many Steve /Jason fans that don't love Franco Storyline ..
    I do..
    But from what I read we will see More Jason regretting his choices , and more thinking of his job
    I think It is time to use that Franco that loves his killing part and get Jason to leave the mob ..
    Have him starting to think about his own son that he needs him have him starting to think about his relationship with Sonny, was it that good and worth it??????
    And than have him getting back at the Q's ..
    I am happy that the wards are coming back to have another Q's S/L
    But why can't they do storyline that is not with new characters ???
    have Edward and Monica try to convince Jason to spent time with them!
    I want to see a scenes were Edward listen to Jason talking about his choice to work for Sonny and than Edward thinks maybe I have a chance to bring back my golden child back ???
    And than have a big fight with Spencer/Q about Jake!!
    I want laura back and try to save her family.
    I want Laura to put some sense in her sons and Liz.
    and than have her fight for Lucky rights on Jake!
    I want Kris and Kiffer to be more active and than have Sonny talking with Kris on his experience with abusive step father.
    That scenes will be amazing ...
    Michael have him yelling at Sonny and more on Jarly because they are the one who started this...

  14. I'm sorry but I also think the Brownstone would be a great idea. I don't care who laughs at it.

  15. I would love it if Dom and Spin each got their own apartments in Maxi & Lulu's building. Basically the BEST ACTOR and character on G.H is Dominic! He is the only real reason i still watch1

  16. Karen,

    I also agree with everything you said. Most of us here love GH and just want it again to be the great show it once was.

    Frisco, I also agree with you. Why does "anonymous" keep reading this blog if it pisses she/he off so much? Especially when she/he is clearly the minority here?

    And if all of us dissatisfied viewers actually did stop watching, that would mean the end of GH for sure (because clearly there are not many "satified" viewers left). Maybe that is what "anonymous" really wants...

  17. Even though Michael figured out Keifer is a bad guy, they dropped the relationship they built all summer with Kristina & Michael. They were so close and now nothing.
    As stated on another thread, why the hell are they going to have liz beg nik not to leave? They have not shown a love story with them whatsoever, its all sex. They don't even have lighthearted fun sex! its boring. I love love love JJ. I want to see more sweet scenes like they have already started showing, but with no angst for Nik. Its just gross. Someone else said if it were Jason, it would be believable, but not Nik!

  18. I was never into Matt, not even a little (minus the cute scene w/ him & patrick and baby emma MONTHS ago!) having said that, I still like that Patrick has a family member around. I think there is so much fun potential with Mac & Alexis. Think Bo & Nora on OLTL. They could be the heart and soul of GH. Instead its Sam/jason/Sonny/Carly. I like these characters separately, just not constantly in the same stories together. I love Mike and they never show him with any of his grandkids (other than handing them a paper bag from Kelly's). And I would love for them to show more of Kate, Olivia & Dominic. They are family and it would just be, well nice.

  19. I haven't read this blog entirely yet, I just wanted to say, I do really enjoy Franco. I was thinking that last night as I was watching the show, I think he is a good actor and makes a great sociopatch. Maybe I just like his ultra good looks and charming smile, but I think he makes a good crazy guy. really.

  20. Love scrubs, hate Lisa but still think she's better or more believable then the last charlies angel.

  21. oh yeah I forgot to add, I think old Lisa was better than nulisa

  22. Great venting. Agree fully.

    Every mob story always starts the same - "OMG, this is the biggest, scariest, meanest mobster/policeman/toxic ball we've ever faced!" Then Sonny and Jason argue, Carly or Sam or Lulu gets kidnapped, and Jason saves the day. The Franco story had potential, because at the onset it seemed different. But nooooooo, it's the same old shinola.

    Remember in the '80's and early 90's when the writers would tell these long arc adventure/love stories that had a beginning, middle and ending? And they would work other characters into the story, and there would be humor and warmth and genuine emotion, and most of the time you couldn't successfully predict what was going to happen by week two? Yeah, I think we remember that, because that's the reason we're fans and still hanging on.

  23. I am in total agreement with you. I don't understand how OLTL is on the bottom of the ratings when they move much quicker with good storylines than GH. OLTL is written so much better than GH. All the wasted talent GH has hired and not used. This Lisa storyline, I don't think they have a clue where it's going. They can't even hire the right person to play the part of Lisa. I agree Karen, you should become head writer for GH.
    Thanks for being our guide to GH. Happy New Year to you

  24. "I don't understand how OLTL is on the bottom of the ratings when they move much quicker with good storylines than GH. OLTL is written so much better than GH."

    I couldn't agree more. OLTL keeps me entertained almost every episode. It really is sad GH is higher then OLTL on the ratings board.

  25. OLTL rocks!!! I cant believe theyre bringing in such low ratings!!
    And Karen, ITA with everything you've said. GH, for me, is slowly but surely becoming unwatchable. I missed an entire week a couple of weeks ago and it didnt bother me one bit- mostly bc when I came back the storylines were at EXACTLY the same point as they were when I last watched. I was watching the MC hostage thing a couple of days ago and its amazing to me that GH then (even though it was only a short time ago) and GH now is the same show. At least THEN we got cast interaction- even if it was just mostly for sweeps- now we dont even get that!!!
    The non-usage for Matt really annoys me- he has such great potential and he's never used. At least theres Dominic- he's literally the saving grace for me on GH at this point- the days he isnt on I dont even bother watching.
    And, on a final note (sorry for the rambling lol) I absolutely HATE whats being done to Liz's character. Writers dont want her to be with Jason, ok, fine I get that (theyve beat it over our heads more than necessary) but come onnnn! They brought back JJ to NOT be with her? What kind of sense is that making? And Nik of all people? Seriously?? I cringe at every scene they're in together- the opposite of "hot" in EVERY way- hes been almost brother-like to her for YEARS!!

  26. I agree Karen with EVERYTHING you said. First I laugh at the opening every day with all the people who have left. Second, Kayla ----- I totally agree with you about NIZ. I loved Liz with Jason but for some reason the writers don't want it, so OK, JJ should be the man.

    Franco story was a waste of two months. Now we have Lulu and Sam with bombs and Jason to save the day and we all know how it is going to end and that Sam will move in with Jason yada, yada yada!!!

    I know if my daughter had a baby and we lived in the same town and supposedly were on good terms as Carly and Bobbie, or least we are lead to believe that ---- where was she????

    They definitely need a new head writer as far as I'm concerned. Love the show and will continue watching but I can't stand what they have done to the characters. Why I am ranting ---- the Lisa character makes no difference to me who plays her either. It is not a good story!!!

  27. And the part of Jason sitting there telling Franco why hes like he is was a bunch of crap.And Franco telling why hes the way he is by talking to the camera within a inch of his face sorry double crap.At least it was a cliffhanger today.OLTL was fantastic today loved Dorian and Mel and I was screaming at Stacy tell him its not Rex's baby I was all excited till Rex said hes moving in with her.Didn't watch AMC today.Why oh why can't they fire Guza and get a decent writer in there.

  28. You are 100% right. GH sucks for far too long. Although I love all the air time Jason has been getting. Guy is HOT!

  29. Karen I couldn't have said it any better. GH is frustrating now. Guza & TPTB just don't least thats the conclusion that I've come to. I almost think they want the show to fail so they can finally CX it....sad to say but I think thats what will happen to the rest of our 7 soaps someday. But why can't they just go to Soap Net?? Probably cause they like there repeat movies or something.....?? It used to be so good GH & soap net when it first started.....neither not so much now.....anyway....I'd list stuff like you but I'd just be repeating myself over the many posts in the said pretty much how I feel.....but like someone else stated I keep watching cause I hope it comes back to the top again. Of course if only Guza would be fired...that'll be the day......really....time will tell...

  30. I agree with everything you said, but need to add one more thing, although I admit that it has been said before and said loudly...we need more love on GH! I was just ranting about how Lulu and Domte are gonna break up before they even got together and that is so typical of the show of late. I'd boo Niz but it seems that the only way we're gonna get good romantic scenes between Lucky and Liz is to have Niz. I don't care if it's L&L2 or Niz, honestly, I just want some romance on the show. Rant over, good post, and thanks for everything you do for us Karen :)

  31. Karen, I agree 100%

    I love: more cast integration. They have improved. Also like Dante and Lulu, and Steve Burtons arms. ;)
    I hate: Jason and Sam, it is not believeable, there is no way Jason would go back to her. Their pre-sex scenes are DUMB! Like they are just so horny for each other--that equals love?

    Same for Niz. Yuck. No passion, IMO, just horndog-itis.

    Poor KS's Maxie has been using the same lines for weeks now, but just uses different lipstick and bad hairstyles


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