Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday General Hospital: MO' of the Same

 New Short  Wub up: The Aftermath WUB

For those of you attending GFCW 2010, Becky Herbst's  soiree will be held on Thursday, July 22nd @ 9pm!

That great photo of Greg and wife is over on People's Baby Blog!  She's due very soon! 

Check out FANS GIVING BACK ! Jonathan Jackson has a page up with a song download for charity!

Lucky/Nikolas:  Interesting he's taunting him. Lucky's already looking a bit junkie like, imo. Cassadine history brought up. Is Helena's magic evil going through Lucky's veins? Protect YOUR QUEEN! He sounded like a Cassadine in that scene. And at the end? HE goes all LUKE on us! Ah, that first one is the best one.

44 days of Sonny being blamed or them trying to blame him for the murder of Claudia. 
OMG, Olivia and Sonny talk about High School like it was 10 years ago, not 30. Just sayin'
Mike on GH...must be time for him to be operated on by Lisa. He's all gamblin' fever...LOL random gambling fever. I mean it's not like GH keeps up on that story. 

Well, today was pretty good...from Lulu and Johnny to DOMte....SoLivia and then JoLivia. Lucky getting all psycho. Not bad. 

19 Loves today for Love For Haiti..how many did you count?


  1. Jonathan Jackson rocked it today!!! The rest? blah blah blah Franco blah blah Franco blah

  2. JJ is wonderful, so glad he's back. Can't help but wonder though who he will be paired with temporarily. Perhaps Hannah? lol

    Anyone ever notice how Sam & Jason just talk about death like its nothing. Or any crime for that matter. No biggie. We'll just steal the evidence. Or kill anyone that gets in the way. Oh but wait, Franco may then kill someone! LIKE FRANCO KILLING SOMEONE IS ANY WORSE THAN JASON DOING IT

  3. JJ's wonderful. I agree. But, I think that the only reason "Lucky" is getting so much air-time lately, and story-time, and "Oh-My-God-Lucky's-Interesting-Again" is because JJ has come back. GV never was treated so well.

  4. Zak:

    Lucky's getting better stories because JJ is leagues above GV as an actor. Period. In his first day back, and in the time since, JJ can make bland writing sparkle. GV cannot. GV is a journeyman. JJ is a star.

    He was good as a kid. He's great now. One only wonders why lifeless hams like Tom Cruise and Leo DiCaprio get million dollar films while JJ can act rings around them and is forced to go back to a soap, and one that is a shell of its former self.

  5. OMG I just loved it when Liz went to kiss Lucky and he pulled away. I squeeled and backed it up to watch a 2nd time lmao!

    Dante/Lulu were super today. I am enjoying how they are building this storyline.

    Is anyone else finding Jason/Sam a bit awkward these days? I don't remember them being so kissy kissy before and now it just seems odd. However they don't bother me and if it could lead to the possibility of Steve Burton being shirtless again then what the heck! :D

  6. Love OLTL now the gay guy learned its his baby.Good show today....GH not so much

  7. Yo Cosmo, seriously? JJ can act circles around leo Dicaprio? Oh sister... Come on now! Yes he's better than GV, but our hearts still go out to GV. And I have to agree JJ may have been given this story of Niz and it may ruin the character of liz n the process just to give JJ something to sink his teeth into. But clearly he is not better than Leo Dicaprio!

  8. I think they recycled the Lulu/Dante talk in his bedroom, with old Liz/Jason dialogue or old Sam/Jason dialogue or Brenda/Sonny...I can go on.

    Loved JJ. Think he did absolutely wonderful. Not to fuel the fire, but I do think that GV did a great job when he actually got a good storyline. They strung him along.
    But JJ is doing things only JJ can do and I am glad that I get to watch! Lets just put Liz out of her misery already. Especially if it gets this storyline over with ASAP!

  9. Don't knock Leonardo Dicaprio! Do I have to name all his awesome roles!
    I LOVE JJ! He is a great actor,he wouldn't be a great actor if he didn't get a chance to work with Al Pacino,ect. JJ obviously had his reasons for coming back to GH. I am glad he is back and he is still wonderful! I am just dying to know when he is going to confront both Liz/Nik with the truth! Yikes!

    I am so in love with Dominic Z (Dominic/Dante) he is definately a must watch for me. I hate that he is Sonny's son! WHY! Why does it always have to revolve around Sonny.
    I did a search on him on IMDB,and he has done alot of stuff!
    But I love him and Lulu and I am glad that Lulu give him some crap yesterday!

  10. Yes, JJ is doing a great job with this storyline, but GV would have done a great job too if given the chance. As far as JJ acting rings around Leo DiCaprio, get a grip- he's a good actor but don't get carried away.

    When I heard that Dominic was going to push Lulu away to protect her I just rolled my eyes that this was being done AGAIN. I have to say though that I do appreciate that they changed it up a bit. Dominic wants to protect Lulu from the fallout with her friends and family, which is a little easier to take than him trying to protect her from being hurt or killed...

    I still FF through all the JaSam scenes and the Niz scenes. Just can't handle them.

    OLTL rocks!

  11. This is the first time I've really liked Lulu with someone. It doesn't look forced. They have a real chemistry. I hope the writers don't screw it up.

  12. JJ is just riveting to watch. He is definitely getting star treatment as far as the writers are concerned and he deserves it. He and Tyler were great back when and still are. Love Lulu and Dante. Jasam are getting boring with nothing to do but rehash. They really need action to keep them interesting.

  13. I have to wonder if Mike's operation is what leads to the Dante being Sonny's son reveal? I mean the timing seems like more then just a coincidence to me. Maybe Mike gets beat up and needs a transplant to save his life or something like that.

  14. You guys get a grip. Leo plays the same jailbait unemotive dolt in every film.

    JJ is a far better actor. Like a young De Niro or Richard Harris, he can act with his eyes alone.

    Leo, by contrast, is always Leo, just like Cruise is always Cruise.

    The fact that JJ is ghettoized on soaps does not change reality.


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