Wednesday, January 13, 2010

General Hospital:

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NOTE: OLTL didn't wait for Feb sweeps to get the Dani secret out!
Kimmy: "Is the Pope German"?
David Vickers: "I think he lives in Italy"...
David is the BEST character on soaps lately. "I will take a lapdance..if it's free and all"! Now he and Kimmy are rivals for the Buchanan millions!! WOOT! David Calls her "Princess VELVET THIGHS"! Brahahaha.
And Mitch going to see Todd. Nice. "Walker" mention! I totally forgot Todd has Mitch's brother's face! heh.
Not diggin' Ford. They could have found someone with more unique looks. He looks like every other soapy stud, imo

Best part was Maxie giving Lulu her fave handbag. LOL. that was about it.
JoLivia was on.
Carly/Jason both in leathah. LEAAAAATHA. Can you tell I am bored?
WASTE OF SPACE=NEW LISA!! Come on. Plus, she's not even for Matt, she's some doggin' thing on Patrick!!  NOT NEEDED. :throwing up hands: Hell, you could have brought back Sarah.Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Ohhhhhh, Lucky told Jason to Shut UP.  Poor Lucky...Liz is going after Nikolas now that she's not going after Jason or Zander. heh.
You can tell hormonal Liz is going to rip her bodice off soon.
DID YOU notice the camera in the closet with DOMte and Johnny? Hmmmmm weird. Like Film instead of video or vise versa.
Gotta go.
Glad Jason could take his motorcycle out in the snow.


  1. I liked the different video style during the closet scene.

  2. I was asleep as usual once GH comes on. Woke up in time to see the video cam and thought, oh well this conversation is being taped.
    No Zombie Claudia? Errrr

  3. they better not have video cameras in the hospital closets...think of everything that has taken place in there!!!!!!

  4. Jason on the motorcycle in the snow made me laugh out loud! We have a Harley and I can't imagine taking it out this time of year, especially without gloves and your jacket unzipped. Imagine whizzing down the highway in a snowy climate in a convertible, icy wind blowing in your face. Yikes! Crazy.
    Nik and Liz are vomit inducing. I liked Dante, Johnny, and Lucky today, though.

  5. I think maybe if they stopped putting jet black eyeliner on sam her bags wouldn't be so prominent.. such a pretty girl looking too harsh, IMO. At least she wasn't wearing BLACK!

  6. Would have liked to see Lulu hug maxie today... instead of the hangbag giveaway. Kinda lame.

  7. It was nice to see Johnny's handsome face today!

    I was just saying yesterday how I like this new Lisa less than the other Lisa, who I was beginning to warm up to. As the days go by, I like this new one less and less to the point of turning the channel.

    I like Scrubs! It does seem like they are chem testing Robin and Steven. IRL, it would be hard for Robin to find someone because of her HIV, but on GH she has such GREAT luck with men!

    The motorcycle?! Oh please! It looked as if they just pushed the motorcycle to Sam. Snow? no helmet, no problem! So realistic!

  8. Hey you guys, I have been wondering something. Has Nik been a fan favorite for a long time? He really bores me. He looks like his cheeks are puffy, and not at all like he used to. It seems as if he doesn't have any acting skills. Can you refresh my memory of better times? I think I used to like him, but it is blurry now.

  9. they better leave my scrubs alone!

  10. I thought GH was a TOTAL snoozefest on Wed. OMG, could they get any more boring? And the Liz/Nix scene was so repetitive/ridiculous. It made no sense that she begged him to stay in PC, they told him yet again how she loves Lucky and will marry him. How selfish, sick and twisted can she be? Even for a selfish person (whicn Liz is not supposed to be), this made no sense.

    I LOVED Sam's beige leather jacket, but it did not seem warm enough for a PC winter, let alone a PC winter motorcycle ride.

  11. Well, I hate to say it, but I live in New England and I have a neighbor that rides his motorcycle pretty much year round. He does wear a helmet, but how he hasn't killed himself on that thing yet is a, while it is not too bright, some people do actually do it!

  12. OLTL- Ok is it just me or is anyone elese hoping Stacy gets Rex back now that Gigi dumped him?


  13. I too loved Sam's tan jacket. It made me remember what a pretty gal she is. All that Black tends to blend in with her black hair, blackmake up, black clothes.

    yes liz is sickening. Guza, you succeeded in ruining one of my favorite characters.

    To answer the Nik question, yes he was somewhat of a hero. think him & Em when they fell in love when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I actually rooted for this couple without really liking the actress much. I did love her relationship with Jason, Liz & the rest of the Q's. I lost it though when she got together w/Sonny. Really bad storyline there. Kind of like I feel about Liz. If they were smart they would have broken this off weeks ago, then have a better actress to play lisa take Nike's mind of liz, then give L&L a chance again. Instead guza is ripping the character of Liz to pieces.. how sad.

  14. Loved Lucky FINALLY digging into Jason. Even though it wasn't appropriate, Lucky had enough. Still would have loved to see him punch Jason though.
    And again.... everyone stand up for Jason. Oh, he maybe be a bad guy, but he didn't kill anyone. His heart isn't like all the other mobsters heart. Lulu didn't die, so Jason should not be faulted for her getting kidnapped...puhlease!
    Nik and Liz. Barf. Scrubs need to be on a little more. More Johnny please! Hopefully he gets some kickass scenes since Claudia's body showed up!

  15. OMG, I think I totally had blocked out that Emily had been with Sonny! Oh, how I wish I could forget!

  16. Reading the spoilers and realizing since Lulu & Jax will be Josslyn's godparents, Jax has no friends other than alexis. Wouldn't she have been a top choice for Jax as the godmother? I mean seriously, Jason AGAIN? The hitman killer? Poor Jax! But of course everyone will make him the villan when carly finds out what he did to put Sonny away. If we really put ourselves in his shoes we would totally get it. I would love for Jax not to apologize once she finds out. Just get in her faxce and say THOSE PEOPLE ARE KILLERS WOMAN! You are raising our kdis with killers...

  17. Always good to see that jason can be a godfather to his friends kids but can't be a real father to his own...

  18. C Tylo left the role of NIC once and while gone they replaced the role with a very cute guy, Scott Colin, I believe his name was, and he now plays in the Closer as the reporter she calls all the time. Then when C Tylo wanted to come back, they ditched him like they did Greg Vaughn. I only liked the character of NIK when it was played by another person. My daughter and mom have all commented lately on C Tylo that he looks puffy and heavier. I think he is pumping too much iron.

    They have totally succeeded in making us not like Liz or at least think she is an idiot and can't make up her mind.

    When do you think Jax is going to tell Carly Dante is Olivia's son?

  19. Don't know who C Tylo is, but Tyler Christopher plays Nik...close, lolol. And for the record , heavier or thinner, I prefer Tyler to anyone else who played the role. He has an air of aristocracy that goes well for a "prince".


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