Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More on Today's Soaps 1/5/10

So, AMC had a stellar run today.

OLTL The following happened: Natalie confessed to stabbing Mitch, Bo quit his job. Dani and Matt kissed for the first time, Tea/Todd got back together, Gigi chose Sky...Blair bonked Ross' brother.

GH: Franco runs around with mirrors to confuse Jason.  CO77x.
NO new opening. Which, is pretty funny. Dead peeps all over the montage.

BTW, I tweeted to Sarah Brown that since Claudia's body was missing, she could be a Zombie in PC. Sarah actually tweeted back that she'd LOVE it. LOL Here's hoping Claud comes back and eats Guza.

OMG...Nikolas and Steven Lars? whateverrrr......I hate SL's hair. Looks like Kevin Bacon in Flashdance. Back in the early '80's  it was cool..now, not so much.

So, if Jason got arrested to 'get' Franco, why did he get himself Unarrested? I can't keep up with this stellar writing.

Jason spent half the show staring at CO77x in the Pink Room. OH! And Lucky and Jason are now thisclose to being brothers or something? They are going to bond those two. More than they are, I can see it coming.

Rumors have Alexis/Mac having a real relationship. I can only hope that means airtime for JJY increases. Not the other way around ie: they decrease NLG's to match his!!
Is it me or is Johnny scarce lately?

CHRISTMAS  Ratings on Daytime Confidential: OLTL hits new low. GH ain't far behind, peeps. It's down at the bottom of the bunch. So much for the Franco Factor.  SO much for hoping that good writing would keep up.

I have to go...scoops are coming in fast and furious tonight/tomorrow. Hope they include NoDoz :)


  1. steven lars is HOT!!!

  2. GH is just so awfully boring at this time. I wish, wish there was a change for the better with the direction of the show. The writing needs to be better and needs to encompass a different group of characters. I am sick and tired of watching "GH-The Mob Years".... It sucks and redundant. The last 10 years have been done and there just isn't anything left for the mob to do. It's a huge joke and Guza and Frons should be ashamed of what they have put together as a show.

    The rating system needs to change. I think it is not accurate. Also, in regards to the repeats over the holidays.... Gosh, what a waste. On the eve's there should have been new epi's. Then maybe on the actual holiday, there should have been maybe a repeat of the last year's holiday episode. I can't tell you how many people wanted to watch the shows on Thurs and Fri (both weeks)because they were off work and were sorely disappointed when I told them they were repeats from a few months ago. Both Frons and Guza need to go and take JFP with them.

  3. You are right poor Jason poor Jason can he not feel the love.Was a horrible show and its making me not liking Jax.EEEEEwwwww he hates Jason can't ya tell and thats a big NONO in Carlys book.I knew I was missing someone and that was Johnny.I hope they keep him.Was glad to finally see Lucky learn the truth about Niz

  4. Karen,

    Too funny! My husband walked into the room and immediately commented on Scott Reeves hair and how he would never trust any doctor that can't even use a comb!

  5. That stinks about the ratings. The only other show I watch is ATWT, and we all know what has happened over there...I wonder what GH can do to increase ratings?
    It seems the last few Feb. sweeps they have had *big* events (Robert/monkey virus, hotel fire, hostage crisis, toxic balls) Does anyone know if anything big is planned for this Feb.?

  6. Amy, i think they are planning the reveal of Dante as a cop and Sonny's son is in Feb. I also think they are suppose to have a big shootout between Dante and the hitman Sonny hires to kill him at Josilyn's christening.
    I read Dante accidentally shoots Lulu during the shootout.

  7. I actually thought today's show wasn't too bad.

    Anyway, Karen, I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. My local news here in Boston is reporting on all the snow in Rochester--96 hours of snow! hopefully it will stop soon!

  8. after watching today's show, I still believe jason is carly's one and only true love. jason has always put carly and her kids before robin, courtney,liz and sam.even before his own son jake.maybe it is time to pair them together.

  9. Liz, I think I was just tired by the time GH came on. I keep expecting something exciting with Franco. It's just dragging and dragging for me

  10. hey guys - just a heads up that the new Lisa shows up tomorrow on our tv screens and we only have 5.5 day left of Franco ;)

  11. today wasnt all bad i didnt think.

    i am having a hard time with the rewriting of the lucky/jason friendship. every time i see JJ on screen though, i am reminded why as a teenager i had the biggest crush on him!

    im sort of looking forward to the Dante reveil....wonder how Sonny will feel knowing his son is a cop and not only a cop but is trying to bring him down. hmmm

  12. I wish that TPTB would realize that if no one is watching.. I know I Loved as a teen Xmas break to watch GH... they need to change... Jason and Sam are just boring thank godness for DVR's and every fan vote more vote for Liz and Jason... Sam and Lucky were HOT... maybe they should try with NuOld lucky and see... Franco story is boring cause we know Jason will win, Save Carly and Sam, n will still be a MOBSTER... Dante and Lulu are so cute and its nice to see trust and friendship and romance. NIZ needs to be a bad dream... I know Feb Sweeps...Alexis wakes up and its really Feb 2009 and she Just woke from the Virus coma and the whole last year was a dream.. or maybe Carly Wakes up and Alacazar comes out of the shower... Fix GH before you lose more watchers and it gets cancelled...PLEASE

  13. It was weird seeing Jason and Lucky conversing. I'm glad Lucky thought Liz may be in danger. Franco is pretty wacko. He could know EVERYTHING about Jason, including his past loves and kids!! Can't put anything past him now. Jason should know that!
    I still don't like that Carly will take Jason's side 100%, but at least she gave a reason. Because he has always been there for her, no matter what jacked up stuff she has done...and she has done some jacked up stuff!!
    I don't see Sam with Lucky anymore. But too bad Nik and Sam are related because I can see them together, or maybe even Steven Lars, who I also think is HOT!!


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