Friday, January 8, 2010

FRIDAY: Franco's Crest


OLTL is just faboosh. I LOVED the whole crew walking into Todd's house saying we're moving IN! LOL. Addie was priceless.
Stacey/Mitch. LOVES it. Stacey is going to have to spill that FISH is the daddy! woot!  Is it wrong to feel bad for Stacey peepee?

Mel talking to Dorian. See, I just love the weave of the whole show. Everyone is involved with everyone. It's not all isolated. 
I also am really liking the Blair/Todd friendship. Take all the crap away and they have have a great relationship.

It's freezing here and I know it's freezing all ovah the place! I do feel bad for all you down south and in Texas. ouch! I mean, we have a foot of snow, another foot coming but we can take it. Plus, I have like 6 winter coats and 5 pairs of boots so I can deal. You peeps, not so sure.

LOCAL Report: Brockport College is on a Lockdown. Oh, geesh. There's an "active Shooter" on Rt. 31. Whole town is shut. Schools, everything. So, I am having breaking news come in. I think everyone is ok.

GH today:
Franco: So, Jason...yer..ah, really cute. What's the deal?

Jason: Hit my head. Forgot. Got a gun.
Sam: Knock. Pick lock...knock...look....knock. Breathe.
Alexis: Oh, just call me when it's all over.
Franco: YOU'LL miss me when I'm gone. And my hair. Just wait and see. *pout*

That's it boyz and girlz. The Studio blows up. No one is hurt. yada yada. (Monday)

Chad Brannon (Zander)  is the proud new papa of baby Ford Owen Brannon! Congrats!

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! hit an ad for wub! :)


  1. The ONLY THING I was looking forward to in this whole Franco mess was him being killed! Now it seems he will survive, what a disappointment. I don't understand why Sonny didn't hurt him to get him to speak, why did he just let him go?

    I hope this all ends soon . . .

  2. Speaking of weather in the south - they're predicting SNOW in FL tomorrow!! It will be nice to see it floating through the air...and that's about it. Stay warm all you northern folk!

  3. Florida girl here, no winter coats, but I can layer like a professional! Gators, Buccaneers,USF Bulls...sweatshirts, I got'em..feel like a walking billboard sometimes, hahahaha..

    Agent Raynor is coming back? hmmmm Raynor/Alexis/Mac???? An actual mature funny romance??? with a little Diane thrown in for good meansure? AWWWWW don't tease us Guza! lol.

  4. Tejas lady here, who loves this weather!!! Been out in it all day with no problems. I don't get cold that easily, so doing fine in this weather. It will hit 13 degrees here. We will be sound as a pound in the land of Tejas!!

  5. I thought Jason and Franco were amazing today. Franco found out his hero wasn't like him after all, and we got to find out the 'core' of both characters. Jason won in the end 'cause he got Franco to tell him where both hostages were. Franco was so focused on Jason not being able to save both, he failed to realize that Jason could get help, and, yes, actually save both.

    Loved Kristina calling Sonny out. Hated Alexis' cold as ice attitude about Sam's situation - the 'let me know what you find out' attitude.

    I thought Dante and Lucky were great in the way they worked together trying to figure out where Franco was holding Lulu and Sam.

    Yes, the show recycles old storylines, but today I really felt all the actors made it happen. Steve Burton was particularly amazing! And yes, it's strictly my opinion.

  6. Ford Brannon: not to be confused with Race Bannon....

  7. Franco Spanko he stunk yes Jason was good and so was Dom .Go kick Sonnys butt Kristina....Hey the hot flashes I have here in Mississippi with 12 degree weather made me feel like I was in the Bahamas..

  8. Shirleedee, I agree on the actors. I just wish this would have happened weeks ago. THEN it would have made me very happy.

  9. So, Luke's going to find out his daughter was kidnapped and strapped to a bomb when?!? I mean I know he's a "disinterested" parent; but come on! really?!
    Steve B: Brilliant acting this week I think. Franco: great actor; but can't say I"m going to be sad to see him go.

  10. I iwish they would just show Alexis saying you know, I have had. jason almost got you killed how many times the last time you were with him? And now you're in a pickle AGAIN and oh its cause of jason.. Imagine that. If they had built it up no one would be calling her out as a non caring mom. But lets face facts: Sam does some stupid crap (you know the trying to solve the crimes inher heals sort of stories). I'm sure Alexis preferred her with Lucky as a cop vs hitman killer jason. No matter what though, you have to care about your kids. I 99.9% love Alexis, until something like this.

  11. Love kristina and Sonny... this little actress is a gem. I know some find her annoying but she really shines with so many others (sonny, Keifer, Ethan, Alexis, Sam)
    She evn lets me tolerate Sam. Wish they would have a teen/preteen story to show off Molly and Morgan too (not just at holiday time, either). I don't know about the rest of you, but the whole Spin/maxie/fanco stuff really bores me. I can't even root for Spixie anymore since he made maxie stray just a few months after the wonderful non wedding. Not to mention, Franco was a one night thing and not even a character we could understand.

  12. BTW when I said HE made maxie stray, I meant guza!

  13. I am just waiting for Sonny's "you betrayed me" and "you are dead to me!" lines to Olivia. (and smashing glasses.)

  14. LOVE the rumor that Johnny & Olivia get closer.. Miss my Brandon scenes!

  15. The OLTL and AMC ratings are hard to believe. I just think that they "fix" the "ratings" and that AMC is really last in the ratings. I have not heard anyone say that they LOVE AMC in a very, very long time.

  16. I like the Kristina character and actress. I know I am in the minority, but I don't care at all for Molly. She is very young to be saying and doing the things she does. It is not precious or cute to me. JMO

  17. I have loved this storyline! Yes even Franco! This is what I think happens.....Franco's studio blows up when the timers go off..... The body they find is Claudia and Franco is just gone which is great if James Franco decides to come back later....
    Again I loved this story line......Every actor in this was wonderful !


  18. Why didn't Jason kill Franco after he got the ladies wearabouts out of him? Isn't that what he has been saying from the beginning? "I wish I killed Franco when I had the chance..."
    Ugh. Friday was a mess. Too bad Sam didn't blow up. Jason would have rocked the scenes ala Sonny with Lily.
    I guess Carly will always defend Jason, even to her kids. I know Michael was wrong in what he was talking about, but to call him a Punk just because he was badmouthing Jason. Wow.

  19. God luv you for saying "the South and Texas". So many people don't realize that Texas is not southern.

    Love love love your blog!


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