Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Another World's New Face coming to GH

Dahlia Salem, who used to be on Another World is coming to Port Chuck to play a federal prosecutor named Christine Walsh. She's due on screen in late Feb.

James Franco, Jon Hamm and  David Strathairn promote Howl, at Village at the Yard during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival on Friday (January 22) in Park City, Utah. HE's EVERYWHERE! Even with my fave MAD MAN!  

FROM the Bizarre Box: Tyler Christopher and Dominic Zamprogna were with the hunks of Thunder From Down Under, Frank Marino and his cast of female impersonators from Divas Las Vegas at Imperial Palace for the 9th Annual Women’s Fair at South Point. More than 125 businesses and 5,000 participants were there on January 23rd. If anyone has pics from THIS please send them in!!

Finola Huges will be on CSI: NY Feb 3rd. She will play a mother who's daughter is found drained of all her blood. 

MORE GHers: Sarah Brown will be on ABC's Castle Monday night at 10pm.
Hey! Even though Josslyn's christening will have bullets flying, Carly invites the Qs to come! Yippee! Looks like Lisa's going to make a move on Patrick and Johnny breaks up with Olivia. (boo)


  1. I can't believe that someone said that Franco is coming back for May sweeps!! I think every fan HATED the storyline, Guza hates the fans, I swear!

  2. AntJoan, I did write a blog on it..he's coming back in may:

  3. I'm happy that the 'truth' about Dom/Dante will be revealed finally. I just hate that Micheal makes it happen. I can't stand Micheal. Its interesting cause he thinks he's getting the upper hand and all but when Sonny's told that he just shot his own than Micheal will be even more bitter really. I mean Micheal isn't even Sonny's real son but Dante is(not that it bothers him that he isn't his real son). I can see more stories coming from all of this. Now if Carly goes back to Sonny because of Jax I'll be upset....than she gets what she deserves really. Yeah, I'm sure she'll be laughing because of Liz/Nik thing cause she hates Liz but like others have stated here she has no room to throw stones she's far from perfect herself. Its like look in the Mirror lady. Not that I'm saying what Nik/Liz did is right its like totally wrong but we all know this is a soap & we don't have happy couples very much now do we. If we do they are labeled boring etc. Maybe we need some reverse logic with Mr Guza it does seem the more we as fans say we hate something thats what we get more of 'it' Mob/etc...maybe we should say we love it than maybe that'll change....but I doubt it...thats too easy really....He doesn't care what we think nor do TPTB....they will keep doing what they want even if 'they' are wrong & we as fans are right. Not looking forward to the Wards at all....that sounds boring really. Helena will be cool to see again....there will be some interesting things coming up. Not liking this Lisa person at all.....time will tell....

  4. How will I ever get over hating Sam when Guza just brings down L:iz further and further every day? Now another poster said rumors say Liason may start over come fall? Really? After everything they have done to us? And after original Lucky is back and we liason fans almost would rather have L&L?

  5. Not happy about my Jolivia breaking up. Let's hope its temporary. Now I assume Johnny does NOT know Dante is Sonny's, correct? I couldn't recall.

    Its a shame what they did to Michael. this is a good solid actor.... he's great being light hearted (ala xmas or thanksgiving scenes) But this whininess remionds me of GV's version of Lucky.

  6. Does anyone else thing this pic of Dahlia Salem looks like Natalia Livingston, our late Emily? hmmmm Perhaps a tad older, but surely the same type...gonna be interesting.And who will she be brought on for? Steven? Matt? someone new?

  7. Interesting sundance interview video from E on James Franco and GH.


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