Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sit Back, Relax you WUBBAHS! Soap Operas for today...

#AMC uh, the nuColby is really REALLY stinkin' up that whole story. Don't like that punk kid either. LOL. I think they are moved? Hmmm. Today's show was boring.

#OLTL today was so marvy!! Natalie parading her boobs around and actually says "Should I BUST you out of jail"?? LOL. I'm loving Dorian's "undercover spy" look. Who saw "The Devil's Advocate"? It is SO the Mitch story!! He's AL Pacino!! I so hope that Sky isn't going to dig a hole. I love Scott Clifton! (but you know that already).

#GH: The whole Cassadine story is coming in drips/drabs. Helena will be happily laughing at Prince Nik's split with his brother. She'll have warnings about the Uber Black-Sheep in the family. He'd better be some piece of work because with Stavvy and Hells' history that's a tall order.

I'm so glad Epiphany said something about the GH gossip! Just think if Amy was there, her head would have exploded!!  She would have called Tiffany and it would be all over town and on the TV station in a second!

Such fake snow. Loved Johnny asking if it was "Molly Ringwald night at the Jack's house".  Nice.
Keifer telling Kristina that she's dressing "young"! LOL... and he's going to Harvard? Realz. hmm. I don't get the appeal of him. They should have made him more likeable so the abuse was out of left-field. I mean, I can see NO reason why Kristina is into him. Loved that Krissy called Sam and Molly wanted to go too. Although Sam and dressing conservative? Ahahahahaha.

SPIN'S SHIRT? ughhhhhhhh. is it velour? Looks like it.

Lulu and Dante are so good...finally a guy I can get behind for Lulu. I wonder how Luke's going to react to him. Hmmmmmmm. Hi Dad, he's Dante...he's Sonny's first born AND he's a cop!! :running away:
I really like the Carly/Olivia friendship...glad they patched it up. We need more friends.

Tomorrow I am busy with a meeting at 2:30...I hope Fronz is on time, he's usually late. ;) I won't be live blogging, I hate to say. Check for Spoilers later in the evening. I'm waiting for mail to come in.

GH filmed episode number 12,000 today!!
Thanks to Wubber Chrissy for that tidbit.


  1. Lulu introducing Dante to Luke like that would be totally hilarious and totally in character. i could see her doing that.

    As to Carly and Olivia, I hope their friendship survives the Dante-reveal.

  2. Love the Olivia/Carly friendhsip. Its much more authentic than the other friend Carly had (Courtney). Hell she's only had 2 friends that are female!

    So sick of seeing Sam come in and out waiting for Jason like a puppy dog. Also, due to her history with Lucky I wish she had shown more concern for him falling off the wagon (even paying a visit should be in order). That is the Sam I love, not this pathletic waitress on my screen (always waiting for Jason). You figure Lucky will turn to someone, who I'm not sure yet.

  3. most ironic comment of the day: Sam to Spin & Jason:

    Taking a woman and her children hostage is not exactly cop liek behavior.

    No Sam, that's YOUR behavior!

  4. Sonny & Jason should ask Luke or Robin about Dante because they could both tell them that it IS something that people who work undercover would do because they both know spies and that is part of their job.
    Also i think it would be COOL if it turned out Dante was really working for Robert Scorpio!

  5. CAT..haha. So true!!

  6. Lulu and Dante are great together - finally someone I like with Lulu. Seems natural, not forced like it was with Johnny. I too, like the Olivia/Carly friendship - I can't remember exactly what Carly said to Olivia, but something about not having any friends, they don't like me?? Whatever it was, I lol. I like those 2 as friends, and am wondering how this how Dante thing will effect their friendship. And the conversation between Johnny and Carly was pretty good too.
    I wish that Dr Lisa would go back where she came from.
    Been liking GH lately, but loving OLTL. That soap rocks - every damn day.

  7. WubQueen... please smack Fronzi for all of us when you see him tomorrow, ok? (Even if he's not late) :D

  8. Sam telling anyone about wardbrobe make me laugh out loud.

  9. not true. She never took a woman or a child hostage. Get over your petty jealousies of Sam. And anonymous, thinking of you trying to FIT into Sam's wardrobe makes ME laugh out loud.

  10. The one thing that stuck out in my mind was the wall in Jason's penthouse. He's supposed to be uber-rich and yet the walls on either side of his door are peeling paint and have large horizontal cracks in them. I guess the props department doesn't have time or money to repair the damage?

    I loved yesterday's episode. It's funny how every one else knows about Dante's true identity except for the two people who should have figured it out first, Sonny & Jason.

    I can feel the impending doom approaching and cannot wait for today and tomorrow's episodes.

  11. Olivia and Carly won't be friends after the Dante reveal.

  12. Anonymous: Sam paid 2 men to threaten a woman and her 2 kids with a GUN. And she watched Jake get kidnapped. So yeah that's pretty ironic for her to make any statements such as this.

    Jealousy of Sam? I am 61 years old. I seriously do not have jealousy of a fictional character. This is a blog to leave our opinions. There are things I actually like about Sam such as her interactions with others like Alexis, her sisters, her friendship she used to have with maxie, to name a few. And btw, how do you know what size the 2nd anonymous is to make such a statement? My goodness get a grip. Everyone knows Sam's wardrobe is black and sexy, period. Would simply be nice to see her in a classy outfit from time to time. Most of us here giggle about her clothes or lack there of. RELAX. It's a TV Show.

  13. Even my husband commented to Spin's shirt...and I was watching in FF. It was that heinous!

  14. I'm the anonymous that haha'd Cat's statement.First of all, my boobs could fit her clothing style, but you are right. I cannot fit one leg through her jeans and because I am probably 6 inches taller than her and I play basketball, so my muscles are a little different shaped.
    Thank you Cat for what you said. There was obviously no jealousy with what I wrote. The "CHARACTER" of Sam DID, in fact, have two men hold a woman and two kids hostage with guns. Since Sam said that in the episode yesterday, that makes it kind of funny.
    I'm thinking this is the same anonymous that leaves the posts telling us to quit whining about the show as well...
    The show yesterday definitely is leading up to Friday, which is making me really excited. I'm glad they didn't have Liz on today, and I want to know who Lisa is to be judging on someone she doesn't even know. How long has she worked at GH? I'm glad Robin and Patrick are standing by Liz. She is going to need some friends.
    Are we finally going to have the downfall of Sonny, or is Dante not going to press charges because Sonny is his dad? I am thinking the latter...

  15. I disagee about Carly & Olivia not being friends aftewr the reveal. I could be wrong but they may actually bond over this.

    Wow can't believe some people think we are jealous of "Sam". Most of us think KM of georgeous, we just wish warbrobe would dress her as her age. We don't all want to stare at her boobs very day and it gets a little redundant. I can put on a push up bra and look pretty darn sexy too, but not in front of my little sisters, my mother, etc. But that's just me.

    I'm so tired of Spin I can barely watch him anymore. They killed Spixie w/ the franco thing for me.


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