Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday ON the Soap Opera Deck!! JJ is EMMY WORTHY!

Maxine and Tyler at the Women's Conference in Vegas last weekend!

Maxine has been around the net and GH events since the beginning of it all! She was nice enough to share this great pic with me of she and Tyler Christopher. If you look down below I was trying to find some people that went to this fun event. She said he and Dom Z were looking fine!!

Do you like FanFic? Someone contacted me via facebook that has some going for Skye Chandler! We all miss Robin, so if you want, take a gander, she's written quite a bit:, third Colby strikes out in my book. ewww. Loved Jake seeing Liza neekid. heh. I really love them all living in one house.

#OLTL See, I'm starting to make twitter # marks on here! Good Lord, tell I'm addicted? Langston is getting randy! Oh, to be 18 again. Lust. What you gonna do?!  Liking Starr and newbie Dani. They look like sisters. Did you know that Matthew and Starr are bro/sis in real life?

#GH: did you see the spoilers? did you hit an ad for Haiti? We have about $50 so far.

I am still saying DOMte is one of the worst "undercover" cops EVAH...except Hannah, I guess. Love how they use the DOCKS...why don't they take out an ad in the paper? And uh, DOMte? Yes, Sonny's "deeply flawed"--he's also a GANG-stah. Olivia needed to come clean in that scene, imo.

Lucky. JJ looks destroyed-- just like he should. He's such a fabu actor. He called Niz "Sick". This is going to get good! He looks so vampire-ish!! He did a bang-up job today. WOWza. That's the JJ I remember. I think Rebecca Herbst was crying because she actually felt bad! LOL. That's how good he was!  Tyler Christopher is just standing there stunned.  "You are a Cassadine right down to your rotten SOUL"!!!!! JJ is on twitter btw: @JSJacksonwrites ahhhhhhh, today's show: BLISS. RH on point as well. Just when I thought it was over, the scene just kept going! woo hoo! He said "Rutting Farm Animals" Told her to never use Cam/Jake to manipulate him again ("you bitch")!  AND AS my friend FRANK said on twitter: Lucky? The New Anger Boy? Could he take over for Jason and Michael?!!
Luke: "you know there's only room for one bitter, nasty Spencer in this saloon cowboy"...

Tracy and Luke..nice. Of course, the Haunted Star is shut. How DO they make money? TG's hair is scary right now. As much as I want GF to come back, I do love me the spankybuns
Diane is on..with Maxie and Mac. That's nice. But really, just watch for JJ today.

Carly runs over to Jason to tell on Liz!!!!!! how funny. Classic CARLY! She told him everything...

Hell, I'm drained. I wonder how actors feel after those kind of scenes? geesh. I'd have to go have a shot or two. I mean, really.
Show was written by: Karin Harris today..thanks to the tweeps that told me that.


  1. will carly ever grow up. this character is 40 years old and still acting like 20. why does carly have to be jealous of all women?

  2. I cannot stand Carly and her arrogance...
    1. Slept with step father
    2. Slept with brothers
    3. got pregnant and lied to the real dad about paternity
    4. Cheated on Jason with Sonny
    5. Lied to Nik about Spencers paternity
    6. Allows her kids near violence every day
    7. Cheated on Jax with Sonny
    8. Dated Alcazar (Did they marry)

    I'm sure there is much more...

  3. great show....lucky sure gave it to liz...about time someone told her the truth!

  4. Great actors make mediocre writing sizzle.

    Look at the Niz story. JJ is why that is even more entertaining than the Sonny/Dante betrayal angle.

  5. I LOVED Carly today!!!! She was like a 16 year old...LOL. But I thought it was funny.

  6. Carly is digusting. Just when I thought she had grown a little (and I do mean a littler) she proves she is her same old self. She is so damn threatened by EVERYONE. What it comes down to is she can make any mistakes she wants and everyone is to forgive her. But anyone else does, watch out! They are ruined for life. All in all she's just jealous that Liz gave Jasona baby and she didn't. heh. So there you high schooler! Poor Jax will be punished forever once she finds everything out.

  7. I agree JJ was great. I expected more out of Nik. Becky was good as far as what she had to work with (you figure it has to be tough!) I wish Jason would have told Carly Liz is a better mother than she ever could be

  8. Didn't Jason tell Carly that he never wanted her to say anything bad about Liz in front of him ever again?

  9. Didn't Jason tell Carly that he never wanted her to say anything bad about Liz in front of him ever again?

  10. This is true Carly
    She never liked Liz Never
    And in many ways Carly was right Liz is acting like she is the saint of all saints
    Carly is not she is owning up her mistakes she own up her mistakes with everyone .....
    I just love Carly !!!
    And she did enjoy it LOL

    JJ was amazing Amazing

    GH is so on fire since the start of the year I hope the ratings will show it also

  11. Did yall see the nite of the golden globes Cougar towns Courtney Cox mentioned Carol Hennesy thanking her?Loved it.Also loved Lucky kicking Liz's butt to the curb.I have really been sick at my stomach seeing her and Nik togethor.And I thought Lulu would hit Nik.Carly was being Carly hate to say it but so true

  12. Carly owned up top her mistakes? are you high?

  13. JJ gave me chills. Man he can bring it! I agree with Karen, Carly was so fun today! So true to her character to go running to Jason when someone she hates screws up. Even though I felt bad that she was mocking a tragic situation I thought she was really funny.

  14. JJ ROCKED those scenes. It almost made it worth it what these writers did to Liz just to see Lucky slam them both.

    Carly is the biggest liar and hypocrite ever lived. I agree she's jealous of Liz. And she hated Robin for telling things about her, and here she is doing the same.

  15. Best scenes of the entire show was JJ. Poor Carly...that scene was sooo awkward! *lmao*

    Lucky: "Hey cuz!" *lol*

  16. ok so I haven't read ALL comments yet, but I just want to say...

    I LOVE ME SOME CARLY!!! I love her in your face knock em dead attitude. Any one of ya'll would have ran straight to Jason too.

    Love you Carly!

  17. OMG! JJ blew me away. With all due respect, Greg Vaughn, who? And when he cradled Elizabeth's face in his hands and said he would always love the girl he rescued in the snow I balled like a baby.

    I hated what Carly did but I loved Jason telling her it isn't her business. And oh, Carly you are being a hypocrite.. Look what you did with sonny in the limo. Let's not even mention tony either. You are a shameful whore and some how the writers made us forget that (as well as Sam's indescretions). How can Carly giggle about what she saw knowing Jasons feelings for Liz (past or present). If she loves jasont he way she says she does, she should have been a little delicate with passing on this news.

  18. Carly took great pleasure telling Jason about Little Miss Perfect - I thoroughly enjoyed those scenes. JJ - you too - great job today - confronting Liz and Nik - OMG - it was just perfect. I have been waiting for a lonbg time for this to happen.

  19. JJ is spot on every day. He is just bringing it. Tyler Christopher, on the other hand, looks like he needs a transfusion or something. Is he sleep deprived? RH was very good and I loved JJ with Tony Geary in spite of that fright wig Tony's had on since he came back. I love the color of his hair, though and he looks like he's gained a bit of weight. Over all he looks really good.

  20. Yes.. I loved it!!! After watching Lucky rip into Liz, I was speechless... JJ was simply phenomenal today with his confrontation!!!! Liz and Nik didn't know what hit them and I see little Miss Lulu will be next give it to her brother and Liz!!!
    The Spencer's are on FIRE!!!!
    Even Carly was good with her hypocritical self.

    I agree with B up above, Even though I miss Greg Vaughan & I Love Jonathan Jackson!!!! He deserve an emmy for today's performance alone!!!! it looks like it going to be a very crazy year for the Spencer clan.


  21. whats with all the carly hate? she was on for like 2 minutes, it was funny the way lucky answered the door, and everyone knew she was gonna run to jason. bigger question is why would she invite any of those three being that the other day she said she barely knows lucky, and in the next scene she was bashing liz.

  22. Karin Harris did a awesome job writing that eppy. WOW, JJ was fantastic.

  23. B, I totally agree with you, when Lucky told Liz he would always love that little girl in the snow... as much as I hate what they have done to Liz, wow, today was worth it all for the performance JJ turned in. And what is up with TC? He used to be able to act. He just looks bored all the time now... of course with the story they've given him I guess I can't blame him.

    Oh, what a perfect time for Genie to come back with her boys in turmoil!

  24. JJ's performance was like nothing I've ever seen (and I thought the scenes on Friday with Luke were pretty intense). I don't think Greg Vaughn could have ever delivered those scenes with the same intensity, anger, emotion, passion, pain, etc. as JJ. He is so Emmy-worthy.

    Did the writers actually script this for JJ or did he improvise? I have a hard time believing that the GH writers could have turned out such a script.

    I am watching it for the second time today -- it was just that good.

    I may go back to watching GH again after today (although the other storylines pretty much suck).

  25. Powerhouse performance by JJ...Vaughn was likeable, but good God let's be honest, JJ orginated the role and OWNS it! If he submits any Emmy scenes this year, it better be this episode

  26. It just bugged me how Carly's dislike of Liz came before her treasured friendship with Jason. Didn't care if the news bothered him, as long as she got to gloat.

    Dare I say it? Those Lucky/Niz scenes today wouldn't have had half the POP without JJ.

    Yeah, I said it.

  27. Karin Harris wrote this show??? Well sign the lady to a permanent contract!!! We've got the old spiteful Carley back, We've got a pensive Luke,and disappointed Lulu,but most of all we just saw an Emmy winning performance from JJ today!!! I've never been a proponent of JJ's return as Lucky (he does nothing for me physically), but this angry, hurt,furious Lucky we saw today was just fascinating!! I was rivited to the screne, and when it was all over I was crying right along with them all. BRAVO!

  28. Standing ovation to JJ for today's scenes! He knocked it out of the park. I loved Liz & Nik's stunned faces. They couldn't defend themselves and even when they tried it sounded hollow and childish. JJ was amazing in his deliverance, the gestures, facial expressions. I totally felt the betrayal, hurt and anger he was feeling. I even felt for Liz at the end, sitting on the stairs. You could see the thoughts running through her mind. The life she had planned was over and all because of something she did. Just amazing and riveting to watch.

    Carly? I dislike her annoying habit of running to Jason whenever Liz does something wrong. She needs to butt out of Jake's life. She should know that married couples don't always make it last forever. What would she have done if Liz and Lucky divorced after 10 years, expect Jason to take custody of Jake then? I would have been more impressed if Carly had shown some compassion for Liz. Carly has been in similar situations as Liz and could have shown some sympathy or advice on how to pick up the pieces.

    That being said. I can't wait for tomorrow. I really want to hear what Lulu says to Nik and Liz. Although, I am wondering what this fiasco will do to her budding romance with Dante. Since she seems to define love by how Liz and Lucky love each other.

  29. Allow me to chime along with the chorus by saying that JJ KILLED it today. Seriously. I mean, I was conflicted with him coming back. Not because I didn't like him or anything(I was there when he first joined GH, so he IS Lucky to me), but I felt GV was doing a pretty good job too (well, when the writers weren't busy pissing all over the character of Lucky...).

    Well, as many have already said...JJ was phenomenal today. Truly. And I supposed I liked it that.much.more. because I really can't stand Liz anymore.

    ...for the exact same reasons Lucky and Carly stated!

  30. I agree with all of the high praise of JJ from today's show. His performance was simply breathtaking.

    On a side note, since I watched Friday's and today's shows back to back, I thought that Tracy and Luke's scenes were understated yet I couldn't bring myself to fast forward. I just adore Jane and Tony and their mutual admiration is always so obvious when they are together on screen.

  31. If JJ doesn't win an emmy for today's performance, something is vERY wrong! I totally agree w/whomever it was that said it seemed as though JJ improvised. Pure talent! Wow! I had to rewind my DVR so many times and listen over and over and getting ready to watch in entirety once again! After friday's show w/JJ and TG, I had to pull out some old VHS tapes of them from mid 90's. Watched the epi lastnight where Laura kicks Luke out of house after Lucky heard a noise outside and shot at Luke, also watched where Luke told Lucky that Stone had passed. Those 2 are like magic! Loving GH again!

  32. JJ was amazing beyond words today- amazing doesnt do justice to how he acted today.

    And OMG my sis turned to me during those scenes with Liz crying and went "I totally think he just made her cry for real" LOL- If someone was yelling at me that way, acting or not, I would bawl my eyes out too!!

    RH did brilliantly with what she was given, and Nik was just kinda..there. But JJ OWNED that!!

    And P.S.- Carly needs to grow up. Seriously.

  33. JJ=awesome. I like the Lucky and Luke scenes too, but why does Luke let his son run off drunk to drive somewhere? I know he's not the best papa, but sheesh. Wouldn't he call a cab for a drunk patron?

  34. HATED Nik and Liz together, but the fallout is soooo worth it! JJ was amazing today as were RH and TC. I actually cried during today's episode and that hasn't happened in a long time! Can't wait til tomorrow to see Lulu rip into Nik! Oh and Carly may be a hypocrite, but I thought she was pretty funny running to Jason to tell him about Liz.......typical Carly! :)

  35. Genie needs to come back. She is the missing key in this whole storyline. There's too much potential for Laura to be apart of this story with her sons in turmoil. Her being back doesn't have to be about Luke at all. Lucky needs her.

    I could see Laura turning on Nikolas over this, and those old feelings of resentment that Nikolas drew up with bubbling back to the surface with Helena egging him on.

    In his scenes with JJ, Geary isn't sleepwalking like he is with everyone else.

    I stil think Ethan's days are numbered. It'll either all turn out to be a con and Luke knew he wasn't his real son because he never really cheated on Laura.. or Ethan will be one of Valentin's victims and give Luke more reason to hate the Cassadines.

    I think Ethan would have been much more accepted by viewers had he been the son of Robert and Holly. It wouldn't have been a massive betrayal of history and it would have given Robin a brother to deal with. Ethan could have still hung out with Luke and been a surrogate son.

  36. Loved JJ today! He is magic! GH was smart to get him.

    Carly was true to character and I liked it! It was dumb to have Carly go to their house though. She wouldn't have done that, especially because of Michael and how they are trying to keep Michael stay away from Lucky.

    Liz/RH was just okay for me, but I think it would be hard to act that part. The part I liked was at the end when she started wailing and fell on the couch. That made me tear up. (I also remember RH's great acting when Emily died and Liz laid down of Em's chest and just bawled. I cried too!)

    Okay, about Nik, was there a time that he could act? Did he get botox or something and is not able to show any emotion? To me he has been such a dud for a long time.

    Luke's hair is very distracting to me. It reminded me of my Bichon Frise's coat after he has been to the groomer, just not as full.

  37. Frank you are so right, Casrly could care less if what she was relaying to Jason would hurt him. She didn't even try to deliver the news compassionately.. Jason has moved on but most of us know he has a place for Liz forever (which KILLS carly!) Having said that, until recently Liz has always topped carly as a mother by far. carly's too busy in everyone else's beezwax to notice what her kdis are doing. (No therapy for michael STILL ring a bell?)

    This whole story would have been so much better if Niz only slept together once. Its that they carried it on for weeks/months that no one can relate to, esp concerning Liz. They didn't show any draw to one another and it was just, well, dumb.

    JJ you floored me with your performance. Just magic..

  38. Great show. Good job to JJ and Becky for some great scenes. Could have done without Carly being a tattletale to Jason. Loved the look Jason gave Carly when she said she isn't a hypocrite and when he told her it wasn't her business.
    I just can't get past the Carly that apologized for giving Liz crap for keeping Jake out of the mob. Since Michael is okay, I guess it is ok to change your mind...I missed half of what Carly and Jason said though, because there was a test of the emergency broadcast system at that exact time. I was pretty ticked.

  39. I really enjoyed Carly being a school girl. It was something friends do. It does not matter how old someone is they will gossip to their best friends. Although Carly has had a rocky past I like how she is now. As far as JJ he was amazing. I was watching it thinking he should be nominated for an emmy this year. He was so great and really gave it to Liz and Nik. That whole relationship is really annoying and I hope for the viewers sake it will just fizzle out like many other story lines this year.

  40. LOVED yesterday's eppy! Soooo goood! I almost cried watching JJ...he was fabulous! I think Liz deserved everything he said to her...and then some. I have to say though, I am SO glad GV isn't here right now even though I love him to death. I wouldn't be able to take it if I saw him like this.

  41. The performance by JJ was great. But lets not blame Liz for everything. Do not forget when Lucky came back to GH after his disappearence he was dating Liz and then Liz found him in bed with her SISTER AT KELLYS. Then Liz forgave him, married him (suggorate mom to Jax child) to pay for Lucky hospital bill, then he cheated with Maxie several months. Liz hooked up with Jason during their break up not during there marriage. Then when they did remarry again (Lucky and Liz), Lucky had an affair with SAM even after SAM knew who kidnapped Jake and Liz was not having affair with Jason at that time. Only after the divorce did they hook up.

    I would perfer to see Liz with Jason.

    But she is not at fault they both did this to each other Lucky has done his damaged to relationship himself.

    Liz did not hammer him when she found him in bed with her SISTER How could anyone forget this.


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