Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Jumbo Tub

This Cronut will save the show....I'm telling you. Just don't put Vegamite on it, Mate! 

Another week of bland. I seem to remember that right around the Nurses Ball we always get a lull because they are shuffling schedules to get people in to tape for that event. Plus a lot of them have to rehearse their numbers so things are disrupted. 
I'm hoping this is what is happening. Wishing...praying.

I don't even know if you want to eat during this--you may want to fuel up first!  This is a JUMBO blog this week-- I just have so much to say!! Sorry but I got going and well, I couldn't stop myself.

Oh why can't the soaps change a bit? Not all viewers want to see what they've seen for years and years: the same camera angles, same sets that look like they are either out of IKEA or Pier One. People not watching TV-- no kitchens. Same ol same ol. Confrontation of 1-2 people. All it would take is for one of the daytime dramas to break the mold. They did it in the early 80s with the whole 'adventure' gimmick-- now can someone please usher in some 'realness' ala British series?
 Things I find really off:

**Mind Numbing "Clues". Must you say "Anna's Son" and immediately cut to the scene with Peter in there? I counted this week, there were at least a half a dozen times that they mentioned "Henrich" during the Swiss adventure and the next scene was Peter. Really? Come on now.  

**Endless Exposition: We get some people may have missed a few shows. Maybe they don't watch on Hulu or ABC.go --but why, oh why must we have characters sit and go over every detail of a story 1-2 times a week? Just why.

** Soap-Interruptus: Happens on a regular basis. You know the one. Character is going to tell another character something they've been trying to spit out for months and they are there and... it's the door. It's Lucy flouncing into Kelly's... it's a hangnail. You name it. :throwshandsup:  You can see these coming 99 miles away.  And PS why Anna has to keep the Heiny thing a big secret is beyond me. 

Location, Location, Location: . That will bring me to my biggest pet peeve of all: "On location--but NOT on location shoots-".  Why did we bother with the "Swiss" adventure? All of that nonsense could have happened in Port Charles. They just swapped the sets out (didn't even try hard) and had the same people on the same couches.  I don't know how to solve this but having Anna in various "cities" just isn't working. When Robert finally got to Port Charles, the real fun began. He and Finn were in a good scene. I wish Robert had come back for a story about Anna's fear of her illness and a little spy action. This Faison baby story? Don't get me started. 

Ok, you got me started. (rant coming). SERIOUSLY? YOU SERIOUSLY want me to believe that Anna disguised herself as HERSELF to "seduce" Faison to get information and actually slept with him?  Um... Okay--but then I also have to figure out HOW SHE DIDN'T USE PROTECTION! Let's think about this. She said Fiason was a womanizer-- trolling the world looking for women that looked like her and...?  You're not on the pill or didn't use a condom?.  Yes, it was the late 70s but people did know about STDs then.
The whole backstory gave me the creeps (and not in a good way) and felt very hastily done. It would have been way more believable that Faison forced her into something using threats.  I feel exactly like I did during the whole Anna-Alex-Valentin story.  Always going: HUH? WTF you talking about?? lol.. That was so contrived and stopped/chopped/started I still couldn't tell you the entire thing.  

I just hope they out Peter as Henrich really soon and someone ends up killing him. Yep. Bye. And couldn't they have found a fun actor in the vein of Roger or JPL or Scott Clifton? Someone with a little humor and charm?  Even the dinner party scenes which should have been light and funny were just clunky. I actually liked the idea of Pete being set up with a model by Nina. Maxie coming in was a good thing too. Then it just all. fell. flat. 

Bless the soap gods for Robert Scorpio though, right?  Tristan just slips back into Scorpio mode so well.  His scenes with Anna, Finn and Valentin made the show. He has such ease and charm. *sigh* they just don't make them like that anymore.  He's already come to town, tried to patch things up between Anna and Finn and figured out that Val was the one that gave Faison the kid back in the day. Why isn't he police commish again?  (He used to have a kangaroo on his desk when he was!!) Can I hope he sees Mac?? Will he stick around for the Nurses Ball? 

Lurker Jules sees Alexis and Finn doing the "tango"... will trouble ensue?  Two people really in love with other people are doomed to fail. 

OMG! LUCAS? Is that you?? What!!? Hello-- and I love how he and Julian even look alike. Why don't you feature Brad and Lucas more? Carly should lease them her giant ass'd house. Bobbie could continue living there--and I think Valerie? (where is she anyway?).  I so hope the adoption thing is a good story. Finger's crossed! 

The Saga of Mike continues to be heartbreaking. I am really hoping this isn't turning into the Ava-Sonny Custody Show though.  Diane has gone out of her way to explain that Mike is being held becauseMob bosses have used older guys to get out of RICO charges. Only, hello--this isn't any mob-type crime. He wandered away with his granddaughter. Since he has been diagnosed, and is elderly they'd at least get him assessed by a court appointed doctor. Let him go home with an ankle bracelet. But-- this is way more drama, right?  

ALL A SUDDEN:  Jordan might have---cancer? Lung Cancer? It was one of those cartoon moments where my head went back and forth. Yes, she's been coughing. I noticed it when she was talking to Liz about Franco the day of the shooting. Other people noticed it during the earthquake. Is this just a ruse to get Curtis to propose? Alexis had lung cancer for a hot minute, remember? Anyway, if you are going there please get Tequan  back for awhile and on a steady basis or recast TJ with someone just as good. TJ should be front and center with Kiki at the hospital doing all intern things. Why they don't have he and Molly around more is baffling. 

Oh, Kiki. You are being all brave and doing the  right things about Dr. Bensch but he's going to set you up for a fall. This is a good premise but again, Kiki has NO friends to bounce this off of. Amy and maybe the other nurses should live together in Kiki's apartment. Hell, she's got the room. They could all save money. We have NuNurse, Amy and the spunky cute one that I can never remember her name. She was on this week wheeling that skater kid out of the room when Kiki and Bensch were there. Maybe Bensch has rumors floating around the hospital about his behavior.. Maybe he's tried something on someone else. Oh, this isolation GH plays just undercuts the stories too much!

Well, I guess the Sam story has taken an about-face.  She figured out she wants to be a PI and doesn't want her new wardrobe they picked out for her. NOPE! She tells Maxie that she's all complete with being the Sam she used to be. I can see why Dream and some Sam First Fans are a little pissed because they sold her change hard. Now that's all done. So much for Scout and Danny and all that "family" and "safety" talk!  Please don't put her with Burton right away. Let Sam just be Sam for awhile. 

And....then....there's this guy. Wandering around Port Charles in aimless circles. They could at least have the pretense he's owner of Aurora. Drew went to Franco this week and told him that he was brave and "had character" to face down Harvey in the parking lot. Awww... Bobby and Andy. Pals for life. I really need to mention that I had to turn on the CC during this scene. I could not understand what Drew was saying -- and it's not like I need a Miracle Ear. 

OTHER THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW:  (because I probably should  stop writing now)!!
1. The Swiss Spies found a box in the bank with the Cassadine Seal on it. No one can open it but the person with the combination or it blows up. 
2. Franco decided to call all of the kids Harvey harmed and tell them he's dead
3. Sam gave Maxie back Nathan's box  of things from the PCPD  she left at her PH (nice touch remembering that)
4. Nelle tried to get Michael into her good graces by telling Ava to drop the charges (this will backfire next week)
5. Kevin put Carly on anti-anxiety meds
6. Finn ate the cronut

PROP OF THE WEEK: Cronut takes it. Maybe if we say it enough Mike will never mention that Field in Croton again? 

The Daytime Emmys are "on" tonight-- Soaps In Depth explains how to watch.   I think they will be streaming on Periscope and Facebook as well, so check those sites by searching for Daytime Emmy Awards.  The creative arts was held Friday night and GH won best set and props. You know I LOVE THE GH PROPS!!  If you are on twitter, hit @Soapcentral for great red carpet photos. If not, head to their website. 

Check out E! News and the Fashions from the Creative Arts Awards on Friday.  Raven's dress is.. um..interesting! They should have included more soap stars but at least they got something up about the show. 

It snowed here this morning. Such a strange "non" spring we are having. Hope it's nice where you are. The Nurses Ball is coming up which is always a delight. I might miss blogging for a couple of days again but I'll try to catch up as soon as possible. 

Photos thx to @soapcentral @Twynk @SoapJenn and @SoapsInDepth this week. All grabbed from Twitter. 


  1. I agree with everything you said. and sam being just sam not going to happen.she is the character I dislike the most.went from one man to the next since day one.jax,sonny,jason,ric,lucky,back to jason,then silas ,patrick,drew and jason that low mumbling voice.

  2. Karen, thanks for the VERY FULL SS! Snow?? You gotta be kidding me? Yet, I should believe it, as this April has been totally un-springlike in Brooklyn. Today and tomorrow will be cold, then they say warm starting on Tues., which is May 1. I guess April just couldn't bring it.

    ITA with all that you said, you covered so many of my issues that I thought I might not even feel like I needed to add my 2 cents.

    However, I am just sooo shocked by Anna's recent revelation that she willingly slept with Faison. I had thought that he drugged and/or raped her or something, she HATES him, I know that spies sometimes do seduce their marks, but I didn't think Anna would do this, and, like you said, without protection. She now is saying something like she thought he might be redeemable? I guess to justify her sleeping with him?? The whole story, of course, makes no sense.

    But Robert, yes, he MUST see Mac, or I will be VERY ANGRY :( (and sad).

    BTW, when is the Nurses' Ball, anyone know?

    Also, that conundrum box, is that a real thing? (After all, cronuts are real . . .)

    Re Franco calling Harvey's victims--I know you can find people now on Google, etc., but he wrote a list on paper, such as Timmy Smith, Tom Jones, etc. How does Franco know the list wasn't just made up? And how can you find out if you are calling the right "Timmy Smith?" As we know, Harvey might have had victims who predated Franco, he has no reason to believe they all came after. So they could be a range of ages, how can he find them?

    As you said, Karen, where is Valerie, we all want to know . . .

    I also fear that the Mike story is devolving into an Ava/Sonny custody fight story, after it looked like it was devolving into a mob story . . . either way, featuring LOTS of Sonny angst!

  3. I agree with all your comments-great SS! I thought maybe I was the only one who couldn’t understand a word Drew was saying. Robert was a breath of fresh air but Anna’s trauma is unbelievable and needs to end. How would Franco get phone numbers for all the victims after all these years? Contacting them would be something maybe law enforcement would handle and after all he wasn’t responsible for what happened to them. Nice gesture, but many victims don’t even want to acknowledge they were abused, especially to a stranger. The writing is so bad that it is amazing that they can come up with some good dialogue. I hope Robert is still there this week.

  4. Writers...
    What was the point of the Harvey- Charles street, fracking, earthquake story line? I thought we were leading to a murder mystery. The old who-dun-it...Was it Ned, Stella, Drew, Franco, Scotty, Betsy, Molly, Alexis, Julian, TJ, Jordan, Curtis.... And of course in the end it would of been Heather. Feels like they ended that one way too abruptly.

    ALSO-- Shawn Butler is STILL in prison for a crime EVERYONE knows he didn't commit. WTF.

    As always, Thank you for the blog Karen!

  5. Writers part 2.... It just hit me that it would be a great relevant story to have TJ and Molly working together to get Shawn freed.

  6. "6. Finn ate the cronut"

    ROFL! And the cheese stands alone! :)

    "Ok, you got me started. (rant coming). SERIOUSLY? YOU SERIOUSLY want me to believe that Anna disguised herself as HERSELF to "seduce" Faison to get information and actually slept with him? Um... Okay--but then I also have to figure out HOW SHE DIDN'T USE PROTECTION! Let's think about this. She said Fiason was a womanizer-- trolling the world looking for women that looked like her and...? You're not on the pill or didn't use a condom?. Yes, it was the late 70s but people did know about STDs then."

    SO TRUE!!!!! I don't believe it for one second!!! And Robert didn't say, hey I thought you said you lost your virginity to me!!!! YOU LIED TO ME!!

  7. We also had snow this morning, so over it. Spring starts in June I guess this year. I find it hard to believe that Anna would willingly sleep with Faison, was hoping for a little more of a sinister story, like he drugged and raped her and she wasn't sure she was pregnant until it was too late for an abortion, something along those ljnes. They gave turned her character into a crying mess and it's really a shame. Robert is always fun to watch and I would love it if they got back together. Also, Peter is supposed to be older than Robin and no offense to Kim, but she looks way older than him. The whole storyline is just infuriating. I know I've said it before but I think that Liz is going to gr t pregnant soon, not that I want her to gave another kid by another guy, but they seem to be dropping hints. The scene with Franco and the girl at art therapy and Kevin telling him he's a natural, as well as showing love scenes between Liz and Franco. Set off my warning bells, so I guess we'll see. I try not to buy into the spoilers too much. Sonny vs Ava will be interesting but poor Mike being caught in the middle sucks. Hopefully the action will pick up soon.

  8. I agree with all of it. This Anna/Faison/Heinrik stuff is totally ridiculous. Fans have watched for years of Anna hating Faison, actually scared of him and now she slept with him willingly. Jordan's lung cancer scare lasted about as long as TJ getting arrested for being black in a store. Bill Cosby goes home with an ankle bracelet, yet Mike can't go home on bail. And I really do hope Ava gets custody, having Avery call Carly Mommy is beyond cruel.

  9. "nance24 said...having Avery call Carly Mommy is beyond cruel."

    Yes it is!!!! :(

  10. I have a very hard time believing they would keep a man with a diagnosis of Alheimer's in JAIL. Maybe they would put him in a nursing home, but jail??? IDK


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