Friday, April 27, 2018

Finn Ate the Cronut.

Easton and Howarth say: Watch the Emmys this weekend! 

Robert is in Wyndemere!! Kinda fun to see him messing with Valentin. I love Tristan it's like he never left. He asks Val about the safety deposit box they found with the Cassadine logo. He says "I don't know, probably Helena's". Robert says NO--you are the one obsessed with Anna. Valentin starts stuttering badly. Robert says he knows that Valetin was in Switzerland 20 years ago. Val gets mad. Robert leaves and says to the camera "gotcha" SO I guess he caught him-- Robert figures out that Valentin delivered her son to Faison.

Ava and Nelle...she's trying to talk Ava into dropping the charges on Mike--to get in good with Michael.  They go to the police station.'s spoiled in Monday's previews, Ava doubles down on custody. 
ATTENTION: The court would appoint a doctor to assess Mike. But... whatever

Sam catches Curtis in the office. He tells her he's investigating Peter but not who he's working for. She won't tell if he lets her be his partner. 

Diane explains that Mike may be a flight risk and have to stay in jail. The mob has used older guys with "dementia" in the past to fight RICO and now they are wary it's real. Sonny's pissed. 

Liz and Drew talk about Franco..then Lucy comes in and wants to talk about the Nurses Ball. She tells Liz that she too was in love with a tormented man and to hang in there. Love is worth it. 

Kevin talks to Franco. Franco is painting with a little girl...she leaves. Kevin wants him to go to a "survivors group.
Drew tells Franco that he has a lot of character for facing down Harvey in that garage and he hopes he and Elizabeth work things out. Later, Franco goes and cold-calls the people on Harvey's list because he wants to tell them he's dead. Liz looks on. 

Anna and Finn just sit and talk in circles. She says she's not who she says she is or who people think she is. Of course she doesn't tell him about her kid. Lucy comes in and tells them they should dance together.  They both say NOPE. 

Note: When I find out the time and whereabouts of the Emmy cast, I'll let you know. It's streaming and maybe on FB or Periscope. 


  1. lucy is annoying. sonny you need to pick your baby over your father. these stories are too dragged out. move on. also zero chemistry with these couples liz and franco,sam and jason and ava and griffin. we need romance, love in the afternoon.

  2. They should dance together or her and Robert, tango anyone? Sounds like today is better. Can't wait to see Robert leave Val shaking in his shoes. LOL!! Love that man!!

  3. I agree about the chemistry, witch. And I don't really want to see Sam and Curtis working together. I liked the Curtis/Drew combo.

    And for the love of G**, writers. Get rid of this weepy Anna and bring the old Anna back. If she was in mama bear mode she wouldn't be blubbering.

  4. P.S. I'd love to see Anna and Robert dancing together.

  5. When will anyone start thinking about Avery. Seems to me that child only knows Sonny and Carly as"Mommy and a Daddy". If you truly love your child you would do what is best for her not you.

  6. Witch,
    The stories are dragged out UNLESS you're Jordan and then not only do we find out you have might have cancer, we find out later in the conversation that you don't. *RME* They didn't even wait a few weeks and show them worrying about it.

  7. ValentANNA!!!! It would make great soap sense to find out Valentin tricked Anna in to sleeping with him that night by pretending he was Faison. Valentin-Anna- and their (hopefully recast) son Peter/Heinrich. That would lead to great future stories. I hate the Faison-Anna thing. THIS I could learn to appreciate.

    1. I could get on board with that. I loved Robert and Val scenes today. Robert needs to stick around.

  8. The scene with Franco and the little girl were adorable. You can tell Roger is great with kids. Most likely the guy he called will be super messed up from Harvey making more guilt for Franco. Was a nice scene with Drew validating his relationship with Liz. Lucy telling Liz to hold onto what she's got was also nice even though her character is mostly useless and annoying now. Give her a real story! Can we keep Robert? It took him a whole five seconds to figure out that Henrik was Anna's kid and that Valentin was full of crap.

    1. I agree, the scene with the little girl and Franco was cute. Love the scenes with Drew and Franco now.

  9. I don't think Valentin could have pretended to be Faison, wasn't he suffering from scoliosis back then?

    People say that Hiney is not a good actor, but I disagree. I think that the writers are trying not to let on (and likely don't even know themselves), if Hiney is good, evil, or somewhere in between. His conversations with Lulu are surreal, leading her on about whether or not to meet Hiney, I can't even imagine how she will feel when the truth comes out. So the actor has to be inscrutable, I can't see any other way to play it, if they are telling him, well, we don't know if you will be good, evil, or something else. What else can he do but be bland? I think he'll be fine once the writers make up their mind where they are going with the character.

  10. YES the writers at least got the "old Scorpio magic" right with Robert today! Great scenes, although too brief! Love to see the twinkle in Tristan's eye as he goes mano a mano with a Cassadine again! GET TRIS ON CONTRACT FOR A YEAR OR TWO AND GIVE HIM A STORYLINE WITH ANNA! I think he would be willing for another run with his character and it would be easy to do. Have him retire from the field and work out of NYC an FBI or WSB consultant and have a team-up with Anna. Then get Lucas on more and have them reveal that Lucas is actually Scorpio's biological son through Cheryl Stansbury.

  11. I so agree. Give Tristan a contract!!!!! He's the best. AND, he's great with Anna. Always has been.

    What the heck is a cronut? Why do they call it a cronut and not a donut? I don't get it

  12. I cronut is a combination pastry, a croissant crossed with a donut, I think. (Not sure exactly, I NEVER would eat one.) They have been all the rage in NYC, but maybe not in your area.

    1. Cronut are also a hit in upstate NY, if you haven't already tried one they are actually quite delicious.

  13. Thank you. I wasn't sure if a cronut was a made up General Hospital invention. LOL You never know!

  14. Robert is pure magic! So glad he interacted more with others this time. He needs a contract!

  15. Drew leaves Aurora to get a fresh start. It was started with Jason's money, and was partnership with Sam.

    Drew and Franco become EMT partners sharing an ambulance that is forever coming in to GH. It would build on their relationship, and give them constant interaction with key players in the hospital. It could also lead to storylines as they get involved in the stories and lives of patients they transport. I could see it leading to a PI business on the side, where they could find justice for victims they get to know in their work.

    Sorry, I do not chime in much, but with the exception of Robert and Mike, the show is killing me right now. I'm looking for way's to create a long term jump start.

    1. Love it! I love how things have changed between Franco and Drew. I watch for them and Robert and Mike. I love Finn but prefer him with Anna if she isn't with Robert.

  16. Wyndemere:

    Robert and V.C.: Great scene!!!! Robert you hit a nerve and the stuttering began!!! V.C. hasn't stuttered in awhile! I love Robert playing with him hahaha.

    The hospital:

    Liz and Drew: Awwww! Drew wants to talk to his honey BobTodd!!! Sweet. :)

    Liz, Drew, and Lucy: LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) You really should be on more and have a storyline!!!!! Get back together with Scotty!!!! Since you are single, and Scotty isn't dating Ava, then I WANT MY LOTTY BACK DAMMIT!!

    Liz and Lucy: Awwww Lucy. :( You are so right about love!!!!

    Lucy: I was very much in love with a man in torment.

    Doc? :(

    BobTodd's art room:

    BobTodd and kid: Awwww he is so sweet to her... :)

    BobTodd and Doc: GREAT SCENE!!!! Listen to him BobTodd! He is right!!!! What happened was not your fault!!

    Frew: YAY! Drew won't get charged! WOOT WOOT! :) Love their bond. :)

    Friz: Yes BobTodd!!! Doc asked you a great question! :) Doc is a very smart man! :)


    Ava and Janey: Hahahhaha! Janey trying to get on Michael's good side!!! BHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    Finchy and Anna: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh YAY Lucy shows up!!!! Thank you Lucy! You made the scene so much better! :)

    Finchy and Lucy: Lucy wins the line of the day!

    Lucy: Even though they are master crime fighters.



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