Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Day That Didn't Happen

Kim and Jules... they are so isolated. 

Ava and Sonny appeal to the public to find Mike and Avery. 

Josslyn and Oscar. Oscar should have been gender fluid. That's all.  He's so bland.

Griffin had follow up tests on Carly. A big BONG GONG goes off when he reads the results and he calls Carly. Tells her to come in with Sonny to see test results.  Sonny wants to stay at the PCPD so Drew drives her. Drew talks to Liz at the Nurses' station. Griffin tells Carly to 'sit down'.  BUT! It's nothing!! Nope, he found nothing. So he says he should see Kevin. She gets mad-- and leaves. 
Griffin you could have told her on the damn phone. 

Friz...they tell us all about they liked the sex they had last night.. Franco goes to "paint" but he actually goes into Betsy's room to confront her about not saying anything about the abuse and making him think it was his fault. Also for sending Drew away "how could you choose your boyfriend over us"?? He says he has a list and she could have stopped all those kids from being abused if she would have spoken up. BUT! he didn't really say that, he was imagining it.  THAT WAS SO STUPID because it was a really good scene. That never happened. 

Drew and Liz talk about Franco. Then he runs into Kim. They talk about Oscar.  He's going over for chili later in the week. 

Sonny finds out from Det. Ford Chase that Carly went to the graveyard and about the parking garage. He's not happy she didn't tell him. She said she could SMELL MORGAN on the GRAVE. Sonny gives her a side-eye and says..."yeah, ok...what did Griffin say"?? Heh. 

So: Carly still has nothing wrong with her and Franco never said those things to Betsy. I's show?  Yikes. The best part was Ava freaking out that someone may have kidnapped Avery and Mike to retaliate against Sonny and Julian tells her it could have been someone from HER past. LOL She freaks the hell out. And....Griffin wants to pray with she and Julian. Julian is all  @@@. 


  1. I haven't watched yet, but am interested in the scene that "didn't happen" with Franco and Betsy. I have treated several adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and it always is upsetting that the mother didn't see/didn't know, etc. Yet most people don't confront their mothers about this, they see them as victims, or unaware, or whatever. So, to show that Franco imagines telling Betsy what he wants to say, yet probably won't say it, that rings true, to me.

  2. no redeeming franco for me. still see chemistry with liz and drew. dr kim's facial expressions are over the top.and oscar and joss are boring. and there is not one storyline that interests me.

  3. Love the kiss Robert gave Anna when he walked into the school. And, the look she gave him. Loved it!!!!! Wish they'd get back together. Wonder why the writers keep shying away from that.

  4. Haha my neurologist has done that after an MRI or ct scan. Swear they just want money!

  5. At the end of the show Dante said that he thinks he knows where Mike and Avery are and he left with detective Chase. I'm hoping that this might be the time that the pcpd actually solves something and not Jason or Sonny.

  6. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    KimLian: I love when they are all flirty! :)

    The police station:

    Sonny and Ava: Great scene!!!! Glad Sonny is there with her asking for help!

    Sonny: Whatever you feel about me, and whatever I feel about you, that goes out the window when it comes to Avery.

    Damn straight!!! Great line. :)

    Ava and Julian: Geez Julian!!!! Don't you have a filter?!!?!?! Don't tell her that it could be her enemies!!!!! Although it did get her to stop blaming Sonny.. Although she is a mother and of course she is going to think of horrible things that could have happened.

    Grava and Julian: YES!!!! Pray! Good idea!!!! Suck it up Julian!

    The hospital:

    Liz and Drew: Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Love that Drew was asking about BobTodd!!! :)

    Drew and CarlyKim: Oh CarlyKim if you are worried about him, that's fine! You don't have to backpeddle!! Hmmm If the writers are thinking of having them as a couple, meh, I rather have CarlyKim and Julian together.

    JossCar: I really love them! The sweet teasing of one another, and how comfortable they are with each other.. Poor Joss is scared for her little sister. Glad Oscar is there for her.

    Betsy's room:

    Betsy and BobTodd: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Great scene!!!!!!! Even though it wasn't real!

    BobTodd: When he was done with me, he moved on. I have a list of names.

    Wait a second!!! You don't know that!!!! He could have been with those kids while he was with you! Or even before you!!! The list of names doesn't have birthdays on them!!!

    Private room:

    Friz: Awwww BobTodd. :( You have every right to the way you feel. You could have confronted your mother! It's understandable. :( Great scene! Yes go find those people on the list!!! That would be a great storyline!

    Griffy's office:

    Griffy and Carly: Oh come on!!!! Seriously?!!?! She is okay, but come to my office? Give me a break! Did he have to look so serious on the phone with her?

    Carson home: Dante wins the line of the day.

    Dante: What is that about? Sounds like a horror movie.


    Carson: Oh come on Sonny!!!! She is not losing her mind! Where are your instincts?!?! Where are yours Carly?!?!!?!

  7. "Michelle Latta said...Haha my neurologist has done that after an MRI or ct scan."

    Awww geez!!! They should not make you scared like that!!! So wrong. :(

  8. You can't even get basic test results over the phone here. they call you in for a 2 minute consult because that counts as an appointment for billing.

  9. "Di said...You can't even get basic test results over the phone here. they call you in for a 2 minute consult because that counts as an appointment for billing."



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