Wednesday, April 18, 2018

22 Minutes

I could watch 22 minutes!! The end of the show...

Nice to have a woman tell a man "It's not your fault". Usually it's the other way around. Franco got a stylish  haircut tho. He had time for trauma, being in GH and a hair-do!! 

Emma got the stuff they needed She's such a SPY !! She got the information from figuring out some play. LOL--I didn't even understand it but you know she's a genius!!  Emma says: "it's in my DNA, I come from a long line of spies"! Yes, you do! 

I guess Nina is noshing with Peter and Maxie to "get to know him" better??  Curtis got some dirt on him. 

Kiki is mad Bensch won't give her the day off because her sister is missing. He's totally right to say no. Especially in an internship. Unless your ARM is hanging off, you work!!! She thinks it's because she "rejected" him. 


  1. I want to go back to yesterday. Ava's character is being more and more horrible - when she screamed kidnapping and she yelled and yelled - I remembered why I don't like her - surely Maura West is TIRED of this side of Ava....and Griffin has no balls to deal with her - Kill Nelle off - and Ava doesn't have to be a saint, but she is overdramatic and out of control and that is why people don't like her character...........

  2. So do other places in the country not have Silver alerts as well as Amber alerts? Mike is a SR with dementia--they should have sent an alert on him, too. I know he showed on the poster, but where was the alert?

  3. When Aurora hired Peter, what did he use for references on resume or application? Go Nina!

  4. I just started watching, but Jordan coughed again today. Characters on soaps NEVER have any bodily noises, all that stuff is edited out. And, both times she coughed, she didn't even say "excuse me," or explain that she has a cold, as other characters have done when they have symptoms such as laryngitis. Other than that, when characters start to cough or have headaches, it usually means they are dying, but I don't think Jordan is. Maybe she will say something about this later in the show? . . .

    1. I did notice she looks "different"....tired, sick?

  5. I just love seeing Robert, Anna and Emma on my screen - nothing else really matters. TJ is so adorable-need to see more of him and Molly. And I agree that there should have been an alert for Mike, too.

    1. Love Emma with her grandparents yesterday. More please. Loved Friz. The rest, meh....I agree about Mike and the silver alert.

  6. When Kiki finally reports Dr. Bensch, he is going to have not only the voicemail Kiki left him as 'evidence' that she's 'lying' - but he can also claim she's making it up 'cause she was upset he didn't let her off the hook when Avery was missing. Ugh. Karen, I do agree that Dr. Bensch was right to make her work. He asked her if she could assist, and she said no. He's so slimy and good at covering his @ss. I'm sure Kiki's not his first ...

  7. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Nina, Maxie, and Hiney: Maxie giving Nina dagger eyes! ROFL! But Maxie, you told Nina and Hiney to get to know each other!!!! Right? ROFL!

    Switzerland: WOW! I love it I love it I love it!!! GREAT SCENE!!!! Emma is a smart perfect spy!!!! I want her to be a spy when she gets older!!!!! :) And no Sorassing!!!!

    Police station/Jordan's office:

    Jurtis: Okay there Is Jordan again coughing!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!!?!?!!

    Friz home:

    Friz: I was thinking that BobTodd should contact the people on the list!!! And there is Liz bringing it up! :) YAY!!! :) Yes I think it's a great idea to contact everyone on that list and tell them that Scumbag is dead!

    The hospital:

    TJ and Kiwi: What the hell was the point of this scene? I mean if she isn't going to tell TJ what Dr. Scumbag did, then they shouldn't of had a scene together.

    Kiwi and Dr. Scum:

    "Karen says She thinks it's because she "rejected" him."

    ROFL! And it's true!!! He did say all that because he rejected her!!! :) Even though what he said was true, he is using that!!!

  8. Did anyone see Carolyn Hennessy on a show called "Champions" last night. She was hilarious.


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