Monday, April 2, 2018

Opinion: GH's "Me Too"?

Jumping on the latest bandwagon, GH is now having Dr. Bensch sexually harass and intimidate Kiki in the workplace where he's both her teacher and mentor. Not a bad story--if only they had done it from the beginning. Bensch always seemed "off" to us-- stiff, weird with women and a little off-putting. Then he wasn't on for about a month. Then, he seemed to be used for Alexis' stop gap with Julian. He even made Thanksgiving Dinner!! If they were continuing in that direction we should have seem some subtle signs of his intent and character with Molly. Have a little side eye with her-- make some overture that she isn't really sure happened. Something---anything. Then, James DePalva was in  a play and had to leave the show for a bit. He wasn't on for a few months and I wasn't even sure he'd be back. Kiki and TJ took their MCATS and.... Kiki passed for her flying-track to med school. (We never did hear about poor TJ btw).
Then, all of a sudden David Bensch pops up again and WHAM! He's all octopus over Kiki. 

Did I miss something? 

I get that the "Me Too" movement is front and center. I get that older man mentor younger woman dynamic. But--but-- there was so much more to do/tell and play out before he kissed her like that!! Asking her out for a drink was perfect. We got a little uncomfortable there. He turned around and gave her the signed book she liked. (which could have been saved for another day but... ??) Do some more beats. We had a shoulder rub-- and Kiki changed schedules. Perfect.
Jumping in with the kiss like that leaves little story left, imo. The line has been crossed now. We really should have had it building more. I also wish Bensch was a whole different type of guy-- not one that was overtly creepy from the get go. He should have been charming and flirty and maybe dated Ava once or twice. All the students really like him because he takes the time to help them study. TJ could have been in the mix as well. We could have seen the way he treated him compared to Kiki.  
I would have loved to have seen more of Dr. Bensch with more of the GH staff. Nurses warning other nurses about him. Amy saying to Kiki "Watch out for McGrabberson ...he's a handful". Kiki is so isolated in her med school story it's shameful. What a goldmine way to bring in some new recurring talent with fresh stories. 


Why does this always happen on GH? Why are the stories started--stalled and then picked up only to be rushed or paced out erratically?  My opinion? TOO MANY CHARACTERS on the show that HAVE THEIR OWN LITTLE WORLD.  (there I yelled that).  Another case in point? Silas' insta-HALF-brother what's his name. Geesh, seriously I can't even remember it! Way to introduce a new guy. *sigh*. Sort of like we did with Peter August. He's hired by Sam and Jason--! He's Fiason's son and all up in Maxie's business. :throwsuphands: 

Oh this story could have been so much more. SO so much....more. 

Well, that's my crabby view for today.  


  1. I thought bensch was creepy from the start.he doesnt care about the age of a woman. kiki,jordan and alexis. maybe a rapist.

  2. Karen you should be a writer for GH! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Alexis and Finchy: BAHAHAHA! So many parking tickets! :) Oh Alexis who cares what Julian thinks! UGH! It's time for you and Finchy to have sex again.. Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: I pulled over to help a little old lady struggling in the snow, to bring her groceries inside. Two stories. She asked me to have a cup of tea. I was out there 10 minutes.


    Anna and Finchy: Oh stop with this stupidity!!! UGH! I really hate Fanna! Ever sine the horrible scene at the pier with them! UGH!

    Anna and Alexis: On the phone with Frisco? YAY! Oh Alexis!!! Shut up!!! Oh wait, is Alexis asking because she is interested in Finchy? :)

    Hiney's office:

    Lulu and Hiney: FINALLY a scene with them. :) Oh Lulu stop whining about Maxie!!! Now just get this fling with them on the road! Hmmm I wonder what is going to happen when Lulu figures out that Auggy is really Hiney Faison!

    Maxie and Hiney: UGH! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


    Spinny and Jason: Oh Spinny! NO! Go home and be with your daughter!!!!

    Paint and Wall's office:

    Paint and Wall: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.. Bye bye Paint.

    The hospital:

    Maxie and Nina: SAD!!!! :(

    Finchy and Chasey: Ohhhhh so THAT is why Chasey gave Finchy those parking tickets!!! Man that is so passive aggressive!!! And gee Chasey is more animated than I have ever seen him!

  3. Yeah I saw this SL coming as soon as the whole dynamic between Kiki and the good dr.started. With the "me too" movement front & center in the media I thought it was inevitable. That being said I am also relieved they didn't drag it out because you can't turn on the tv and not hear it being mentioned one way or another. I was begining to think it might be easier to just ask who hasn't experienced it in thier lifetime which is really depressing so I really didn't want to watch it play out on a soap I watch. It's bad enough watching creepy heinrich stalk Maxi. I say stalk because I feel like he's trying to obtain something that once belonged to the brother he despised because his father loved him and loathed heinrich and having Maxie would be a trophy. He comes across as caring and kind but if you think of all the twisted things he's done well,the apple doesn't fall from the tree! Sam is making my skin crawl,I love Drew,let Jason have Sam! Drew can do so much better. And the anniversay show could've been soooo much better! Definitely should've been worthy of at least 2 days! I was thinking not mentioning Luke & Laura may have had something to do with the me too movement but I may be overthinking that! Someone mentioned Blackie in a previous post and my heart skipped a beat!!

    1. Speaking of Blackie....omg I realized just now I had a dream John Stamos died. My dreams can really suck. Haha!

  4. "Michelle Latta said...Speaking of Blackie....omg I realized just now I had a dream John Stamos died. My dreams can really suck. Haha!"

    ROFL! You just can't have a dream about you having his baby? Noooooooooooo! It has to be a dream about his death! ROFL!

    1. LOL!! I know right! I do dream about me being pregnant or having a baby and I've dreamt of my sister being pregnant again and she just gives me the side eye haha!! (She has 3 teenagers, and is done)

  5. "Michelle Latta said...LOL!! I know right!"


    "I do dream about me being pregnant or having a baby and I've dreamt of my sister being pregnant again "

    Too bad it's not a premonition! Hahahaha!

    "and she just gives me the side eye haha!! (She has 3 teenagers, and is done)"


  6. At least Drew has pretty much convinced himself that it's over with Sam. Let him have the freaking company, it's not like he has anything else, even if they bought it with Jason's money. Sam can go jump in a lake already. anyone else tired of Peter and Maxie having the exact same conversation over and over again? I sure am. Finn is just being a horse's behind in regards to his brother, throw the kid a bone already. You hate him because he's the son your dad had with his new wife? Petty. Hopefully there's a better reason for his brother hate than that. Chase needs a girlfriend and no not Liz, even though he keeps staring at her way too long in the scenes they've had together so far. How about having him hook up with Maxie? Dante would flip his lid over that.


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