Monday, April 30, 2018

Peter August skulking around town. People talking or doing something with this story: 

Sam/Drew--she's catching him up on Heinrick. They go for coffee. She tells him about Switzerland and wants to talk about Aurora. 

Curtis=--ransacking office.  Then he goes to Wyndemere to talk to Nina. He tells her Pete has a file on Nathan,

Jason and Lulu --talking about finding him and Switzerland- Jason said they didn’t find Heinrich and she needs to back off. 

Nina and Val--looking at the lock box

Anna and Robert-- about Anna having a kid

NOT about the Peter August Story: 

Diane and Sonny talking about Mike.  

Ava and Carly arguing about Avery. Then Ava tells Sonny she wants the custody reversed if she's going to drop the charges. Sonny says No. Come on--just do the damn joint custody. 

Nelle tells Diane she wants to give Carly guardianship if she dies. Carly says you already gave that to Jason. Diane thinks she’s up to something.


  1. Kind of a trip to see Scorpio chatting with Jason - I wonder if Jason knows how Scorpio was the one who solved the murder of his mother WAY back in the day? Lila Q's first husband did it, right?

  2. Nice to see Robert period, but cool how he's interacting with so many different people. Not just Anna.

  3. Sonny vs Ava, think Sonny should have rolled the dice with he judge, but oh well, more opportunity for drama gone to waste. Joint custody and no Mike in jail. At least Sonny admitted that he wouldn't be able to keep Avery from her mother indefinitely. What was Nelle even doing at the police station? Other than to antagonize everyone, nothing. What's the big deal about guardianship? If she dies Michael would get custody anyway, and then he would decide guardianship after that, so the whole thing is just pointless. Anna Henrik Lulu blahhhhh, make it stop. Please.

  4. Why didn't they ask Nelle to leave the police station because she is not involved. So weird they just let her hang around

  5. I love Robert being around town interacting with everyone. He MUST go see Mac and Felicia though. Give those 2 one day on set to visit with Robert at least.

  6. Kelly's:

    Lulu and Jason:

    Lulu: I know now not to chase Rocco while wearing heels.

    Oh really? So is that how you got hurt Emme? Chased your kids with heels? You should have taken your heels off!!! :)

    Paint and Wall media office:

    Paint and Wall: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. But poor Wall. :(


    ValeNina: Nina! Keep your eye on your husband! He is having a bromance with Hiney!!!

    ValeNina and Curtis: Yes Hiney is very good and sneaky!!! Besides lying about who he is, he is having a little bromance with V.C.!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Robert: Blab blab blah rewrite baby. Blah blah blah. Just stop talking about the rewrite baby and just show more flashbacks of Anna and Robert back in the day!!!!

    Police station:

    Diane and Dante: Diane wins the line of the day!

    Diane: Oh no you're not! You are not going to leave me alone with these two.

    ROFL! I don't blame you Diane! :)

    Sonny and Ava: Oh Sonny!!!! Stop pretending you are a victim!!! You did the same thing to her to get Avery! By blackmailing! So, I don't want to hear it.

    Carly and Janey: BAHAHAHAHAHA! Janey is all sucking up! :) She just hopes Michael hears about her "good" deed!

    Diane and Janey: Hahahaha did you see? Janey touched Diane and Diane didn't like it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Hiney's office:

    Oh! V.C. and Hiney having their bromance fling! I shall call them Viney! :)


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