Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pill Popping

Here I am--2 days in a row!! Fancy me!! Tillie has been all walked and I'm sure she'll want to play but I can fend her off for awhile. 

Finn and Alexis. They were at a meeting together. They talk about--ummmm, oh their 1/2 brothers. She said Stefan is way way worse than his Ford Chase guy. 

Carly's on Prozac. I thought it would be something like Xanax. 

Sonny and Aunt Stella. She wants to help out and she's thinking of him.  They talk and she tells him a truth: Either hire someone to watch him around the clock, or send him away.  Sonny says no, Michael was in long term care and he woke up. She points out Mike won't. I would think Port Charles would have a memory care place there--we have about 10 in Rochester. They are all over. Sonny could be close and have him in a facility. 

Kellys: Curtis is going to ask TJ for Jordan's hand in marriage.  Yep he does.  TJ gives his blessing just as Aunt Stella walks in. 

Jordan spills coffee on Dante's mug shots. He wonders what's up. She says Marriage is on her mind.  She doesn't have lung cancer. 

Ava finds the disappearing ink pen in her purse (wonder who put it there)... and uses it to write a check for the Nurses' Ball to Lucy. 

Sonny wants to transfer Mike's records to Mercy and Griffin wants to know why.  Griffin said you all compromised about Mike, right?? (that's what Ava told him) And Sonny said HAHAAA we didn't compromise anything.  He decides in the end to keep Mike with Griffin because he thinks Griffin will see Ava for who she is soon enough. 



  1. Karen, yes, putting Mike in a facility would be PERFECT, with his illness he will be prone to wander, and easily could get lost. I really think he would NOT be kept in jail like he is, even with the mob thing it makes no sense to me, he has Alzheimer's, and it was his granddaughter, he didn't kidnap anyone.

  2. Why would they put Mike in a facility? Sonny has TONS of money. Nursing homes are not pretty. Of course, this is just a show.

  3. I'm so sick of Sonny and is holier than thou shtick.GH is low on villains. Ava should just say to hell with everyone and be one since she can never do right anyways at least in everyone else's eyes. Then we're going to have to sit thru Carly and Sonny vilify her again when Nellie frames her for the Morgan stuff. Enough already! Then the previews show Sam telling Jason she's divorcing Drew. Good can we be done with her back and forth? This show is just frustrating me right now

  4. Lindie, rich people do not, as a rule, go to nursing homes, there are plenty of upscale assisted living and other places that are very nice.

    Carly is taking Prozac? That is for depression, mostly, why would Kevin prescribe it? I guess because it probably has the most juicy side effects that Carly can now manifest. As I said before, her situation should have been explored rather than prescribing meds after the first visit, especially since she is NOT depressed. I love Kevin, but this is malpractice!!

  5. OK, now this Carly/Prozac thing is really bothering me. I didn't finish watching yet, but why did Bobbie say the drug is appropriate, it is an anti-depressant. Carly went for ONE appointment, she is being gas-lighted so she is stressed, that is not a mental illness. And if Kevin thinks she is not being gas-lighted, and really is hallucinating, Prozac is not the drug for that, either.

    You know, Franco spent YEARS being freaked-out, stressed, having PTSD, etc., why didn't Kevin give him any drugs? Because Franco is a man, and drs. are more apt to give these drugs to females? Of course, I think it's a plot device, so that Carly can get the side effects and really go crazy, but I still think it's malpractice.

    Also, Kevin being the "town shrink" really doesn't work, most people do not go for mental health treatment with friends/acquaintances. And people do not go to AA meetings in the middle of the hospital where they know EVERYONE, that is why it's called Alcoholics ANONYMOUS.

  6. lindie said, "Why would they put Mike in a facility? Sonny has TONS of money. Nursing homes are not pretty. Of course, this is just a show."

    My dad's wife is an a very nice memory care facility. A far cry from a 'nursing home.' Even if Sonny hired a full-time nurse or nurses, a good memory care facility with structure, activities, etc. would be far better IMO.

    I missed the Prozac thing. Yeah - that does seem odd.

    So glad Griffin found out that Ava strong-armed Sonny.

  7. I swear if Ava gets blamed for that invisible ink pen my head will explode!!! Can't wait for someone, anyone to see Sonny for who he is.

  8. The hospital:

    Sonny and Stella: I love Stella in work mode!!!! :) Sonny you really should listen to her. Great scene!!!!

    Sonny and Griffy: Oh Sonny stop!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM! Stop acting like it!!!

    Fexis: I was just waiting for her to ask him if he wants to do it again! ROFL!


    Jurtis and TJ: Awww family. :) Great to see TJ!!!! Where is Molly? Oh oh Stella!! Course she won't be happy for Jurtis!!! I don't think that will ever change.

    Central Perk:

    Janey and Michael: Wow Janey you are covering all your bases aren't you? Michael have you called Francesca yet?!

    Police station:

    Dante and Jordan: Whoa I thought there was something wrong with Jordan again, but nope! Whew. :) Awww Jordan skeeered of walking down the isle. History does not have to repeat itself Jordan!!!

    Dante and Chase: Oh poor Chasey poo tired.. Time to go home and get some zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Chase and Alexis: Metrocourt has caviar omelettes?!?!?! ROFL!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Bobbie and Carly: Awww love that Bobbie is being supportive. :) UGH Sonny!

    Chase and Fexis: Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: Clearly I meddled.


    Ava's art gallery:

    Ava and Lucy: Hahahaha great scene! Love you Lucy! Oh oh the pen with disappearing ink!!! Now the check will be empty! ROFL! Lucy will have to go back to Ava! :) Unless Lucy puts it in the bank quickly. Oh wait!!! Janey is going to set Ava up isn't she?!!!

  9. "nance24 said...I swear if Ava gets blamed for that invisible ink pen my head will explode!!!"

    Oh you know that Ava will be blamed for it!!! Of course she will! My head will explode too!

    "Can't wait for someone, anyone to see Sonny for who he is."

    I KNOW!!! GAH! Shut up Griffy!


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