Friday, May 11, 2018

It's Christmas For the Feds!

Sonny is upset the FIELD IN CROTON is being dug up. He tells Jason. I guess it's not enough he has a story about his Dad having dementia and Carly going a bit Nutty. 

Anna writes to Heinrich, sends it just as Valentin sits down. Heiny reads it and calls Valentine. 
Anna tells Valentin that shes' not looking for her son anymore, Robert is. Her health is bad and she shouldn't. 

Shower: Carly's all upset. Olivia tries to calm her.  Monica yells: If she wants Peguins, she can have penguins! Bobbie defends Carly. Carly takes more of her pills. Nelle says she wants to 'put things right' and pushes to name the baby Morgan. Carly's not happy.  Carly makes Nelle cry. Josslyn is really upset about Carly being mean to her. She reminds her that Nelle saved her life with her kidney.
Carly goes up to apologize to Nelle. She's holding a baby blanket that Carly says looks like one Bobbie made for Morgan. Carly realizes that it was Nelle doing all the stuff about Morgan. Nelle tells her she's probably having a nervous breakdown. Very snarky.  

OMG. Nelle goes to go downstairs. If you've watched GH for any length of time, you know what's going to happen. 
YEP.. Carly grabbed the baby blanket and Nelle fell..all the way down. Carly did the same thing after fighting with AJ, btw.  Nelle is laying at the bottom of the stairs. 

Sam goes into the Aurora Offices dressed like.. um..? PR person? Blue dress..tight (natch) and looks all ready for going out, imo. Peter thinks that Sam should leave because Drew is "better" at PR than she is. Sam says too bad, I'm staying. 

Later, Maxie comes into the office. She's so happy about the information he gathered about Nathan.  What a nice guy! 

Nina and Curtis. He wants her help to pick the ring! Awww, I love their friendship. She likes the ring he shows her on his phone. 

OMG..>Guys, I am NOT EVEN KIDDING. Sonny and to CROTON TO DIG UP THE BODY--themselves!!!!!! ahahahah AHAHAHA. I'm dying here. Seriously? And Sonny just happens to know where it is!! They about Scully and Sonny's Dad ...and... Sonny's out of breath. And. I'm dying here. Sonny tells Jason how much he means to him, Jason says they're family ..awwwwwww. Sonny goes to get a flashlight . Jason finds a money clip. Yep. A money clip.
The BODY IS GONE. I called it on Twitter. So obvious it was going to be gone. SIGH. Mike prob moved it so Sonny wouldn't get caught and will totally forget where he put it . LO>

Bachelor star Nick Viall is hosting GH's Nurses Ball Red Carpet. 

I don't watch the Bachelor--and I don't know this guy but I guess if it brings more eyballs on GH I'm for it? Do you know him?? I'm still hoping Erica Kane shows up


  1. Weird weird show lately. I guess Nelle will lose the baby and steal Brad or Maxie's. Carly will get arrested. Sonny will get arrested (wishful thinking). So, how did Nelle know about the weird penguin thing and the blanket. Did she have time to look and look through baby albums of Morgan's??

  2. Crappy baby shower IMO. Books and savings bonds. Not much in the way of good stuff. Oh a diaper Genie.

  3. Boy, Nina sure is a "push over". Peter does one "nice" thing and she thinks he's now better than sliced bread

  4. I know that Sonny killed his birth father and he got over it, but if Nelle loses the baby, I don't see how Michael could forgive Carly for it. It's his child we're talking about.

  5. sick of the same stories. nelle falls down the stairs,so original GH

  6. someone give me a reason to watch this show again.



  7. ...down the stairs... Talk about lazy writing. Even my blind friend could see that coming. I'm with delcodave here.

    And I was hoping Mr. Huff and Puff would have a heart attack. And he must be suffering from a brain disorder too, digging that up himself.

  8. Croton:

    Jason and Sonny:

    Jason: Dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig.

    Sonny: Dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig.

    Jason: Dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig.

    Sonny: Dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig.


    "Karen says Mike prob moved it so Sonny wouldn't get caught

    Hmmm I didn't even think about that!!! Mike probably did!!!!"

    "and will totally forget where he put it . LO>"


    Hiney and Sam: Blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Hiney and Maxie: What the hell are you wearing Maxie?!!?!?!?! ROFL! Will the aliens beam you up?

    Hiney and V.C.: More bromance affair!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant: Awwww Anna's love letter to her son. ROFL!

    Anna and V.C.:

    Anna: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    V.C.: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Anna: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    V.C.: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Nina and Curtis: Nina what the hell are you wearing?!!?!?! ROFL! Are you from little house on the prairie? Awwww Nina helping Curtis with the ring.. Sweet! I love their friendship too Karen. :)

    Nina and Maxie: Maxie has caught feelings for Hiney!


    Carly and Joss: So basically,

    Joss: Mom!!!! Nelle is the most amazing lady!!! I love her! She saved my life! She has such a wonderful soul!!!!

    Carly and Nelle: WOW!!! While Carly is talking to Nelle, Joss and Nelle are holding hands!!!! WILL SOMEONE STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carly and fake Monica: Oh damn it!!! Monica is right!!!! Focus on the baby!!! Man this actress playing Monica is very good!!! She got Monica down pat! :)

    Carly and Bobbie: Damn it! Bobbie is right too!!!! Focus on the baby!!!!

    The bedroom:

    Carly and Nelle: AH HA! Finally Carly you figured everything out!!! It's about damn time!!!! Carly next time, tape her!!!!!!! Then you have proof!!!!

    Top of the stairs: My first thought when I saw them on the top of the stairs, is oh oh!! Because I had a bad feeling that Nelle is gonna fall down the stairs.

    Carly and Nelle: OH CRAP! I WAS RIGHT!!!! Made me flash back to when Carly fell down the stairs when she was preggers!!! Oh come on! Did Nelle fall down the stairs on purpose?!!?!??!?!?!?

  9. You never know with wacky, evil Nelle. Kind of like Nellie Olson from Little House on the Prairie. Since you mentioned Nina's outfit. LOL

  10. When I read about the Fields of Croton, I always start singing the Sting song "Field of Gold". LOL

  11. "Among the Fields of Croton"

  12. Croton, Cronut. This show is going a bit weird on me

  13. Does Joss know what all Nelle has done? She acts like she wasn't told.

  14. "lindie said...You never know with wacky, evil Nelle. Kind of like Nellie Olson from Little House on the Prairie. Since you mentioned Nina's outfit. LOL"

    ROFL! Hmmm who is worse.. Nelle or Nellie Olson.. Hmmmm.

    "lindie said...Does Joss know what all Nelle has done? She acts like she wasn't told."

    No Joss doesn't!!! All she does is stick up for her!! She was making excuses for Nelle today!!!!

  15. Seriously Sonny? Like you would go dig up a body yourself? I thought the same thing about Mike digging up the body and moving it. Scully probably threatened to expose Sonny at one point and Mike thought he was helping him out.
    The header down the stairs was so predictable, but I wish it was a hallucination caused by Carly's meds, she's only having a drug induced hallucination/PTSD reaction from the death of her first baby. But probably not.
    When does the nurses ball start already? At least that might be interesting.

    1. The nurses ball starts on Wednesday the 16th.

  16. I meant the first baby with Sonny. I rewatched those scenes a few months ago and it's still phenomenal, Sonny looking at the 0 on the heartbeat monitor kills me every time.

  17. May 8th episode.

    Hiney's office:

    Hiney and V.C.: More bromance affair! Although they are having a lovers quarrel.

    Hiney: Anna Devaine has to be dealt with!

    Awww but Hiney! She is your mummy! OH! Stuttering from V.C.! It's been awhile!!!

    V.C.: I've looked out for you since you were a child.

    HUH?!?!! You have? Geez how old are they? :) V.C. looks like he is in his 40's and Hiney looks 30's! :)

    V.C.: I care about you and I always will.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)


    Maxie on the phone: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! ERICA KANE?!?!!? :) YAY! :)

    Maxie and Sam:

    Sam: Does that apply to your friendship with Lulu?

    OH SHUT UP SAM!!!!! GAH!

    Nina's office:

    Maxie and Nina: OH! MORE TALK ABOUT ERICA! :) YAY!!!

    Nina and Sam: Awww they are bonding over Hiney. :)

    Friz home:

    Friz: WOW!!! Thank you for helping Steven! :)

    Quartermaine home:

    Alexis and Olivia: Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: Sure I can't get you something to drink? Cup of tea? Bottle of bleach?


    Alexis and Nedlia: Wait a minute!!! Nedlia why are you so angry and accusing Alexis?!!!?!?!?! The people at Charles street hired her!!! I mean her daughter and her boyfriend don't have a place to live!!!!! Ned can't you at least sit down and listen to her?!?!!?!?!

    Alexis, Nedlia, and Friz: WOW!!!!! Thanks to Steven, that could help the people at Charles street a lot!!! :)

    The gym:

    Drew and Jason: Oh I can feel the hate is very strong!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Anna and Lulu:

    Lulu: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Anna: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Lulu: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Anna: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Oh look. Maxie wants to talk to Lulu. You can see Lulu smiling and thinking, YIPPIE!!!

    Lulu and Maxie: Blah blah blah. How is your foot? Blah blah blah. Thank you for the donation..


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