Thursday, May 24, 2018

Calgon Take Me Away

Ok, today the news of EVERYTHING just sunk me. I need to be off the computer for awhile. Sorry. 

BTW,  The Chew got cancelled. Just found out a lot of the crew that worked on OLTL and AMC worked on that show. :( so sad. I mean, we don't like The Chew but those people were gold. 

So! Have at it. Hope your day is a good one. One bright spot: our weather is spectacular!! 


  1. This is SO stupid that Carlys FAMILY believes NELL

  2. Griffin's hotel room:

    Griffin and Ava:

    Ava: I can feel that you love me.

    Oh? When do you feel it? When he is judging you? Cus I don't feel it. Or when he is butt hurt when you are hurting Sonny's feelings. You are not wrong Ava! Don't beg him! Don't apologize to him!! You are better off without him! And all the while they are talking, Kiwi just stands there without getting dressed! GET DRESSED DAMNIT!

    Griffin and Kiwi: Glad they didn't re-show the gross sex. Oh of course Kiwi texts him not to tell her!! UGH! As soon as Ava leaves, Kiwi comes out all dressed. What the hell?! When did she get dressed? Kiwi you can't keep this secret forever!!! Now we are going to have months of awkwardness between Griffin and Kiwi, and secret talks about not telling her mother, then someone is going to notice. Probably Dr. Pig. Then Dr. Pig will blackmail Kiwi and tells her if you don't sleep with me, I will tell your mother you slept with her boyfriend.. I can just see it now.

    Then later....

    Griffin and naked Ava: No way!!!! Griffin you are NOT going to have sex with Ava when you just had sex with Kiwi last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you?!?!!? YUCK!!!! Make some excuse why you can't!!!!

    Police station:

    Carson, Diane, and Michael: Stop!!!! Stop this madness!!! It makes no sense!!!! I want OFF this rollercoaster!!!!

    The hospital:

    Michael and Nelle - Before he goes to see his mother: Oh Michael! You are not buying this are you? She does NOT have PTSD!!!

    Joss and Nelle: Oh Joss come on!!!! Do you really think your mother would really push Nelle down the stairs?!!?!?!?! She is manipulating you! Can't you see that?!?!?!?!

    Michael and Nelle: After he goes to see his mother:

    Michael: Oh yeah. She told me everything before you fell. It's outrageous.

    Is it Michael? You don't look that pissed off. You look very calm.. Are you starting to believe your mother?

    Michael: From this point on. I am not going to let you out of my sight.

    Hmmm.. Are you playing her Michael? :) Please let the viewers know you are playing her!!!!!


    Drew and CarlyKim: Blah blah blah memories.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    JossCar: Oh Joss!!! You have been played badly!!!

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Julian: What kind of flowers are those? Tulips? A kiss!! Glad she stopped it!!! Whew. :) Geez Alexis what did those flowers ever do to you?! They do look fake but still!!!

  3. EVEN in a hospital - Nina and others can go see a freakin' baby!
    THe virtual thing is ridiculous and they DO take the mother to see the baby!
    so yes the baby is somewhere......

    SO tired to stupid writing_------------
    no one believes Carly over Nelle?

    Griffin can shower and then sleep with Ava? No, he wouldn't.....
    and Diane COULD get Carly off if SONNY and JASON always go free!

  4. The news of everything? I just got off work, what happened?

  5. "Barbara said... Griffin can shower and then sleep with Ava? No, he wouldn't....."

    And on the same bed and sheets too?!!?!?! No he wouldn't!!! Ewwww!

    "Michelle Latta said... The news of everything? I just got off work, what happened?"

    Yeah that is what I want to know! What happened Karen? Or is this about the chew being cancelled?

  6. Word of the day...NO.
    No Griffin don't lie to Ava! Tell her and get it over! No! Ick! Don't have sex with Kiki and Ava in the same bed, in the same day! Just say no no no! Think I threw up a little. If he goes through with it hes officially skankerlicious. (Delicious to look at but a skank).
    No Michael! Don't believe Nelle's bull about your mom! At least dig a little bit into her story. Hopefully he's not drinking the Kool aid.
    No Joss, don't believe her either! Superidiot!
    No Alexis! Don't get back on the Julian train! Even falling off the wagon would be better than Julian.

    1. I have a feeling Michael believes Carly and is going to pretend he believes Nelle and maybe even get Curtis involved. I hope I'm right. sick of him being blind to her!

    2. I had the same feeling from the tone of his voice at the end when he said that he's not going to take his eyes off of her.

  7. Michelle it's all political for me so I won't go into it here! I was just DONE

  8. Yes, I believe Michael believes Carly. I think he can tell now when his mother is lying?? He is going to pretend to not believe Carly and wants to make it seem real. He is going to try to catch Nelle in a lie and see if she's hidden the blanket. I just can't believe after what Nelle did to Sonny that they believe Nell. Even if Joss never knew any of the things Nelle has done, how could she ever think her MOTHER would push someone down the stairs? Carly may be a lot of things, but she wouldn't hurt a BABY.

  9. LMAO at former priest Griffin who is about to pull a "Tad the Cad" moment (shout out to you old school All My Children fans out there) with daughter and mom. I know he is not a practicing priest any more but geez man, have some scruples!

    1. Lets not forget that Ava slept with Morgan and Sonny on the same day. The day that Avery was concieved thats why she didn't know who the father was.

  10. Have you seen the rumor that Cameron will be aged and begin a teen angst story for the summer? It's about time.

  11. If Cameron is aged, who will he interact with? Oscar and Joss I guess. New triangle?

  12. "OldSchoolGHfan said...LMAO at former priest Griffin who is about to pull a "Tad the Cad" moment (shout out to you old school All My Children fans out there) with daughter and mom."

    ROFL! I am an old school all my children fan!!! Thank you for the shout out!! :)

  13. It's about time they aged Cameron. He should still be in Joss's circle of friends, not Jakes.

  14. Honestly, I COULD see Carly pushing someone down the stairs. So even though I know Nelle is lying, I don't think that it's that hard to imagine that she could have.

  15. Carly could push someone down the stairs but NOT someone pregnant

  16. If one believes Carly could never push a pregnant women down the stairs then one has to believe that Nelle threw herself down the stairs. Even if they really fought over a baby blanket Carly would be blamed for the fall.Nelle will have to be caught red handed in the future somehow to free Carly. Carly would have to perjure herself first to get to the looney bin.Maybe Carly could save someone from the hands of Heather Webber and be pardoned by the Governor(it worked for Sonny)



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