Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Question and Musings

So.. I want to do some experimental "Scripts" that go off my Kiki story-- do you wan them here or on another page in the blog or another blog? ( I have a couple of other ones that are just personal stuff). 

Hmmm, not sure. Just thought I'd toss that out there. Wish I had enough money to produce my own you tube series! :) With GH characters. But then I'd get sued. *sigh*  

Today is TUESDAY...I say that because I actually did all my therapy plans FOR MONDAY. DERP. I realized right before bed that I had done them all wrong--and have different kids today! LOL. Geesh --see what happens when you have a nice weekend? Things go OUT of your head. 

Tillie says hello. She's 100% now and into everything. She's 6.8oz of JOY.  She does watch GH with me sometimes but mostly wants me to play as I've been gone all day. I think I told you Nina's voice scares the hell out of her! LOL 

I think Dom might be leaving and that the rumor is true? Not 100% yet--and no one seems to be sure... I guess he had some tweets that were pretty telling. Wonder if they'll recast or kill him off? Wouldn't it be great if he was really a giant King Pin himself....working both sides of the system?
See, I always go to the dark side with my plots!! 

See you at 2:00.  


  1. Glad your Tillie is doing better. So, so cute.

  2. Karen, I just started watching Killing Eve - halfway through the episodes. What a great show!!

  3. Tillie is absolutely adorable!

  4. Killing EVE IS JUST soooooo good. I wonder how the book ends. The finale was amazing. I can't wait for season 2. Sandra Oh and Jodie are so perfect.

  5. working both sides of the system.... you mean like Burt Ramsey?

    I think you should write a story arc starring a character named Terry


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