Tuesday, May 22, 2018

MOO-DAY Motivation


HELLO! I'm not here today-- Tillie is going in for another vet's appointment to see if we can get her all fixed up. She's still sleeping SO much and just not acting right. I really hope she doesn't have to stay overnight or something! I'll have to sleep on the floor. 

So..today should be good? Maxie having a roadside baby with Peter right there to catch it? Robert beating up Valentin... Carly still rotting in jail. How do we think her hair will look? (I know the answer to that)!! 

Ok, I'll be back on tomorrow I hope. I'll try to watch the highlights of today's show tonight. I usually like it better when I'm not sitting through 900 commercials! 


  1. The nurses ball:

    Mike and Sonny performance: Awww love it!!! Love that Sonny was helping his father sing! I never heard of that song before..

    Dressing room:

    Kiwi and Scum sucking pig: UGH! That scum sucking pig!!! GO AWAY AND LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! Closing the door? What are you going to do to her?!!?!? SOMEONE HELP!! Oh hi Griffy whew. :) You thought it was the men's room?! BAH!!! SHUT UP SCUM SUCKING PIG AND STOP WITH YOUR SMUGNESS!!!!

    Kiwi and Griffy: Okay I changed my mind! Just tell him what has been going on Kiwi!!! Oh hi Ava! No don't leave. You don't know what is going on!!! She is crying can't you see that?!!?!?! Just go in!!!

    Ava's performance: FANTASTIC!!!! YOU don't own me!!!! LOVE IT! Always loved that song.

    Ava and Griffy:

    Griffy: That wasn't the song you rehearsed was it?

    You are judging her again Griffy!!! STOP IT!

    Scotty and Bobbie: Hahahahaha! Oh Bobbie.. Never change. :) She wins the line of the day.

    Bobbie: Go find another table!


    Scum sucking pig and Kiwi:

    Scum sucking pig: Jerome. See you bright and early.

    UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCUM SUCKING PIG!

    V.C. and Robert: YEAH ROBERT YEAH!!!!!!!!! :) V.C. should be stuttering. I guess it's only reserved for Anna.

    V.C. and Nina: Oh oh. Nina found out that V.C. and Hiney had a bromance affair! Will she forgive him?


    Maxie and Hiney: This is so stupid!!!!!! She tells him to stop the car when she is in labor?!!?! Then has the baby on the ground?!!?!?! It makes no sense writers!!! The car should have broken down! THAT would have made more sense. BABY BOY YAY!!!!! Uh the baby looks like a doll who is high.. :) Oh oh Hiney has a gun!!! No don't kill your mama!!!


    Anna and Hiney: Awww Hiney no!!! Don't kill your mama!!!! She wuvs you to death!!! I mean you are her rewrite baby!


    Jasam and Spinny: Sam's dress looks like an ugly curtain.

    Spinny: Nathan's brother delivered her baby.


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Cook 2 and Olivia: Oh come on!! Cook 2 has got a new job? Great now Olivia has the kitchen all to herself! Not if Monica has any say in the matter!! I want another cook! Olivia and Ned can live in the other house that is on the property! You know, like where Ned and Lois used to live!

    Sidenote: Wait! The nurses ball is over?!?!!???!! It was only 3 days!!!! Can't it be a week?!!?! And where the hell is the Llama?!!?! What was the point of the Llama?!!?!? I thought the Llama was going to be in an act!!! GAH!

  2. I thought for sure the llama would eat Lucy's dress by the end of the night. Maybe it was supposed to be in Ava's number that got changed at the last minute? I also despise Sam's dress (see previous blog entry for my opinion on this disaster). I wish Franco and Liz hadn't disappeared after the first day, probably one of the kids got "sick" and they had to leave early yadayadaya. Henrik won't believe Anna is actually his mom and then will run away when Jason shows up. Waiting for him to kidnap Maxie and the Bambino because he's now totally in love with her and it's Anna/Faison all over again.

    1. Ugh....I hope that isn't true. He looked pretty evil when he confronted Anna. Still wish he would go away. Maybe he'll go to the hospital to see Maxie and see Nelle instead, we'll find out they are former partners in crime and they'll run off together...never to be seen again......EVER! Haha!!

  3. Oh no I hope Tillie is ok. My Tinker after she was fixed was pretty much ok after a couple days. I'm thinking of you and Tillie, fingers crossed that all is good. ❤

  4. ok so, i havent watched for months. I do when karen tells me it is going to be good. but its just been hard to really get into this show with these storyline. If someone can answer a few questions for me, you would be a godsend.

    if this is the wrong place for it, just ignore this message.

    1. i know peter is heinrich, faisons son and annas son. does anna know? why did peter come to town and who does he want revenge on?

    2. I was under the impression valentin was the most evil cassadine of all. he aint so bad.

    3. who is chase the cop?

    4. they brought back the carly actress to play Kim. She looks like she has no part and no real story. why bother?

    5. they are wasting billy miller.

    I guess that is all. I watched the past couple days and say these guys. Normally you can go months without a soap and catch up immediately, but i couldnt.

  5. Mr. Marbles with Aidan hahahhhahaha!

    "delcodave said... 1. i know peter is heinrich, faisons son and annas son. does anna know?"

    Yes Anna knows and has been trying to find him to tell him about his father having Huntingtons disease.

    "2. I was under the impression valentin was the most evil cassadine of all. he aint so bad."

    ROFL! Somedays he can be bad and somedays he isn't. :)

    "3. who is chase the cop?"

    He is Finn's half brother. :)

    "4. they brought back the carly actress to play Kim. She looks like she has no part and no real story. why bother?"

    She is Oscar's mother and has been having a friends with benefits thing with Julian who she nicknamed Charlie because of Julian's bar being called Charlie's pub.

    "5. they are wasting billy miller."

    He has a story coming up! Getting his memories back.

  6. "delcodave said.. thank you"

    Welcome! :) OH!

    "why did peter come to town and who does he want revenge on?"

    Uh not sure why he came to town.. To see his father? He got revenge on his father. His father Faison died because Hiney wouldn't help him and just walked away frpm his father's hospital room..

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