Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spilling The Scotch

OMG... Peter is SO ACTTTTING!!! He's AN ACTOOOOOR!! they are talking about Peter's actions as Heiny.  They are taking him to GH because his head hurts!! Awwww. Finn says he'll look after him at the hospital.

Valentine is home. Nina's says she's moving. He's trying to explain to Nina why he took Peter in as a kid. Faison mocked him at a school play. Then he took interest in Peter when Pete wanted to change his name and start life over. Anna comes in. She yells at Val for everything.Val says he found Peter's adoptive family and stole him to give to Faison. Why? "Because Anna threw him away like so much luggage".  :eyeroll: 
Nina leaves. 

How does Sam's lipstick stay like that?? LOL

Drew visits Maxie and tells her to hurry up and get better. She's on a, no one told her about Peter yet?? It appears that Drew doesn't know who he is yet!! Later, Maxie sees Peter in handcuffs. JaSam are there and so is Drew.  Peter tells Maxie that he's Heinrich Faison- and she loses it. 

Dante is angry with Lulu and storms out (because of the story she wrote and she won't listen). She cries and gets on her computer. 

Kiki and Griffin..getting drunk and start waltzing and...then start making out.  Which we could see coming a mile away! They have PRETTY um...good sex there! 

Sam talks to Drew about Heinrich and says he might have the disco ball with his memory. He said he's working with Dr. Maddox and doesn't want it.  Sam says to Jason later "Well I do"

Nina leaves Valentin, he spills his scotch.
Anna and Robert hug... 
Maxie cries and remembers when Peter put the baby in her arms.
JaSam get on the elevator together. 


  1. The show was good today. Anna, Valentin and Peter had some well acted scenes. Nina too. Not a Nina fan, but she's growing on me. Hope Nina and Maxie bond some more.

    Liked the Griffin and Kiki sex even. LOL

  2. I guess this is payback. Didn't Ava steal Morgan from Kiki? Am I remembering correctly? Or, was it the other way around?

  3. WHOA! The chew has been cancelled!!! :0

    1. Can't say I'm sorry, since that and the other show took AMC and OLTL off the air. Karma. 😎

  4. Maybe that's why CH was on GH hoping to find a new gig.

  5. Oh, cancelled, I am shocked!!

  6. Food Network should pick up The Chew. That's where it should have been all along.

  7. Oh, maybe Food Network will pick it up. I don't watch it, but it seems to be a popular show.

    Did anyone know that Faison's mother was Anna's nanny? Or is this just made up for the retro baby story?

  8. I actually like kiki and griffin not want sam and jason back together. love finn and drew

    1. I like Kiki and Griffin ok. I want Jason by himself. Drew needs somebody. I love him and Finn 💕💕💕

  9. Today was good! I wanted to cry for Maxie. Loved the Robert and Ann scene. I was cooking in between watching and walked in to see zee sex between Griff and Kiki, knew it....God I can just hear Ava now!!! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  10. Why did Maxie say to Hiney that she didn't think he committed fraud? They said he was arrested, no one told her the charges . . .

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  12. So we have an adulterous 35 year old ex priest now Doctor with a 21 year old drunken coworker. This is only a step above Dr Creepy. Anna is no better than Valentin. She has never been much of a Mother to her kids. Maybe a good agent but a lousy Mom. She deserved the Bi**h comment from Peter.Hope they don't do any baby stealing crap It would be nice to see the new parents happy for a while.

    1. Not that it matters, but I'd say she's at least 25. Ava was pregnant with her when Nina went into her 20-year coma, and Nina's been in town about 5 years.... Of course, this is soap world, so liberties may always be taken.


  14. Kiki is 21 in real life and Griffin is 35. But this is the soaps I guess. Olivia is 48 and her son Dante is 39. Didn't know he was Canadian until I looked it up. Any Dr. I've worked around would be heavily disciplined or fired for such behavior.

    1. She's of age. It would be different if she were under 18.

  15. Some very intelligent writing today. Too much of it, maybe, but altogether, it reminded me of Santa Barbara, which was always several notches above other soaps in wit, intelligent dialogue and good acting.

    I will have to watch today's GH a second time in order to get everything straight, but most questions were answered. After Ava helped Nelle at the shower, I was ready for Ava to get a good knockdown and she did. Griffin is going to be regretful, but eventually realize who really needs him.

    I feel for Finn--hope he and Anna can work things out. With so many stories wrapped up, it is time to bring back Genie Francis and start something fresh with her and Kevin. I kind of doubt Tristan is staying permanently--wish he were.

    I may be alone in this, but I do like Valentin and want the actor to stay and and have an interesting story in his quest to get Nina back.

    We have a wedding to look forward to--Elizabeth and Franco and this another unlikely but nice pairing. As for Peter--may we have seen the last of him soon!

  16. Soaplover: From you lips to G-d's ears, that they bring Genie back!

    I HATE Valentin, he killed Nik, they keep trying to redeem him, but I believe they cannot . ..

    As others have said, it looks like Hiney has a contract. With all of his crimes, I thought he was going to Steinmauer (sp?), but, of course, like all of the other murderers and criminals in Port Charles, likely he will go free.

  17. I too want Robert to stay and he and Anna get back together. Not sure why they never went there again, except Robert doesn't stick around long enough :( Boo on TPTB for that.

    Yes, Genie needs to come back for the summer.

    I kind of thought Anna would have something romantic with Valentin for awhile, but that won't happen. He still loves Anna though I think. Good actor, want JPS to stay. Of course, Finola has chemistry with EVERYONE IMO.

    Wes Ramsey has done a better job lately. Don't want him to stay, but I am sure he will.

    I guess the age thing kills me still with the show. When Anna ranted to Valentin yesterday she mentioned that she thought this was over 3 decades ago. Something about 3 decades. That would mean that Heinrich is supposed to be about 30 on the show??? The GH tree online has Valentin at 42. That must have changed too because that would mean that 3 decades ago Valentin would have been 12 and a WSB agent.

    I always forget that I have to "suspend reality" when watching this show. I have watched for 40 years, so you'd think I'd learn by now. I do miss "the good ol' days".

  18. P.S. Glad I found your blog. Thank you. This is fun

  19. Loved the scene where Anna tells Valentin to go to hell. He mumbles something like "I already am in hell"

  20. Heinrick Faison

    Birth name Henrik Faison[1]
    Alias(es) P.K. Sinclair
    Octavian Stone[2]
    Henri Francois
    Ethnicity Danish
    Born June 13, 1976[3][4][5]
    Brussels, Belgium
    Age 42

    Valentin Cassadine

    Alias(es) Ivan Theodore
    Theo Hart[1]
    Gaspar LeBlanc
    Namesake(s) Mikkos Cassadine
    Nickname(s) The Cassadine all other Cassadines fear
    (by Helena and Luke)
    The most treacherous Cassadine
    (by the Cassadines and Helena)
    Ethnicity Greek-American
    Gender Male
    Born 1965[2] (revised to 1976)[3]
    St. Petersburg, Russia[2]
    Age 42

    *2..↑ 2.0 2.1 Seen on his birth certificate on April 21, 2009.
    *3.. On September 20, 2017, Valentin tells Lulu that he was five when Mikkos died.

    Anna is supposed to be 61.

  21. I thought there was some good acting and dialogue yesterday, and maybe I'm too picky, but it just seemed like bad tv to me. It seemed so bad I felt kind of embarrassed to be watching it. I do love Robert and hope TPTB realize that he shouldn't be short term. Sam was particularly expressionless throughout. Maybe KM hates that she is no longer paired with BM. I was trying to figure out the confusing age questions so thanks Di for doing the profiles! Also, on Grey's doctors and nurses seem to hook up all the time, but willingly on both sides!

  22. Police station:

    Hiney, Robert, and Chase:

    Chase: With Peter August?

    Robert: Hinrick Faison.

    DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN! Awwww poor wittle Hiney has a migraine now. Time to go get checked out at the hospital, so that he can bump into Maxie, before he goes to jaily poo! Other wise how else would he see Maxie? She ain't going to want to go see him in jail.. Or would she? Hmmmm.

    The hospital:

    Maxie's room:

    Nina and Maxie: Nina just tell her who Hiney REALLY is!!!!!

    Nurses station:

    Maxie and Hiney:

    Hiney: I am Hinrick Fiason.

    DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Wait! Maxie was supposed to go visit her son right? She is so upset she goes BACK to her room instead of seeing her son?!!! WHAT THE HELL?!!! That is so dumb!!!

    Maxie's room:

    Awww Maxie is crying. She has got all the feels for Hiney. He has got all the feels for her.

    Paint and Wall: Huh?!?!! Come on Wall!! The flash drive has ALL your memories not Jason's memories!!! That is so dumb.


    Sam: Drew may not want that flash drive, but I sure as hell do.

    OH! Did you hear that?!?!! The show did a DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN after Sam said that line hahahhaha!

    The pier:

    Anna and Finchy: Awww Anna is all depressed about her rewrite baby.


    Anna and Nina: Nina wins the line of the day.

    Nina: Oh Anna! What a shock. Come in. He is in the living room.


    Anna and V.C.: GREAT SCENE!!!! Yeah Anna you get him! :) Looked like V.C. was going to stutter but he didn't. Would have been the perfect time to. I love when Nina finds out that Anna is Hiney's mummy! :)

    Nina and V.C.: Awww Nina is leaving him because she can't forgive him for having a bromance affair with Hiney! :(

    Lante home:

    Lante: Dante is giving Lulu so many truths!!! GO DANTE! And of course Lulu is being so stubborn!!! She is a Spencer after all! :) Awww Lulu is crying and she is wearing old school eyeliner!!! Love when they have old school eyeliner. :)

    Griffin's hotel room:

    Kiwi and Griffin: Kiwi is drunk because she is skeered of Dr. Pig, and Griffin is drunk because he is in love with Sonny, and knows he can't have him. Oh dancing how sweet. They gonna stumble on the bed? Oh no of course not! They kiss instead! EWWWWWWWW! Man that kiss was strange and awkward!! It's like they have never kissed anybody in their whole lives before. Oh no! The sex! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Disgusting!!! Please stop this madness!!! Well well well Griffin! (Notice I don't call you Griffy anymore) You can't be on your high horse anymore!!!! Damn Kiwi! I thought you have learned your lessons from the past! Obviously not!

    The song: What a beautiful song at the end!!! I never heard of it!!! I'm sorry for breaking us for breaking you! What is the name of the song? I will have to look for it! Who's song is it?

    Police station part 2:

    Robert and Anna: Awwwwwwwwwwwww! :(

  23. "Michelle Latta said...I was cooking in between watching and walked in to see zee sex between Griff and Kiki, knew it....God I can just hear Ava now!!! Looking forward to tomorrow."

    Ava would be all like, I TOLD YOU SO!!!!! :) Give em hell Ava! :) Tell him he can't be all high and mighty anymore!!!! :)


    YES!!!! I want that to happen too!!!! :)

  25. I worked in a large Hospital with thousands of employees for 25 years. In all that time I never witnessed a Dr or Nurse kiss another employee. Mom's kissed their babies and partners and men kissed their partners and children but that was about it. Maybe we are more reserved here in Canada even though we are all considered adults at 19. Then again it is a soap where people get away with murder, age overnight, teleport miles from one scene to the next,hide their children for months on end and come back from the dead.

  26. Wow - latest ratings on SON - GH 1.69 and Days 1.63. They better do something fast or they will have the same outcome as The Chew. I think FV needs to go.

  27. The "love" scene with Griffin and Kiki seemed super awkward, but then again I guess sleeping with your gfs daughter would be awkward. Kiki needs to just stop drinking me thinks. Hope Ava finds out soon so we don't have to watch them drag out the "your mother can never find out" secret around for months.
    It was a great scene with Henrik/Maxie, Wes Ramsey is really stepping up his game. Would rather him go full psycho, Valentin is such a boring villain, if you can even call him that, think he needs his Cassadine card revoked.
    Drew...really? You don't want the memory drive back at all? Bullhonkey, you just don't want Jasam helping you find it.
    Why aren't Robert and Anna a couple? They are so great together!! And please don't let Robin leave town without Anna telling her she has a brother.

  28. I asked myself that too: why aren't Anna and Robert a couple again? Anna better tell Robin, or Robin will hear it on the news.

  29. "Alicia said...The "love" scene with Griffin and Kiki seemed super awkward,"


    "but then again I guess sleeping with your gfs daughter would be awkward."

    I would assume so yes. ROFL!

    "Kiki needs to just stop drinking me thinks."

    I think so too!!!



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