Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Nurses Ball AHOY!

Ok, so I made part of the show!! Didn't like Sam's dress--LOVED Alexis' look!! (Sandy Bullock) adn these guys were great. Maxie is there with Peter and Spin is annoyed. Carla from Top Chef and The Chew is Cook 2!! Inspired!! I like her so I was happy. 

Sonny's taking Mike to the Ball. Stella talked Sonny into taking him because even tho Carly's in the clink, he should celebrate Mike.  Mike takes Stella...they look really good! 

Val's mad Peter's there, Peter's mad Spin is there. There's a JaSam scene (Sam's dress is too much for me). Robin is around-- Nina's doing her usual red carpet funny. 

Ok, hopefully I will see you tomorrow! 


  1. Val & Peter are both in their forties. Val must have been younger than Spencer when he was with the WSB. For this story line they should have got a younger actor to play Peter but I guess what Carly wants Carly gets.Did she threaten to push the writers down the stairs?? Peter & Maxie give me the same "NO" feeling as Dr Creepy & Kiki.Both women appear vulnerable and in danger.

  2. 5/15/18 episode.

    Police station:

    CarSason and Diane: SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! Sonny you still don't believe what Carly is saying?!?!! MAN DIVORCE HIM CARY! GAH!!!

    Sonny and Diane:

    Sonny: If she wants to jump off a cliff and she says she could fly, he would let her.

    SHUT UP SONNY!!!!! I said out loud, no he wouldn't!!!!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Janey's room: Oh Janey is a fantastic actress!!! She don't care about this baby! All she cares about is Michael!!! And he is there making sure she is okay, so in her mind her plan is working! Love that Ava is blackmailing her hahahaha!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Anna and Griffy: Awww now why couldn't Griffy be Anna's son? :(

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Drew and Maddox: What in the hell is the point of this scene, since Maddox won't help him! ARGH!

    Hiney's office:

    Griffy and Hiney: Gee another person wanting Hiney to leave town! ROFL! Who next? Emma will tell Hiney to leave town?

    V.C. and Hiney: Oh oh! V.C. is stuttering! He is skeered!!!! Comfort him Hiney. Give him a little kiss. :)

    Nurses ball: Oh look!!!! A Llama!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA! That cracked me up!!! And Finchy's face when he saw the Llama!!! :) I wonder who is going to ride it!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA! Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: Serenity now serenity now.


    Grava: Oh gee Griffy is not judging her anymore.

    Griffy: I'm halfway there.

    What does that mean? You falling in love with Ava?

  3. rebecca herbst face is perfection. kelly monaco and kimberly mccullogh could pass as sisters.and joss and oscar boring. they will never be georgie and dylan.

  4. is Kevin - or Lulu - or ANYONE ever going to mention Laura's name????????

  5. Was the show any good? Been kind of busy to watch.

    Is anyone "special" going to be at the nurse's ball? I know Robin will be there.

  6. Watched and it was ok. Glad Jason believes Carly. I cannot believe after what Nellie has done to Sonny (ick), Michael....etc that NOONE else believes Carly, especially Bobbie, because she was on to her from the beginning! Anyways....
    Friz looked wonderful, Sam looked pretty, but that dress was hideous! Loved all the dresses but hers. Oh and creepy showing up after Kiki did....stalker much? What's with llama?

  7. Is your Mama a Llama?

    Saw pic of the llama. STUPID

  8. SPOILER if you didn't see today

    I missed something. Why does Finn think Anna is dying?

  9. Finn thinks Anna may be dying because he saw her will when it fell out of Alexis' bag accidentally.

  10. Valenina's hotel room:

    Valenina: Yowza! Nina looks hot in that dress!!

    Anna's hotel room:

    Anna and Robin: ROBIN YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Robert's kidnapped room: THERE IS MY ROBERT YAY! Damn the walls look so weak! He could punch his way out!! Oh no! What's happening?!?!!?! Is he having a heart attack?! :(

    Hiney's office:

    Hiney and Maxie: Hmmm looks like Maxie's baby bump shrunk. :)

    The hospital:

    Kiwi and Benchy: HUH?!?!! He wants her to go to the nurses ball!? Why? What is that scum up to?

    Carson home:

    Sonny, Stella, and Mike: Awww Mike is Stella's date. :)

    Q home:

    Olivia and Cook 2: Carla Hall is Cook 2!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Oliviaaaaaaaaaaaaaa can you really keep your promise? :) Just move out then you can have your own kitchen!

    The nurses ball:

    Hiney, Maxie, and reporter: While Maxie was talking to that guy, did you see the look on Hiney's face? It looks like he is in wuv with Maxie!!!

    The red carpet:

    Jordan: Hello peak a boob dress.

    Sam: Hello REALLY peak a boob dress. Ugly dress.

    Kiwi: Love her dress!!!!

    Lucy and Llama: Love Lucy's dress. Lucy and her date the Llama!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! She was practically making out with it! :)

    Nick Viall: YAY! He is awesome.. Good to see him there.

    Joss: Hey! That is a beautiful dress! Why didn't she wear it to the dance that her and Oscar done?

    Nurses ball room:

    Grava, Kiwi, and Scum: What in the hell?!?!!? Why is Scum there?!?!?!?! Why is Ava so nervous about performing?


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