Friday, May 4, 2018

Pills in A Purse

Michael and Nelle talking to Lante about pediatricians. Nelle said they found one doctor "a little cold" Lulu says: You should get along perfectly lol

Maxie at Nathan's grave..crying and talking to him. Chet comes in and talks to Maxie about getting sober and how Nathan helped him. He wanted to leave his sober chip on his grave.  Chet also talks her into taking the money from Faison's son.

Nina confronts Peter with the file he has on Nathan. Peter says it's for a 'surprise' for she and Maxie. He says he got the stuff from Donna Mills (her mother) who's in jail. Nina wants to call her to find out if it's true.  BUT! Valentin interruptus.  Later at Kelly's, Nina calls Dr. O asking about the information that Peter had.

Carly takes her pills at the Metro Bar AGAIN. Who does that? Who takes their pills at public? Of course Sonny sees her and asks about them. She acts all giddy. Is this part of the thing about taking the pills? WEIRD.  
She thinks Nelle is doing the guardianship to get to Michael...Sonny thinks it's a good thing.

Robert and Anna are on, talking no-stop about HEINY. UGH waste of TRISTAN ROGERS!  I liked it when he visited Val and then had fun with Finn at Kelly's.  Anyway he said goodbye to her today. 

END: So... Robert  gets on a plane and drinks his drink. He feels woozy and Valentin shows up and Robert passes out. 


  1. This taking pills in a public bar and having the bottle on the table is beyond ridiculous. No one does that.

    I liked Lulu's comment about the BS detector. lol

    And Chet was the perfect person for Maxie to talk too. I thought that scene was really well written and acted. And it was nice to see Chet back too.

    And I'm hoping they're not going to do something stupid like kill Robert off.

  2. Actually I do that. I have a little pill box, I use daily. I work nights and have 3 seizure meds, so after dinner break I take them. But taking the bottle, no.

  3. Re pills in a purse: I didn't finish watching yet, but Carly is taking the Prozac for, like, 2 days, and says the meds are working? Anti-depressants (unlike anti-anxiety meds), typically take from 2 - 6 weeks to start working. If Carly was taking something for anxiety, then feeling relief would be expected, but, if she is taking Prozac, that is not the case. This is General HOSPITAL, can't the writers consult with someone from the medical profession?

  4. Nina called both her Aunt O, and her mom about the Nathan papers. But they sure made it hard to see that. In one scene she says hello to Aunt O, then they break away, and come back and show Nina saying "it's nice that you kept all that stuff, Mom"... So I guess she made both phone calls.

    And also, just a guess, but is Tristan gone now again? He'll be held captive somewhere until they need him next. I wish they would bring these people in and actually give them stories. Why waste money, that they claim they don't have, on scenes that anyone could play. It was nice to see him again, and I enjoyed the scenes he was in, but it didn't really move the story any further along did it?

    Chet is probably also gone. Guest stars are a prime time staple but I don't think they really work on daytime.

  5. I didn't watch yesterday. Who is Chet? Never heard of him

  6. Kelly's:

    Lante: Zzzzzz.

    Lante, Janey and Michael:

    Janey: Michael and I just got back from interviewing pediatricians.

    Dante: That's a thing?

    Huh?!?!?! Okay that was a stupid line. I mean he has a son!!! I don't buy that he doesn't know about that! I don't care if Dante was busy at work! He would know about it!!!! Lulu wins the line of the day.

    Lulu: Then I would think that you would get along perfectly.


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carson: Carly drinks her water and THEN takes her pill!! That was a very strange scene. Uh Carly, if you think Janey is up to something, then why don't you also think about that maybe she is gas lighting you?!?!! WAKE UP CARLY GAH! Oh oh she has a headache! Side affect from the pills! So the other side affect is having delusions.. When will that show up?

    Carson and Michael: Meh Michael is right. You have to think about the baybay!

    Nathan's grave:

    Maxie and Chet: At first I was thinking, who is this guy? He looks familiar. Then as soon as I remembered who he is, Maxie talks about Man Landers. Where the hell has Chet been? I have forgotten all about him. Gee Chet you convinced her to take the money for Nathan! What else can you change her mind about? Back to being friends with Lulu? I hope not. I was being sarcastic.


    Nina and Hiney: Yeah Hiney that file all about Nathan for Nina is really creepy. I don't blame her for being upset. I mean she doesn't know that Nathan is your brother, so yeah can't you see how creepy that is?

    Maxie and Hiney: UGH! Touching the baby move and having a moment! UGH!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Robert and Anna:

    Anna: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Robert: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Anna: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Robert: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Anna: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Robert: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Oh wait Robert has to leave for his case?!?!?!?! Oh no!!! Is he leaving Port Chuckles again? Now we won't see him anymore?! :(


    Robert and V.C.: OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drugging Robert!!!! I love it!!!! That is such a spy thing to do V.C.! :) Just like back in the day, but Robert was the sneaky person doing it!

  7. It's hard to believe Robert let himself be drugged. That is so un-Robert like. He is not at the top of his game.

  8. That's right. Chet is Amy's brother. Didn't see him enough to even remember his name.

  9. "Michelle Latta said...Who's Janey?"

    ROFL! Nelle. :) Her real name is Janelle. So, Janey. :)

    "lindie said...It's hard to believe Robert let himself be drugged. That is so un-Robert like. He is not at the top of his game."

    I know!!!!! I was surprised that he got drugged!! Yeah you are right he isn't at the top of his game! Maybe after he wakes up, he will kick V.C.'s ass!!!


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