Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Magic and Mayhem

Well, SOMEBODY had to take the Llama...might as well be Lucy! 

With all the hooplah of the Royal Wedding, I almost forgot about Sunday Surgery! What a great day yesterday was. The weather, the outfits and the joy. We needed some joy in the world!  Speaking of JOY--yes, I enjoyed the Nurses Ball even if I thought they could have had way more acts and much less 'intrigue".  I sat back and just let myself get caught up in it all! 

I have some scones left over (I really do!) and tea. Brit hubby and I watched together and had a great time. 

Should I even talk about the beginning of the week? Nah-- I don't really remember what happened and it must not have been that big. If it was, it was all rolled around by the Nurses Ball anyway.

Let's Dish: WARDROBE!

Ok, I LOVED Alexs' look-- but I wasn't a fan of Sam's. Way too red on the lips and the dress? I don't know, it just didn't seem to 'fit' the night. Plus, I'm so over those cut out shoulders.  Nancy Lee Grahn actually wore this dress to the Daytime Emmys! 

Kim and Josslyn...Joss looked fabulous and way older than she really is--and Kim's dress was pretty but way too many tiers at the bottom. 

WELL....No words needed for these two other than: Va-VOOM!! 

Loved Mike and Stella going together. Sonny even got out of the angst of Carly being in prison to get cleaned up and attend!  

Franco and Liz looked all cute together-- although I don't remember seeing them much after the red carpet? It seemed like a lot of people were there then..? Some were on Thurs in crowd shots but not Friday and vise-versa. Becky looked like a snow princess in this dress!  I think Roger put his head right under that Nurses' hat on purpose! 


Well, I'll be a wallaby runnin' backwards....this is lead paint -- I can't be in here! 

Let's see..I've had 5 of these...only 9 more before this night can get interesting...

Ok, I see you...
No...I see YOU!
Don't toy with me...
Don't toy with ME!! 
Stop it!
No YOU Stop it!! 

OOOooooo, Here we are at the Nurses Ball
Singing and dancing off the wall... 
Here he's the mayor and I'm his gal...
I hope our number doesn't fail...

Hi..!! What's new? 
Oh we're back together... 

I didn't know you were ....
Well, Franco had a big TRAUMA that was even BIGGER than his TUMOR we had to deal with but now we're all good. 
Ok, cool.  I heard Kevin wanted to study his brain. 
No, that was Faison. He has it in a jar, I saw it. 

Now, I told you that bein' nice to your baby mama is better than bein mean to her, didn't I? 
Sure, Stella...whatever you say
Just make sure you watch out for that one though, I mean she looks like she wants to hurt you bad.
Don't I know it. 

Oh, Crap....I just find out Finn loves Anna and now...Julian is here? Why am I not drinking again? 

(to self) that...Sam? Sam  and Jason? Looking all happy and going on some kind of spy-hunt exciting mission? Geeze. Why can't I go too? Not fair! Not fair one bit. 

Ok, so you found the lighter.
Yes, right here, the lighter was right here.
On Peter August's desk.
Yes, on the desk. 
With this book, the FAISON IS MY FATHER book.

Yes, with that book. 
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 
That maybe..he could be...
Let's think about it for a few more days, ok? Don't want to rush this. 

Crikey ya Dinga Rat-Bahstahd! Yer had me locked up like a 'roo in a swamp but I got out even befoah anyone knew I was missin'! So ha on you! 


Curtis proposed, Jordan said yes...and Aunt Stella is not happy. 

Maxie went into labor as Peter was taking her home...meaning he's going to have to deliver the baby. Good Grief. Just when you think things couldn't get worse....

Jason is on to Nelle's scheming ways. Michael is not so sure yet. Nelle's playing him like a fiddle. 

Carly was arrested and couldn't go to the Ball. Kiki got the night off from Dr. Bensch and showed up alone. 

NICEST SURPRISE: Carla as Cook 2. I really liked her as Cook and she could act and be funny. Lisa LoCicero was of course, just perfect in these scenes and Olivia promises to stay out of the Q kitchen forever! 

BIGGEST WTF:  So, Sonny was totally drugged by Nelle and SET UP by her --and yet he doesn't believe Carly was?? Huh? This makes zero sense. I mean, I get that St. Jaysus with his Jaysus senses would get it but to have Sonny think something's wrong with Carly's mind is stretching things.  I was also pretty shocked Laura Wright didn't go to the Nurses Ball! 

BEST NUMBER: James Patrick Stewart was amazing...what a voice !! 

MONDAY MOTIVATION:  Watching Ava do a number??!! What?? I'm so excited for this I can't stand it. I thought she wanted to go up to Griffin's room and have a night of zex but here she is all glammed up and ready to go!  Will she sing "Diamonds Are A Girls' Best Friend"?? 

WELL.....did you see DAYS beat GH for the first time in forever in ratings? Oy VEY. Not good.  I'll have my usual "how to fix" blog up sometime soon.  One big thing that needs to go is the Peter Heiny story. And PS. if JaSam are back together, you are going to have to do a love scene soon. There is an art to sexual tension and it was played perfectly in the 2-3 months when Jason first got back. Now? Just tedious. 

That's it! Tillie had her operation and has been up and down since. She was in pain for awhile and is sleeping a lot. Worried puppy mom has been anxious! I just want her to be her old self again. 


  1. Karen, thanks again for a great and VERY FULL SS, you even managed all this despite the wedding!

    So I went to the NLG event last night with my late friend Karen's daughter, Laura. It was at a bar/restaurant in Manhattan. Nancy was beautiful, smart, kind and amazing--just like we all know that she is!

  2. She dish anything good??? :)

  3. Thanks for all that. I missed the scene where Robert was in a room with peeling paint. I also missed when he was drugged. Anyone know what date that was? I have to catch all my Robert Scorpio moments as he will be gone again soon I am sure.

  4. The only thing I disagree with is cook2. Could've done without that entire scene.

  5. Great SS! I wonder why everyone but JPS is on contract, especially Wes R. I hope those who indulged LW’s boyfriend and put him on every day are happy with the latest ratings. I don’t think they have been this low for years. AntJoan, glad you got to see NLG-she is delightful IRL. Not one to give out spoilers, though. I think the main problem iwith this show is all the horribly depressing storylines and Heinie. They need to keep the fabulous Robert Scorpio and get Laura back, too.

    1. I haven't seen the latest ratings, how bad is it?

  6. GH was 1.76 and Days was 1.69 I believe, but Days beat GH on one of the total viewers categories. Not good.

    1. Wow....I've never seen Days beat GH and I've never seen GH that low either! WAKE UP WRITERS

  7. Agree with almost everything. Can't stand that Carla, or her show. Valentin has perfect Joss' dress is perfect. Many people disappeared after red carpet. Anyone think it's odd that Monica, I know this year she is not around, hasn't been to a NB in years. May is almost over....sweep it up.

    1. I've never watched The Spew ever since AMC and OLTL were canceled.

  8. wes r CAN act. there are clips on youtube. he was great in the movie Latter Days. what he is doing on this show is beyond me. and where is the emmy winning directors helping him? baffling.

    it all boils down to the writing. we KNOW the actors on this show can act (well...99% of them...) but it seems to me that there is no master of ceremonies who is organizing the 3-ring circus. individual writers write a few scenes and they collect all the paper work, put it in a leather binder and hand it to the cast and say "here's the script"

    i have this problem where i work. the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing. we cant get from point a to point b smoothly. and i have been begging - BEGGING - for management to organize the flow. so far, nothing.

    i think it is the same way here. no organization. no direction. no one person overseeing everything. maybe when the head writer took over the reigns last year, she was in over her head and not the right person for the job. i am sure she is a good writer, but does she have what it takes to be a supervisor?

    there has to be a change coming.

  9. Karen, Nancy dished A LOT. The spoilers, we are bound by secrecy not to repeat. Other things were very interesting, however, like how all of the female actors are paid much less than the men. She said that TPTB believe that people watch the show for the "hunks." Now, we all know how much I love Sonny, but I am a feminist, and want to watch a show where I can identify with the characters. I'm much more interested in women on the show than men (except for Sonny, of course, but he is in a league all his own, IMO).

    She said lots of other stuff, but I have to start working now. . . Have a great day, everyone.

  10. OK, my 1 p.m. patient seems to be late . . . Nancy spoke A LOT about how she feels about the character of Alexis Davis, and how she wants to play her. She explained a lot about what happened with Finn, Julian, etc. She also spoke about some of the writers.

    She said she is madly in love with her (relatively) new boyfriend and is very happy.

  11. I thought the best acts were Ned and Valentin. I hope Sonny doesn't try to ruin Ava's. I was not thrilled with Carla Hall, she may be a nice person but the last place she should be is on an ABC soap. Like a slap in the face to AMC fans.

  12. Look at you guys!! Not dishing..that's fine. I have seen Nancy-- in NYC as well. I have a photo of her with me, go look up on the blog where Alberta's photos are. She was so fun. Loved the lobster necklace I brought her.

    David is correct, he showed me the clip of a younger Wes in that movie and it was pretty good. Is it the direction he's been given? Then again I say that either he nor the character seem to have ANY charm or edge or ANYTHING. OY..

    I still love Chris' writing and loved his take when Jason came back. I'm also questioning how much Bloom is touching on this.

  13. "I thought she wanted to go up to Griffin's room and have a night of zex but here she is all glammed up and ready to go!"

    ROFL! She tried!!!! But Griffy rejected her!!!! :)

  14. Was Kevin there and I missed him? WHY didn't that young nurse and Liz sing in the opening number? Is Laura EVER mentioned?
    people have stopped watching because of NELLE and how stupid they are making Carly and Sonny - I would be all over watching THEM turn the tables on Nelle and setting her up....
    we don't care about Peter anymore - drop that storyline/kill him or something.
    that is the other reason I don't watch or fast-forward....

    Jason and Sam need that chemistry/sex to pull us back in -
    straight up - nothing much going on anymore on GH. Except Mike storyline
    AND HOW is Charlotte going to leave for MONTHS and Lulu not care??????????

    1. I guess we're expected to think that she and what's his name (sorry brain is failing on his name LOL) are still sharing custody.

  15. Hated Sam's dress, but liked the lipstick. Loved Liz's, joss's and Alexis's dresses. Kim's looked some something my crazy aunt would wear to a funeral. Where did Liz and Franco go? Rebecca Herbst has gone on record saying that she doesnt generally feel comfortable singing and dancing so they usually make some excuse for her to get out of it. This year she was "too emotionally exhausted" when Lucy asked her about it. Please don't let Maxie have her baby on the side of the road! That's what hospitals are for, especially since the name of the show is General Hospital. Same is the suckiest PI ever. Oh look, a lighter in plain sight. I couldn't possibly see it the first time because my brain is full of mushy Jason thoughts and my boobs hurt from being scotch taped together. Oh and someone needs to b$#*% slap that baby out of Nelle real quick, bet Jason will be first in line.

  16. Well, Maxie had her baby is 30 seconds flat and he was all nice and clean. And, WTH is that seeing her baby on an Ipad thing. Like hell would I be kept from my baby

  17. Guess that is to give Nelle time to steal Maxie's baby

  18. So, is Nina going to forgive Valentin again? It is partly Valentin's fault (sort of) for Nathan being dead. (and Lulu)

  19. I'm sorry, but hearing Jason & Sam's "LUV SONG" just makes me cringe now. I mean, they played that song through her whole LUV RELATIONSHIP with Drew-formerly-known-as-Jason-FKA-Jake-Doe. They played it for the two of them AFTER SB was back on-screen, for Pete's sake, to keep the LUV mystery alive!!!! Give them a new, untainted song already.

  20. OMG!!!! Didn't finish yet, but Mike--I cried through the whole thing. And then Sonny--he NEVER sings, it's not his thing. The way he looked at his father while he was up there--Maurice is just the best, EVER!!

    I had heard about some other acts, but this was a surprise!!

  21. OMG MAURA ROCKS!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE The Nurses' Ball, what a wonderful way to showcase the amazing talents of our beloved actors!!

  22. ok just some observations:

    the baby in another room. hmmmm.... what could possibly go wrong?

    If Maurice is going to sing, he should sing BABALOO or nothing. (I'm sure some of you will get this) Wait... OMG wouldnt it be priceless is one of the actresses put on a red wig and they did the I love lucy skit that L&R did that got them the original series? Priceless.

    And AVA. Love the actress. But there was sound problems and recording problems and she really looked like the lip syncing was way off. But that was a great song for her and fit her personality perfect.

    my 2 cents

  23. Sonny helping Mike sing made me cry. Sonny has never performed. Was so touching

  24. Nice surprise to have Mike singing, but how did he just happen to have a band there to back him up and a hat if it was spontaneous? I notice on Twitter MB always braggs about a great episode coming up when he is in it, so I didn’t really appreciate his part. Why was Kiki standing near the door in her underwear? Lots of talent in this NB and Lucy looked stunning. Sad that their longtime choreographer died suddenly.

  25. I think the part where he had the band and effects was in his head as they disappeared when he forgot the words. I thought the scene was really well done. It had me blubbering for sure.

  26. I would like to know why kiki was in her underwear. did i miss something

    1. The strap on her dress broke and she went backstage so Amy could fix it

  27. Maxie's baby is premature so they would have to keep it in the NICU for observation even if there weren't any obvious problems, at least 24 hours. long as Maxie didn't have any complications she could GO see her baby in the NICU. The webcam thing is nice because they wouldn't let her stay forever. Any bets on names? My guess is she will name the baby after Nathan or Mac.
    It was a great scene with Mike singing and Sonny bailing him out at the end made me teary, especially since you could tell Maurice was not comfortable singing and he did it anyway.
    What song was Ava supposed to perform? I liked her choice, made me think first wives club, did look a little off with timing, but I liked it anyway. How could Griffin not figure out that something sketchy was going on with Dr. Bensch and Kiki? And dude, seriously, give her your jacket instead of leaving her goodies hanging out while carrying on a conversation and hugging her. Manners!
    Sam's dress still makes me want to gouge my eyes because I can't stop staring at her boobs squished together. Calling it The dodo bird dress because it looks like she killed an ugly bird and it needs to go extinct already.

  28. Exactly about the preemie thing. He was early so it made sense. I did love the webcam as well. ❤💙 I was thinking when Heinrik said it was a boy that she'd name him Nathan. I hope so. 😊 LOL!! Yeh that dress was awful!!



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