Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Feelin'

Diane says it looks bad for Carly--all the witnesses are on NELLE'S SIDE ahahhaa. I love the inflection Chloe is using for Nelle now--so creepy. Diane is saying Carly should plead guilty to insanity. 
Ok, I think Nelle may have totally threw herself down the stairs. She doesn't care about the baby-- if she lost it, she still would have won. AND she was totally paranoid that Brad thought she DID!!! 

Carly's totally going to plead guilty by reason of insanity I bet. 

Mac and Flea visited Maxie and found out about Peter.  The baby's name is James (after Nathan's real name) Malcolm West!! Mac has a namesake!!  

Lulu and Maxie are going to make up you wait-- because Maxie feels terrible and so does Lulu.  Maxie wants LULU to help her take down Peter August!! WHOOP!!! Maxie and Lulu together again!! 

Dante yelling at Peter about Nathan-- "he would have taken down Faison with you".  "The only reason I'm not slammin' your face into this table is because of Nathan--MY BROTHER".. GO Dante!! OMG. I can't believe Dom is leaving. 
Anna tells Peter that Valentin, not her, gave him up to Faison. He doesn't believe it...then he does. Anna also says that she's not going to testify against him. Robert isn't happy.  Peter offers something to Robert to get him off the WSB charges. 

Val tries to talk to Nina about 'his part' in things. Nina blames him for Nathan's death.  Man, she yelled at him so loud it scared Tillie!! LOL I mean SHE YELLED!  She tells him to move and leave Charlotte with Lulu before Charlotte hates him too. "Everytime I look at you I see my Dead Brother"!!! 


  1. Just a reminder to anyone who doesn't know GH is pre-empted on Monday because of memorial day.

  2. Karen, what do you mean Dom is leaving??

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  4. Kelly's:

    Anna and Robert: Awww Anna still depressed over her rewrite son. Give her another hug Robert! :)

    The hospital:

    Nelle and Brad: Sounds like Chloe Lanier has a cold. Oh boy! OH BOY! Brad again is talking about his superstitions!!!! Foreshadowing much?

    Nelle: Well she did. I didn't throw myself down the stairs. Is that what you think? Of course. I'm kidding.

    Well there you have it ladies and gentleman!!! She threw herself down the stairs!!

    "Karen says Ok, I think Nelle may have totally threw herself down the stairs. She doesn't care about the baby-- if she lost it, she still would have won. AND she was totally paranoid that Brad thought she DID!!!"

    Welcome to the club!!!!! :) Did you see those creepy eyes of hers? Chloe Lanier is a fantastic actress!!! :)

    Maxie's room:

    Felicia, Mac, and Maxie: MAC!! FLEA!!!! :) Hmm I don't think they have a couple name.. Flac? :) So wait they go see the baby, but don't go inside the room?!!?! What the hell?!!?!? Now they are back in Maxie's room! HUH?! Awwww James Malcolm West!! YAY!!!!

    Lulu and Maxie: I couldn't face it before, but I own it now.

    FINALLY! Glad you finally can admit it Lulu! And admit why you did it. Now will Lulu and Maxie be friends again? Hmmmm.

    Lante home:

    Nina and Lulu: Nina's shirt makes her look pregnant.

    Valenina: GREAT SCENE!!!!! Bravo!!!! :) So sad. :(

    "Karen says Man, she yelled at him so loud it scared Tillie!! LOL"

    ROFL! Awww poor Tillie! :)

    "I mean SHE YELLED!"

    Hahahaha! She sure did!!!!! :)

    The courthouse:

    Carson and Diane: This is too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man Carly dump Sonny!!!! He does not believe you!!!!!

    Police station:

    Anna and Hiney: Awww a mummy and son chit chatter. She really loves you Hiney! You are her rewrite son!!!

    Hiney and Dante: Damn GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Sidenote: They didn't show Ava and Griffin today! They must be making the luv on that bed with those sheets! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I have lost total respect for Griffin! I am divorcing him. I am done with Griffin. Yuck yuck.

  5. Can't believe Dante(Dominic Zamprogna)could be leaving the show.Maybe that's why Chase was introduced as his partner.Chase could be hooked up with Maxie or Lulu - he seems to be a nice enough guy.Griffin has turned into a disgusting person on par with Dr Creepy. Nelle has turned into a very watchable villain.They make Felicia and Mac look like a couple of nimrods. Anna - the chickens have come home to roost Mommy Dearest.

  6. Well, I thought Maxie would name the baby after Nathan or Mac and she did both. Lulu and Maxie making up..awww. Lulu is still an idiot, but not as bad as Joss.
    Dante reaming out Peter about Nathan was awesome, they acted more like brothers than he would have ever been with Peter.
    Nina screaming at Valentin..whoohoo! I fell her frustration. Before I met my husband I dated a serial liar, lied about everything, even insignificant stuff. Really great scene but I bet she'll forgive him eventually. I however, kicked his butt to the curb.
    Pretty convienent that Nelle fell down the stairs and didn't get hurt at all. Freaking out at Brad, hmm. Maybe she did plan it.
    Carly is headed for the Looney bin soon, say hi to Heather. Maybe she'll stab you for real this time.

  7. I guess Dom didn't re-sign

    Thanks for the Memorial Day reminder!

  8. I hope that isn't true about Dom. I love Dante. They haven't given him any storyline. Makes no sense

  9. I haven't finished watching yet, but I want to say that it's REALLY difficult to prove not guilty by reason of insanity, almost impossible, and Carly would NOT meet the criteria. OK, so she was stressed, angry, and maybe they can say she was acting out, but she knows right from wrong, and they can't prove that she doesn't.

  10. Dom is leaving??? First Ryan now Dom? 😓 well I am happy for the besties being back together. This whole Nelle story HAS to end, OMG....the while crap conversation between Carly and Diane at the courthouse, wanted to pull my hair out! Love the babys name. Also loved Michelle Stafford today, she was good!

  11. I like the baby's name too. I have a brother James

  12. hopfully they get another actor to play dante. the character is needed.

  13. Gold stars for Nina and Dante yesterday, powerful scenes for both and they nailed it. I don't care what they do with Peter/Heinrik I'm never going to like him. And why is Brad all of a sudden Nelle's best buddy??

    1. I agree, Dom and Michelle were great! Don't care about Heinrik either, I hope he's written off. We've all been wondering that about Nelle and Brad. That ....itch got something up her scheming sleeve! Bet!

    2. Brad seems to attract scheming women for his friends first Britt and now Nelle. I've heard that the baby that Brad and Lucas are adopting is Hayden and Finns.

  14. Thank for for telling us about Riverdale, I am on season 1, episode 8. I love it. Also , I don't agree about Alexis and Julian. Remember some writer decide to Change history, and Like taped Laura, I saw that episode, she was willing. Anyway.Like and Laura stated together ❤,and nobody said oh she should not be with him, So the writers are the ones in control, I love your page I look forward to seeing it very much.

  15. Omg, Leisel didn't take Peter!!
    You GO GIRL!!


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