Friday, May 4, 2018

Because GH Needed MORE NEWBIES....

So, Elizabeth Hendrickson is coming to General Hospital as a new character soon. SID reports that she's "not a Hayden recast" --which was my first thought. I mean, why did they get rid of Becky Budding if they were just going to turn around and hire another soap vet similar to her?? 

Elizabeth was on AMC as "Frankie"...Bianca's first girlfriend. I really liked her on the show and think she's a fine actress.  She was also on Young and Restless as Chloe, who was involved with Billy Miller's character. I guess they had good chemistry. All I can think of is when Mary Beth Evans came to GH and was paired with Stephen Nichols-- remember that?? 

Anyway, ANOTHER CAST MEMBER TO ADD to the crowded canvas. What is management thinking? Who will she play? The ONLY thing I'll be semi-happy with is if she's Sarah Webber. 


  1. Gee. She looks like she could be Anna's daughter. Did she have twins?

    1. Now that makes sense. Either Anna's daughter or Liz's sister.

  2. I read she will be Drew's divorce lawyer. ?

  3. Well he does need a lawyer and that means she's hopefully just an extra and won't be there much.

  4. I like her from AMC but do we really need more people????

  5. I loved Elizabeth Hendrickson on AMC and Y&R!!!!! I am curious of who she will play.

    May 3rd episode.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Jason:

    Anna: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Jason: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Anna: I will pretend to be Hiney's mother.

    Jason: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney.

    Hiney's office:

    Hiney and Maxie: Oh yeah sure.. Search for the donor! But uh, the donor is Hiney DUH! :)

    Nina and Hiney: OH OH! Hiney you are busted!!!!

    Nathan's grave:

    ValeNina: Awwww V.C. putting flowers on Nathan's grave!!! :(

    Maxie: :(


    Crew: Awwww love when Curtis and Drew bond. :) Wow Drew is lucky! He has got 2 bromances!!! :) Most men only have 1.

    Friz home:

    Friz: WOW! What a great scene!!!! From being playful to BobTodd talking about the men that he called to tell them about Scumbag!!!! Love it!!! Love that when Liz sits on the table her way, that BobTodd did the same thing hahaha awwww! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: We call you the gopher.


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney and V.C.: V.C. doesn't want Nina to know that he and Hiney are having a bromance affair!!! So he wants to make sure that Hiney doesn't say anything and is quiet!!! Yeah well Nina will be pissed when she finds out!



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