Tuesday, May 22, 2018


So, I saw yesterday's show... and...LOVED  Sonny and Mike of course...I really like Sonny like this. Glad Carly wasn't there too...it was just a nice change from hearing her mouth lol

OMG How stupid IS Peter "So, Anna, you're undercover"? DERP. This after delivering our Maxie's baby? Go Away.

Griffin should never have walked in on Kiki and Bensch. It should have been a leering moment ...a lingering stare..then he walks out. 

Ava's number? Ok...but her backup dancers were fabulous! LOL 

Valentin--Welp. I really don't care about him so whatever happens happens. 

I will give my thoughts on the overall "Ball" during Sunday Surgery. Let me just say: Tons of holes in this year's!!


Tillie got some meds and is so much better!! Yeah!! 

I am going to miss The Middle, btw--I'm a total Sue Heck fan. 

Anna and Peter: St. JAYSUS TO THE RESCUE!! He gets Peter's gun away-- slams him around (not enough tho). Anna tells him to put the gun down. When Jason won't-- Anna pulls a gun on JASON!  He won't stop pointing the gun...and she says "I am your real mother". 

Spin and Sam are looking for Maxie in GH and find her walking around delusional. They tell her they'll call Flea and Mac. Finn overhears them say Anna is at Pier 55. 

Robert is being rough with Valentin. He talks to Dante ...

BACK TO THE PIER: So, Anna says she's his real mama band Jason keeps the gun on his head. She tells Peter all she knows about his birth and Finn overhears it all from the sidelines. Anna cries, Pete cries, Jason stares and Finn basically rolls his eyes LOL, He calls Robert -- and then Peter says "You aren't my mother ....you're just the bitch that gave birth to me"!! OMG The entire cast was like @@!!!!!!!  Then Peter tried to get Jason to kill Anna OR Anna to kill Jason.  Robert shows up then-- and then arrests Peter as a WSB agent. They are going to send him to Steinmauer in Germany.  He is led off and tells Anna "Don't worry Mommy Dearest". Jason says he's sorry. Anna is crying. Finn is there to comfort Anna. 

Nina brings Charlotte to Lulu's for a sleep over. Nina tells her that Valentine knew who Heinrick was all this time.  She cries and says the secret cost him his marriage.  Then Spin calls and tells Nina Maxie had the baby. Lulu's all verklempt. Dante tells Lulu that Peter August is Faison's son!

Nina goes to see Maxie and baby--- the baby is a premie and in the NICU. They have to tell Maxie that Pete is Faison's son. OH boyyyy 

Ava pushes Griffin away-- because she saw him hugging Kiki ...You know Ava. SO INSECURE.  Griffin leaves then Ava goes to find him and bangs on his door. He's not there. He's at the Metro where Kiki is getting drunk. Oh, Kiki told Michael that Dr. Bensch is hitting on her, forgetting he's on the board. 

I hope Maxie names her baby: Scorpio. JUST Scorpio. LOL Why not? We've had a Stone..a Rocco and hell on AMC...a Spike. But wait...guess what she WANTS TO NAME IT?? PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!! JFC. OMG!! GROSS.  Oh, only middle name. PHEW. 

END:  Griffin and Kiki drinking in the Metro Court ( I think they'll have zex, btw)
Peter is arrested by Robert. VALENTIN gets let go by some idiot cop. :eyeroll: 


  1. Gotta repeat this - GH writers:

    WHERE did Franco and Liz go at the ball? walked the red carpet and vaporized?}
    She's a nurse? Where is cute little nurse that Michael liked?
    WHERE did Jordan and Curtis go?
    WHERE is Alexis and is Julian with her?
    WHERE did Ned go since Olivia was with Cook 2?
    EMILY and Charlotte?
    is it too much to ask for consistency? OR have the actors 'mention' where they went.

  2. What will Maxie name the baby? NOT Peter. Poor Maxie will be crushed. Hope Nelle doesn't steal her baby.

  3. Seems NO ONE was at the ball LOL. Only FIVE nurses left to dance and sing

  4. Karen, sounds like SOOOO much happened today, can't wait to watch!!

    So glad Ms. Tillie is feeling better!!

    I LOVED Ava's act, (but I also loved CarlyKim's dress . . .). Of course, I also cried all through the Sonny & Mike stuff, I still think that Maurice can bring it like no other . . . The range of emotions he showed while singing (which I think is not his favorite thing to do), blew me totally away . . .

    I also will miss The Middle, I was a late-comer to the show, but came to love it, probably only watched the last 2 seasons or so . . . I also was a fan of Malcolm in the Middle . . .

    1. Oh yeh I forgot to mention the Middle. I will miss it. I think I watched from the beginning but turned out for a couple yrs, Sue just became too much. LOL! I tuned back in the last yr or so and admit that I will miss it. Axel reminds me of my oldest nephew.

  5. "Tillie got some meds and is so much better!! Yeah!!"

    YAY! :)

    Griffy's hotel room:

    Grava: Griffin now you are judging her about what song she sang?!!?! COME ON!!!! WHAT THE HELL! Stop picking fights with her!!!! And for the millionth time SONNY IS NOT A VICTIM!!!!! Ava was great here!!! YES! You do deserve someone that loves you!!!! He sure as hell doesn't!!!! Good for you Ava!!!! So glad she left and ended things with him! But then coming back looking for him to beg him to take you back?! WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!! No no no!!!! You were right!!!!! Don't go wanting him back! He doesn't love you!!!! You deserve so much better!!!

    Metorcourt ball room:

    Kiwi and Michael: Oh oh she is getting drunk. Oh hi Michael! OH! Glad she told him what has been going on!!!! Damn it Kiwi!!!! Don't keep the secret!!!!!! Let Michael help!!!!

    Kiwi and Griffin:

    Karen says Griffin and Kiki drinking in the Metro Court ( I think they'll have zex, btw)

    Yup! That is exactly what I am thinking! UGH!

    "Karen says Griffin should never have walked in on Kiki and Bensch."

    What? Why?!?!!?!?! Do you want him to hurt Kiwi?!!?!?! Dr. Scum scares me!

    Police station: YEAHHHHHH GO ROBERT! Boy oh boy looks like Robert is going to kiss V.C.! :) Oh come on Dante!!! Leave them alone!!!! I wanna see Robert punch him again! :)

    Lante home:

    Lante: Yes Lulu!!!! Auggy IS Hiney!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Nina and Lulu: Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN GIRL?!!?!?!!?! Yes Nina! Baby West is born!!!! YAY!

    The hospital:

    Maxie's room: Okay this is so strange. Why can't Maxie go see her son?!!?!! Have to watch him with a web cam huh?!?!!?! They can't wheel him in Maxie's room? Oh wait he is a month early. This whole thing is just strange. Maxie can't even walk. It's like she had a c-section!!!

    Sam: Is that him?

    No. It's the plumber's baby... Duh what a stupid line.

    At the elevator's:

    Spinny and Sam: Spinny wins the line of the day.

    Sam: I don't want to hurt you.

    Spinny: I'm counting on it.


    The pier: Oh look a stupid stand off. And of course Anna doesn't say right away that Hiney is her son!!! UGH! And of course Finchy has to be in the middle of it. Blah blah blah he's my son. Blah blah blah bitch that gave birth to me. Stupid rewrite baby storyline!

    1. I wouldn't mind seeing Michael with Kiki, now hopefully the writers will go in this direction.

  6. "AntJoan said...I also was a fan of Malcolm in the Middle ."

    Me too me too!!! Loved that show! :)

  7. One of the "holes" in the NB, IMO: Scorpio had punched, then cuffed Valentin to a chair. Then he walked away with I think it was Robin to save Anna, just leaving Valentin in the chair, not calling law enforcement backup . . . ? At which time, Valentin was talking to Nina about going away. So he was just going to get unlatched from the chair and leave? Then, later, Robert comes back to Valentin, still in the chair. Did he go to save Anna? I think Jason want, but not Robert. So where did he go? Did he just turn around and come back?

  8. That was supposed to say, "I think Jason WENT."

  9. I hope it's Dr. O somewhere holding her grandchild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The grandchild that Maxie just had? He's in the NICU.

  10. I love billy miller, he is being wasted on gh. watched him on amc and ynr. waste of talent.

  11. The confrontation between Anna and Henrik, I actually thought WR acting was good today. The line about Anna "being the b#$&@ that gave birth to me!" could feel the hatred spewing out. If they want Henrik to be a villan, then fine, just do it. Might actually enjoy it better than Peter the nice guy that's falling in love with his brothers widow. Be a villan and be awesome at it. Take notes from Roger Howarth ie: Todd Manning.
    Someone just tell Maxie already. Yeah she just had a baby, but she's going to be more pissed the longer everyone keeps it from her. And name that baby already! As long as the name doesn't have Peter anywhere in it, I'm good with whatever, but will most likely be James or Nathan.
    Really hope this is the end of Ava/Griffin, Kiki has a history of making bad drunken decisions so she'll probably do the horizontal tango with Griffin on the piano. And when she was talking to Michael I don't remember her actually telling him it was Bensch, she just said "he" alot. Will Michael think she was talking about Griffin or will Bensch lurk around and catch her playing pattycake with Griffin and take pictures to use as Ammo later? Hmmmm.

    1. Yes I meant to mention how great Wes acting was today. Still don't care for him though. Haha!!

  12. I enjoyed today, I actually enjoyed the Henie, Anna and Jason scene. Glad Finn was there for her. Maxie bette name that baby Nathan and she better give his Uncle the what for! Yeh this is just as much Lulus fault, but everyone got played. I wish this meant that Wes is leaving his role as Heinrick but I doubt it.

  13. I will also miss the Middle, started watching it by accident, because it came on after Jeopardy and I was too lazy to find the remote and just kept watching. My daughter is 7 and is so much like Sue that my husband has started calling her by her first name twice when she acts like a dweeb (which is a lot). I love that show so much. Sigh. Sob.

    1. LOL Alicia! Haha I can hear it now, Sue, Sue Heck!

  14. "Michelle Latta said...I wouldn't mind seeing Michael with Kiki, now hopefully the writers will go in this direction."

    Oh no! Not another go around with them! ROFL! I want Michael with Francesco!! :)

    1. Oh yeh I forgot about that, I guess the change is actress is why. I miss Kristen.

    2. I also kinda forgot about them because of the recast, would rather see her with someone else though, they're just too mixed up familywise. She dated his brother and cousin, they share a sister, their parents hate each other and at one point they thought they were cousins. Weird. Let them be bff's. I'd be ok with that

  15. so heinrich is going to germany or somewhere to prison. story over, right? we wont see him again?

    i thought the anna/heinrich scene was hollow.

    does anyone else think this show does NOT have a real villian? like helena. faison. all the so called villians on this show all have redeeming qualities and are redeemable. maybe is we have a true villian the writing and stories might be more interesting?

    i cant wait to hear how much money was raised at the nurses ball for HIV awareness. Good job GH!

    I went to a ball once. there was about 100 people there. hell, any PROM would have more people at it. this has turned into a joke. maybe they should have it every OTHER year or do something to spark interest. this is an embarrassment.

    has anna told robin yet about her half-brother? OMG I must circle the date. I remember some of the "you lied to me" conversations Robin had with her parents. This is going to be a real doozy.

  16. I feel like by day three at the Nurses's Ball, the room is always pretty sparse.

    Pete/Heiny will be on tomorrow (previews) - wish he'd go away.

    Still waiting for Valentin to become the man that Helena allegedly feared. Maybe Nina will stick to her guns and not go back to him. Could make him a true villain. I hope. He's the most disappointing Cassadine, IMO.

    Also oping it's too late for a Nelle/Maxie baby switch story.

    1. Yeh I'm pretty sure Nina will go back to Valentin

  17. "Michelle Latta said... Oh yeh I forgot about that, I guess the change is actress is why. I miss Kristen."

    Yeah Kristen was a great Kiki!!! I wonder what Kristen is doing now. Too bad she left the role. :( My little Starki!!! *sigh*

    1. She's on Broadway now I believe, Wonderettes. I miss Starr also.

  18. Griffin is all outraged that Ava would be so disrespectful to Sonny by singing “You Don’t Own Me”. Ava should have dumped him for good. Griffin can take Sonny to bed since he’s so concerned with his feelings.

  19. "Mrs. Goose said... Griffin can take Sonny to bed since he’s so concerned with his feelings."

    That is who Griffin is in love with! Sonny!!!

  20. "Michelle Latta said...She's on Broadway now I believe, Wonderettes."

    Oh really? Aww that's great!

  21. Too funny Mrs. Goose! I would hate for the old actress who played Kiki to come back - she may have been good on OLTL but she was awful on GH, and the camera didn't seem to like her much either. Hayley E. wasn't great to begin with but has improved. WR must be on contract since he is in the opening credits so I don't think Peter is going anywhere. Maybe he will deal for Drew's memories. We just need to see less of him.



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