Wednesday, May 2, 2018

It's 2:30 But I'm Here

Sam wants Alexis to rep her in her divorce.  Sam wants to keep working at Aurora because of her PI job and Peter August. Alexis tells her about Finn.  

Carly talks to Lucy about Morgan. She says she hasn't healed. If anyone is going to believe Carly, it's Lucy. She used to be into all that!! Remember the triangle she was using with Felicia? Probably not but when Flea was writing Lila's Mem-Wah's Lucy brought her a triangle to write under for "energy". 

I guess Griffin forgave Ava? Or they talked it out.

Dr.Bensch said that he thinks Kiki's "Generation" is too sensitive. LOL.. SNOWFLAKE CARD! 

Finn is talking to Chase Ford...he doesn't like him. Ok, listen to my idea: You know how girls would have babies and then the family would raise them and she'd be their "sister"?? What if FINN had a baby and the mama gave it up and he's really Chase's Daddy.
Ok, it's a stretch but I'm trying to keep myself entertained! 

Ava imagines she sees her scars again in the mirror. I bet it's a manifestation of her guilt. 


  1. kd said...Ok, it's a stretch but I'm trying to keep myself entertained!

    *** That would be much more entertaining than what we're getting - a grown man hating a kid because he's mad at his father.

    And I was really hoping Lucy would wave Ava's check in Sonny's face today and we'd see that the ink is gone.That would have been exciting. Instead we're probably going to have to go through weeks of Nelle messing with Ava next.

  2. I want to go back to the fact for MONTHS we had to endure Nina and Lulu and Valentin's custody of Charlotte - MONTHS--------and then we don't see Charlotte for months and everyone is happy--------then why drag out the custody? Cause Lulu doesn't care anymore/she's too busy working on a story.
    AND where is Faison's brain that KEVIN took? THAT storyline is gone...
    please make Nelle and Ava go away.

  3. I hope everyone IS keeping themselves entertained. I just feel that there hasn't been much to be excited about with GH - even WITH Robert and Lucy on today.

    I think it's time for Holly to make a return visit and she can bring along BFF Celia.

  4. Was really hoping Ava and Griffin would break up, but looks like they will stick it out a little longer. Why? The scars showing in the mirror is most definitely from her guilty conscience and showing her that she is still ugly on the inside. Too bad I like her better that way.
    Kiki and her generation most definitely deserve the snowflake award. I got screamed at as a nursing student because my patient refused to take off his socks. Every nurse he had seen for the week he was there had tried to get him to change his socks and were unsuccessful, but I couldn't do it on the 22nd attempt and I got my butt handed to me. And guess what, I didn't quit and I sucked it up, took my verbal tongue lashing and moved on. Welcome to the medical field Kiki. Put on your big girl undies.
    At least Sam admitted that she shouldn't have married Drew. I swore Alexis really wanted to say "I told you so" but held back
    I also started to wonder if maybe Finn is really Chase's father and not his brother, maybe he had an affair with his step mother or he got a girl pregnant and his father took the baby to raise as his brother, not sure. Hopefully it's something interesting instead of just father hatred.

  5. I just really loved the Lucy/Carly scenes. Lucy's speech about how the departed are still with us felt real and in character.

    More Lynn Herring, please!

  6. I agree with Karen and Alicia about Chase and Finn. Did you notice yesterday that Chase said to Finn something about them being of two different "generations"? That had to be a clue of some sort. Maybe the dad slept with a woman that Finn loved, or as has been said here, that Finn is Chase's dad. Only interesting mystery on the show right now.

  7. I wish Ava wouldn't feel guilty for exercising her rights as Avery's mother. I mean give me a break with Mike pleading for Sonny not to do it--she's her mother!

  8. The point of the thing with Kiki is that she got sexually harassed and now Dr.Bensch is retaliating because she didn't reciprocate and sleep with him. Many women don't report those in authority. They should obviously, but the MeToo movement is the point of this story line.

  9. Lucy's scene with Carly was wonderful and touching. I want Robert to stay forever, but these storylines are such crap. I don't blame Ava at all for negotiating with Sonny, who has pulled many dirty schemes in the past and is not better than Ava.

  10. SOD says we are getting Elizabeth Hendrickson, formerly of Y&R and a past Emmy winner. I guess the cast isn't quite big enough.

  11. Griffin is so self righteous. Ava bargained from the top down and got shared custody. Sonny is way more a monster than Ava ever was. He has killed more people and ruined more lives than all the other characters put together.Anna has turned into such a wimp and a sloppy WSB agent unlike Robert.Dr Creepy should be reported or at least Kiki should tell a friend like TJ. For all those Nelle Benson ( Chloe Lanier ) haters, she just won a Daytime Emmy.I just love watching her gaslight Carly. Too bad we know she will get caught and will either lose the baby or it will disappear into Neverland like most of the kids (except Avery). I would like to see Spencer back before he gets older.The Mike scenes are good but it is only a matter of time before Sonny puts him in a home or he dies.

  12. Who is Elizabeth Erickson? Just give Genie Francis and Tristan Rogers contracts. Stop bringing on new and random strangers

    1. I couldn't agree more. Total bs that they put Genie on recurring and keep bringing new people on. Guess they don't want long time loyal viewers to stay?

  13. May 3rd episode is so BORING. Actually they are all boring for a long time now.

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  15. Kelly's:

    Jasam: Huh? Paint and Wall are getting a divorce? Since when? Did I miss a scene? I must have since they are so boring ROFL! Damn I can't make fun of Paint and Wall anymore since they are no longer going to be a couple. :( Well unless they have scenes together in the future.. I mean I am sure they will since they have a daughter together.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Robert: Blah blah blah Hiney. Blah blah blah Jason. Blah blah blah.

    Ava's art gallery:

    Grava: Oh no you don't Griffy!!!!!!! Don't you dare judge her!!!! Sonny is not a victim damn it!!! He blackmailed Ava once and took Avery away from her! So shut up!!! Griffy if you keep this up, then I won't want you to be together anymore!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Chase and Finchy: Oh come on Finchy! Just admit that you are so angry at your father that you are taking it out on your younger bro!!!!! Love there scenes. :) Poor Chase is trying!

    Carson: SONNY KNOCK IT OFF!!!! Carly is right! You would have done the same thing to her and kept things from her!!!! So stop being a jerk!

    Carly and Lucy: GREAT SCENE!!!! Awww Lucy you are so sweet!!! :( They need to be besties!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Kiwi and Scumbag: Oh look! It's Max Holden laughing and smiling.. :) NO! FOCUS!!!! Dr. Benchy the scumbag is faking the nice nice act!!! Glad Kiwi is not falling for it!!

    Scumbag and Griffy: Oh! That look the scumbag is giving Griffy!!!! If looks could kill!!!!

    Griffy and Kiwi: Whew. Glad she isn't tell him squat!

  16. again - WHERE is Faison's brain that Kevin had in his office? We completely dropped that storyline!!!!!!!!

  17. Just saw a post on FB from suggesting that Chase might/could/maybe be Finn's son. That is stretching the age thing. Wait, Dante is Olivia's son. Anything is possible in the soap opera world. Real world too.

  18. "zazu said..Just saw a post on FB from suggesting that Chase might/could/maybe be Finn's son. That is stretching the age thing. Wait, Dante is Olivia's son. Anything is possible in the soap opera world. Real world too."

    People here have been talking about that too.. Hmmm. Very interesting.. Well how old is Finchy? 40? Chase is in his 20's. It could work. :)

  19. I think ME might be closer to 50, not sure, but he certainly looks around 40 or so. If he is in his 40s and Chase is in his 20s, then of course Finn could be his father. I am thinking this might be the case, they definitely are leading up to something.

  20. Replies
    1. When ME was playing Silas, they had Kiki as his daughter, so it's in the realm of possibility that Chase could be his kid

  21. That new guy Chase is probably 20 years younger than Finn, so you guys could be right. Could be his son. Did they say why Finn doesn't like him?

  22. "Michelle Latta said...A hot 51 😊😊😊"

    HELL YEAH! :)

    "lindie said...That new guy Chase is probably 20 years younger than Finn, so you guys could be right. Could be his son. Did they say why Finn doesn't like him?"

    No. He don't say why he doesn't like Chase!!!


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