Friday, May 18, 2018


Lisa and Wally get ready to perform!

The horror of today... mixed with the Nurses Ball? I'm going to just enjoy it and not think about what's happening. 
Finn and Anna...awww. Alexis steps out from the clothes rack. Whoops. Alexis steps out from the curtain and runs out. Molly goes to Finn "Just accept you're a jerk leave my mother alone"!

Alexis goes to the bar and stares at the bottles.  She gets a club soda. Finn apologizes and she says no apology necessary-- He said I'm sorry I hurt you-- She said "You didn't hurt me..I just hurt". GREAT LINE.

OOOOOOOH Stone Cold shot Nelle a DEATH LOOK!! Wow.  He tries to tell Michael that Carly is being set up by Nelle (they are in the hall alone). Michael isn't so sure.  He asks Nelle she tells him Carly did push her, then her baby monitor goes off. She's so devious she probably made it go off by itself LOL.

Sam is taking FOREVER in that damn office. She's talking to herself. Standing around... looking at a book. Get in ...get OUT!  She calls Jason. He comes running to the Metro Court. She shows him the lighter. He's proud she stayed on the case and pretended to be working at Aurora to get the goods. They figure out August is Heiny. 

Eddie Maine sang "Peace Long and Understanding" and Olivia played the tambourine. 

HAHAAA.... Ava offered Griffin sex and he was like "I want to finish watching the show"!! She was all WHA??? AHAHHAHAA. 

Joss and Oscar sing. 

Maxie feels sick, asks Peter to take her home.  In the car, Maxie yells MY WATER JUST BROKE, PULL OVER!  She says it's coming too soon, something  is wrong.  

Valentin Sings and plays piano. He has such a perfect voice. Wow... OMG he finishes and ROBERT SHOWS UP AND DECKS HIM!! LOL

OMG!! MONDAY Ava is going to sing????? WOW. She looks awesome!! 


  1. Robert? Yeah!!! I knew he'd get out! After all he's Robert frickin Scorpio! ❤❤❤❤
    Love the look Stone Cold shot Nellie, can't wait to watch!! LOL that Griffin wants to stay behind and watch, haha passing up sex with Ava, funny!

  2. Monday's preview shows Maxie in labor. Now, you all know what that means right? Due to that fact that the wirters CANNOT come up with an original thought...

    Nelle will go into labor at the same time. She will be in adjoining rooms. Nelle's baby dies. She swaps the dead baby with maxie's real one so maxie thinks hers dies.

    Sound far fetched? Are you kidding? that ALL this show knows how to write. recycled stories from the glory days.

    (obsiously, I do not know spoilers. I am playing this off the top of my head)

    ok people, who is with me? you dont need to be a psychic to see this one coming.

  3. my favorite act was valentine

  4. I definitely hope you're wrong delcodave because that would be the epitome of lazy writing. It's been done so many times.

    I laughed at Griffin's reply to Ava and her look after. lol

    And as much as I LOVED valentine's performance, I laughed out loud when Robert decked him.

    I really enjoyed the acts today too. What a talented cast we have.

    Why did Auntie want to introduce Mike to Felix? Is he going to take over his care at home? I hope so. It will make for some great scenes and more Felix is always good.

    Now altogether everyone...GO ROBERT....GO

  5. Di

    I hope i am wrong too. but after the stairs scene? i dont know anymore.


  7. I didn't think Robert was coming back for another year. Awesome

  8. Well, they interrupted GH in NYC for the school shooting :( Saw only part of the show . . . They are saying that they will have it on after 8 p.m.

    I LOVE KimCarly's dress, guess I am in the minority here . . .

    1. I was surprised but I got to see the whole thing uninterrupted.

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  10. General hospital:

    Michael and Jason: COME ON MICHAEL!!! Listen to Jason for crying out loud!!! Why are you believing what Nelle is saying?!!?!

    Michael and Nelle: Don't listen to a word she is saying!!!! And don't you dare believe that machine going off either! ROFL!

    Metrocourt hotel:


    The nurses ball:

    Nedlia performance: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Love it!!! GO EDDIE MAINE!!! GO OLIVIA! GO NEDLIA!!

    JossCar performance: Awww so sweet. :)

    Grava's table: Oh wow!!!! Really Griffy? You rather watch the performances than make the wuv to your honey? OUCH! ROFL!

    Stella and Mike: Man he keeps flirting with her!!!!! I want Mella!!!! :)

    Anna and Finchy: UGH! Stupid!!! Glad she told him she isn't dying. Poor Alexis. :(

    Molly and Finchy: YEAH! Great scene!!!! You tell him Molly! :)

    Molly and Kiwi: Yeah Molly! Why does Kiwi have to sit with Dr. Scum the whole night? Kiwi wants to sit with people her own age. Molly really bugged me in this scene.

    V.C.'s performance: WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! Love it and love that Nina was sitting across from him at a table. :)

    V.C. and Robert: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Hey how did Robert get out? Did he fake the heart attack? Did he see a camera and faked a heart attack so that the people who were watching him came to see what is wrong? Then Robert punched the person and escaped? If so, why was it all off screen? GAH! Well anyway glad to see Robert!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Finchy and Alexis: :( Come on writers!!!! Why ruin Fexis?! You already ruined Fanna for me! I want Fexis!!!

    Hiney's car:

    Maxie and Hiney: OH OH WATER BROKE!!! That is so stupid that Maxie doesn't want to go to the hospital! WHAT THE HELL?!!?!

  11. "Delcodave says ok people, who is with me? you dont need to be a psychic to see this one coming."

    Yeah I think that is exactly what is going to happen!!! You can't have 2 people get the preggers and have something NOT happen!

  12. Oh I forgot to mention!

    Olivia and CarlyKim: Man! It felt like they were doing a commercial! ROFL! That was strange and awkward! :)

    1. That's what they were doing endorsing the products because Olay sponsored the ball.

  13. Poor Maxie. First Nathan dies, then she finds out Peter is Heinrich (she will), then her baby "dies". Hasn't she been through ENOUGH

  14. Then poor Maxie has too lose more time with another baby/ child. Leave poor Maxie ALONE

  15. I can't believe no one but Jason believes Carly. Sooooooooooo stupid

  16. I didn't like the songs that were chosen for the ball this year. Probably just me
    Seemed flat

  17. So glad Kirsten Storms is only out for 2 days with the flu. June 1 and 4th I think. Hope those aren't crucial scenes.

  18. So KS isn't going on leave, she just had the flu?

    Sonya, didn't they have to do the "commercial" because Olay sponsored the "Ball"? They also showed a real commercial for the same product. I vaguely remember this happening before, anyone know the deal?

  19. "AntJoan said...Sonya, didn't they have to do the "commercial" because Olay sponsored the "Ball"? They also showed a real commercial for the same product. I vaguely remember this happening before, anyone know the deal?"

    I am sure they did have to do the "commerical" for it, but they could have done a better job with it! Hahaha! :)

  20. I loved the ending. Loved Finn and Anna and loved Olivia's dress. She was cute. So glad I got to watch the whole thing interrupted.



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