Thursday, May 10, 2018

Floating Balloons

Killing Eve Balloons at Nelle's shower. They have to the the "new thing" Big, round....1/2 floating with shredded ribbons. Anyway, Avery and Ava made it to the shower.  Josslyn hugs Nelle and gives Carly an evil smile. 
Brad shows up without Lucas because Lucas is working. HE says they'll have their baby soon by adoption and they can play with baby Michael/Nellie #GH 
They open gifts. Nelle gives Carly a present-- it's the guardianship papers. Carly says she'll sign them. 
So, Ava gives the 'mysterious' gift to Nelle and tries to get her to wait to open it and not start trouble. Nelle says no, she opens it anyway. It's a Penguin mobile -- and Carly is all mad because PENGUINS WERE MORGAN'S FAVE!!!! Like what, no one can buy penguins now? LOL Okay. Carly yells and throws it. looks unhinged. 

PREDICTION: Nelle either dies or is in a coma..too many guardianship mentions AND there's the Brucas adoption. Maybe she gives the baby to them and dies or leaves town? Michael isn't really the father? Hmmmmmm not sure but something's up. 

1/2 naked Chase Ford in the shower and Lucy hear him singing and wants him to be in the Nurses Ball. I'm surprised it took this long for the Ford Bro to get his shirt off. Dante says the entire department will be in it so he should too. BUT! It's a's only him. 
Mike is talking to Sonny about Avery. Mike thinks it's his fault that Avery is with Ava 1/2 time. Mike feels like his life is vanishing.  Max comes in...Mike leaves and Max and Sonny talk about THE DAMN FIELD IN CROTON !! UGHHHH STOP THE MOBULAR angle of this. Mike knows that they are starting construction in that field. Sonny has to MOVE THE BODY. 
OMG. I can't even with this. 

Finn tells Alexis that his Dad married Chase Ford's mother RIGHT after his own mother died of an incurable disease. That's why he wants nothing to do with his little 1/2 bro. 


OH I think Erica Kane might be coming to the Nurses Ball. 


  1. As with all Fords, this one has a H-O-T bod :)
    Too many Enchantment/LaKane references for something not to be up with that. I will be ok if she's only a guest. Susan Lucci is too Alpha for me to want her on my non-AMC soap.

  2. I haven't watched yet, but can anyone tell me why Finn and his brother have different last names if they have the same father?

    1. Maybe Finn changed his to his mothers maiden name given his issues with his father.

  3. Awesome! I never watched AMC but Erica Kane, 'nuff said. ��
    I'm gonna watch later, just got off work and gonna veg.

  4. Not only have the writers made Carly stupid by not realizing NELLE is behind this and they have made ALexis a whiny agent............AVA succumbs to blackmail from a twit? AVA would find a way to turn the tables and get the upper hand. COME ON writers - give us STRONG women...

    I would LOVE for Ava and Carly and Sonny to work together bringing Ava down and I KNOW they have already filmed but THAT storyline I would follow!!

    WHERE is Charlotte???????

  5. Steve Burton (Jason) and Bradford Anderson(Spinelli) do a weekly podcast. You can listen to it at StoneColdAndTheJackal dot com. It's pretty entertaining.

  6. The police station showers: When I heard the singing, I was thinking is that Chase? IT IS!!!! Wow!!! He is really really good!!!!

    Lucy and Chase: Hahahahaha. Chase get used to Lucy! She does not take no for an answer!! What? Chase doesna't know about the nurses ball? Why the hell not?! Nobody has been talking about it? How come Amy hasn't mentioned the nurses ball? Have Amy and Chase met? If not, why not?

    Lucy and Dante: Dante!!! Your prank is so stupid!!! Once Chase goes on stage and sings, WOW! He will be amazing!!! So your prank will fail. Oh and having a prank at a nurses ball? IS IDIOTIC!!! The nurses ball is a serious event idiot!!! There should be no pranks at the nurses ball! Well, except at the end when Lucy is in her underwear. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Fexus: Awww glad he has forgiven her. :) They are so cute together! Great conversations!! Awww Finchy! Why are you and Chase broken? :( *coughcoughCHASEISYOURSON?COUGHCOUGH* Oh! There is Chase!! Come on Finchy give him a hug! :)

    Quartermaine home:

    "Karen says Hmmmmmm not sure but something's up."

    Yeah something is up, but I have no idea what it could be!!! I love it!!! I hope there is no spoilers out there. Looks like Nelle is setting Ava up. Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: Ladies ladies ladies. This is a baby shower not some reality television program.


    Joss: Mom! What Nelle is doing is beautiful and generous. Why can't you say thank you?

    OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! SHUT THE HELL UP JOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone smack her please?

    "Karen: OH I think Erica Kane might be coming to the Nurses Ball."

    SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!? :0

  7. Unlike Carly to just throw flowers to ruin the party. She would, at the very least, slap Ava across the face and then push Nelle over the wishing well to hurt her enough to harm the baby. No one is ever allowed to have penguins in Carly's presence. I guess Avery will never get to go to the zoo.Bobbie & Carly talk so low I am sure no one can hear them talk smack about Nelle.Maybe a stint in the Mental Institution will clear her mind if she gets arrested!!

  8. YES I love the idea of a brief Erica Kane return - let her raise a little hell at the Ball.

  9. I’d love to see Erica Kane.

    So Finn’s wife and mother died if incurable diseases—poor guy...

  10. Oh course the prank at the nurses ball will backfire because of course Chase will be amazing. Dante, stop being an hroses backside. Worry about the trouble your wifey is going to get herself in and she'll be too lame to run away. Maybe she can beat Peter with one of her crutches when she gets kidnapped? Ankle/foot injuries suck, been there done that
    Finn... just out with the story already. You're going to tell Alexis eventually so just tell already.
    If Nelle is going to be living with the Quartermaines indefinitely why does she need all that baby stuff when she'll obviously have a nanny so she can ignore her kid and chase after Michael more. Maybe now that Chloe Lanier has won an Emmy she'll decide to go onto greener pastures and Nelle will go away. Murder mystery anyone? There certainly would be enough suspects. Sonny, Carly, Ava and Michael when he finds out she's been gaslighting Carly. Still wonder if Michael is the father since she's so chummy with Brad.

  11. Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) is in her 70's now. Would Monica and Erika be pushing their walkers around the stage at the Nurses Ball - to the sound of "Old Man River"? I would rather see "Lucky" playing his guitar and giving us some Nashville tunes.

  12. Last I saw of Susan Lucci, she looked gorgeous and fit. OK, Monica might be using a walker because Leslie recently injured her leg, but Susan Lucci probably could do a routine that would put us all to shame.

  13. "Alicia said...Maybe she can beat Peter with one of her crutches when she gets kidnapped?"

    ROFL! Oh great now I have a visual!! :)


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